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Jeff Clark - Editor
Casey Research's

Dear Investor,

She may not be thrilled about my going public with this, but here goes...

I started managing my mother's IRA account in 2006.
You know what she said on day #1?

"Jeff, I've worked too darn hard my entire life. I don't want to lose ONE penny of it."

She needn't have worried.

While the Dow Jones suffered a devastating -47% crash... (and still struggles to reclaim its 2006 levels)...

I boosted the value of my Mom's IRA by a whopping +90.4%.

Here's how...

I loaded up her portfolio with solid blue-chips boasting strong dividend payments. Then I sprinkled in a few small caps I know have great potential.

Sounds simple, but there's one other crucial detail you need to know...

Something that has given my Mom's net worth an ENORMOUS BOOST– and can easily do the same for you.

OK, I Admit... I Cheated (a Little)!

No, nothing dishonest. Let me explain.

As editor of Casey Research's BIG GOLD, I eat, sleep, and drink precious metals. (I'll tell you why in a minute...)

So naturally I jumped at the chance to include a few of my favorite gold and silver stocks in Mom's IRA.

Just look at how a few of these gems have performed through February 18, 2010:

Yamana (AUY) is up 55.7%
Silver Wheaton (SLW) is up 305.7%
US Global World Precious Metals Fund (UNWPX) is up 30.5%
Eldorado (EGO) is up 47%

And I'm not cherry picking – these are typical of the gains I've gotten.

Want proof? Look at these additional gains you could have pocketed if you had acted on my expert advice...

  • Silvercorp (SVM) up 136.8%
  • Randgold (GOLD) jumped 130.2%
  • SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) up 91.7%

But here's my point. My returns would have been substantially less if I hadn't done a little "cheating"...

You see, in EVERY case, I bought for WAY below the average price of these stocks between 2006 and 2009. And better yet, every purchase I made was 100% legal.

Think of it this way. It's as if I made my Mom a bonus ON TOP OF the huge gains I earned by choosing the right companies.

So What's My Secret? Well, There Are TWO...

First, I buy ONLY on significant price pullbacks – short-lived dips immediately before the stock price steadies and shoots up again.

Sounds simple, right?

Especially in a market as volatile as precious metals.

In the wrong hands, this "Buy Under" technique is like trying to catch a falling knife...

It's ONLY because the Casey team and I, together, have more than 25 years of hard-earned intelligence in the mining and exploration field that I can nail the right price and deliver major savings – almost every time.

Yes, it's true that mid- to large-cap mining stocks (the niche where I excel) are not as risky as the juniors. But you can still lose a pretty penny if you're not careful. There's no reason to stick your neck out and go it alone...

Heck, it ain't easy. Even I don't always nail the absolute low – but with the Casey team at my side, I'm usually tantalizingly close!

OK, I know what you're thinking...

If you join BIG GOLD, you'll have to roll up your sleeves and spend countless hours figuring out the intricacies of gold and silver.

That you'll need to...

master complex technical analysis? Nope.
hover over the stock price like a day trader? I'd rather you played 18 holes of golf instead.
monitor the 6 o'clock news for dire alerts on the economy? You're better off watching Wheel of Fortune!

Bottom line: Leave it to me. My team and I do all the hard work – so you don't have to – for only $79 a year!

I do ask one thing, though. Just ACT QUICKLY when we hit our "Buy Under" trigger price.

You see, precious metals have been on an exciting tear lately. But what goes up must come temporarily down. Every Casey Research analyst believes a pullback in the market is just around the corner. And that means opportunity is just about to knock, so if you're ready...

It's Time for Your "Booster Shot"

Look, what I do isn't magic. But backed by the Casey Research team, I've been able to establish an excellent track record for picking gold stocks.

Why? Because precious metals run in my blood.

I've panned for gold in the desert sands of Arizona and California where my family has several claims. I can tell you there's nothing like finding gold in the bottom of a pan or sluice box.
I got hooked early... and never looked back.

Today, I use my unique skills to uncover a different kind of treasure.

Yes, still gold and silver... but now I hone in on mid- and large-cap producers primed for explosive growth.

