Investment Products & Services

At Casey Research we are dedicated to providing best-in-class investment research. With dedicated teams focused on each area of specialization, from metals and mining to energy to long/short macro-focused advisories, investors have relied on our investment expertise for more than 40 years. We offer market-beating, vertical-focused stock research, economic-forecast-driven trend investments across a range of sectors, and overall portfolio management and wealth protection.

Big- Picture Investing and Portfolio Management

If you are looking for the best place to begin building your investment portfolio, or the widest range of investments and speculations around the world, start with these services.
  • The Casey Report Our flagship publication at the cross-section of economics and investing around the globe.
  • Money Forever Portfolio How to build a nest egg that will stand the test of time, and the day- to- day of the markets, without breaking a sweat.

Metals and Mining

Long established as a global leader in precious metals, mining, and resource investing, the Casey Research team scours the globe in search of the next big discovery. See for yourself why we are widely considered among of the world’s foremost base and precious metals investing experts.
  • BIG GOLD The authoritative review of precious metals, covering physical, futures and ETFs, and the large-cap mining world, BIG GOLD is a must read.
  • International Speculator Our longest running research service, Louis James and team unearth the most undervalued explorers and mining stocks around the world.
  • Investment Alert For the avid speculator only, this limited-availability service provides breaking alerts on fast-moving and early-stage investments and private placements in mining stocks.


Led by best-selling author, hedge fund manager, and widely recognized energy expert, Marin Katusa, the Casey energy team guides investors through the multi-trillion- dollar global energy markets to find their most promising opportunities.
  • The Colder War Following in the footsteps of the eponymous NY Times best-selling book, we focus on major geo-political forces that move the energy markets and the investments that follow.
  • Casey Energy Report From shale oil and gas in West Africa to uranium in Athabasca basin, there is nowhere our energy team won’t go to uncover the most profitable junior energy exploration stocks.
  • Energy Confidential For experienced speculators, access to the earliest-stage, and most exclusive energy speculations, straight from the deal rooms at the center of the resource-investing world.


No sector of the American or global economy is growing nearly as fast as technology. From the web to 3D printing to synthetic biology, there is no shortage of breakthrough advances, or breakout investments, being covered by Alex Daley and team.
  • BIG TECH Get an insider's analysis of today's most exciting big technology trends and investment plays with the premier research service on big technology stocks.
  • Extraordinary Technology From Apple to start-ups, our technology team covers the gamut hardware, software, cloud/Internet, biotech, defense, and more with detailed buy/hold/sell coverage of tech’s biggest and best stocks.

International Opportunities

With globe-trotting analyst Nick Giambruno at the helm, the International Man crew help you make the most of your personal and financial freedom around the world from asset protection to unique international investment opportunities, they take care of the why, where, and how.
  • Going Global Keep your savings safe from tax grabs, bail-ins, lawsuits, and more, with proven internationalization strategies from the authoritative step-by-step guide to internationalizing your assets.
  • Crisis Speculator Where fools fear to tread, Nick Giambruno takes a contrarian view of the world’s most reviled in assets and regions the anti-flavor of the day in search of incredible value investments.

Other Investor Resources

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  • Casey’s Club A tight-knit group of like-minded investors, club membership is strictly limited. For the right investor, however, the exclusive benefits which include lifetime access to all Casey Research products, exclusive events, early access to new products and services, and much more are an enormous opportunity to connect directly with some of the world’s best investors.