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Chief Energy Strategist
Marin Katusa

Marin Katusa leads the CED team. He's an investment analyst with an astonishing ability to uncover lucrative opportunities — particularly in energy resource companies. He is the Chief Energy Investment Strategist at Casey Research and leads the energy research teams of Casey Energy Confidential, Casey Energy Report, and Casey Energy Dividends.

CED is produced each month by three industry experts with decades of combined experience in the energy sector: Elizabeth Manning, Joe Hung, and Gwen Preston.

When the Casey Research energy team gives a company the thumbs-up, you'll know it's because they've done a tremendous amount of research — and found a best-of-breed winner.

Tap into the best sector for producing income and gains

In today's investing climate, secure yield can be hard to come by. Interest rates on CDs, savings accounts, bond investments, or other former "safe havens" have dwindled down to nearly nothing with today's low interest rates. And the yield on major stock-market indexes like the S&P 500 is less than inflation. All of this has sent investors in search of higher-yielding equities that can make up for some of this lost income.

But in most sectors, high yields can come with even higher risks, especially if you are not selective about only investing in companies with sustainable payout ratios, growing businesses, and strong political and market stability.

No sector provides more opportunities for finding high yield with safe, growing companies than energy. Oil and gas pipeline operators, nuclear energy companies, refineries, distributors, and service firms powering the world's insatiably growing demand for energy can be a major boost your portfolio. Let our team of energy-industry experts – led by renowned investor and Casey Research Chief Energy Investment Strategist Marin Katusa – guide you to the best-quality dividends in the sector today, and help you build a portfolio for long-term sustained income and growth.

Only the best dividend-paying energy investments

Led by Casey Research Chief Energy Investment Strategist Marin Katusa, this unique monthly advisory culls through hundreds of companies to bring you the best-of-the-best mid- and large-cap dividend-paying producers of oil, natural gas, uranium, and other sources of energy, as well as firms that provide vital services to the energy sector.

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  • Timely articles that bring the world's increasingly complicated energy markets into focus.

With Casey Energy Dividends, you'll not only discover low-risk dividend-paying energy companies with big profit potential, you'll get an solid education on all things energy (you'll amaze your friends with your knowledge of the sector!).

The bottom line is that if you don't find Casey Energy Dividends to be everything you hoped it would be – well researched, clear and concise, and highly profitable – simply cancel at any time in the first 90 days for a 100% refund... no questions asked. And you can cancel any time after 90 days for a prorated refund.

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