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Gold and silver are down, mining stocks have gotten hammered, and the greater fools of the investing community are pronouncing the gold bull market to be over. What they don't know: right now the smart money is quietly getting positioned for truly exceptional gains…

The Gold Bull Is Dead –
Long Live the Gold Bull!

Dear Fellow Investor,

Now is the time for bold action… and a once-in-a-generation opportunity to lay the foundation for great riches.

“We've seen the cycle a few times now. And when we go back and read the history books, we've seen it even more.

"The natural-resource stories become hated, everybody trashes them, and then, when they're the equivalent of toilet paper, we start turning lead into gold, and it has an enormous run, and you end up with a bubble.

"And as I sometimes say, 'Dear God, please, let me be at the beginning of a bubble, just once.'"

You can be at the beginning of that bubble today.

Currently, excellent mining companies with seasoned management teams and, what's more, with proven reserves of millions of ounces of gold, are selling at a 50% discount to their cash value.

Casey Research Chief Metals & Mining Strategist Louis James thinks the market may have already bottomed – but here's the beauty of this opportunity: We don't have to worry about exactly timing that bottom, because right now, today, we can get into the best junior mining stocks on the globe… at bargain-basement prices.

If someone offered you a mint-condition Ferrari for $10,000, would you care if the price went down another $500 the next day?

But let me warn you:

Legendary resource investors like Doug Casey and Rick Rule didn't make their millions by being spineless worms.

They did it by seizing undervalued assets at a time when other people didn't care enough to spit on them. They kept their faith in the correctness of their assessments through all market ups and downs… and then sold their quality stocks at multiples of the buy price – often 1,000% or more – a few years later.

This strategy can literally make you rich, but it takes time and patience. If you don't think you have the backbone for this kind of perseverance, please read no further. If you do, though, you could cash in on the opportunity of a lifetime.

You're witnessing history in the making

We've all been through those periods where we witnessed a truly historic moment but didn't realize it until much later.

For us as investors, not realizing what is happening is tantamount to missing an opportunity. This is how most investors passed up on the gold bull market that started in the early 2000s… or on the beginning of the dot-com boom… or on the emerging uranium bubble in the 1990s.

Or, more recently, on the aftermath of the Crash of 2008. Gold stocks – including the ones Louis and his International Speculator subscribers were holding – had been crushed with the rest of the market.

"We made a slew of recommendations at the end of November, beginning of December 2008, put 'Best Buy' in capital letters on recommendations of companies that were just selling at stupid prices," says Louis, "kind of like today. Every single one of those stocks doubled by the end of 2009 – and by the time we closed the position or closed the calculation on them, the average gain on those picks was 400%."

These are the kind of potential gains – and possibly more – that we are talking about here.

Take Pretium Resources (T.PVG), for example, a beaten-down junior miner with elephant-size, high-grade deposits.

This company is run by Bob Quartermain, a Casey Explorers' League honoree and serially successful mine finder. Plus, it knows it has 35 million ounces in the ground – no guesswork here – but still the market is not giving it any love.

But that will change soon enough…

Can the downturn continue forever?

Consider that central banks are buying gold with both hands (536 metric tons in 2012 alone) and that the US Mint is seeing record sales, so far up 283% over 2012.

And it's not just physical gold and silver that's virtually flying out the door – insider buying of gold-mining stocks has sharply risen in the last months.

Recently, Ted Dixon, CEO of INK Research, told the Canadian Globe and Mail:

"That is the type of insider buying we saw in the broad market during the height of the great financial crisis in late 2008 and early 2009. A similar situation now seems to be in place among gold and silver miners."

If that makes you feel like you may be missing something, that's probably because you are.

But it's not too late. You can still get in at fire-sale prices… if you know which companies you can trust to survive the mining stock massacre.

Fortunately, by now most of the under-performers – badly run companies as well as incompetent managements – have been put out of business by the mining sector's equivalent of the 1930s "dustbowl."

Even better: there is a group of miners that can give your portfolio an EXTRA boost, on top of the meteoric gains we are expecting for the best companies in the sector…

Here today, gain tomorrow:
Juniors with takeover potential

Louis and his subscribers of the Casey International Speculator have had a great experience with takeover candidates – successful small-cap miners with millions of ounces in the ground, proven management teams, and solid financials.

You see, major gold and silver producers are always wanting for physical metal… and the easiest way to get it is to buy up juniors with massive deposits.

The results for investors can be stunning. These are the returns International Speculator subscribers made from takeovers:

Here's just one example of how these things can happen.

Antares Minerals – a 245% success story

In May 2010, Louis recommended International Speculator subscribers buy Antares Minerals (V.ANM), a junior developing a huge copper deposit in Peru, at $2.78 per share.

Aside from the company's growth potential, he sensed a potentially brewing takeover. The reason: Antares's Haquira project was adjacent to another property belonging to multinational miner Xstrata (LSE.XTA) – and it looked as though Xstrata was planning on expanding its turf.

In the end, Antares' world-class deposit attracted a different buyer, First Quantum Minerals (T.FM), but the result was the same: International Speculator readers enjoyed a 150% gain in six months on Antares – including a 46% jump on the day the takeover was announced.

In December 2010, Antares shares were converted into First Quantum shares at full market value – up another 34% since the takeover announcement.

Plus, shareholders received additional free shares of Regulus Resources, a spinoff company created to further develop Antares' copper-gold-silver project in Argentina.

