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No shots are being fired, no blood's being spilled. There aren't any soldiers either, but there are mercenaries – they're the objects of this war, which is opening up enormous windfall opportunities for you… if you back the victors.

On a rainy evening in February 2008, Google VP of Operations Sheryl Sandberg walked into the office of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

She was finally ready to accept his offer.

She had agreed to defect – to become another mercenary in the global war for the best minds in technology. Now she was Facebook's chief operating officer.

About 200 Facebook Employees Used To Work At Google – More Than 10% Of Its Staff

San Francisco Chronicle

This was a big blow to Google, and the beginning of Facebook's meteoric rise.

The battles for brilliant minds like Sandberg are being fought every day throughout the world of the high-tech industry.

And they're creating outstanding profit opportunities for investors just like you.

Let me explain…

High-tech "mercenaries" hold the key
to profiting in technology

I call technological geniuses "mercenaries" because they can demand top dollar for their extraordinary ability to create revolutionary technologies… technologies that can skyrocket the fortunes of a company – and its investors – overnight.

Google Offers Staff Engineer $3.5 Million To Turn Down Facebook...

Twitter Kicks Off 2010 Hiring People Away From Google, Bebo, Ning And More.

Companies will go to extraordinary lengths to win this battle for brainpower.

Take Google.

Fearful of losing yet more talent to Facebook and other up-and-coming rivals, in November 2010, Google announced the disbursement of $1 billion to its 23,000+ employees.

Paying enormous sums to keep technology experts from jumping ship is one strategy companies employ to ensure they have the talent they need to stay competitive.

Luring it away á la Facebook is another.

But there's a third strategy. If companies can't lure away or retain the brainpower they need, sometimes…

They simply deploy billions of dollars
to capture the firms that have it

According to Ernst and Young, one of the largest accounting firms in the world, global technology mergers and acquisitions surged 41% in 2011. For deals with disclosed values, the total was $167.7 billion, up from $119 billion in 2010.

Last year's buyouts included Apple's purchase of Israeli flash storage maker Anobit for $500 million, and HP's scooping up of Great Britain's largest software company, Autonomy, for a whopping $10.3 billion.

2012 is off to a flying start as well. In April, IBM announced an agreement to acquire Vivisimo, a private company that provides commercial data analysis software, for an undisclosed sum, while Facebook bought photo-sharing service Instagram for $1 billion.

It's easy to believe these takeovers were simply over technology and hardware. But the fact is, the hundreds of engineers and developers who were acquired with these companies – the ingenious minds who created all this technology in the first place – were the true spoils of these victories.

In this war, it's all about who wins the service of the mercenaries. Whether they're poached one by one, or taken en masse through corporate buyouts doesn't matter much.

Regardless of how it's done, the companies that gain control of the technological innovators are the winners in this game.

And investors who back the victors win big, too. Take those who bought Oracle the day it purchased Microsystems (April 20, 2009). As of this writing, these investors have realized a gain of 65.5%.

The essential element to capturing consistent tech profits is
picking companies with top leadership

Sure, there's more to success in tech than having the best people in your ranks. But there's no such thing as a successful technology company that doesn't have phenomenal talent – especially the top brass.

You've no doubt heard of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google. You probably know about Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, too.

But there are other, equally brilliant high-tech executives out there you may not be aware of.

Like Jeff Jordan.

Jordan was president of PayPal when OpenTable (OPEN) – a leading provider of free online reservations for diners – convinced him to jump ship.

A look at his track record shows why they were so eager to sign him up.

As PayPal's president, Jordan developed the company into the global standard for online payments. And in his previous post as general manager of eBay North America, he helped build eBay into the commercial juggernaut it is today.

OpenTable were certain he'd lead them to similar success. And they were right.

But they weren't the only ones to leverage his technological expertise to stellar profits…

An industry insider's stakeout
of OpenTable yields quick gains

Jordan took OpenTable public in May of 2009, and in so doing caught the attention of a technology industry insider.

This man – a veteran in the war for top tech minds – had been monitoring Jordan's successes for some time.

Six months after the IPO, he issued a recommendation to a select group of investors: Buy OpenTable.

If you had been one of these investors, five months later you would have received his follow-up instructions to sell for a tidy 40% gain – turning every $5,000 investment into $7,000.

Since this gain, he's been on a roll, as evidenced by his 2010 closed positions…

  1. 54% GAIN in 4 months
  2. 46% GAIN in 7 days
  3. 48% GAIN in 5 months, 3 days
  4. 27% LOSS in 3 months, 2 days
  5. 39% GAIN in 4 months, 26 days
  6. 50% GAIN in 3 months, 9 days
  1. 4% GAIN in 9 months, 22 days
  2. 48% GAIN in 8 months, 3 days
  3. 45% GAIN in 4 months, 28 days
  4. 41% GAIN in 4 months, 19 days
  5. 11% GAIN in 4 months

As you can see, of the 11 technology plays he recommended, 10 were winners. That's a success rate of 90.9%.

In 2011 – a difficult year for the markets – this industry insider scored a total portfolio profit of 11.2%, trouncing the performance of the S&P 500 (-1.1%) and NASDAQ (-3.2%).

And 2012 is shaping up to be a banner year. As of this writing, there have been four closed positions – all substantial winners:

I'll reveal the technology expert behind all this success in a moment, but before I do, I'd like to introduce myself.

