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The Middle East Oil Crisis
OPEC Desperately Wants to Hide

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Marin KatusaFrom
Marin Katusa
Chief Energy Strategist
Casey Research

Dear Friend,

Ever since the first well popped its lid at Spindle Top, Texas, in 1901, oil has turned more ordinary folks into millionaires than any other energy play.

Of course, nobody understands this better than the unlikely power brokers of OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries).

Their ancestors roamed the desolate Middle Eastern deserts for thousands of years. But thanks to little more than their combined blessings of geography and geology... a handful of these nomads found themselves sitting on top of the largest oil-gushing oases in the world.

Virtually overnight, these new sultans of oil traded camels for Learjets and tents for mansions. Millennia of barren, sand-swept wasteland was leveraged to create personal empires wielding unimaginable world power.

You probably remember what happened back in 1973 when OPEC first decided to flex its political muscle. They threw the entire world into a tailspin by suddenly quadrupling the price of oil... and even temporarily shutting off supply to the US entirely.

The resulting melee of panic, gas lines, price hikes and rationing stimulated OPEC's bloodlust. And they've been holding the ax of oil dependency over the heads of the world ever since.

But, as the saying goes, "What goes around, comes around."

Today OPEC is in trouble. And it couldn't be happening to a more deserving bunch of guys.

Here's how the end of OPEC's "easy" oil can create untold wealth for you and me

Much like Jed Clampett, about all that OPEC had to do was drill a hole, and "up from the ground come a bubblin' crude... oil, that is." 

But not anymore.

Although they vehemently deny it and publicly try to hide it, conventional Middle East oil production is either in or approaching decline, even among the big hitters.

The following chart shows not only that oil production is steadily declining, it also reveals that many Middle Eastern countries may stop exporting oil and gas altogether within the next few years, while some already have.

Net Oil Production

It's not that they're running out of oil. It's that they're just about tapped out of the easy stuff.

Recently discovered classified documents reveal that Sadad al-Husseini, a geologist and former head of exploration at the Saudi oil monopoly Aramco, told US officials that reserves of the world's biggest oil exporter have been overstated by nearly 40% and that Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries would not be able to satisfy an anticipated sharp growth in global oil demand in coming decades.

And it's not just OPEC. As al-Husseini told the Oil and Money Conference...

Meet your eyes and ears
on the ground ...

Casey Research Chief Energy Strategist

"I travel more than 300 days a year just to find and verify today's new, fast-moving energy plays with explosive upside."

Marin KatusaHere I am in my fashionable flak jacket while on my recent 60-day expedition to check out the Middle East oil situation for myself.

My name is Marin Katusa. I'm the Chief Energy Strategist at Casey Research, and editor of Casey Energy Report.

As a manager of private equity investment funds and a deal financier for junior energy and resource companies, I've helped hundreds of high net-worth clients make millions in returns.

But what I really love is combining my advanced mathematical skills with the time-honored strategy of getting in people's faces and personally investigating every new energy opportunity, no matter where in the world it is.

That's how I regularly alert my readers to up-and-coming markets WAY before anyone else. And that's how you can consistently pocket extraordinary profits like these recent winners*:

*As of November 9, 2011

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"[World] reserves are confused and in fact inflated. Many of the so-called reserves are in fact resources. They're not delineated, they're not accessible, they're not available for production."

In other words, having it in the ground... and having the technology to get it out... are two different things.

This is especially true in the Middle East where the majority of OPEC's production comes from state-owned monopolies that only know and use "conventional" techniques – many of which have been around since the turn of the 20th century.

Their antiquated conventional technology can only extract the "cream" of the oil off the top, leaving vast amounts of their resources virtually inaccessible to them. So, after cherry-picking the best oil for almost a century, the wells are showing signs of running dry.

Needless to say, this has OPEC scared to death. They have become dependent on petroleum to maintain their exuberant lifestyles and national economies. When the oil slows down, so does their opulent living. And they certainly don't want that.

So now they're turning to the rest of the world for a solution. And they're willing to pay anything to get it.

Instead of OPEC budget deficits or the whims of Arab dictators... new technology is going to be the key that will finally unlock the vault of Middle East oil riches for you and me.

But this is a tricky situation.

There are only a handful of companies in the world that possess the precise mix of proven, world-leading technology; experienced management; and most importantly, recognition and respect of the Middle Eastern state companies, that will be required to pull this off.

