Never Let a Good Crisis
Go to Waste

When politicians say this, it means higher taxes and more regulation.

When Doug Casey says it, it means opportunity knocks.
  • Spot emerging mega-trends in the economy and markets
  • Understand what they mean for you and your wealth, and
  • Jump on opportunities to profit before the market moves
It was October 2006, one year before the subprime mortgage crisis hit the nation (and most of the world). TV’s financial pundits were still giddy with excitement over the seemingly never-ending increase in home values, and most Americans thought the good times were here to stay.

In the same month, Doug Casey wrote:

I believe it’s going to get much worse. As people who bought houses with floating-rate mortgages and little money down slip into default, millions of dwellings will hit a no-bid market. And when hundreds of billions in loans go bad, the institutions holding them and the whole American financial structure will be threatened with a deflationary collapse. Millions of people could lose their jobs in an economy that just doesn’t need that many mortgage brokers, real estate speculators, and McMansion builders – or waiters at restaurants those brokers, speculators, and builders can no longer afford. The Fed will try to prevent this by creating more dollars. But then foreigners – and smart Americans – will treat the currency units like hot potatoes.

Pretty darn insightful. But despite all appearances to the contrary, Doug’s insights do not depend on prophetic powers. What Doug does is the real deal – a combination of good old-fashioned hard work, a profound knowledge of history and economic principles, and an unfailing instinct for lucrative investments.

Once you understand the big picture, the trends Doug continues to spot will seem so obvious to you that you’ll wonder how anyone could NOT see the writing on the wall.

But make no mistake: even highly acclaimed economists and financial pundits, let alone the investing masses, often have no clue what’s really going on.

Here are a few more examples where Doug succeeded by going against mainstream consensus:
  • On March 22, 2006, when the gold price was hovering around $550, Doug went on the record saying he was convinced gold were “on the verge of its next big move up, a move I believe will surprise everyone.”

    Two weeks later, gold had climbed up to $640.60 – and closed out the year at an average price of $629.79.

    Ever since, we have never seen gold below $600 again.
  • In August 2004, Doug published an all-uranium edition of his flagship newsletter. At that time, “the other yellow metal” was selling for $18 a pound. A few months later, it was on its trajectory to the moon – eventually topping out at $136/lb in 2007. One of Doug’s recommendations, Paladin Resources, a uranium junior, went from A$0.08 at recommendation to A$4.86… an unbelievable 5,975% gain.
  • Just three months later, Doug predicted that the U.S. dollar, which had been in a continuous slump since summer, would see a comeback very soon. At the time, the dollar was valued 0.74 against the euro. Only one week later, it roared back to life – taking most mainstream investors by surprise.
These mega-picks have continued into the present. But Doug is no longer the lone caller in the desert that he used to be. After more than 20 years of flying solo, he gathered America’s best and brightest around him – a group consisting of three top experts in their own right.

Let’s look at the team that has provided outstanding gains for thousands of investors…

The Trend Hunters

This group of brilliant minds is another testament to Doug’s ability of “sniffing out” the best of the best. Together they form the editorial team of Casey Research’s monthly trend advisory, The Casey Report.

Bud Conrad - The Casey Report Bud Conrad
Senior Market Strategist
Bud is the data-crunching genius and analytical brain of the Casey Report team. Convinced that a chart says more than a thousand words, he spends late nights exposing the man behind the curtain the government doesn’t want us to pay attention to. Educated at two Ivy League colleges – Yale and Harvard – Bud has been a futures investor for nearly three decades and a full-time investor for more than one. If you’re lucky, you may run into him at Golden Gate University, where he teaches graduate courses in investing.

Terry Coxon - The Casey ReportTerry Coxon
Economist, Editor
Terry Coxon is the man with the big-picture plan. Well versed in the ins and outs of economic theory, he knows that Situation A combined with Catalyst B will inevitably result in Consequence C. Terry is the author of two books, one of which – Inflation-Proofing Your Investments – he co-authored with the late Harry Browne, a legendary free-market libertarian writer and twice-presidential candidate. For more than two decades, he served as the president of the Permanent Portfolio Fund he founded, a mutual fund that invests in precious metals as well as stocks and bonds.

