The Casey Research Philosophy

For over a quarter of a century, legendary investor and best-selling author Doug Casey and his team at Casey Research have been helping self-directed investors to earn superior returns through innovative investment research designed to take advantage of market dislocations.

How We Do It...

We watch every sector, looking for opportunities. More often than not, market dislocations are created by governments which, by trying to "fix" or "manage" a situation, create unintended consequences that can be profitably acted upon.

We are believers in the free markets and understand the fundamental reality that the more a government interferes in a market, the more likely there will be consequences… negative for the inattentive, but potentially very positive for the aware.

We focus on the investment sectors with significant upside potential. Investing in garden variety mutual funds or low-yielding money market funds will never make you rich. Investing in sectors with significant upside, on the other hand, can. But with significant upside comes significant risk.

We research, Research, RESEARCH. To manage the risk, we employ multiple proprietary research methodologies including legendary investor, and best-selling author, Doug Casey’s 8 P’s of Resource Stock Evaluation.

Get In Early...

Identifying a trend before the crowd lets you get in at the lowest price, and exposes you to the upside for the longest period of time.

Getting in early is important, but it’s just as important to know when to get out. All of our advisory services give specific buy, sell, and take-profits suggestions. The more money you have invested in speculative stocks, the more useful a full-service broker might be — especially when it comes time to sell. You can find our thoughts and suggestions about brokers here.

That’s where our more than 30 years experience can help.

  • Contacts. Whom you know can be just as important as what you know. And Doug Casey and the Casey Research team stay in steady contact with the movers and shakers in the sectors we cover. If there is breaking news or a rapidly unfolding opportunity, our subscribers are often among the first to know.
  • Experience. The typical investor is all too susceptible to a good story or the latest hot tip. We're not. Instead, acting on your behalf, we look behind the puffery to check out management, the financial strength and structure of the company and much more.  
  • Unbiased. Casey Research has a well-deserved reputation for integrity. We are committed to no one other than our subscribers. If you don't do well, we don't do well. It is as simple as that.

How Can We Help You Improve Your Investment Returns?

We are not “traders.” We don’t do a lot of buying and selling, and frankly, we find trying to guess the top and bottom a risky game we don’t want to play. After all, we prefer investments where we can stack the odds in our favor. Instead, we look for quality plays in companies and markets where the trends are our friends, then hang on until the company has either met our expectations or a until a better opportunity comes along.

Most of the stocks we recommend — with the exception of the large-caps common in our entry-level publications — are undervalued, small-cap companies. While they have a great deal of upside, they also can be very volatile.

It takes patience — even courage — to ride through the inevitable downswings. At these times, it’s important to remember that we are more interested in the trend than immediate performance, and that is where we can help…

Our Current Advisory Services...

  • Are you looking to fully understand current markets and how to profit? Our flagship advisory service, The Casey Report, keeps you clearly in the know by identifying the major drivers of U.S. and global markets… and showing you ways to maximize your profits while carefully managing risk. Click here for more on The Casey Report.
  • Need an investment strategy to make the money you earn last the rest of your lifetime? You owe it to yourself to look at Dennis Miller's, Money Forever Portfolio. It covers the best strategies to protect and grow your nest egg. Check out Money Forever Portfolio.
  • Are you new to resource investing, and interested in building a conservative portfolio of precious metal and natural resource investments, including mutual funds, ETFs and selective stocks? Check out our inexpensive but very valuable monthly BIG GOLD. Click here for more on BIG GOLD.
  • Are you an experienced resource speculator? Our highly acclaimed International Speculator specializes in uncovering compelling opportunities in junior mineral exploration companies with the very real potential to double or triple over a 12- to 24-month horizon. Click here for more on Casey International Speculator.
  • Are you interested in profiting from "Peak Oil" and higher energy prices with coverage of hand-picked oil, gas, uranium, coal, and alternative energy (solar, hydro, geothermal) companies? Then you’ll want a subscription to Casey Energy Report. Check out Casey Energy Report now.
  • The never-ending struggle to control the world's energy trade means never-ending investment opportunities. The Colder War Letter follows the geo-politics behind the energy sector so you can navigate and profit in this fast-moving sector. Check out The Colder War Letter.
  • Technology is the engine that will keep America competitive in the decades ahead. As investors, the technology sector presents us with unlimited opportunities. To keep an eye on promising, up-and-coming technology companies with high profit potential, check out Casey Extraordinary Technology.
  • Interested in established tech companies already forming the future of the globe? Global demand for next-generation technology is creating profit opportunities for you. Check out BIG TECH.
  • Alert Services
    Casey Research offers two premium Alert services: Casey Investment Alert and Casey Energy Confidential. These services are not published on any fixed schedule, but rather only when our research team discovers a fast-moving opportunity to profit.

Subscription to these services is strictly limited to allow us to bring the members very early-stage, high-potential opportunities, including private placement financings.

o    Learn more about Casey Investment Alert, which focuses on the resource sector, excluding energy, by clicking here.

o    Learn more about Casey Energy Confidential by clicking here.


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