Chris Wood

Chris Wood

Editor, Extraordinary Technology

Chris Wood is the editor of Extraordinary Technology, a research service focused on innovation that transforms and creates entire industries.

After attending the University of Texas and playing running back for the Cotton Bowl Champion Longhorn football team, Chris transferred to Loyola University and studied under top Austrian economist Walter Block. There, he earned his bachelor’s degree and MBA in economics and finance.

Before joining Casey Research in 2008, Chris was a valuation expert who appraised dozens of private companies and commercial properties. His deep understanding of what makes a business valuable has helped him to build one of the most impressive track records in the financial industry.

For example, when Chris recognized the potential of robotic surgery early on, he recommended buying MAKO Surgical. Just seven months later, his subscribers cashed out a 147% gain. In 2012, his subscribers made 167% in just eight months when Chris recommended Celsion, an unknown cancer research company at the time.

And in 2013, Chris recommended MannKind. This company created a revolutionary inhaler that allowed diabetes patients to take insulin without having to stick themselves with a needle. Subscribers made 197% in just seven months.

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The largest sector of the American economy, technology is the engine of growth that will keep our nation competitive in the decades ahead and drive the global economy to new heights. Good times or bad, technology steams forward, improving productivity and quality of life around the world. Our team will help you profit from this sector’s unlimited opportunities.

Chris Wood is the Editor of EXTRAORDINARY TECHNOLOGY.

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