David Galland - The Casey ReportDavid Galland
Managing Editor
Aside from being one of Doug Casey’s closest confidants, David Galland is the managing director of Casey Research and the managing editor of The Casey Report, providing razor-sharp insight into the economy and markets with a libertarian slant. He has extensive experience in the financial world – from years of running the famous New Orleans Investment Conference, to co-founding EverBank, one of the greatest and most solid successes in online financial services. Being exceptionally gifted in getting startups off the ground, he was also a founding partner and director of the Blanchard Group of Mutual Funds.

Doug Casey - The Casey ReportDoug Casey
Guru in Residence
If you have seen or listened to Doug live, you know why there’s standing room only when he speaks at investment conferences all over North America. Not only has he become a living legend for his keen observations of the markets and his instinct for emerging trends, he is also famous – or should we say, infamous – for speaking his mind with few if any thoughts wasted on political correctness.

Doug literally wrote the book on profiting from periods of economic turmoil: “Crisis Investing” spent multiple weeks as #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and became the best-selling financial book of 1980 with 438,640 copies sold. As such, it surpassed even big-caliber names like “Free to Choose” by Milton Friedman, “The Real War” by Richard Nixon, and “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan.

A true cosmopolitan, Doug has pitched tents in various places around the world – from Aspen, Colorado, to Salta, Argentina, to Auckland, New Zealand – and is a great proponent of diversifying one’s assets internationally.

Together, this team of financial heavyweights has been vastly successful in finding emerging, big-picture trends in the economy and markets, as well as unique opportunities to profit from them. And with their help, you can learn to do the same...

Making Fortunes in Times of Crisis

What Other
Investment Pros
Say About Doug

“He has an instinct about investments that has made him and many of those around him very rich. If you ever get a chance to tap into that instinct, you should take it without hesitation.”
Bill Bonner, The Daily Reckoning

“Doug . . . is the most instinctive contrarian I have ever met and that, in my opinion, is the key to his remarkable success as a speculator.”
Rick Rule, Global Resource Investments

Doug likes to point out that any crisis holds danger as well as opportunity. One can kill you, the other can make you rich.

The general consensus is that in severe economic downturns like the one we’re currently in, investors lose their shirts. But what few realize is that the very same crises – recessions, depressions – are also those periods in history when the foundations for great fortunes are laid.

In the heyday of 2007, when home prices peaked and people equaled out-of-control consumer spending with a healthy economy, Doug and his team already saw financial disaster on the horizon.

Of course, back then barely anyone was listening, and mainstream investors laughingly called them gloom- and doomsayers.

But some investors were having the last laugh: those subscribers of The Casey Report who followed the editors’ recommendation to short bond insurer MBIA, one of the companies standing squarely in the way of the banking avalanche that was about to thunder downhill.

Doug’s team advised to short MBIA when the stock traded at $61.92. By January 2008, only four months later, the share price had collapsed to $8.55.

On July 1, 2008, MBIA traded at $4.18… a 93.3% gain for Casey Report subscribers within 10 months.

Shorting the Credit Crisis MBIA Inc.

In November 2008, the Casey Report editors told subscribers to buy the Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX), then trading at $21.01. At the beginning of October 2009, GDX stood at $47.76 – for a 127.3% return in less than a year.

After a long and very eye-opening Casey Report interview with real estate entrepreneur Andy Miller, Doug and his team recommended shorting real estate investment trust Emcor (EME), closing the position with a quick two-month gain of 87% for subscribers.

“I don't believe that I have ever come into contact with an individual or an organization quite as thorough, knowledgeable, committed, down-to-earth and downright prescient re: any investment sector, as Doug Casey and his senior executives…”
Thomas M., Casey subscriber

Another short, Corus Bank (CORS), a bank with heavy exposure to the condominium market, provided a similar fast-blast gain of 90% within two months.

If you’re wondering whether it’s too late to invest in or short the stocks mentioned – yes, that particular train has left the station. But the market is an organic being, moving and changing all the time… and every month, The Casey Report presents new opportunities to profit.

Recently, for example, the editors have shifted more of their attention to political events in the U.S. and abroad. That’s because governments everywhere have, in the wake of the subprime debacle, begun to take a much more active role in the economy (some would call it market manipulation).

Today’s new regulation can determine tomorrow’s “ten-bagger” – a stock winner multiplying its share price by ten – as well as tomorrow’s mega-loser going from 60 to zero within seconds. In both cases, you get handsome returns if you play it right.

And playing it right has never been easier than today.

