The Colder War Has Begun… and Russia Is Winning!

Eye-opening new book reveals that Vladimir Putin has launched an ingenious yet devastating plan to strip America of its superpower status. And he’s not using bombs or tanks to do it!

Instead, he’s grabbing control of the global energy trade—the largest source of demand for the dollar and the bedrock of American might and prosperity.

Should Putin win, he could nuke the US economy and cost the average American dearly.

That’s why I want to send you a FREE copy of this book to help you prepare for this epic struggle that will define this decade and the century to come.

The Colder War provides a reversing contrast from the hysterical "Putin is Stalin, Jr., restart the Cold War" message emanating from the neocon think tanks and the mainstream media. Marin Katusa shows the real threat to the American people... "

Ron Paul
Dr. Ron Paul former US Congressman, founder of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

Dear Reader,

Putin has transformed Russia from a sickly former Soviet state into an energy powerhouse to become:

  • The second-largest oil exporter in the world, on pace to pass Saudi Arabia very soon;
  • The largest uranium exporter in the world, powering 1 in 10 American homes;
  • The largest natural gas exporter in the world, doling out with an iron fist and willing to cut off supply and watch harsh winters kill thousands to get its way.

While America and the West weren’t watching all this develop, Marin Katusa had a front-row seat. He’s seen Putin’s mounting influence on the global energy trade firsthand.

And as you’ll discover in his new book, The Colder War, the US can no longer afford to ignore Putin.

Marin Katusa is raising some good questions about how the world's energy markets really work. He provides some good answers too. Many readers are not going to like them. Those are the people who most need to read this book."

William Bonner
William Bonner founder of Agora Inc., best-selling author of Empire of Debt and Financial Reckoning Day

Putin is on the march.

His advance has been swift and virtually unabated…

Putin has consolidated and nationalized the Russian energy industry to quickly ramp up exports. Natural gas, oil, and uranium production are controlled by the state. (And overseen by an ultra loyal group of Putin’s childhood chums.)

Europe has fallen right into his hands and is now reliant on Russian natural gas and oil—a third of its fuel needs come through Putin’s pipelines. He can bend the EU to his will simply by twisting the valve shut. No need for military intervention. Crimea and the eastern Ukraine (and the oil and gas reserves in the Black Sea) are his.

Putin’s next target? The US.

He cut a landmark deal to build pipelines and sell natural gas to China for the next 30 years. This fills Russia’s coffers, but more important, not a dime will transacted in US dollars. This is a direct threat to the current petrodollar system, where the majority of energy trade is priced in dollars and sold in dollars.

Along with China, Putin delivered another crushing blow to the US dollar with the New Development Bank that will make large strategic investments in developing nations in Africa, Latin America, and Asia through a non-dollar international payment clearing system.

Each month that passes, Putin forges new alliances and deals like these.

He’s using Russia’s vast energy and resource wealth as the ultimate economic weapon.

Before he makes another move, you’ll want to discover every detail of his plan and how it will directly affect you in The Colder War.

Once you get your hands on it, you won’t want to put it down.

I feel it’s so important you read it that I’m going to send you a hardback copy, absolutely free

Years before Putin annexed Crimea and invaded Ukraine, Marin was warning me and anyone else who would listen about a looming "colder war" - a battle between civilization and fascism. This coming conflict will be different than all other wars before it - a global battle of economies, currencies and energy resources. Right now only one nation knows it is at war - Russia. But soon, the rest of the world will begin to stir. And to fight back. Marin's new book - The Colder War - explain what is about to unfold. It is a must read for any student of global politics and for all investors."

Porter Stansberry
Porter Stansberry founder Stansberry Research

It starts with the incredible story of how Putin rose from poverty in the slums of St. Petersburg to the upper echelons of the Soviet elite to eventually ruling all of Russia and becoming one of the wealthiest men in the world.

His personal history provides deep insight into his present motivations and why he’s winning the Colder War.

You see, while Western journalists and pundits are quick to paint him as a bare-chested dictator, Russians see Putin as a strong, driven leader who’s restored their country’s pride, economy, and position after the humiliating collapse of the Soviet Union and corrupt years of the vodka-soaked Yeltsin era.

In Marin’s book, you’ll discover that Putin is:

  • A man of great intellect: Putin is just as calculating as he his physically strong. He’s a master strategist with the patience to see out geopolitical maneuvers that take decades to come to fruition. He doesn’t bluff, and nearly everyone in America gets his true objective wrong.
  • A determined foe: His family nearly starved to death during the Nazi siege of Leningrad; he saw the wall fall in East Germany and his nation disgraced when the USSR collapsed… Putin’s passion for protecting Russia and restoring its might runs deep. His will may be unmatched in a world leader.
  • A ruthless warrior: Putin annihilates those who get in his way. He leveled Chechnya, silenced dissenters, poisoned journalists, and jailed and bankrupted businessmen—the list goes on and on, and the message is clear: if you come after Putin, he’ll return force tenfold.

