How We Invest

The Casey Research philosophy, in a nutshell, is to discover economic or social trends that have an inevitable consequence for investors.  We then guide investors in those companies that are well-managed, well-financed, and most likely to benefit from that consequence.

Among the most significant markets with long-term, positive trends today are metals and mining, energy, and technology. Those trends are reflected in our selection of products, of course, as we aim to provide you with only the highest quality investment guidance. You can read more about our publications here.

Our unique approach to investing has generated considerable wealth for a great many Casey Research subscribers over the years.  You can read more about the Casey investing philosophy here.

Resources for New Speculators

If you are new to investing the Casey way, we recommend brushing up on a few of our most popular special reports. They’ll guide you through the various sectors we focus on and introduce you to our general thoughts about investing in the current economy. All are recommended reading.

Macro-Economic Picture
The first key to successful speculation is to have a clear understanding of the world around you: how politics, demographics, and the changing fundamentals of the global markets present threats and opportunities alike.

Welcome to the Greater Depression
Doug Casey writes about how the economy got here, how long the current economic cycle will last, and how bad it could be.

The Greater Depression, Part II
This sequel to our runaway hit report, The Greater Depression, covers strategies you can use to protect your investments and the value of your savings.

To get a clear view of the big picture month in and month out, and be guided through the portfolio moves you should be making today, learn more about The Casey Report.

Wealth Protection and Introductory Investing

When dealing with precious metals, often your choice of investment vehicles, and of suppliers, can mean more to your success or failure than any other factor.  Learn how to get started with precious metals as an avenue for wealth protection, and what the best options for all gold and silver investors are today with our comprehensive, independent analysis.

The 3 Best Ways to Invest in Gold
Explores the many ways you can own gold for protection and investment. A must-read for the beginning gold investor, or anyone looking for a guide to the most sound gold ownership options available today.

Introduction to Speculation

The Eight Ps of Resource Stock Evaluation
A complete explanation of the method we use to evaluate the potential of a resource company and its stock.  If you are thinking about speculating in the fast moving junior resource sector, with us or on your own, you’ll benefit greatly from understanding the most important factors.

The Casey Research Guide to Investing in Canadian Stocks
More resource stocks are traded on the Canadian exchanges than any other.  However, most investors rarely if ever trade outside their home country. If you are going to succeed as a resource speculator, this short and simple guide will  Here’s everything you must know to trade where the action is.