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What is trend investing?

We believe that free markets look after themselves, and that the more free markets are influenced by government intervention, changes in supply and demand, or shifting public psychology, the more an otherwise healthy market gets distorted.

The unintended consequences of these market dislocations can be painfully negative for the unaware, but they can be very profitable for those who take early advantage of the investing opportunities they offer.

As an example, in 1998 Doug Casey looked at the world production, inventory, and consumption of uranium, and realized that while it was at that time cheap and on no investor’s radar, demand was going to drive the price up dramatically, and soon. Best of all, there were only a handful of producers. He did his research and picked three of them: Paladin, Strathmore, and Cameco. Within two years, investors were looking at returns of 1,333%, 660%, and 895%, respectively.

Similarly, when the Casey team realized that the housing bubble was about to burst in a big way, they recommended shorting bond insurer MBIA in June 2007. Ten months later, subscribers had a 93% gain.

What subscribers have to say about The Casey Report

So glad I started a subscription to The Casey Report... I can't imagine all the work your organization must have to do to bring all this information together – and most importantly, write in such a way that the average person like me can understand most of it. From what I have seen so far of The Casey Report, you have the finest-written and most honest and most intelligent publication on the economy that I have ever seen.”
– Bill R.

I love the clear, concise, pull-no-punches approach of the letter. It's a relief to me, as a small investor, trying to nurse my little nest egg towards retirement, to hear recommendations in plain English, not some garbled, investment house-speak financial techno-jargon. It lets me know where to plant my funds with confidence.”
– Mike W.

Your report was one of the best pieces on real estate I've ever seen. It was off the charts informative. The whole volume was outstanding! You guys make me much smarter than I am. I've only been around a year, but I feel like I'm armed with data that will save me tremendous burdens.”
– E. Thomason

The Casey Report examines global economics and markets to identify emerging trends and the investment opportunities they offer — ahead of the crowd.

Identifying emerging economic trends — and exploiting the investment opportunities associated with them — is the underlying principle of The Casey Report. It’s a powerful technique that’s been tremendously profitable for Casey Research subscribers for nearly three decades.

Doug Casey and his team continually observe global economic and market developments to identify early-stage emerging trends. They then make specific recommendations for investments that will most benefit from those trends.

The goal is profit. The recommendation could be a stock, a physical commodity, an ETF, or a mutual fund. It could even be an option or futures contract, if that’s the best way to capitalize on the trend. Whatever the recommendation, the team will provide specific advice about how to get in, and at what price. It may also include what to avoid.

For example, while Americans were still flipping homes faster than burgers at McDonald’s, Doug Casey wrote in October 2006:

I believe it’s going to get much worse. As people who bought houses with floating-rate mortgages and little money down slip into default, millions of dwellings will hit a no-bid market. And when hundreds of billions in loans go bad, the institutions holding them and the whole American financial structure will be threatened with a deflationary collapse. Millions of people could lose their jobs in an economy that just doesn’t need that many mortgage brokers, real estate speculators, and McMansion builders – or waiters at restaurants those brokers, speculators, and builders can no longer afford. The Fed will try to prevent this by creating more dollars. But then foreigners – and smart Americans – will treat the currency units like hot potatoes.

So he advised his readers to get out of mainstream stocks and Treasuries, to be prepared for energy and commodities to take a short-term dive, and to use the fall in commodity prices to stock up on precious metals. His lone voice about the impending disaster was, of course, spot on. And his advice made fortunes for many and preserved fortunes for many more.

The Casey team has been consistently accurate in its forecasts:

  • They recommended gold in 2000, when the metal was at $270/ounce
  • They recommended energy investments when a barrel of oil was $35
  • They recommended uranium stocks for gains as high as 3,000% — and recommended getting out before the uranium bubble burst.

The Casey Report is researched and written by a brilliant four-person team with vast experience in economic and investment policy.

DOUG CASEY, Chairman of Casey Research
Doug is a best-selling author and legendary speculator who has parlayed his contrarian instincts and encyclopedic knowledge of markets into a fortune for himself and many of the longtime readers of his advisory services.

BUD CONRAD, Chief Economist
Bud replies to every financial query with a question of his own: "What does the data tell us?" Educated at Harvard and Yale, Bud is likely to examine numbers by means of charts and graphs, and use them to demonstrate his thinking to readers. Bud is a futures investor of 30 years standing, and a full-time investor and teacher for more than ten.

TERRY COXON, Senior Economist and Editor
Terry is a trained economist and financial pioneer who is widely recognized for his detailed understanding of economics and financial markets. Terry's resume includes authorship of Keep What You Earn and co-authorship of Inflation-Proofing Your Investments with best-selling author Harry Browne. Terry created the first gold ETF, and served for 20 years as founder and president of the innovative Permanent Portfolio Fund.

DAVID GALLAND, Managing Director and Editor
David is beloved by readers for his wit, wisdom, and wordcraft. He’s managing director of Casey Research, managing editor of The Casey Report, and a close confidant of Doug Casey. David was co-founder of EverBank, founding partner and director of the Blanchard Group of Mutual Funds, and for years ran the famous New Orleans Investment Conference.

Every month these four financial gurus — along with contributing specialists in politics, currency, real estate, and more — will give you vital insight into the financial health of the US and the world — insight that will apply not only to planning your investments, but to planning your personal future as well.

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