Once you read The Colder War, you’ll see why Putin is such a powerful adversary and why Russians love him for it.

He carries an 80-90% approval rating despite his heavy-handedness, sanctions against Russia, and the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 tragedy.

He’s united the country under a singular vision to achieve its true superpower destiny. And he’s brought millions of Russians into prosperity in the process.

(Contrasted with our leaders in the West, you might even catch yourself admiring the man, save for the fact it’s happening at our expense.)

And he’s doing it all by leveraging Russia’s vast resource wealth. This is where investors or anyone with substantial savings must take note.

Inside this book, you’ll quickly see how much control Putin wields over the global energy sector and how it was all done by design.

As Marin says, “Today, when you’re talking about energy… you’re talking about Putin. And vice versa.”

The Putinization of Energy

Russia is a major factor in keeping the planet running.

Each day, it exports almost 8 million barrels of crude. It accounts for 15% of the total oil moving in world markets.

That’s over $1 billion moving to Russia from the rest of the world every day. (Set to soon overtake Saudi Arabia as the world’s biggest exporter.)

In this book, the difficult realities of the Colder War and the serious quest for energy security are set forth in a well written and thoughtful manner. The global race for security provided by civil nuclear energy is happening now and the western world may be in the process of losing. Marin Katusa's detailed account of the geopolitical race to control resources is an insightful page turner."

Lady Barbara Judge
Lady Barbara Judge chairman emeritus, UK Atomic Energy Authority (one of the most powerful women in the United Kingdom)

And it has more than enough to keep pumping.

Russia has proven reserves of up to 77 billion barrels and possibly another untapped 123 billion barrels tucked away in the Arctic. It’s truly an oil giant.

And Russian oil is pouring into China and Europe

China gets nearly 10% of its oil from Russia, and it’s committed to buy even more with a $270-billion, 25-year oil deal including the construction of a 3,000-mile pipeline with multiple spurs that connect the rich oil fields of Eastern Siberia directly to China.

In Europe, the once-mighty North Sea reserves are being sucked dry. Norway’s share of the European oil market has dropped from 19% to 14%.

Now Finland and Hungary get almost all their oil from Russia; Poland more than 75%; Sweden, the Czech Republic, and Belgium about 50%; Germany and the Netherlands, upward of 40%.

On top of oil, Russia sits on 1,600 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, which is roughly one-quarter of the world’s known reserves.

That number doesn’t include stores of unconventional gas. All told, Russia may well control as much as one-third of the entire world’s supply of natural gas.

And it’s still not enough for Putin.

Quietly, Russia has been ramping up natural gas exploration and production in Nigeria, Egypt, Mozambique, and Algeria.

By 2015, Russia will control nearly half of Africa’s production. That will up his share of the European gas market to 40%!

And just as with oil, Putin is pushing into China with new pipelines and multidecade deals to sell them all the natural gas they want. (The details of which I briefly mentioned earlier.)

Putin’s tightening his grip on hydrocarbons… but he’s also made a big play for uranium.

Already, Russia has its hands on 47% of the world’s primary production of uranium, and through acquisition it’s picked up mines in Australia, Canada, Kazakhstan, South Africa, and Tanzania.

This is important because the world is consuming far more uranium than is mined out of the ground. We’ve been depleting stockpiles for years.

Here in the US for example, the estimated needs of nuclear power plants between now and 2021 come in at around 275 million pounds of uranium. Our entire inventory amounts to only 120 million pounds.

That’s an astounding shortfall!

What’s worse, annual supply from American mines is only 4 million pounds, or 9% of what’s needed to keep plants running in just a single year… let alone fill decades of demand.

To fill the gap, American utilities have been importing uranium hand over fist from Russia. (Imagine hearing something like that in the Reagan years!)

Today, Putin is responsible for powering 1 in 10 American homes!

It’s incredible. And much to the chagrin of Greenpeace, demand is only expected to increase in the years ahead.

No fewer than 71 new nuclear plants are under construction in more than a dozen countries, with another 163 planned and 329 proposed.

And Putin is holding all the cards.

Imagine what will happen to the price of uranium—and its availability—as supplies are squeezed in the coming years… It could go through the roof.

