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Complete Audio Collection - Order now

Following are some short samples from the Casey Research Crisis & Opportunity Summit in Las Vegas last May. Although unique to the theme of that event, the style and tone of these samples, as well as the quality of the recording, will give you a sense of the fascinating material that is typical of Casey summits. Click the links to hear them.

What's really behind central banks selling gold?
John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist, Sprott Asset Management
Ten-baggers: How to add a digit to your speculative portfolio
Rick Rule, Global Resource Investments
International Diversification
Panel discussion

Have been wildly popular since they began in 2006. And no wonder: the faculty regularly includes not only Doug Casey and the senior Casey staff, but also the best minds in every industry involved. Here are just a few attendee comments from past summits:

“The Casey Team and their guest speakers are
the crème de la crème.”

“What an amazing group! First rate. Diversified.”

“Great conference. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Content and delivery was excellent — as always!”

Fiat money to meet its end... To my mind, the biggest fraud of the last fifty years has been the rise and acceptance of fiat 'money.' For that reason, I expect fiat money to meet its end before this bear market breathes its last.”

Richard Russell, Dow Theory Letters

Financial markets in full-scale rebellion... Some view the Greek farce as a phenomenon particular to Europe and the indolent ways of Club Med. However, this superficial take misses the point. Gold has broken out to all-time highs in every imaginable currency. . . The real message we find in these events is that the financial markets are in full scale rebellion against the capricious issuance of sovereign debt.”

John Hathaway, Tocqueville Gold Fund

Deficits are enormous... The [U.S.] debt, the deficits are enormous. The industrial capacity has been gutted. One cannot make a positive story for it other than some temporary trading phenomenon because something else is uglier than the dollar.”

Eric Sprott, Sprott Asset Management

Gold is a hedge against a world monetary order on its deathbed.

John Hathaway, Tocqueville Gold Fund; speaker at Casey's Gold & Resource Summit

Dear Fellow Investor,

The U.S. and global economies are poised on the edge of potential disaster. The governments of the world are desperately attempting to “stimulate” their economies. Quantitative easing in the U.S., bank recapitalization in China, austerity budgets throughout Europe. And at the same time administrations raise taxes and devalue their currencies by printing mountains of money, strangling the very economies they aim to save.

Looking at this quagmire, what is a smart investor to do?

How do you preserve wealth, and continue to build it, in such an environment?

There is one clear answer – one asset class Casey Research has been advocating its subscribers hold for years now in anticipation of exactly these circumstances: Gold.

But with the recent gains in gold since the 2008 market crash and bank failures, both new and seasoned commodities investors are rightfully asking where things will go from here.

To help answer these vexing questions, we’ve assembled a blue-ribbon faculty for the just-concluded Casey’s Gold & Resource Summit. On October 1-3, 2010, more than a dozen of the most renowned experts on gold and resource investing met in sunny Carlsbad, California... and we recorded all of their invaluable advice on a CD set, with more than 17 hours of audio for you to hear.

Gathering of the “Gold Brain Trust”

For three action-packed days, these experts focused on questions like:

And don’t believe for a second that this was a dry and boring affair.

On your comprehensive Summit CD set, you’ll be hearing the straight dope from Eric Sprott, the hedge fund manager who in February 2010 called up the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and boldly requested they sell him 191.3 metric tons of gold.

The IMF huffed and puffed and refused – as he had secretly expected – citing rules and regulations that would only allow them to sell via a qualified agent (there’s only one), and only to sovereign nations and central banks. Besides, said the IMF, they were just “phasing out” the gold sales.

Eric’s comment: "I'm a 100% believer that central banks have suppressed the price of gold. I find it hilarious today that they have these programs to sell gold – it's of no use. It's one of the dumbest decisions in the last decade."

You can be certain to hear all about Eric’s thoughts on gold, silver, and the financial and moral bankruptcy of the system in his summit speech.

But Eric Sprott is only one of the many dazzling speakers that attended Casey’s Gold & Resource Summit...

Priceless advice from a stellar faculty

In 17-plus hours of audio, you’ll also hear...

And that’s only the shortlist.

You’ll hear from many other seasoned pros who participated, including:

Ben Johnson,
First Securities Northwest

Ian McAvity,
Technical Analyst and the Hard-working Editor of the "Deliberations Advisory"

Rick Rule,
Global Resource Investments

Andrew Schectman,
Miles Franklin

Eric Sprott,
Sprott Asset Management
Kevin Bambrough,
President and CEO of the Sprott Resource Corp. and Market Strategist for Sprott Asset Management LP

Bob Bishop,
Independent mining share investor

Brent Cook,
Exploration Insights

Larry Grossman,
Managing Director, Sovereign International Sovereign Pension Services

Neil Howe,
Best-selling Author of "The Fourth Turning" and Founder of LifeCourse Associates

And, of course, the Casey Research team, including legendary contrarian investor Doug Casey, Casey economists Bud Conrad and Terry Coxon, Chief Metals Strategist Louis James, Casey’s Gold & Resource Report Editor Jeff Clark, and Chief Energy Strategist Marin Katusa.

The summit is over... but you can still hear it all

Though Casey's Gold & Resource Summit has ended, you can still hear the entire summit from the comfort of your living room or office chair.

That includes every single speech... every panel discussion... every stock recommendation these seasoned investment pros have provided.

Here’s what John Hathaway recently said about one of his favorite stocks:

Pre-order now and save 25%

They are building a mine that is backed by resources of 12 million ounces. We've financed them at every step along the way, which is why our position has become large, in addition to the appreciation. This is what every little gold company should aspire to - they either aspire to a takeover or what these guys have done. They will be pouring gold within the year.”

And about another company he recommends:

Terrific management, who also own a lot of the stock in the company. The mines are mainly in West Africa, which is a very good place to be doing business if you are mining gold... This company has gone from a couple hundred thousand ounces when we first invested in it, and they're on track to be producing,I think it is 1.2 million in a couple more years. There is enormous value creation independent of the gold price from that whole process, if it is done correctly... It is a growth story.”

Rest assured, someone who successfully manages billion-dollar funds is not recommending precious metals companies on a whim.

You will get these and more stock picks from John Hathaway, Rick Rule, Jeff Clark, Louis James, and many other speakers – plus practical advice on how to prepare for the economic storm to come – with over 17 hours of audio on this exclusive CD set.

Make no mistake: this is crucial information for every investor who wants to make it through the current crisis unscathed.

Contained in these CDs is the collective wisdom of the best and brightest in the industry, about the future – and how to invest in it. It’s a golden opportunity to ready yourself, your family, and your portfolio for what’s ahead.

And you can listen to it in your own time... over and over again.

We urge you not to miss this opportunity.

Order your set of Casey’s Gold & Resource Summit CDs now for only $395. That's a great deal by any standard, considering just one successful trade on any of our experts' stock picks will pay for these CDs many times over.

Take advantage of this opportunity to prepare for the future. Understand what will be driving the economy, the stock and precious metals markets, how to protect your assets, and how to profit in these challenging times.

Good investing,

Your Casey Research Team

P.S. We cannot emphasize enough how vital it is for every smart investor to move into gold – the physical metal for protection, and sound gold investments for substantial profits. This priceless audio CD set will be your best companion in this quest. To see the full agenda with all the topics that will be covered, click here.

The times are over when investors could rely on their luck and the overall upswing of the stock market. Don’t wait to take matters into your own hands and listen to these world-renowned experts. You’ll be glad you did.

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