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The Next Generation of Resource Industry Titans


What are the Casey NexTen

“4% of the people generate 64% of the wins. You want to follow that 4%.”- Doug Casey

Of all the questions that must be answered about a resource company, none is more important than “Who are the key players involved with the company, and what is their track record?”

Resource exploration is a tough business, and the vast majority of exploration companies repeatedly come up empty-handed. But at any given time, there are a handful of people who make most of the discoveries – and make tremendous profits for those who invest in them.

The names of many of these explorers are legendary: Ross Beaty, Lukas Lundin, and Robert Friedland, to name just a few. But in their footsteps, a new generation of resource explorers is emerging – all under 40, and all well on their way to the superstardom of their predecessors.

We established the Casey NexTen to celebrate their accomplishments, tell you about their current projects, and give you the opportunity to put these emerging resource giants on your radar.

They’re certainly on ours.

Casey’s Top Ten Picks
for the future faces of business

What would you have done with your 2,000% plus profit if you’d known about Lukas Lundin when he created Valkyries Petroleum or International Uranium?

What if you were on to Ross Beaty, the man with the Midas touch, when he was starting Lumina Copper, a company that eventually returned over 4,000% to investors?

Doug Casey and his subscribers have made millions by investing in deals that were run by the winners who make up the Casey Explorers’ League. Doug had his eye on these men and women before most had even heard of them, and he knew they were going to make it big. He went over their plans with a magnifying glass, he crunched the numbers, and most importantly, he got to know them before investing in them.

The Casey 4-64 Rule:
Finding the Next Generation of Industry Titans

During his 40 years in the industry, Doug noticed a pattern: Four percent of the entrepreneurs were coming up with 64 percent of the wins. Thus it made sense to concentrate his efforts on finding that four percent, discovering the best players in the game – the giants who are honored in the Casey Explorers’ League.

Doug is a proponent of the “8Ps” method of analyzing resource companies – People, Project, Politics, Paper, Promotion, Phinancing, Push, Price. Today we are following in his footsteps, out to uncover the most important “P” of all: the People who are the rising stars of the resource world. The next Ross Beaty, Lukas Lundin, or Robert Friedland is out there, and we’ll find him. We’re constantly traveling the globe, visiting high-potential geological targets, and climbing down a mineshaft or two in the bargain.

We’re focusing our attention on People, one of the most important factors that determine whether a company is headed for success. So when we meet company heads and geologists, we spend time getting to know them, in the office, in the field, and on the street. We grill them for the tiniest details of their operations, covering all the 8Ps.

Evaluating dozens of companies each month, scrutinizing the data and financial statements carefully, reading press releases and reports, and actually going out on the site with the geologists kicking the rocks – these are just a few of the things we do to bring only the cream of the crop to our subscribers’ attention.

Click on the thumbnail images on this page to discover the Casey NexTen, the hot young guns of today who we believe will be the titans of tomorrow.