The Colder War provides a reversing contrast from the hysterical “Putin is Stalin, Jr., restart the Cold War” message emanating from the neocon think tanks and the mainstream media. Marin Katusa provides an objective examination of Putin’s history and goals, and shows the real threat to the American people is not Putin but the US Government’s hyper-interventionist foreign policy, our destructive monetary policies, and government policies that inhibit the development of America’s energy resources."

Ron Paul
Dr. Ron Paul former US Congressman, founder of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity

And in addition to supply, Russia is home to nearly half of the world’s enrichment capacity—which is key, because you can have all the uranium in the world, but it’s worthless if you can’t enrich it.

I hope that by now it’s easy to see how much Putin controls of the world’s most vital energy sources.

He’s turned Russia into the go-to source for countries desperate to secure long-term supplies of energy.

And I’m only scratching the surface here. When you read Marin’s book The Colder War, you’ll discover just how far ahead Putin is and how alarming it is that no one in the United States or Europe has even entered the race.

You’ll also see how Putin has consolidated control over Russia’s immense resources with just a handful of state-controlled companies, making him even more dangerous.

And remember, I’m going to send you a hardback copy of this page-turner for free.

I’ve had friends and colleagues tell me they’ve sat down and read it in the course of an evening. It’s that fascinating and easy to digest.

Once you read it, your view of the world—and the global markets—will change.

Most important, you’ll find out Putin’s true motivation for winning.

You might even want to call your broker the next morning when you discover what it is… because the US has never been more vulnerable and the stakes have never been higher.

Putin’s Endgame

What makes America a superpower today isn’t our squadrons of stealth bombers or fleets of aircraft carriers…

As you may already be aware… it’s how we funded the buildout of our massive military.

The dollar is the true source of American power. (And according to Putin, the number-one thing holding back the Russian economy.)

The Colder War - Vladimir Putin

Putin says the petrodollar
must die:

"The dollar monopoly in energy trade is damaging Russia's economy."

It’s been the universal safe haven—the world’s reserve currency—since World War II. But what gives it its real strength is the deal President Nixon struck in 1973 with Saudi Arabia and by extension OPEC to sell the bulk of the world’s oil in dollars only.

This agreement cemented the petrodollar system and gave America a tremendous advantage, one Russia has never had:

  • First, it allows America to import the world’s oil essentially for free, since we can create, from thin air, all the dollars needed to buy oil by printing more dollars at the US Mint.
  • The petrodollar system has also subsidized decades of America’s high standard of living and consumption. Everyone needs oil, so everyone needs dollars. And steady international demand for the dollar props up its buying power. A strong dollar allows American consumers and businesses to grab up imports on the cheap (unfortunately at the expense of domestic manufacturing).
  • And if you’re a country selling anything in the global export market, you gladly accept dollars as payment because you’ll eventually use it to buy oil.

So, as big exporters—including China, Japan, and Saudi Arabia—accumulate more and more dollars, demand for a safe storage place also increases. These countries park their dollars in US Treasuries and bonds, creating a deep lending pool for the federal government to borrow all the money it needs to fill deficits or spend on the military, entitlements, anything.

Of course, this system, rigged entirely in America’s favor, has been utterly abused.

There are few more important questions to the future of Western economies than the fate of the petrodollar and direction of the energy trade. Marin Katusa's book tells the story of raging battles in the least covered and misunderstood war of our time. A war that is already starting to redraw the world's map. Marin is an intense individual and has structured mining and energy deals the world over. This book offers a perspective from the trenches in the high stakes world of energy security."

Ian Telfer
Ian Telfer legendary resource investor, chairman of Goldcorp, director of Renaissance Oil Corp.

The government runs up colossal deficits (well over 100% GDP) with no plans to pay any of it back, because it can always print it back.

As you can see, the petrodollar and its monopoly in the energy trade is the key to US supremacy. And that’s exactly where Putin is striking hardest.

Putin is working to crush the petrodollar. And he’s bringing China to the fight.

Already, Russia has multidecade deals with China to sell it millions of barrels of oil and as much gas as it can burn in a direct yuan-to ruble-exchange, completely outside of the dollar.

Also, Russia and China, along with Brazil, India, and South Africa, set up an international bank and currency reserve to circumvent the dollar and dollar-backed institutions including the World Bank and IMF. This bank will be funding emerging economics in Latin America and Africa, all of which are new markets for Russia.

And these days, Saudi Arabia sells most of its oil to China, not the US. There’s absolutely no reason it has to sell it in dollars. (Same for Iran and Angola, China’s next two biggest suppliers of oil.)

Which is why you’ll find Putin there, quietly forging alliances and working to end the sale of oil in dollars.