All in all, International Speculator subscribers made gains of up to 202% in less than eight months from recommendation to the completion of the takeover deal.

And those gains got up to 245% after adding in the value of the spinoff Regulus shares on their first trading day.

But this is not just all in the past. Just recently, Louis has completed a special report naming five stocks ripe for takeover that are currently on his radar.

And you can get this special report free today.

But before I go into the details, let's take a look at some of the companies Louis has identified as takeover candidates…

Takeover Target #1

This company's property in Canada is surrounded on all sides by a competitor's claims. Both companies have been drilling off a mineralized trend that crosses property lines.

Our company has discovered significant gold mineralization that is clearly a continuation of its rival's zones. That rival itself is likely to be taken over, but before it can be bought out by a major, it will need to consolidate ownership of the mineral rights in the area – which makes our company a prime takeover target.

Takeover Target #2

This is one of Louis' favorites: a prolific exploration company with a large portfolio of highly prospective projects, all acquired through staking.

The company hit such excellent drill results in east-central Mexico that it kept right on drilling and never stopped. The property now boasts 3.6 million ounces of gold at an excellent grade and is still wide open for expansion – plus, there are signs of more gold on the same property.

Our company has plenty of cash to explore at an aggressive rate for two years – but Louis doesn't think it will be around that long.

In Louis' special report How to Profit from Mining Industry Takeovers, you'll get all the details on these takeover candidates (and the other 3 stocks he's got on his radar), as well as in-depth information on…

Here's what subscribers
said about International Speculator in a recent survey:

"The most thorough research available on junior and mid-size mining companies."

"Good analysis of speculative investments that allows individuals to assess each recommendation in relation to their personal judgment and risk tolerance…"

"I have been through many advisors, but the proof is always in the gain over time. I have done the best with your information."

"Been a loyal subscriber for years now. CIS is my bible to financial survival and retirement success."

"IS is not just about stocks, it's also about education and that is something much more important to me."

"Clear, well-researched guidance. Solid rationale that helps make the recommendations clear. Patient explanation of mining/geological terms. Good context of the macro environment is provided, and a little bit of humor is thrown in to make it a great read overall."

Seize the
opportunity today

I'll rush you this special report free of charge, if you agree to test International Speculator today, risk-free.

You have 3 full months – that's 3 new issues plus access to years of archives – to figure out if International Speculator is for you.

And with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we insist that you love it, or the 3 months are on us.

Since you're still with me, I assume you're one of the determined investors who indeed have the intestinal fortitude to grab a once-in-a-generation opportunity like this by the horns.

"The time to buy [junior mining stocks] is when nobody else wants to buy them … actually, when you don't want to buy them."

To make that decision easier for you – and rush you your free special report, How to Profit from Mining Industry Takeovers, as soon as possible – I'm prepared to offer you a big discount on our junior mining advisory.

free of charge!

Your subscription of Casey International Speculator comes with a complimentary one-year subscription to BIG GOLD, our go-to newsletter for all things precious metals – including gold BIG GOLD and silver bullion, large- and medium-cap producers, and precious-metals funds.

A perfect way to balance your junior portfolio with lower-risk gold and silver investments.

The regular retail price of International Speculator is $995 per year. Today, though, you can get it for just $749… a 25% discount.

We usually don't go that low, even in our special promotional offers, so I won't be able to keep this offer open for more than a few days.

So I urge you to take advantage of it right away.

Remember, if you don't absolutely love this newsletter, just cancel after 3 months for a full refund, and you won't have lost a penny.

Of course you get to keep your' special report, How to Profit from Mining Industry Takeovers – with company names, ticker symbols, and full descriptions – free of charge, no matter what you do.

Start your risk-free trial
and get your free special report

Black swans are good for gold

According to the assessment of our analysts and economists here at Casey Research, as well as many other financial experts, the new bull run in gold could start at any moment – particularly with black-swan events like the Cypriot fleecing of bank depositors thrown into the mix.

In March 2013, greedy governments and bankrupt investment banks removed their masks of benevolence and openly showed that they're ready to outright steal money from savers.

And as savers and income investors around the world are losing trust in the banks, gold and silver will again have their day in the sun.

All that new bullion supply has to be discovered, mined, and refined. There is no way that the gold market is dead, as many armchair pundits so loudly proclaim. (Those same doubters, by the way, will be the ones left behind when the sector takes off – and will, once again, have missed out on a bull run for the history books.)

But you won't miss it… not this time. And you'll get all the guidance you need when you sign up today for your risk-free trial.

Speaking of guidance, to make sure that you get as much actionable information as possible, with your risk-free trial subscription, you'll also receive 7 Must-Own Mining Stocks in 2013, a special report with Louis' top picks among junior miners.

These are stocks sure to weather the economic storm that is currently whipping the sector… in a word, the kind of companies on sale today that will reap big returns for you tomorrow. Some of them even pay dividends.

Let me sum up what you're getting
with your subscription…

And remember: You can cancel your subscription within the first 3 months for a full refund… no questions asked.

Whether you love International Speculator or not, you won't regret trying it either way. That's our firm promise.

Louis James

To great opportunities,
 Olivier Garett
Olivier Garret
CEO, Casey Research

P.S. Still on the fence? Then let me put you at ease even more: With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, even if you cancel your International Speculator subscription after the 3 months are up, you'll still receive a pro-rata refund for the remainder of your subscription. What could be fairer than that?

You really have nothing to lose… but a lot to gain.

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