In fact, it's not unusual for shares of these companies to CLIMB 2 to 3, even 4 TIMES FASTER THAN THE PRICE OF GOLD ITSELF.

I call it the "Booster Shot" effect – and it's my 2nd secret for achieving Mom's remarkable gains. Take a look:

I`ll boost your gains by finding quality stocks at firesale prices.

Buying on dips is a tricky art that I've mastered over the years.

And when coupled with the Booster Shot effect, the rewards can be truly remarkable. You see, the gold market has ALWAYS rewarded the best-run, most promising companies with an extraordinary "dividend"...

A boost in share price that far exceeds the run-up in the yellow metal itself.

I've witnessed this "Booster Shot" effect time and time again with the mining companies I follow.

Here's a prime example. Let's compare the performance of Randgold Resources, which I recommended to BIG GOLD readers in December 2007, to physical gold. At the time gold was $839.60 per ounce.

Randgold vs Gold Date Price Current Price* % Gain Leverage to Gold
Randgold 12/07 $35.65 $105.12 129.64% 2 to 1
Gold 12/07 $839.60 $1,389.10 65.4% 1 to 1

* As of February 18, 2011

See what I mean? While gold shot up 65% in less than three years, Randgold provided double that return.

I can't emphasize enough what this could mean to your net worth. While CNBC and The Wall Street Journal continue to trumpet the rise of gold, we are quietly enjoying double, triple, even QUADRUPLE those returns.

Here's more evidence. For each of these gold mining stocks in the BIG GOLD portfolio, the right buy-under price would further boost gains using this same, regularly occurring phenomenon:

Stock 2001 Low Current Price* % Gain Leverage to Gold
Royal Gold $2.69 $49.15 1,727% 4.1 to 1
Kinross $1.53 $16.47 976% 2.3 to 1
Agnico-Eagle $7.55 $71.14 842% 2 to 1
Minefinders $0.78 $10.47 1,242% 3 to 1
Randgold $4.60 $81.86 1,680% 4 to 1

* As of February 18, 2011

That's music to any smart investor's ear. Combine my method for "legal cheating" AND boosting gains and you've got a real winner.

$1,700 Gold on the Horizon:
Our BIGGEST "Cheating" Opportunity Yet!

Gold has recently surpassed the $1,400 mark. Up from $1,000 just one year ago.
Don't be surprised if very soon, you see that gold has reached $1,700.

Why am I so confident?

Although it's impossible to pick the exact date for gold's next big jump, I just finished a study on gold price surges since 2001 and you'll be surprised to discover...

Gold is already at an all-time high. the next surge will push it past the $1500 barrier

We've witnessed at least one price surge per year – and the average jump was a remarkable 23.5%. At today's price, that would push gold well over the $1,700 mark.

Regardless of what gold does over the next few months, these 20%+ surges will continue – punctuated by the occasional 30% pop.

Recently Goldman Sachs predicted gold will climb to $1,690 in 2011, hitting $1,750 shortly thereafter – and these guys are famous for making conservative projections.

But remember... gold's rise to $1,700 may give you only a modest 20% gain.

The REAL money will be made as we buy the BEST gold and precious metal stocks at ROCK BOTTOM prices. All we'll do then is hang on tight as the Booster Shot effect propels the share prices to record levels.

Gold Is in a Long-Term Bull Market... Telltale Signs Are Everywhere

I know of a popular gold and silver dealer in Colorado. The owner is tempted to put a sign in his window saying, "All we do is buy, we do NOT sell."

Why? His experience is that one person will come in and COMPLETELY clean him out.
And it's happening more and more.

You might find this surprising since fewer than 5% of Americans have ever held a gold coin.
But things are starting to change.

A whole new generation of newbies is lining up to cash in on the coming gold bonanza...

Next stop for the American Buffalo- $1500 after Christmas

Soon the butcher, the janitor, the school principal... everyone will be talking about how to cash in on gold and gold stocks.

But they're in for a nasty surprise...

As with every bull market (tech, real estate, or gold), the big money is already made by the time the masses finally catch on. When they go to buy, they won't be able to touch it. The price will have gone sky high and the smart money (like you) will be smiling all the way to the bank!