These small, little-known companies will be the first to fill up at the watering hole of profits.

And the few savvy investors who identify them early can cash in on an oil boom like never before... and line their portfolio with extraordinary energy gains.

I'm writing today with an exciting opportunity for you to get all the boots-on-the-ground insights and behind-the-scenes information you need to get in on the very best of these companies right now.

I believe this company could easily return up to 6 times your money in the next 12 months. And as the gains start coming in, all you'll have to do is sit back and smile... knowing our buddies in OPEC are the ones footing the bill.

I'll give you all those details in just a moment. But first, I want to make sure you fully understand the shocking truth behind why it appears that...

The Middle East is running out of oil

Geologists, engineers and yes, investors, have been debating the possibility and probability of reaching the point of "peak oil production" for years.

Now, in an astonishing admission, the well-respected International Energy Agency (IEA) has projected in its World Energy Outlook 2010 that conventional crude oil production "never regains its all-time peak of 70 million barrels per day (mb/d) reached in 2006."

In other words, according to the IEA, the world actually crossed the "peak oil" bridge five years ago!

The world's supply of conventional oil is on a downward slope. And nowhere is this more true than in the very heart of OPEC... Saudi Arabia.

Although there are 12 member countries, when it comes to OPEC, you're really talking about Saudi Arabia, which represents 78% of total OPEC production.

Some two hundred kilometers east of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a stretch of barren desert wasteland – an endless sea of sand 174 miles long and 16 miles wide.

Deep below this sweltering, uninhabitable landscape rests anywhere from 60 to 100 billion barrels of oil. This is Ghawar – the largest oil field in the world.

But, as the late energy analyst Matthew Simmons concluded in his highly regarded analytical book, Twilight in the Desert, the Saudi oil fields are largely in decline.

And Simmons is far from the only expert who believes OPEC is in trouble.

In an extensive analysis, Dr. Stuart Staniford,  Ph.D. in physics, MS CS, concluded: "The northern half of Ghawar is quite depleted... it is likely that more declines in Saudi production are on the way."

And of course, we also have the Saudis' own recently revealed admission that they've been cooking the books on their own oil.

In other words, the Ghawar tank is officially below the half-full mark. And soon, unless something drastic changes, Ghawar will no longer be declining... it will be pegged on "E."

Fortunately, experience has taught me that where others see trouble... opportunity is usually hiding nearby. And that's why I knew that OPEC's trouble could be the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Naturally, I had to find out for myself. So I recently spent 60 days traveling the Middle East, sleeping more hours in an airplane than on land.

The recent political unrest throughout the region – including massive protests, significant military presence, and even coup attempts – made this journey much more challenging than most.

Fortunately I was able to meet with government officials and executives of the largest oil and gas companies in India, Oman, Kuwait, and UAE.

And I traversed some of the most remote areas in the already barren Middle East by foot, jeep and even camel so I could personally investigate and inspect the oil fields and equipment.

But my effort and discomfort was worth every second because that's when I discovered...

The "unconventional" way to make
6x your money in the
rapidly approaching "black gold" rush.

Curiously, the very same IEA report that declared peak oil production at 70 mb/d also projects oil demand to increase to almost 100 mb/d.

One thing is certain: That spike in demand for oil – largely coming from China and other developing nations – is triggering a worldwide clamor for oil rivaling the California gold rush.

Of course, demanding oil is one thing. The real question is, what's going to fill that 30 million barrel per day gap in supply?

And more importantly... how can you and I profit from it?

The IEA concludes that while renewable energy will play a part, the shortfall in crude will primarily be made up by increasing production of liquid fuels from unconventional sources. In fact, the IEA goes on to elaborate, "Unconventional sources of oil are thought to be huge – several times larger than conventional oil resources..."

Which brings us back to OPEC's trouble... and our opportunity.

As world demand for oil is skyrocketing to record levels, OPEC simply can't get any more easy oil out of the ground than they already are.

These guys know if they don't do something fast, they're about to miss the opportunity of a lifetime. And they only have themselves to blame. They have been living so high off the hog, they simply haven't bothered to develop the key unconventional technology and sources that would revitalize their basins and increase the production of their reservoirs.

At the same time, all across North America, these new unconventional technologies are already squeezing oil from stubborn shale and oil sands like juice from an orange.

