Casey Research Staff

Doug Casey


Best-selling author, world-renowned speculator, and libertarian philosopher Doug Casey has garnered a well-earned reputation for his erudite (and often controversial) insights into politics, economics, and investment markets.

Doug is widely respected as one… Read More

David Galland

Partner, Casey Research

Over the course of his varied career, David Galland has worked as a miner, as the conference director for the world’s largest investment conference (National Committee for Monetary Reform, 1979 to 1987), financial newsletter… Read More

Olivier Garret

Chief Executive Officer

Olivier is a Partner and CEO of Casey Research, LLC.

Prior to joining Casey Research in January 2007, Olivier Garret was a principal in Kemp Management, a management consulting firm focused on merger… Read More

Bud Conrad

Chief Economist

As Chief Economist for Casey Research, Bud addresses the long-term forces that shape our economic future and takes on the task of predicting what will happen. Author of the book Profiting from… Read More

Louis James

Chief Metals & Mining Investment Strategist

Louis James' background in physics, economics, and technical writing prepared him well for his role as managing editor of the International Speculator and Casey Investment Alert. Like Doug Casey, Louis constantly travels the world,… Read More

Marin Katusa

Chief Energy Investment Strategist

Marin Katusa, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Colder War is Casey Research's chief energy investment strategist. He wears the hat of managing editor for Casey Energy Confidential, Casey Energy Report, and… Read More

Alex Daley

Chief Technology Investment Strategist

Alex Daley is the chief technology investment strategist for Casey Research and senior editor of Casey Extraordinary Technology and BIG TECH. Previous to dedicating himself full-time to investing, he worked as a senior manager… Read More

Dan Steinhart

Managing Editor, The Casey Report

An ambitious young man of many talents, Dan is the perfect Managing Editor for Casey's flagship publication, The Casey Report.

Prior to joining Casey Research, Dan Steinhart worked for accounting firm Deloitte &… Read More

Jeff Clark

Senior Precious Metals Analyst

Jeff Clark utilizes his knowledge of the gold mining industry, a family legacy, from prospecting and exploration to the financial and capital markets to produce Casey Research’s BIG GOLD investment newsletter.

Working the… Read More

Ed Steer

Editor, Gold & Silver Daily

Ed Steer is a keen observer of the financial scene and a director of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA).

As a Casey Research correspondent, he tirelessly digs up relevant financial and resource… Read More

Terry Coxon

Senior Economist

Terry Coxon is the author of Keep What You Earn and Using Warrants and the co-author (with Harry Browne) of Inflation-Proofing Your Investments. He edited Harry Browne’s Special Reports for its… Read More

Doug Hornig

Senior Editor

Doug began with Casey Research as a freelance writer on the former publication What We Now Know, for which he wrote nearly 125 articles. In October of 2005, he assumed editorship of Casey's Daily… Read More

Kevin Brekke

Editor, Metals & Mining Division

Kevin Brekke is an editor for the Metals & Mining Division at Casey Research. His former life in commercial aviation transported him across cultures and ideologies, shaping a worldview free of political boundaries and… Read More

Chris Wood

Senior Analyst

After graduating with honors in economics and finance from Loyola University New Orleans, Chris went on to spend several successful years as a commercial real estate appraiser and business valuation consultant before returning to… Read More

Nick Giambruno

Senior Editor,

Nick is Doug Casey’s globetrotting protégé and has a long-held passion for internationalization. He has lived in Europe and worked in the Middle East, most recently in Beirut and Dubai, where he covered regional… Read More

Dennis Miller

Editor, Money Forever Portfolio

Over the course of his career, Dennis Miller has consulted with many Fortune 500 companies, training hundreds of executives to effectively communicate the value of their company's products to their customers. Among his many… Read More