By subscribing to BIG GOLD today, you get an early look at my favorite gold and silver stocks. Plus I'll let you in on special dealer discounts for buying the precious metals themselves!

And most importantly, I'll help you do some "legal cheating" along the way. We'll ONLY buy stocks on dips so you lock in a LOW price every single time.

Yes, I`m in!

People Are Running Scared – a Classic "BUY" Signal

My friend, this is EXACTLY the moment gold prospectors like me wait for.

The turmoil we face geopolitically, economically, fiscally... all are catalysts for extreme gold hoarding.

Emergency bailouts, massive deficits, looming inflation...

But Obama's disastrous monetary policy spells BIG opportunity for us.

Mark my words. The U.S. dollar is set to fall... and fall... and fall some more! (It's already happening – have you seen the business pages over the past few weeks?)

As the greenback tumbles, gold will move in exactly the opposite direction.

Owning gols is your best bet for countering the U.S. dollar's loss in value

There are precedents for what will happen next...

Remember 2008, when gold dropped from $1,000 to $700? Worldwide supply all but vanished.

The U.S. Mint shut down within weeks.

And the venerable Rand Mint? For the first time ever, its stockpile disappeared when a wealthy Swiss businessman flew in with his own 747 and bought it all up.

In the midst of it all, millions of savvy investors seized the opportunity to become first-time gold prospectors... they're sitting pretty now.

Yes, I know that we're facing a very different situation today. Gold prices are RISING rather than falling. But the result is still the same...

"As commodity prices rise, Americans will slowly 'get it.' Even the media will get it, and the secret of the decline in our purchasing power will be out... 'Gold fever' will break out, and we'll know that the Fed's immoral and evil game has ended."

– Richard Russell, September 20, 2010

Those who invest wisely in precious metals today will guarantee themselves a more comfortable retirement tomorrow.

And those who enter the game too late? They will be at the mercy of the mints and unscrupulous stock brokers.

As supply evaporates, so will your chance to profit.

So I strongly urge you to join BIG GOLD today for only $79 (a low price for all you get in return – and fully refundable if you're not 100% satisfied).

Gold Supply Is Diminishing Fast – You Must Act Quickly to Lock in LOW Prices

I've spotted a major trend reversal.

Until 2009, central banks around the world were flooding the market with gold supplies in vast quantities.

No more. This reliable source is drying up... FAST!

In the first quarter of 2010, European central banks sold a measly 1.8 tonnes (63,493 ounces).

During this same period, the Central Bank of Russia BOUGHT 26.6 tonnes of gold.

It's one example of how worldwide demand is outstripping supply. Big time.

And when gold and silver prices increase, so do share prices of top-quality mining and exploration companies... the kind that I recommend to my readers.

Gold Is Going Mainstream –
It's No Longer "Fringe Thinking"

Let's face it. Most U.S. investors never dreamed they'd need to own gold. But that day is finally here.

With demand accelerating, is there enough to go around?


Say only 1 in 20 Americans were to put 5% of their savings into gold. There would be nothing left tomorrow morning! Supply is that small compared to the money chasing it.

High inflation spurred gold ownership in 1980, we're heading in that same direction again.

Today, right NOW, is the perfect time to buy physical gold and Grade A gold stocks.
Your standard of living depends on it.

There are lots of ways to do it, but don't worry. I won't throw you into the deep end. For $79, you'll effectively hire me and the Casey team as your personal gold & silver consultants – to stand by your side for 12 full months.

the 3Best Ways to Invest in Gold

In, BIG GOLD, I tell you exactly which stocks, coins, ETFs, and other investments to focus on in today's gold and silver markets.

And when you join today, you'll also get my FREE handbook called The 3 Best Ways to Invest in Gold.

Why gold is the best inflation hedge out there!

How I save 50+% on premiums for gold spot prices

My top 5 places for buying physical gold

My vote for the best combined silver & gold fund

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"Kudos to Jeff Clark for an excellent newsletter that focuses so solidly on the psyche of precious metal investors."
– Bob

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    Welcome aboard,

    Jeff Clark
    Editor, BIG GOLD

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