So I put the pieces together and came up with an investment strategy that no one else is talking about:

Go to the best-producing source rock in the world (namely, the Middle East) and apply modern unconventional technology.

This new idea for earning extraordinary energy profits is incredibly simple... and that's exactly what makes it a truly revolutionary way for all of us to make a lot of money.

Taking those proven new technologies to prime Middle East fields where the rock is much more forgiving than in North America would make extracting new oil both easy and cost effective.

And that simple step will revitalize and increase existing production, exploit new sources within the prime source rock, and have new oil gushing for decades.

In other words, unconventional oil in the Middle East is about to make astute energy investors tons of cash.

This may be the biggest profit opportunity
I've seen in at least 36 months... maybe ever...
and it's an investing opportunity
nobody else is even talking
about... yet.

On my 60-day expedition, virtually every government and oil company official I met with recognized they desperately need not only the new technology, but the experience and equipment to successfully execute and develop unconventional production as well as revitalize existing conventional production. 

Unconventional oil is set to play an increasingly important role in world oil supply through to 2035 regardless of what governments do to curb demand."

– International Energy Agency,
   2010 World Outlook

What's really amazing is that nobody else but me... I mean nobody on the planet... has shown any signs of recognizing – let alone capitalizing on – this huge profit opportunity. 

The upside on this concept is going to be bigger than anything we have seen in the United States or Europe for shale oil and gas.

Here's why:

Instead of having to spend huge sums of money and time to gather data on previously unexplored fields, as is largely the case with unconventional production in the West, the Middle East offers a jump start with two huge advantages:

  1. It already contains the best source rock and best-producing wells in the world, proven by years of conventional production.
  2. Unlike North America where getting the water that unconventional technologies need to blast oil free from the base rock is both an ecological and economic burden, ample water is already in place in the Middle East. The water now being injected in conventional wells to enhance production can simply be used again.

This is the holy grail!

I pride myself in alerting my readers to up-and-coming profit opportunities way before anyone else. By the time the mainstream "herd" even has a whiff of what's really going on, my readers have already profited handsomely. For example...

61% GAIN on Africa – I was the first to call the potential in the African rift. In fact, in May 2010, I made the small oil explorer Africa Oil (V.AOI) my top pick for 2010 at under C$1.00. Since then, my subscribers are sitting on an impressive 61% gain.

200.5% GAIN on Uranium – Back in November 2009, I alerted subscribers to a significant rebound in uranium thanks to China's reactor-build program, and I recommended Denison Mines Corp. (T.DML). Indeed, China has since signed long-term contracts for about 133 million pounds of uranium, and Casey subscribers racked up an impressive 200.5% gain.

The Japanese tragedy has substantially changed uranium markets since this win. Because of our ever-watchful eye on the market, subscribers were insulated to the damage that occurred. In the meantime, we are watching the situation very carefully and will advise when the time is right for any readers interested in getting back into uranium.

240% GAIN on European Shale – It's been all over the news of late, but back in March 2010,  I was the first to identify the huge profit opportunities in European shale. The Casey subscribers who took my advice and got in on Realm Energy (V.RLM) pocketed more than a 240% total gain when we closed our position a few months later. In fact, my readers got in, made a ton, and got out of this deal even before George Soros and his C$6 million financing did – and Soros is still waiting to make back his money.

Now I'm the first to make the call for unconventional Middle East oil. And I'm telling you right now, this is the most important concept – with the greatest profit potential – I've seen in years.

That's why I'm calling this the "holy grail" of energy plays... This is what every investor hopes and prays for: an early-stage opportunity that's hiding in plain sight.

And there's one little-known company that's perfectly primed to make you more money than any of them...

This company is poised to make you
up to 6 times your money this year

This exciting new find is a Canada-based exploration and production company that has assembled an all-star team and has acquired concessions in a prolific, oil- and gas-rich basin in Romania. It also has recently acquired a project in Alberta that provides cash flow.

But it's the management team's network in the Middle East that I'm most excited about. In fact, just a few weeks ago, the company announced a new partnership with Kuwait Energy Company (KEC).

The agreement calls for this company to apply its emerging unconventional oil and gas technology to the many exploration and producing blocks held by KEC.

Its partnership with KEC gives this company the exclusive right to acquire equity sharing agreements in the acreage it evaluates, and includes both unconventional and conventional oil where new reserves are identified. Plus it gives this company instant credibility and a rare "foot in the door" into what is still the heavy-hitter region for oil.

