“Shell” Shocked

Right now, a "Triple Threat" is about to tear the
financial heart out of America

But there's a way to turn catastrophe into profits...
for investors who see it coming

INSIDE:The Casey Research Energy Team introduces a bold new "Energy Dividend" so you can harness the coming energy crisis and multiply your money in only 18 months

Dear Investor,

If we could give you just one piece of advice, it’s this...

Don’t allow yourself to be lulled into a false sense of security.

Sure, prices at the pump have dipped a bit.

Back in January, we predicted oil prices would take a breather. We saw a mostly sideways trend for 2011... before an inevitable climb upward.

Make no mistake, $5 gasoline is coming – whether it's by year's end, as some experts predict, or next year. The time to prepare is now.

In fact, we could be paying $350 per barrel by 2013 – pushing gas to a whopping $10 a gallon.

Just imagine coughing up $225 to fill up your Ford Explorer.

Scary, I know. And to make matters worse...

In a shocking admission, the well-respected International Energy Agency (IEA) projected that conventional crude oil production will “never regain its all-time peak of 70 million barrels per day (mb/d) reached in 2006.”

In other words, according to the IEA, the world actually crossed over the point of "peak oil production" five years ago!

So the world's supply of conventional oil was on a downward slope – even before the ground-shaking events in the Middle East and Japan.

There’s just no going back to the days of cheap oil...

You've got China, India and Brazil ... using more and more energy as their economies advance: [says] President Obama.”

Business Week

In fact, a menacing “Triple Threat” has quietly gained momentum. And it’s kicking in – with devastating effects for the average American.

So, now that oil sits well above the $100-a-barrel mark – a level we expect to hold firm before its inevitable climb upward – you’d better prepare to feel the pinch in unexpected places.

After all, it’s not just our cars that suck up precious petroleum.

For example...

The ever-increasing cost of shipping food across the USA will inevitably drive up your grocery bill.

... Expect to pay more for your all-American bowl of Cheerios.

And that trip you’ve been planning?

Book it ASAP since airlines are adding surcharges fast and furiously (they’ve raised fares four times since the start of 2011, according to the New York Times).

Even your bottle of Coca-Cola isn’t immune to “oil price shock.” Check this out...

Terephthalic acid, a main ingredient in the production of plastic bottles, has jumped 60% in four months alone due to the oil price surge!

Let’s face it. America is addicted to cheap oil.

Every penny upward impacts your standard of living. What it costs to put clothes on your back, furnish your house – even produce scents that make you smell nice.

But our goal isn’t to depress you. Quite the opposite.

Today we’re introducing you to a limited-time opportunity to siphon your share of profits from oil’s massive surge.

As you’ll see, the next 12-18 months will separate the winners from the losers.

Here’s where it gets really interesting. You see, we’re equal opportunity investors.

We’ll put you on the coattails of companies poised to reach new highs when oil surges to $150 per barrel and beyond, while at the same time setting you up for a massive “energy dividend” as cleaner and cheaper power sources gain critical mass.

So how does this “energy dividend” work? Simple – by getting positioned in the right energy companies, you could reap major stock price gains as geothermal, solar, and wind energy continue their ascent.

Recently, The Street predicted clean energy is set to form a major portion of global energy supply in the future. And the United Nations Panel on Climate Change reports that renewable energies could meet 80% of the world’s energy needs by 2050.

Plus, don’t be surprised if natural gas helps fill the energy void... before nuclear makes an eventual comeback (which we feel is just a matter of time).

The bottom line is you’re covered either way. Big Oil + New Energy. You don’t have to put all your money in one pot...

While the rest of America pays through the nose, you could turn the “Triple Threat” on its head and enjoy massive rewards as a power titan shareholder.

Perhaps one of these:

Those who ACT NOW stand to reap substantial rewards.

And those who sit on the sidelines? Who wait for CNBC or the Wall Street Journal to tell them where to invest their hard-earned money?

We're sorry, but they'll have missed the boat... again!

Why investing in energy NOW is like
getting into gold 10 years ago...

Are you among the lucky investors who bought into gold ten years ago?

From a low of $255.95 in April 2001, the precious metal surged to $1,540 today.
A tidy 501% return for savvy investors who used gold to anchor their portfolio as the market lurched from one crisis to another...

Now, let us make this clear. We at Casey Research are still very bullish on gold. We believe it has a long way to climb. (After all, a weaker dollar nearly always goes hand in hand with higher oil, food, and gold prices.)

But here’s our point. You need not worry if you missed jumping into gold back in 2001.