Now this is just a mere glimpse of a handful of Putin’s latest moves. Inside The Colder War, you’ll see his full web of influence that stretches right into America’s back yard.

Already, dozens of countries have set up bilateral trade agreements that circumvent the US dollar; and dollars as a percent of foreign reserves have declined from 55% in 1999 to 32% today, and should reach 18% by 2019.

The writing is on the wall: the petrodollar is on life support, and Putin is going to pull the plug.

In Marin’s new book, you’ll see what a post-petrodollar America looks like… and it isn’t pretty.

Marin has written a fascinating page-turning history of energy and Russia with a dash of humor and style. I read it in one sitting and suggest you do the same. You will get a much different view than what you read in the mainstream media."

John Mauldin
John Mauldin chairman, Mauldin Economics

In fact, it’s downright terrifying for anyone who’s put together a decent amount of savings.

Marin outlines how you can protect yourself and all the scenarios for how the death of the petrodollar will play out and its aftershocks—including hyperinflation, government default, and a $600-trillion daisy chain of financial derivatives ready to implode.

(And you’ll of course discover how much of the world is dangerously dependent on Russian energy and natural resources and what it means for the future of the US and world economy.)

This is invaluable information for any investor, retiree, or anyone planning to retire in the near future.

Which is why I want you to have it for free.

How to get your copy of The Colder War, FREE!

Now, it’d be myopic to think that Putin could grab so much control and be so well positioned without a peep from the US…

He’s winning, and he could ultimately be victorious—there’s no denying that…

But America and its allies are starting to wake up and fight back.

The Colder War - author Marin KatusaMarin Katusa runs some of the top-performing funds in the energy and exploration resource sector. Over the past five years, Marin's outperformed his benchmark, the TSXV, by 600% after all costs and fees, making his investors and newsletter subscribers wealthy in the process. No stranger to field work, Marin has strapped on a flak jacket to explore energy projects in Russia, Iraq, Ukraine, Kuwait, Mongolia, Kosovo, and Albania (and many other remote locations that require the protection of heavily armed security forces).

The situation is fluid, and the Colder War is creating great shifts in capital.

Billions… even trillions… are flowing in and out of energy markets, massive new projects are being funded, drilling and exploration is ramping up, and huge, untapped reserves are being discovered… on both sides.

This is an unprecedented opportunity for astute investors. And that’s where Marin Katusa comes in.

Though his book has been well received and endorsed by the smartest minds in finance and the energy sector, Marin doesn’t happen to be an author by trade.

He’s an investor. Marin is one of the most successful fund managers in the energy and resource exploration sector.

Think of his book The Colder War as a crash course on how the global energy markets really work.

When you read it, your eyes will be opened to what’s happening on the ground.

You’ll discover how dangerous—and how brilliant—Putin is… including all the details of his master plan to grab control of the energy trade and crush the petrodollar, possibly erasing millions of Americans’ savings and livelihoods with it.

Once you get your copy, you’ll find yourself quickly turning page after page.

And though The Colder War retails for $29.95, as promised, I’m going to send you a hardback copy for free.

The reason is simple: we’re doing something no other publisher is doing.

You see, the situation is volatile, and I want to make sure you get ongoing analysis concerning the Colder War, so you always know exactly what’s happening.

That’s why when you claim your free copy of The Colder War right now…

I will also get a full year of our brand-new investment service, The Colder War Letter.

This groundbreaking newsletter covers the elite investors and companies smack dab in the middle of this conflict that are rising to meet the challenge to secure new sources of energy and earn massive profits along the way.

Opportunities abound:

  • Shale drilling ramps up in Germany to wean itself from Russian natural gas
  • Canada greenlights new pipelines to circumvent Keystone and feed US demand and start exporting to the world
  • Big Oil sends fleets of icebreakers and city-sized rigs into the Arctic to make a play for undersea reserves
  • China builds hydroelectric plants in Africa in exchange for mineral rights
  • Drill hole samples reveal that a new deposit in Arizona holds enough uranium to power the US for 25 years.

It’s all connected; and if you understand Putin’s role and where the money is going next, you can make a bundle.

With The Colder War Letter, you’ll get specific investment recommendations for positioning your portfolio to stay ahead of Putin and taking advantage of these extreme shifts in the energy sector.

Each issue provides thorough geopolitical updates and insights on Putin’s latest moves—including any looming threats and a full portfolio review.

It’s the perfect complement to The Colder War book and the best way I know to help you navigate and profit in the fast-changing new reality of the energy sector.

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Marin has tirelessly worked for the past two years researching The Colder War, and poured everything he has into the book.

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