4% of the people generate 64% of the wins.
You want to follow that 4%.
”- Doug Casey

Who Are These 4%,
And How Can They Lead You to
the Biggest Investment Wins?

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Natural resource exploration is one of the few sectors where clever companies can create amazing wealth – but only the best players succeed.

In these pages, I’ll tell you how to profit from these brilliant money-makers – and get three free stock picks that could bring you gains up to 1,000% and more

Dear Fellow Investor,

I don’t think I could overstate the importance of the “People Factor” in finding resource exploration stocks with the potential to generate exceptional returns.

The right people...

If you give me five minutes of your time, I’ll tell you all about three of the best resource exploration companies money can buy today – stocks that my colleagues and I have taken months to evaluate.

But first, let’s talk about why the “People factor” is so important to investors like you and me.

Better People = Higher Profits

Many of those people – like resource legends Ross Beaty, Lukas Lundin, Robert Friedland, and others – are veterans with decades of exploration experience.

And for decades, their often near-miraculous successes have made gains between 100% and 1,000% (sometimes even more) for our subscribers.

Take Ross Beaty, for example. His remarkable consistency at making investors wealthy has earned him the moniker “the broken slot machine.”

One of his greatest accomplishments was the meteoric rise of Lumina Copper (V.LCC), which handed investors returns of 2,642% in less than four years.

Or look at Lukas Lundin, who took over the reins of the mining empire his late father Adolf left him. Buying into Lundin’s uranium company Denison Mines (T.DML) in October 2002 would have given you an astounding 2,508% profit in under five years.

And those who got positioned in Robert Dickinson and Ron Thiessen’s Northern Dynasty Minerals (T.NDM) in November 2002 ended up less than five years later with gains of 3,336%.

Of course not every deal these resource giants make pans out to produce returns in the four-digit percent range.

But the odds that one will are hugely increased when you follow what we here at Casey Research call “serially successful mine finders.”

We honor their success and follow their careers in the Casey Explorers’ League – which is regularly added to and updated in the Casey International Speculator.

Only those resource experts qualify for induction who have discovered three or more profitable mines – quite a feat when you consider that most mining pros don’t even have one discovery to their name.

However, while we still follow – and make money with – those “masters of exploration,” we also keep an eye on the future.

The Casey NexTen are the up-and-coming resource titans in the precious metals and energy fields. All of them already have impressive achievements under their belts, but in keeping with the people factor, we expect to see a lot more from them.

Don’t “Follow the Money”
Follow the Money-Makers

Many investors virtually salivate when they hear about the self-made fortunes of a Doug Casey or a Rick Rule (the latter being one of the most knowledgeable resource brokers on the planet).

Nevertheless, few investors are willing to do what these men did to create their wealth. Namely, conducting vast amounts of research to find undervalued exploration companies with exceptionally smart management teams... and buying into them at a time barely anyone pays attention.

Doug started following the activities of Explorers’ League honorees Ross Beaty, Robert Friedland, and others when they were still nobodies, because banking on people who’ve shown a lot of promise but are still largely flying under the radar of mainstream analysts is how the real money is made.

That’s why our small-cap resource advisories – Casey International Speculator and Casey Energy Report – focus on the NexTen as the ascending industry leaders. And of course, we’re still profiting from the proven instincts of the natural resource “veterans.”

In a moment, I’ll introduce to you one of the best-run gold exploration companies we’ve come across, headed by a brilliant father-and-son team.

Before we get to that, though, let me tell you...

How We Find the 4% Who Matter

I’m Marin Katusa, chief investment strategist of the Casey energy team. Together with my counterpart in metals and mining, Louis James, I worked more than five years on building the network of experts we call the Casey NexTen.

It all started, of course, with Doug Casey. Decades ago, Doug realized that 4% of the people in any given industry create 64% of the profit. He developed the 8 Ps of Resource Stock Evaluation (with People being the most important P) to separate the wheat from the chaff and discover the top wealth-generating 4%.

That’s how he found the people whose names are now immortalized in the annals of resource exploration... and who helped make him a multimillionaire.

Using Doug’s method, Louis and I have forged our own list with the same goal in mind: to help subscribers get positioned for a continuous stream of profits as the NexTen reach the pinnacle of their careers... careers we’re about to see fast-tracked.

You see, the resource sector has always thrived on economic crisis. Throughout history, gold and silver have been viewed as safe havens in times of turmoil – providing windfall profits for explorers, miners, and investors alike. And we’ve all seen how oil prices react to social and political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa.

Throw in some potential, high-impact events, such as new bank failures, a Eurozone collapse, more Arab Spring-type uprisings to spook Wall Street, or a further downgrade of US debt, and it is clear that we are sitting on a powder keg that could explode any moment.

In our view, there is no solution – at least not one most governments would consider – for the quagmire the world’s economies currently find themselves in. So we’re convinced that the precious metals bull market still has a long way to go and that energy is on its way to becoming a commodity to die (or kill) for.

Well-run resource companies with sizable deposits will be the stars of the next decade... and we’ll be right there to catch the money flowing out of their cornucopias.

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