Today, you get a second chance to realize mouthwatering returns.

Just like buying gold and leading large-cap gold stocks back in 2001, a new door has swung open.

In today’s uncertain world, we’re convinced of one thing:

You’ll soon look back and realize that today – right NOW – was the perfect time to get positioned in oil and “New Energy” stocks with explosive potential.


Because the long-term trend is undeniable... and perhaps unavoidable.

The “easy” oil that’s been keeping prices low for decades is disappearing fast.

What’s replacing it is a lot harder to find, harder to pump out, and harder to refine into the products that power our everyday lives.

Japan’s nuclear crisis and turmoil in the Middle East are only accelerating the inevitable.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS! Oil shocks will come and go. But America’s challenge to find a successor to Big Oil is, by far, the biggest investment story of the next ten years.

Those who get invested NOW stand the best chance of latching their portfolios to the next big “money machine”...

“Consider me a permanent member...”

“Keep up the great work and consider me to be a permanent member. In fifteen years around the investing communities, this is unique from a newsletter service. There is no way in my right mind that I would go elsewhere.”

- Gilles L.

The new "Energy Bull Market" –
getting positioned early means
getting started NOW

We truly believe energy is your gateway to immense profit potential – perhaps today’s best sector for runaway returns.

Who knows? We could even see blockbusters that rival how gold company stocks performed between 2001 and 2010.

For example, Royal Gold jumped 1,770% in that period... while Randgold rewarded investors with an incredible 2,185% rise.

Of course, we can’t promise those kinds of returns. But here’s our point: Back then, very few people expected those companies to reach those heights, either.

And today, it’s not just the big institutional players who could walk away happy. A select few stand to cash in. Yourself included – provided you get in early. That means today.

Please don’t be distracted by short-term dips and spikes like we’ve seen with crude oil the past few weeks...

All commodity markets can be volatile. (In fact, using dips to profit is a tactic we like to employ – often with terrific results.)

Here’s what to focus on. Already this year, the energy sector of the S&P 500 is up 14%.

But this only hints at a tremendous rise still to come – for our cherry-picked power titans.

As of this writing, we have five Active Buys in our power portfolio. And we are staying plugged in to developments across a range of industries from oil... to solar... to geothermal... to natural gas.

Now here’s the thing. The sector is SO big and SO diverse, it’s a risk for any one editor to attempt to stay on top of every money-making opportunity.

That's why we built an entire team dedicated to that single mission – day in and day out.

You’ll meet us, the Casey Research Energy Team, in just a minute...

Casey Energy Opportunities (or CEO for short) is our only service whose single and exclusive charge is to ferret out today's most exciting mid- to large-cap energy plays.
Companies firmly established in their niche, yet displaying telltale signs of massive profits (and low risk) dead ahead.

We stay clear of small, highly speculative, high-risk exploration companies and giant behemoths with little room for growth.

The middle ground is our “sweet spot” – and could be yours, too.

No, not just oil.

Our team spots pent-up opportunities that are ready to EXPLODE... wherever they may be!

Thanks to the “Triple Threat” hanging over America, a new profit opportunity is emerging in every corner of the energy sector – nearly every day of the week.

Right now, we’re waiting to pounce on a slew of new power plays:

When the precise moment arrives for each of these opportunities, we want YOU to be among the first to know!

So if you agree the time is right to place a bet on Big Oil and “New Energy”...

Don’t go it alone.

We’re giving you not just ONE energy adviser, not two, or even three. For a small $39 investment today – 50% off our regular retail price – you’ll get all FOUR of our experienced energy pros by your side – for the next 365 days!

Remember, this is your chance – perhaps your only chance – to climb aboard the first step of the energy ladder. Just before the big surge – when prices are at their lowest.

Your chance to stop saying, “I’ll buy low, and sell high,” – and actually do it!

So, are you an investor with a weakness for mid- to large-caps? Who believes, like us, that oil can only go up in the long term... and that New Energy is poised for extreme growth?

If so, give Casey Energy Opportunities a test drive today.

Meet the team that will guide you – every step of the way

I’ll bet you’d like to “meet” your new advisors before you join us for an exciting and profitable journey over the next 365 days.

Here are the experts who will take you by the hand and show you how to profit handsomely in the face of America’s new “Triple Threat.”

