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Why Invest in Small,
"Under-the-Radar" Mining Companies?

While thousands of companies around the world explore for minerals and precious metals, very few hit it big. But those that do often reward investors with fantastic gains – especially investors who get in early.

The biggest payoffs come from finding small-cap miners on the verge of making a big strike. These are often little-known outfits that fly under the radar of mainstream investors.

Finding promising early-stage explorers like these is hard work. But with diligent research it can be done, opening up outstanding profit opportunities for savvy investors – no matter what the economic situation.

Louis James
Senior Metals Strategist, Casey Research

Louis James regularly visits highly prospective geological targets around the world, looking for small-cap mining companies posed for explosive growth. He leaves no stone unturned in his search, grilling management, company geologists and interviewing local residents in a variety of languages to find out what they really think (he's fluent in French and Spanish, and speaks German and Russian). Whether it's back-to-back meetings with mining executives in Vancouver…

The first dollar I invested is up over 1,000%!
I have been a subscriber to Mr. Casey's International Speculator for over 10 years, but have only actively followed his advice for the last seven years. Over the last seven years my investments have risen by an average 42.9% per year; 26.1% in 2007. The first dollar I invested is up over 1,000%!! Keep up the great work.”
– Jim G.

I owe much of my retirement security to CIS
I am finally, after subscribing for the first time in about 1998, going to take a few minutes to tell Doug and everyone at Casey Research how pleased I am with your work and the way you do business. Everything you do is top notch. Your web site is without a peer (of the dozens I have tried anyway). It is loaded with good information, easy to use, and easy to learn to use – very important for us old timers who struggle with the Internet.

I owe much of my retirement security to taking a small flier on IUC at $0.27 per share and watching it climb to about $16 after becoming Denison Mining. A sincere thank you for your efforts.”
– William M.

For life-changing gains, few sectors offer more opportunity than under-the-radar precious metal miners.

Every month, Casey International Speculator – one of the longest-running, most-respected newsletters of its kind – highlights early-stage explorers sitting on discoveries that could skyrocket the value of their stock. These are small, well-managed outfits that offer the very real possibility of doubling or tripling – or more –your investment very quickly.

Try it now and get an ironclad 100% money-back guarantee – you either love it or you get your money back.

Casey International Speculator has a 30+ year history discovering the best small-cap exploration companies for speculative investment – companies from around the world specializing in mining gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals, as well as industrial base metals like copper, nickel and lead.

If you’re looking to allocate a portion of your portfolio to small-cap international firms with lucrative potential, Casey International Speculator is for you.

Every month, Casey International Speculator brings you the latest developments in the world of precious metals exploration, as well as recommendations of the best companies to invest in.

These aren’t the large-cap, big-name behemoths you see in the news. They’re small-cap firms on the brink of discoveries that can explode their share prices – and the value of your portfolio – overnight.

Here’s a sampling of some of our recommendations:

  • A Latin American silver miner, up 146.7% in 17 months
  • An Australian-based gold producer, up 106.3% in 14 months
  • A Canadian-based gold explorer, up 392.1% in 26 months

Casey International Speculator guides you to successful investments like these by focusing on early-stage explorers with the right stuff – seasoned management teams, promising properties, and the capital to harvest their discoveries.

There’s only one way to find companies like these – through exhaustive research.

Louis James, CIS editor and our senior metals strategist, personally visits mining sites all over the world to see for himself whether they hold promise. He interviews executives, geologists, and miners to determine if their companies are indeed worthy of your investment. And he talks with residents and politicians to weigh whether a company’s mining project might be jeopardized by local opposition, excessive fees, nationalization, or other unforeseen developments.

When you subscribe to Casey International Speculator, you get access to all of Louis’ in-depth analysis – including his recommendations on today’s best opportunities to make triple-digit profits..

And you'll also have immediate access to:

  • A special feature on topics every speculator in the junior mining sector needs to know about
    The latest news about Yukon gold mining… South American silver mining updates… important information on technological mining breakthroughs. Every month you'll get an informative feature that tackles topics like these to help you become a more knowledgeable – and more successful – international speculator.
  • Updates every week on breaking news affecting our recommended stocks.
  • Online access to easy-to-search archives with background information about many of today's most popular resource companies.
  • Questions for CIS – Here you'll find subscribers' questions on a wide range of topics – Whether a prospective buyout of a junior is likely… inquiries about whether a company report on drill samples is accurate … the effects of new royalty structures on a portfolio pick. Louis and his staff answer questions like these every month (and if you've got a burning question of your own, send it in!).

You'll also get:

  • Immediate access to the current issue
    Each issue contains informative stories about important mining countries, influential industry insiders, company recommendations and updates, and much more
  • An interactive portfolio of stocks currently being followed, along with links to research charts and information on corporate structures, management, industry trends, and more
  • A library of subscriber-only special reports
  • Access to Casey Research’s Research Tools – this includes a resource dictionary; our “Knowledge Base”- an investment Q&A; and articles on investing and investment strategies.

As you can see, Casey International Speculator isn't a static monthly service – it's a dynamic, unique research advisory that keeps you up to date on all of our recommendations and important news affecting the metals sector.

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