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COMPLETE AUDIO COLLECTION from the Casey Research Crisis & Opportunity Summit 2010 Out of the Eye of the Storm

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Following are some short samples taken from the Energy and Special Situations Summit held in Denver last fall. Although unique to the theme of that event, the style and tone of these samples, as well as the quality of the recording, will give you a sense of the fascinating material that is typical of Casey Summits. Click the links to hear them.

Dr. Marc Faber: Could Expansionary Monetary Policies and Large Deficits Lead to High Inflation Rates?
Louis James and Marin Katusa discussing the next most promising investment sector.
Bud Conrad: Thinking About the Future.

have been wildly popular since they began in 2006. And no wonder: the faculty regularly includes not only Doug Casey and the senior Casey staff, but also the best minds in every industry involved. Here are just a few attendee comments from the recent Energy and Special Situations Summit:

“The Casey Team and their guest speakers are
the crème de la crème.”

“What an amazing group! First rate. Diversified.”

“Great conference. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Content and delivery was excellent — as always!”

“Twenty great financial minds share their vision of the world's economic future, and how they plan to profit in the coming decade. Now you can hear every word of their priceless advice.”

The global economy is on shaky ground. Equity markets have rallied back over the past year, but are still down for the decade. We’ve paid a big price in ballooning government debt and chronic unemployment just to get us back to where we were 10 years ago. Many investors are anxious to find both safety and a way to recoup losses.

Here’s an opportunity to discover where some of today’s great financial minds see the economy going in coming years — and how you should invest to protect yourself and to profit.

The Casey Research Crisis and Opportunity Summit, held on April 30 through May 2, was a sold-out, smash hit success. Over the course of two days, some of today's greatest top experts shared their vision of the economy in coming years - and how you should invest to protect yourself and to profit.

The content of the Summit is of such critical importance that we're making all of it available to Casey readers: 15 hours of audio packed with the wisdom and advice of some of the greatest minds of the financial world.

And through it all, you’ll be hearing every specific, actionable stock recommendation they make.

After absorbing their advice and recommendations, you’ll be prepared to weather whatever the economy might dish out in the coming decade.

Out of the Eye of the Storm

The mainstream news is singing the praises of a supposed economic recovery, based largely on minor short-term improvements from historical lows. Is this small upswing the light at the end of the tunnel, or the proverbial train heading for the economy?

Consider where we are today:

Inflation. In the 9 months following September 2008, the amount of U.S. currency in circulation more than doubled. In the first quarter of 2010 alone, the Fed printed $129 billion.

Housing. In February 2010, the number of home foreclosures was equal to the number of homes built.

Energy. At $85 a barrel today, oil prices have more than doubled in the last year, and will continue to increase — raising the cost of everything and  hindering economic expansion.

Debt. U.S government debt, $12.3 trillion at the end of 2009 and 86% of GDP, will reach $20 trillion by 2020.

This is just some of the evidence that the current “improvements” are only the eye of the storm. The worst is yet to come.

Regardless of whether you’re gloomily pessimistic, exuberantly optimistic, or somewhere in between about the economic future, wise investors must be prepared for the worst. As they say, to be prepared is to be spared.

Which is why we want to make sure that all Casey Research readers have the opportunity to listen to what the group of outstanding financial thinkers that will gather at the Crisis and Opportunity Summit have to say.

Except for rubbing elbows with the faculty, you’ll have all of the benefits of being there: Lively panel discussions about the most pressing economic issues of our time. Insider perspectives on today’s go-to market sectors. Specific recommendations for the best of the best stocks that will weather the coming storm.

You’ll get a complete download of what today’s great investing minds — like Doug Casey, Bill Bonner, John Embry, the entire Casey Research senior staff, and many others — believe the future holds for the U.S. and global economies. And you’ll be able to refer to this valuable information again and again.

Just some of the questions they’ll be looking at:

These critically important questions really just scratch the surface of what will be covered, because, as with all Casey Summits, the program will take you step by step from a big-picture view of the economic drivers down to the micro-level view of what it all means. Even the presenters’ picks of the best investment opportunities — and there will be many — will be included in the CDs.