Plus, being linked to KEC gives this company two HUGE competitive advantages:

Right now the company is practically invisible to everyone else... as evidenced by the fact that it is trading for only around a buck a share.

But KEC plans to list on the London and Kuwaiti Stock Exchanges this year in what will be a multi-billion-dollar initial public offering.

Those who get in now – before any of that happens – will be the ones selling at top dollar to feed the frenzy as our tiny company increases Middle East oil flow and is thrust into the international spotlight of the IPO.

How we turned $10,000 into $72,000

The last time I was this excited about an early-stage unconventional oil and gas exploration company was back in 2008. That's when I recommended Cuadrilla Resources to a select group of subscribers… and we walked away with 620% gains.

Much like my latest, exciting Middle East oil pick, Cuadrilla Resources is a tiny exploration company that had a huge head start over virtually every other competitor. By early 2008, it had made moves into all the countries throughout Europe with the most promising shale gas potential.

But being in the right place at the right time wasn't the only reason I was interested in Cuadrilla.  

Again like my newest pick, Cuadrilla had skillfully assembled a management team with over 100 years of combined experience in oil and gas to access this vast untapped European resource... plus they had the experience to navigate the attached political ramifications.

So on May 30, 2008, I issued an alert to a select group of Casey subscribers to buy Cuadrilla Resources at C$0.25. I told them:

"Cuadrilla represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire early-seed paper in a world-class company with some of the best management possible for oil and gas shales."

That simple move earned subscribers a staggering 620% profit, turning every $10,000 invested into $72,000.

And it didn't stop there. Just two weeks after the initial purchase, subscribers backed up the truck again to add to their positions. This time they bought in at C$0.60, ultimately raking in an additional 200% gain.

A $20,000 stake in Cuadrilla could have swelled your brokerage account to over $100,000 by the time we cashed out at C$1.80 in October 2009.

Getting in the right company early
is where the money is made.

Don't worry if you missed out on Cuadrilla – the first ultra-profitable venture into unconventional energy technology. If you act right now – today – there's still time for you to do even better on the company detailed in my new free report.

I fully expect this new opportunity to be even bigger than Cuadrilla was. That's why I'm telling you now...

Those who grab this extraordinary stock today could see $10,000 skyrocket into at least $40,000 to $70,000 or more within 8 - 12 months.

If you want to beat OPEC at its own game and make up to six times your money in the next 8 - 12 months, you need to own this stock now – before everyone else catches on.

And to make sure you don't miss a beat, I'm going to let you DOWNLOAD everything you need to know about this exciting new way to profit from oil, including – when to buy... what to expect... and when to take extraordinary profits – in just a few minutes.

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Over the past century, energy has turned untold numbers of ordinary folks into millionaires... like Rockefeller, Getty, and Pickens. And it's still making people rich today.

Over the past five years, energy returned a staggering 95.11% – that's 20 times MORE than the S&P 500 index.

As impressive as that may be, it's nothing compared to what CER can do for you.

The following chart shows that in 2010, Casey Energy Report gained TWICE as much as the energy sector... just about TRIPLED the S&P 500... and beat  other comparable indices by up to 16 times.

Casey Energy Report made investors 2 to 16 times more money in 2010

Of course, it used to be that to make a fortune in energy you simply bought a bunch of Exxon or BP and waited for them to appreciate like clockwork. But it doesn't work that way anymore.

Go ahead and buy big oil if you want. But don't hold your breath if you expect the likes of Exxon or BP to double or triple your money anytime soon.

No, to make it big in today's energy market, you need to forget everything you thought you knew about energy investing. You actually need to stay away from big oil and look for the small niche companies that specialize in developing new forms of energy and in bringing new technology to existing supplies.

While searching for these specialized new energy pioneers like Cuadrilla and my latest pick can make you very wealthy... it's also what makes the 21st-century energy market a dangerous minefield of relatively new, small companies... many of which are straddling a razor-thin line between breakthrough and failure.

Fortunately, you don't have to try and navigate those treacherous minefields on your own. It's easy to avoid the bombs and rake in extraordinary profits with Casey Energy Report as your guide.

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Start your risk-free trial subscription, plus get your free report detailing my newest – and maybe best – energy pick in years..

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Marin Katusa
Editor of Casey Energy Report,
Chief Energy Strategist, Casey Research

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