This seems like the worst of times, but it's actually the best of times—if you have some cash, and if you have some courage—to put it into gold and gold mining stocks.

Every reason that gold went up in the first place, from $250 to $1,900, is not only there, but has increased exponentially. … When things have bottomed out, when everybody despises a certain sector, a certain industry, that's when you have to start looking at it very, very carefully.

In my view, right now and probably the next year and a half will prove to be some of the most opportune times to be involved in the natural resource business.

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an Upturn Millionaire

…and discover the 9 junior mining stocks most likely to make gains of 1,000% or more when the gold market rebounds

Dear Reader,

Louis James here. If you watched our "Upturn Millionaires" event, you saw how convinced our guests were that the gold market is finally coming out of the doldrums.

To stay with the maritime metaphors, over the last two years, the extreme and prolonged has stripped away the sails from most of the ships in the mining sector, leaving them high and dry (and many deservedly so).

Resource legends like Doug Casey and Rick Rule aren't complaining, though. In fact, they've welcomed the downturn because…

It has created opportunities to buy high-quality mining companies for pennies on the dollar.
It has flushed out the garbage and created a leaner, meaner market.

Frankly, in all the years I've been working as Casey Research's chief metals and mining investment strategist, I've never seen a more stripped-down-to-the-bones mining sector.

Although it's been sad to see a few essentially good companies wither and die, the good news is that what we're left with is the absolute cream of the crop—survivors by merit.

A Portfolio Full of Winners
—and 9 Potential Champions

Right now, the Casey Metals Team and I are looking at a truly unique situation: Because of the indiscriminate sell-off of good and bad gold stocks alike over the last two years, virtually every one of our International Speculator portfolio holdings is a best-of-class stock pick.

Right now, we follow 34 superb gold miners in our Casey International Speculator portfolio. While they're all small-cap companies, not all of them are explorers; we also have our share of less-risky developers and producers.

23 of those companies are current Buys, most of them trading at bargain-basement prices through no fault of their own, and, I'm proud to say, every investor would be lucky to own them.

But among those 23 Buys, we've identified 9 companies that are not just great—they have truly spectacular potential to yield extremely high gains. That's a mouthful of superlative adjectives, but consider that these 9 companies all have…

  • Plenty of cash in the bank to explore and develop their projects
  • Top-notch, down-to-earth management teams (and I can't emphasize enough how important the People factor is in our business)
  • High-margin gold deposits, some of them world-class and elephant-sized
  • Unusually low risk in proportion to the possible gains

It doesn't get any better than this.

Usually, reaching for such extraordinary gains implies accepting a very high level of risk. But not today. Right now, all of these first-rate companies are trading at 25%... 50%... even 75% below their value—and yet no one's buying.

Except the smart money, that is.

Adroit resource speculators like Doug Casey, Rick Rule, and Frank Giustra are loading up the truck with both hands. Watch them and you see "buy low, sell high" at its best.

(Which, of course, also solves the mystery why "the rich always get richer": because they know how to make money, plain and simple, and every investor would be well advised to keep a close eye on what they're doing.)

So I'd like to encourage you to follow our resource legends' example and load up on companies that have an above-average chance to become 10-Baggers in the near future. (A 10-Bagger is a stock with gains of 1,000% or more.) All of them are contained in my timely special report, The 10-Bagger List for 2014.

Once you read the details on a few of these companies below, I think you will agree with me that they deserve a closer look.

The 9 Gold Stocks Most
Likely to Become 10-Baggers

While breakout profits can materialize at any time, in any market condition—with a new discovery or a takeover bid—there's no question that the biggest upside in these stocks comes after the sort of extreme correction the sector has experienced over the past two years.

Case in point, every single company rated an active "Buy" by the International Speculator in December 2008—after the crash—at least doubled during 2009 with the average gain being 401.8%.

Here are a few particularly remarkable single-stock gains our subscribers made in the aftermath of the 2008 crash:

West Timmins Mining (WTM.T)... sold for a 1,288% gain
Inter-Citic Minerals (ICI.T)... sold for a 926% gain
Brett Resources (BBR.V)... sold for a 552% gain

Of course, getting a 10-Bagger is exceedingly rare, something every analyst dreams of and strives to achieve. Most investors will never see one in their lifetime.

So you see how unusual it is—thanks to the extreme distortion in the gold mining sector—that my team and I have found 9 of these companies that we believe have everything it takes to make it big, with much less risk than usual.

Can I guarantee that their shares will skyrocket to 1,000% of their current price?

Of course not. Investing with a guarantee is called a savings account, and just to be clear, we're talking about speculation here. While we always try to place the odds in our favor, you need to be aware that there's still a significant amount of risk involved.

So be honest with yourself: If you know you can't stomach these high-risk/high-reward plays, then for your own good, please don't read any further. There's no shame in walking away from something that doesn't suit you.

