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Jun 06, 2015

These four photos are from a couple of weeks ago.  These two ring-billed gulls had been standing on the shore and looking at me [and each other] for over half an hour without moving.  I generally ignored them.  Then things began to get more interesting---and until the final moments, I had no idea what was about to happen.  Fortunately, I had the camera at the ready---and the last shot is totally uncropped and right of the camera.  Twenty-five feet/eight meters distance is point blank range for a 400mm telephoto lens---and I couldn't even get them both totally in frame.

There are several more photos in this sequence, but modesty and decency prevents me from posting them here, as it's all "XXX rated seagull porn" without much foreplay involved.  If you send me US$29.95---plus three coupons from specially market boxes of Fruit Loops---I'll send you the photos.

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Jun 05, 2015

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Jun 04, 2015

Another ring-billed gull watching me warily from the shoreline.  Note the high-water marks on the rocks.  Like California, we could use some serious rain here as well.

Here's a rare bird in these parts.  I took this photo minutes after the one shown above.  It's a KLM flight on final approach into Edmonton International [YEG] and about 15 miles from the runway.  The flaps and slats are down, with the landing gear about to follow.  It was at least two kilometers away and about a kilometer high.  All the intervening air really softens the photo---and the colours.

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Jun 03, 2015

The first photo is of your standard utility grade magpie.  It's difficult to photograph these things, as they fly away long before you get within decent range.  But, like every other bird, if you just sit quietly for long enough...

This Canada goose has a very interesting colour variation from the normal---and that's the only reason I took the shot.

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Jun 02, 2015

Here`s a photo that Charleston, South Carolina reader Tony Beck sent my yesterday---and I thought it worth sharing.  It`s an underside shot of a swallow-tail kite that he took the other day.

Here`s a photo of the whole bird that I `borrowed` from the Internet.

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