Every one of the speakers is among the most respected names in his field of expertise — many of whom you undoubtedly know. Among them:

Doug Casey
Chairman, Casey Research

Bill Bonner
Chairman, Agora Financial

Louis James
Chief Investment Strategist, Casey Research Metals Division

John Embry
Chief Strategist, Sprott Asset Management

Marin Katusa
Chief Investment Strategist, Casey Research Energy Division

Andy Miller
Partner, Miller-Frishman

Bud Conrad
Chief Economist, Casey Research
Rick Rule
Chairman, Global Resource Investments

Alex Daley
Chief Investment Strategist, Casey Research Technology Division

Dr. Marc Bustin,
Senior Analyst, Casey Research

David Galland
Managing Director, Casey Research

Axel Merk
Chairman, Merk Funds

Simon Black
Editor, The Sovereign Man

Olivier Garret
CEO, Casey Research

To successfully navigate the next economic downturn, investors must thoroughly understand the economic drivers of the coming decade and plan their investment strategy accordingly. The Crisis and Opportunity Summit presentations are intended to help you do just that:

Complete Audio Collection - Order nowThe Point of No Return – Bud Conrad

Will the Euro Trump the Dollar? – Axel Merk

Lies the Government Told You – Judge Andrew Napolitano

Gold: Misunderstood by Design – John Embry

The Trade of the Decade (and What a Decade It Will Be!) – Bill Bonner

“When” vs. “If” – Rick Rule

What’s Really Going On in Real Estate? – Andy Miller

Profiting from Tomorrow – Alex Daley

Alternative Investments – Marin Katusa with Clint Cox, Chuck Butler, Rick Rule, and Dr. Robert Falls

Internationally Diversifying Your Money and Your Life – with David Galland, Doug Casey, Simon Black, Terry Coxon, and Michael Chatzky

Plus panel discussions, including:

Power Profits Panel – Marin Katusa, Dr. Marc Bustin, and guests

Conversations with Casey – Doug Casey and Louis James, with questions and answers

The Best Junior Resource Stocks – Louis James and Rick Rule, with questions and answers

The Portfolio Planning Panel: Pulling It All Together – Olivier Garret with Steve Henningsen and Terry Coxon

The Right Stuff: An Explorers’ League Panel – by Rick Rule and a panel of Explorers’ League honorees.

Summing Up: Answers to Your Questions – David Galland with Summit faculty

And as a special feature, best-selling science fiction writer and futurist David Brin will provide perspective on the powerful technology-driven changes now sweeping the world.

You’ll hear every word of the entire conference, so you’ll not only benefit from the vast, proven experience of the faculty, but you’ll also get dozens of their favorite stock recommendations — from sure winners to the highly speculative.

One successful trade on any of those picks will pay for this CD set many times over. But the real value of the set is in giving you the information you need to prepare your investment portfolio for whatever the next decade might bring.

In addition to every presentation, panel discussion, and Q & A session, you’ll receive a CD containing all the charts, illustrations, and photos shown in every presentation, allowing you to see the graphics while you’re listening. You’ll see everything the summit attendees saw.

Be prepared — and be spared

Many investors wish that they had been better prepared for the catastrophic market decline that began in 2007. Here’s an opportunity to be completely ready for what we believe is very likely coming next.

Contained in these CDs is the collective wisdom of Doug Casey, the senior Casey Research team, and some of today’s best financial minds, about the future — and how to invest in it. It’s a golden opportunity to ready yourself, your family, and your portfolio for the economic uncertainties to come.

We urge you not to miss this opportunity.

Timing is critical

It's important to order right away, for two reasons:

First, these CDs are packed with stock recommendations - all small- or mid-cap companies that could take off any time. If you are to act on any of these recommendations, the sooner you do it, the more upside you're likely to have.

Second, quantities are limited. When we run out, they'll be gone for good.

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In this CD set, which contains more than 15 hours of audio presentations, you’ll discover

Take advantage of this opportunity to prepare for the future. Understand what will be driving the economy, how to protect your assets, and how to profit in what will certainly be challenging times.

Complete Audio Collection - Order now