If you can stay calm when all around you people are panicking, however, and want a shot at truly extraordinary gains, maybe even a fortune, then read on.

You can find out all about these 9 potential 10-Baggers today; in fact, you could have the special report in your hands within the next five minutes. But first, let me tell you a bit more about a couple of our prospective champions…

The Dual-Income 10-Bagger

This company is a new high-grade copper-gold producer in the International Speculator portfolio, with a working mine in South America. It's run by a mine-building team whose previous ventures delivered solid gains for us in the past, so we are happy to see them heading this enterprise.

The imminent push in this story—meaning the driver for a potential share price rise—is the expected cash flow and, soon thereafter, net profits that will come from the organic growth of the mine, which is producing top-quality, high-grade ore.

One more thing I like about this pick is that it mitigates our risk—due to the dual-income stream from copper and gold. One is a base, the other a precious metal, and each responds to different market conditions. Copper doesn't mind if gold is down, as long as the global construction business is booming. And when construction declines, usually a sure sign of a weakening economy, gold tends to have its day in the sun.

10-Bagger Factor: Exploration.

The large land package around the mine shows multiple outcrops of high-grade mineralization that have never been drilled before and that are similar to the high-grade ore already being mined—a possible elephant in the making.

If this company hits, it should hit it out of the ballpark. Exploration work probably won't start until the second half of 2014, but we could see some great news before the end of the year.

I wish every potential 10-Bagger were that easy to spot. Here's another one…

The Carlin-Style 10-Bagger

This pick is a North America-focused explorer, which has delivered consistently excellent, high-grade drill results on multiple targets along its district-scale project.

The downside is that it's pretty remote, but given the size of the district and the high grades of the gold being found, that should not be an obstacle. This project definitely has the potential to make it all worthwhile.

10-Bagger Factor: The magic word, "Carlin."

In November 2013, the company announced that it had discovered a cluster of six "Carlin-type" gold targets on 12 square kilometers surrounding an already prolific mineralization.

In case you aren't familiar with it, the Carlin Gold Trend in Nevada is one of the world's richest gold mining districts, more or less the equivalent of the legendary Bakken formation for oil. So the idea of striking a "Carlin-type" deposit is something that makes geologists' and resource investors' eyes—and imaginations—light up like Christmas trees.

Once the gold sector goes into its Mania Phase—which could still be several years ahead—this company could be not just a 10-Bagger, but a 20-Bagger without changing, but we expect the outstanding drill results to continue this year.

It's unbelievable. Now that you've read a few of these powerful stories, remember that right now, these companies are selling for 25-75% below their actual value.

Blows your mind, doesn't it?

And there are seven more of these potential blockbusters on my 10-Bagger List for 2014. This time-sensitive, subscribers-only special report contains detailed descriptions of the companies and their projects, as well as my specific buy instructions, and I'd like to send it to you at no charge today.

But I'm sure you're wondering...

How Do We Find All These
10-Baggers in the Making?

We don't have a crystal ball that gives us an unfair advantage over the competition. How we find these potential champions—and all our other stock recommendations—is by applying good old-fashioned elbow grease and by putting our boots on the ground.

Unlike some armchair analysts who've never even seen the inside of a gold mine, I spend a large part of each year kicking rocks at out-of-the-way places most people couldn't find on a map.

I talk to company executives, geologists, and the locals. I find out how mining-friendly the government is, and if there's opposition to mining from indigenous tribes or other residents. I determine if the project in question is promising enough to give our subscribers at least a double within the next one or two years.

I attribute my success in this business to the fact that I learned from the best: Doug Casey himself.

His original system laid down in our special report The Eight Ps of Resource Stock Evaluation, which I will send you along with the 10-Bagger List for 2014, has been an invaluable tool for me and dozens of researchers and analysts here at Casey Research.

Doug has seen many bull markets come and go—and I find it refreshing to see how detached he stays in the face of short- and medium-term fluctuations.

Right now, he's quite excited, though, because with even the best-of-the-best small-cap resource companies suffering huge setbacks today, the stage is set for the sort of returns that an intelligent speculator dreams of.

So how do you get all the details on these 9 stocks?

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Whatever you do, don't miss this no-risk and extremely timely opportunity to tap into the best research on today's most undervalued opportunities in the precious metals mining sector… from Casey International Speculator.

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P.S. To give your metals portfolio an extra boost, with your subscription to International Speculator, I'll also rush you my special report, 7 Must-Own Mining Stocks for 2014—a 24-page, in-depth analysis of some of the most solid picks in our portfolio.

Before I leave, here's a tip for those who want to have their cake and eat it too: When you check my 10-Bagger List for 2014 against the 7 Must-Own Mining Stocks for 2014, you'll find that a few of the picks overlap. These are the stocks that offer sturdy gains and moonshot potential at the same time—it doesn't get any better than that.

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