Marin Katusa (our chief energy strategist) heads up the Casey Research Energy Team. As a manager of private-equity investment funds and a regular deal financier for energy and resource companies, he's built an extensive network of industry contacts. And Marin has another advantage... as a former math professor, he's a master at using his analytical insights to ferret out real opportunities. In fact, the complex algorithms he developed have already helped make millions for Casey Research subscribers.
Elizabeth Manning (managing editor and associate researcher) has an ideal dual background as scientist and journalist. She left the laboratory to write about science instead – and realized that it's energy that drives everything from our cars and computers to politics and diplomacy. Elizabeth was previously United Press International's deputy foreign editor and has written for publications as varied as New Scientist and The Economist.
Joe Hung (research analyst) is our secret weapon. He is responsible for conducting research on the overall energy sector, as well as performing data collection, numerical analysis, and statistical analysis on the Power Plays we choose to highlight. We consider him a genius. Joe was the youngest graduate from the actuarial science program at Simon Fraser University (he was only 18 at the time!).
Gwen Preston (technical writer) has the perfect (and unusual) combination of being both a top-notch writer and analyst. Gwen is the most recent addition to the Casey energy group. With a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a master's degree in journalism, Gwen helps turn the team's ideas and data into newsletter copy you'll not only understand, but enjoy as well.

The bottom line? When we recommend a company, you can be sure we've done our homework. We tell you exactly why we like a sector, why we're bullish on the company, and what you should pay for it.

On the second Tuesday of each month, you'll get specific, actionable advice about when to buy, and – just as important – when to get out.

“Breath of fresh air...”

“I want to express my absolute pleasure when I read almost anything from your organization. I've been an investor for years, and your reports are a breath of fresh air after all the PC notions and/or illogical ideas written by others... keep up the great work.”

- Jim S.

Why wait ...
Grab our latest Power Play today!

We’ve been busy for months doing painstaking “ear to the ground” research... separating the laggards from the superstars... finalizing a first-rate energy portfolio capable of doing what we said at the start.

That is – giving you a real chance to earn an “Energy Dividend” and multiply your investment within 12-18 months.

With “gold-like” advances possible, which power titan will you latch onto first?

Maybe an oil and natural gas explorer about to make a major move at its operations in western Canada, Colombia, and Peru...

Or a special oil and natural gas ETF that positions you for upside in both power markets...

Or maybe, like us, you’re biding your time until the perfect nuclear play comes along at a rock-bottom price.

But please don’t miss out on joining us for a mere $39 today...

Remember what we said earlier: This could be like getting into gold in 2001.

Those who get in now should profit the most. You don't miss one more signal in the fast-moving (and quickly changing) power sector.

Our Power Portfolio is designed to not only shield you from the menacing “Triple Threat” now endangering your financial well-being but also to help you reap profits from oil’s roller-coaster ride over the next 12 months.

And keeping you protected means we keep the entire energy complex on our radar. We scour the earth to find the best energy companies to invest in, covering every facet of the sector imaginable, including:

We focus only on companies that are likely to deliver the best returns – at the least risk.

In other words, Casey Energy Opportunities brings you only world-class energy-sector investments. And as our readers will attest, you don't just get your stock picks handed to you – you receive an advanced education in all things energy, allowing you to think and decide for yourself.

That is what truly sets us apart from other newsletters.

Please join today for only $39 (remember, that's 50% off our list price of $79 per year), and you'll get 12 profit-packed issues of Casey Energy Opportunities. That's just under 10 cents a day!

And you can try it RISK-FREE. If – for any reason – you decide not to stay with us, you can cancel any time in the first 90 days for a 100% refund. No service charge... no delays... no questions asked.

“Your service is easy to use...”

“As a new subscriber, I just want to tell you how comfortable and 'at home' I feel with the people in your service. Regarding the service itself, I subscribe to several newsletters and yours is by far the easiest and most pleasant to use.”

- Jim S.

Here's everything you get when you sign up for Casey Energy Opportunities

That's right. You have 90 full days to give CEO a risk-free test drive. Remember, all you pay is $39 for all this:

We really can't emphasize it enough.

A "Triple Threat" is about to create havoc for many Americans. But with Casey Energy Opportunities you get a chance to multiply your money thanks to a brand-new "Energy Dividend." We have our eye on big, big gains in this sector over the next 12-18 months.

Remember, we are only just beginning to see "New Energy's" true potential.

Early investors have the greatest opportunity for meteoric returns!

Happy investing,

The Casey Research Energy Team

P.S. We're sure you agree... $39 is a bargain price for a resource this powerful. But we can’t offer Casey Energy Opportunities at this rock-bottom price forever. That’s why we urge you to accept your risk-free subscription today.

P.P.S. Remember, the “Triple Threat” means $5 per gallon gasoline is coming. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy profits galore by investing in a new generation of power titans right now.


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