Casey Research is among the fastest-growing private businesses on the Inc. 5000 list, AGAIN!

When you look at the financial media these days, there seems to be only bad news for investors. But all is not lost – while everything declines…

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Here's Growth

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Despite the dire state of the US and global economies, you can still find pockets of healthy growth – one right here at Casey Research, and another in a sector that for decades has been providing subscribers with double- and triple-digit gains.

Read on and discover how to find high-growth opportunities in a low-growth environment…

Dear Friend of Casey Research,

We never forget for a moment that it is you, our valued subscribers, who keep the Casey Research engines moving. Every year, thousands of investors join us in the quest for profitable crisis investments, nest-egg protection, and high-growth opportunities.

I suppose we must be doing something right, because for the second time in three years, the renowned Inc. 5000 magazine has ranked us among the 5,000 fastest-growing businesses in America.

At a time when global investors can barely eke out a profit, our most popular contrarian investments are still going strong.

For example, subscribers of our oldest and most reputable advisory, Casey International Speculator, are currently seeing gains of 82%... 318.6%... 634.3%.

While many financial pundits declare the mining sector dead every time gold and silver prices drop temporarily, our patience has been richly rewarded.

Case in point: most of our precious-metals producers, developers, and explorers tanked in the Crash of 2008, together with the general stock market.

But today, many of the stocks that Chief Metals & Mining Investment Strategist Louis James and his team recommended before the crash (which they're still holding) have done exceptionally well:

  • First Majestic Silver Corp… up 634.3% since recommendation
  • Silver Wheaton… up 650.9% since recommendation
  • Almaden Minerals… up 318.6% since recommendation
  • Alexco Resource Corp… up 85.5% since recommendation

But it's not just our long-term holdings that have blossomed. Right during and after the 2008 crash, Louis viewed the carnage and recommended sturdy, survivor-type companies that were unfairly punished with the rest of the market to his subscribers.

Companies like Premier Gold Mines (T.PG), recommended in July, 2008 and now up 95.8%. Or International Tower Hill (T.ITH), recommended in November, 2008 and now up 82%.

Is our Casey International Speculator portfolio all winners? Of course not.

But across the board, we are currently looking at an average portfolio gain of 54.7%.

How many investors you know can say that about THEIR portfolio?

More Reasons to Be Thankful for Gold Investors

With the continuous onslaught of horrific headlines – financial fraud, scandals, cronyism, government intrusion in the markets, and pending tax hikes through Obamacare – most investors are desperate for a bit of good news.

Here is one: On November 9, BusinessWeek reported that after President Obama's reelection, gold traders are very bullish on the yellow metal.

"Obama is a supporter of Bernanke and his re-election means that the ultra-loose monetary and fiscal policies by the Fed will continue," said Daniel Briesemann, a commodities analyst at Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt. "More and more liquidity will be put into the system and therefore there'll be inflation fears and concern about currency devaluation."

Now, it doesn't matter where you stand on the political spectrum – or whether you believe inflation is going to ramp up. What's important here is perception and investor sentiment, and both of those point to more excellent gains for the mining sector.

If you get in now, by Christmas you may well have a good reason to celebrate.

Our 1-DAY-ONLY Thanksgiving Offer should make it easy for you: Subscribe to Casey International Speculator today and receive 12 monthly issues for just $498 – that's HALF OFF our list price.*

Also included: A FREE one-year subscription of our wildly popular large-cap gold and silver advisory, BIG GOLD – a $129 value.

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Even with this steep discount, we uphold our Casey 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: test-drive Casey International Speculator for 90 days and see if it's right for you. If not, just cancel within those 90 days for a full refund of your money – no questions asked.

But even if you cancel any time after the 90 days are up, we'll still give you a prorated refund on the remainder of your subscription.

The crumbling of the European Union… civil unrest in PIIGS countries like Greece and Spain… the looming "fiscal cliff" in the US… the Fed's QEternity, adding $40 billion per month to our already unsustainable mountain of debt…

I don't need to tell you that there are more than enough reasons for tangible assets like gold and silver – and the companies that find and produce them – to rise considerably in the next 12 months.

Try Casey International Speculator today – at half price and absolutely no risk – and position yourself for those gains. Just click below to sign up.

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Thank you again for making Casey Research the success it is!

Olivier Garret
Olivier Garret
CEO, Casey Research

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BIG GOLD is the perfect complement to Casey International Speculator. In every issue of BIG GOLD, you'll receive detailed research and investment recommendations for large and stable gold and silver producers, funds and physical metals. BIG GOLD readers have enjoyed some outstanding gains recently, such as 143.2% in a successful gold ETF… 203.4% in a mid-tier gold producer… and 173.4% in a royalty company (as of Nov. 13, 2012).

BIG GOLD – a $129 value – is the perfect complement to Casey International Speculator, for a truly balanced precious-metals portfolio.

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YES – I want to try Casey International Speculator
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