Make the Trend Your Friend…
with The Casey Report

The Casey Report has been created specifically for investors looking to take advantage of the markets’ most powerful trends – seeking out opportunities that can double or triple their initial investment in a 12- to 24-month time frame. You’ve seen a few of the results in the examples above.

But that’s not all. Unlike other newsletters that give recommendations without elaborating on the whys and hows, The Casey Report strives to give you a better understanding of the complex machinations of the markets and the overall economy.

An education that will not only invigorate your cocktail parties but also turn you into a proficient investor who is miles ahead of the crowd.

As an additional benefit, The Casey Report’s features include not only in-depth analysis from our own investment pros but also from our network of experts, some of whom enjoy downright celebrity status:
  • In January 2009, presidential candidate Ron Paul asked “What’s Next?” sharing his thoughts on where the United States is headed and what needs to be done to heal the economy.
  • One month later, Bud Conrad and David Galland dissected the Anatomy of Japan’s Lost Decade, taking a close look at the Japanese experience for lessons that might help predict what lies ahead for the United States.
  • In March, Doug Casey mused in Street Fighting Man about social instability during the current crisis, followed by his May article End of the Nation-State, a development he very much looks forward to.
  • In June, Neil Howe, bestselling author and renowned authority on generations, described what it will be like going Into the Fourth Turning and why history keeps repeating itself.
  • In the next issue, the head of strategic planning of one of America’s Ivy League business schools recommended to Bet on Stuff, making his argument for another mega-boom in commodities.
  • In August, independent real estate specialist Andy Miller gave us a Real Estate Reality Check, explaining why commercial real estate is the next domino to fall and why it will make the subprime crash look like a drop in the bucket.
  • And in September, the “Mariner” talked under condition of anonymity about Inside Shipping as an indicator that speaks volumes about the state of the economy.
Tons of valuable information just in the course of a few months… information that could have helped you catch the big trends-in-the-making.

Don’t worry, though -- it’s not too late.

If you become a subscriber to The Casey Report today, you will get immediate access to the current issue, as well as all archived issues, of our newsletter.

It’s a virtual treasure trove of information – an online course, if you will, in big-picture economics and the dire consequences of government meddling, money printing, and sky-high debt. Consequences that nevertheless, if you understand them, can help you make money instead of losing it.

But we only want you to make a commitment if you are 100% in love with our publication.

The Casey Report - 90 days money back guaranteeTherefore, you have our iron-clad guarantee that you will get a full refund of your money if you cancel your subscription within 90 days. No questions asked.

That gives you 90 days to... the current edition of The Casey Report
...browse all archived issues and read the above-
mentioned articles
...access subscribers-only special reports the Casey Research Knowledge Base, a
helpful Q&A about investing
...and follow our current investment

That’s 3 full months to take advantage of all our actionable intelligence – with no obligation to stick around.

We are convinced that you’ll simply love The Casey Report. But if you don’t, no hard feelings, because we want happy subscribers.

The full retail price of The Casey Report is $349 for one year’s service.

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But you won’t even have to pay that much.

Come on board now and enjoy everything The Casey Report has to offer you and your portfolio… for only $279 per year. That’s a 20% savings over the retail price.

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We hope you will get as much out of The Casey Report as thousands of other investors already have.

“The Casey newsletters are hands-down the most valuable of many newsletters I've subscribed to since becoming aware of the precarious state of the US economy and dollar about 2 years ago. The stock picks are invaluable… and provide an invaluable insight that cuts through the noise of so much other information that I sift through on a daily basis. Great job and much appreciated.”
-Russell W., Casey subscriber

“I would like to thank the whole Casey Research Team for the great product that they produce. I first heard Doug Casey speak a few years back at a financial planning seminar in Tampa. I have to say it was a life-altering event, not only from the fact of the money I have made on Doug's recommendations, but from the way I view the world today. Thanks for all you do for your clients.”
-Mike H., Casey subscriber

Today’s financial crises are planting the seeds for tomorrow’s opportunity… but only if you know where to look, and what to look for. A little foresight can go a long way.

So instead of trying to navigate the stormy waters of the markets yourself and hope you don’t get washed overboard, join the savvy investors who are profiting from the expert guidance in The Casey Report.

There has never been a more critical time… or a better price.

This newsletter could become your most valuable tool for profiting in today’s – and tomorrow’s – markets.

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