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Why Technology?

Technology literally drives the world, from health care to manufacturing, from retail to energy, and everything in between. And tech’s effect on the global economy will only get bigger since even everyday companies must continually invest in technology… or risk getting run over by the competition.

The bottom line is, no matter what’s happening in the markets or the economy, our modern world creates a never-ending demand for revolutionary innovation.

This need has never been stronger – that’s why it’s crucial for you to understand that today’s demand is creating unlimited profit opportunities for you.

CET Editor Alex Daley

Alex Daley is the senior editor of Casey Extraordinary Technology. In his varied career, he’s worked as a senior research executive, a software developer, project manager, senior IT executive, and technology marketer. He’s an industry insider of the highest order, having been involved in numerous startups as an advisor to venture capital companies. He’s also a trusted advisor to the CEOs and strategic planners of some of the world’s largest tech companies. And he’s a successful angel investor in his own right, with a long history of spectacular investment successes.

Discover the unparalleled profit potential of the largest sector of the American economy - technology.

Every month, Casey Extraordinary Technology gives you an inside view to today’s most exciting tech plays… in robotics, biotechnology, software development and much, much more. Try it now for only $995… and relax knowing that it’s risk-free for three full months – you either love it or you get your money back.

The sheer size of the technology sector, coupled with the fact that America is the world leader in technological innovation, presents unlimited profit opportunities for forward-thinking investors.

However, because new technology products are often complex and difficult to understand, tech is a tricky sector to navigate. This makes it easy for technology companies to make exaggerated claims that can drive stock prices up sharply… but once the hype is exposed, they often come crashing down.

Fact is, it takes a deep understanding of both the technology and the businesses that produce it to make consistent money in tech. In short, it takes a technology expert of the highest order.

Casey Research is delighted to have someone on board who fits that description perfectly…

Alex Daley, Your Guide to Windfall Tech Gains

Alex is a scientist with vast hands-on experience in many fields of technology. He’s also been involved in numerous start-ups as a venture capitalist and angel investor, and has served as a trusted adviser to the CEOs and strategic planners of some of the world’s largest tech companies, including Microsoft.

And he has an astonishing record of profitable technology sector stock picks…

  • A 147% profit in just over 6 months with a surgical device manufacturer
  • A 148% windfall in 7 months with a network security provider
  • A 93% gain in 13 months with a leader in the robotics industry
  • A 134% windfall on a manufacturer of an innovative dialysis machine for the treatment of kidney disease

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In every monthly issue, you’ll get:

  • News about the latest R&D in a variety of fields, to keep you abreast of developing opportunities.
  • Access to a library full of articles and special reports on investing and investing strategies.
  • The very best technology plays – every month Alex works to give you at least one outstanding profit opportunity… and often you’ll get more.

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