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It’s Shopping Season for Gold Miners

Gold miners' reserves are falling, the stock market is on the brink, and governments want to tax everything everywhere.

Governments Have Declared War on Paper Cash

The war on cash is heating up; gold miners refuse to go bankrupt; and why it’s smart not to invest in smart drugs.

Russia Loads Up on Gold, Dumps US Treasuries

Capitalizing on psychological technology, counting on Millennials obsession with social media, and much more

Governments Want to Enslave You with Digital Cash

US presidential elections may become battles for influence among the über-wealthy

Doug Casey: Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse

Another banking crisis is inevitable says Doug Casey; the bull and bear arguments for oil; and the math behind the Apple Watch’s gold consumption

Buck Buck Braawwk: The Fed Will Chicken Out, Won’t Raise Rates This Year

Reading the Fed’s runes; Andorra could be the next Cyprus; and why it’s tough to be a contrarian.

Betting on a Quick Oil Recovery? Beware the “Fracklog”…

Bet on a short-term oil rebound at your own peril

The Biggest Energy Deal in a Decade: Shell Bets Big on Oil Recovery

Does Shell’s energy deal reek of desperation?

WAIT: Don’t File Those Taxes Just Yet!

Must-read information for lawfully reducing the IRS’s tax bite

You Are Now a Terrorist Until Proven Otherwise

The war on terrorism expands both domestically and internationally.

Iran Nuclear Deal Roils the Oil Markets

A US-Iran nuclear deal is closer; is gold on its way up?; and Iceland may be the home of the banking revolution

Yemen Descends into Chaos

A new war in the Middle East; and is war imminent between the US and Russia?