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Warren Buffett, Morgan Stanley, and Chevron are already in on the ground floor of this little-known energy sector – and poised to make a killing. You can join them through a bold new energy company that – for the moment – is selling at IPO prices.

Details – including the company ticker symbol – are revealed below...

When this private little power producer from Vancouver announced it was going public last year, analysts estimated it would bring in $42 million.

They were off... way off.

It more than doubled that figure, raking in over $87 million.

Investors practically fell over themselves to get their hands on shares.

Fast forward to summer 2010. Shaky world economies and skittish investors have dragged down stocks in every sector. As a result, this company is an amazing bargain – you can now get it for less than the IPO offering.

But not for long because the niche it operates in is about to erupt. Warren Buffett, Chevron, and Morgan Stanley know this... that’s why they’ve invested so heavily in it.

It’s a virtual certainty industry insiders and other big-time investors will follow suit. And when they do, they’ll be looking long and hard at the company I’m talking about.

They’ve certainly noticed its most recent deal – the acquisition of 98.53% of a firm that produces 9% of Iceland’s electricity.

We’re convinced this is just the beginning and that the company represents...

Your best bet for cashing in with Buffett on energy

Geothermal is boiling hot these days. Wind and solar might even want to watch out.

– Wall Street Journal

The source of energy this company mines can lead the world out of foreign oil dependence for electricity production.
It’s completely renewable and creates no pollution. It’s not dependent on the sun shining (like solar) or the wind blowing (like wind power).

This source is geothermal power.

One reason geothermal has caught the attention of Buffett and the smart money is because it stacks up very well against other renewable energies.

Take a look at the table below to see what I mean:

Power Generation Source Typical Power Generation Costs
Per Kilowatt Hour (in U.S. Cents) 
Large Hydroelectric 3 to 4
Small Hydroelectric 4 to 7
Onshore Wind 5 to 8
Biomass Power 8 to 12
Geothermal Power 4 to 7
Rooftop Solar PV 20 to 80
Concentrated Solar Thermal Power 12 to 18

These lower power generation costs, coupled with rising oil prices, are making geothermal energy an increasingly important source of worldwide electricity production.

The number of U.S. geothermal projects under development grew 26 percent last year... The 188 projects in 15 states could produce as much as 7,875 megawatts, the Geothermal Energy Association report notes."

– New York Times

The United States is the world leader in this industry and has enough proven reserves to power every home in the country – forever. And with the government making over $80 billion available to alternative energy companies, rapid growth of the geothermal industry is all but assured.

Geothermal breaks from the fringe and goes mainstream

Geothermal power used to be a marginal business. No more.

Fact is, the smart money knows geothermal power will supply more and more of the world’s electricity – and they intend to reap massive profits from it. Which leads me to the company that can help you cash in with them...