An Investor Update from Olivier Garret, CEO, Casey Research

Casey Research tech investing expert and admitted "Biotech Skeptic" identifies...

3 Biotech Stocks
to Own in 2011

The "Biotech Skeptic" hates 99% of the companies in this high-risk, high-reward sector... And of the 1% he does like, he'd only select a handful as worthy of investment...

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Three biotech firms made the cut and may well be among the best places for you to invest in 2011 - allowing you to collect up to fourfold gains...

Right now he wants to reveal his first recommendation to you for FREE to prove the power of these picks...

Details – including the company ticker symbol – are revealed below...

Dear Friend and Fellow Investor,

When I call my friend and colleague a "Biotech Skeptic," it's important to understand...

My colleague's stance as a "Biotech Skeptic" helps him ignore the 99% of companies that represent dangerous places for your investment dollars... And zero in on the best opportunities to collect high rewards while minimizing the risk biotech investors often face. His results – shared in this investor update below – speak for themselves as to the validity of these methods.

In fact, he's a lot like me (and most independent-minded investors I know) in thinking...

Biotech Is Dangerously Alluring

Biotech – the part of the medical industry specializing in using genetic science and other new biology-based technologies to diagnose and cure disease – can be both the most exciting and scariest industry to invest in...

Yes, fortunes can be made:

Yet for every winner, there are dozens of disappointments:

$346,000 on every $5,000 investment is alluring... $2.19 on that same $5,000? No, thanks.

So when someone is trumpeting "The Next Hot Biotech Breakthrough Super-Stock for the New Millennium and Beyond," my eyes roll. I've heard it all before... Phase I trials... Promising new cancer cure... IF the FDA moves forward, I'll make a fortune. Maybe. But I'll leave the "Big IFs" to someone else.

I'm Looking for Much More of a Sure Thing

I want better odds than trying to bet on the next big 100X biotech gainer. Even if it means letting the big "what-ifs" go in exchange for consistent REAL gains (and the occasional loss) like these from the "Biotech Skeptic"...

  1. 54% GAIN in 4 months
  2. 46% GAIN in 7 days
  3. 48% GAIN in 5 months, 3 days
  4. 27% LOSS in 3 months, 2 days
  5. 39% GAIN in 4 months, 26 days
  1. 50% GAIN in 3 months, 9 days
  2. 4% GAIN in 9 months, 22 days
  3. 48% GAIN in 8 months, 3 days
  4. 45% GAIN 4 months, 28 days
  5. 41% GAIN in 4 months, 19 days

The nine gains and one loss above are ALL actual 2010 closed positions from the "Biotech Skeptic" (I'll introduce you to him in a minute). And in case you don't have a calculator handy, this represents an average gain of 35% over an average holding period of just short of five months (with a 90% win ratio).

This translates to an average annualized gain above 84%. (Repeat these gains, and this turns every $5,000 into $9,200 in a year... $104,450 in 5 years... And over $2.2 million in just 10 years. Not too shabby.)

The open positions are beating the market, too.  Two of the "Biotech Skeptic's" stocks – an innovative cyber-security firm and a provider of medical devices – each produced gains of more than 50%. Then he recommended subscribers take a "Casey Free Ride" (that's when you take your original investment off the table and ride the additional gains risk-free).

Since then, both stocks surged another 50%. So now subscribers are sitting on gross gains of 100% for each (or about 75% of the free ride).

These are just two examples of recent winners – the "Biotech Skeptic's" current portfolio has a number of open positions targeting double- and triple-digit gains, many of which are just getting started.

Such is the case for the stock the "Biotech Skeptic" has asked me to tell you about below – your first must-own biotech stock for 2011. But first...

Who Am I and Why Should You Listen to Me?

My name is Olivier Garret.

I'm the CEO of Casey Research – you may have seen me featured as the voice of Casey Research on Fox Business News, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CNNMoney, or one of the many other newspapers, websites, and other publications that have published our investing and economic insight. Before I joined Casey, I was a principal in a mergers and acquisitions consulting firm, and had been CEO and general manager of businesses ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to divisions of a Fortune 500 company.

Casey Research is an investment research firm that is home to over a dozen analysts, economists, geologists, and investment experts. For over 25 years, we've helped investors in more than 150 countries build lasting wealth.

The "Biotech Skeptic" works with our entire team to watch every sector, looking for opportunities. We stay curious, yet focused on the facts of what's really going on – on the ground, in the industry, and in the entire market.

We focus on investment sectors with significant upside potential. We know the "safe" approach of investing in garden-variety mutual funds or low-yielding money market funds will never make you rich. We also know investing in sectors like biotech and others with significant upside can.

When I bring you news from the Casey Research team, you can be confident it's based on the same investment principles and thorough research we've been using for the last 25 years to help investors around the globe grow their wealth.

It's with that same confidence that I share with you the first pick of the "Biotech Skeptic."

Your First Must-Own Biotech Stock for 2011

When I asked my friend and colleague – the "Biotech Skeptic" – why he wants me to share his first biotech pick for 2011 with you, he said...