I'm Olivier Garret, CEO of Casey Research. We've been helping investors just like you make money for over 25 years, thanks to some of the top investment experts in the world.

One of them is the man I've been telling you about. He's uniquely qualified to uncover today's most profitable tech companies…

Introducing Alex Daley, a former mercenary
in the war for top tech minds

Alex is recognized throughout the industry as one of the leading experts in innovative technology:

Now, as head of the technology division at Casey Research, he publishes one of our newsletters – Casey Extraordinary Technology. This publication is the best tool I know of to help you profit from the battle for technology's greatest minds.

I'll tell you more about this unique service shortly, but first I want to show you how Alex guided his subscribers to a windfall in an under-the-radar medical technology company…

Surveillance of a medical device manufacturer secures triple-digit gains

In March 2008, NxStage Medical (NXTM) was on the hunt for an executive to lead its five manufacturing facilities. NxStage – which manufacture and market systems for kidney disease treatment – not only needed someone experienced in operational management, they needed him to be an expert in technology.

They found their man in Tom Shea.

He was a perfect fit, having worked for Jabil Incorporated, a product management services company. His duties there included supporting clients in the aerospace, defense and telecommunications industries as global business manager.

Alex – who's always on the lookout for sleepy little tech companies poised for explosive growth – saw that Shea's rise in the ranks of NxStage presented the potential for an exceptional profit opportunity.

So for the next year he watched the company closely, waiting for the right moment to strike. When that moment arrived, he told Casey Extraordinary Technology subscribers to pull the trigger on NxStage.

Now they're sitting on a 71% gain.

Alex's Early Hi-Tech Training Ground

Alex revealed himself to be a technological prodigy in grade school, when he took his first computer apart and reassembled it just for fun.

By 6th grade, school officials were pulling him from class to fix malfunctioning computers. In high school, he was moonlighting as a full-time programmer, working on personal digital assistants (PDAs).

At 20, he served as a professor of computer science and information technology for a major university, and later was promoted to director of information technology systems, where he helped develop….

Soon he was collaborating with researchers, entrepreneurs and intellectual property offices to transform their innovative ideas into game-changing products.

And at the same time, he helped bring these products to market by introducing them to the forces that had the resources – the cash – to make it happen.

These forces included angel investors and venture capitalists, who increasingly relied on his tech expertise to help guide their investment decisions.

In studying their investment strategies, he discovered they paid little mind to metrics like P/E ratios. Instead, they analyzed a company to see if it had a high probability for future growth. And if it did, they invested – but only if they could buy into that potential growth for a reasonable price.

Seeing the success these daring investors had, he utilized their strategies and started booking profits for himself.

Then he went to work for the biggest technology company in the world…

Microsoft Enlists Alex to
Join Its Team

While he was making all these valuable industry connections, he was also serving as a liaison between high-tech corporations and researchers at universities like MIT and Harvard. Word was getting around that he had an uncanny ability to connect the inventors of great technology with corporations that could turn their innovations into profitable products.

One of these corporations was Microsoft. He accepted an offer to join their team and quickly established himself as a top strategist in their R&D headquarters. Now he was leading efforts to unleash new innovative products on the world:

He quickly realized the investment strategy he'd learned from venture capitalists – valuing a company by accurately estimating future growth (instead of focusing on basic metrics like P/Es) – would also work well in the stock market.

This lesson paid off richly…

And since taking command of Casey Extraordinary Technology, he's led his subscribers to win after win…

The bottom line is, Alex's experience in the trenches of high-tech… as an advisor to wealthy angel investors… as a collaborator with inventors… and as trusted member of Bill Gates' R&D team… gives him a unique advantage in technology investing.

Now he's mapping out profit strategies for 2011 and beyond, which – as always – involves monitoring the never-ending battle for the top minds in tech.

And now you can get right in on the action…

– Casey Extraordinary Technology –
Your battle plan for hi-tech gains

Alex only issues a buy order to Casey Extraordinary Technology subscribers when the companies he targets...

And he only recommends companies that have escaped the attention of institutional investors (so you can buy them cheaply).

The easy way to capture
big tech sector gains

Investing in tech without Alex is like exploring the Amazon without a guide.

But there's no need to go it alone.

Right now you can access all of Alex's top tech picks – completely risk-free – for the next 90 days.

These are technology sector plays that have passed Alex's rigorous vetting process and offer outstanding potential to boost your portfolio – companies with sound management, breakthrough technologies and the resources to bring their innovations to market.

They're flying under the radar of the investing herd, so now's the time to get in on them… before Wall Street catches on.

Seize tech targets with
stellar profit potential over and over

Alex scouts the entire world of technology to try to find you at least one stock ripe for windfall gains each month. Sometimes you'll get more.

All of his recommendations include everything you need to know about the company, including what they do, who the key players are, why he likes it, and whether it's a low-, medium- or high-risk investment. Equally important, you get the right price to target – and a timely signal on when to sell.

In Casey Extraordinary Technology, you'll also get the latest news and developments from every corner of the technology sector…

Every monthly issue also includes the latest research and development in a variety of fields to help you stay on top of emerging opportunities. Plus, you'll get unlimited access to every issue that's ever been published, as well as a library chock-full of articles and special reports on technology investing strategies.

And to make sure you don't miss out on any late-breaking opportunities, you'll also get…

Casey Extraordinary Technology Alerts
Your Private Signal to High Tech Gains

The explosive tech sector offers incredible portfolio-boosting opportunities that can strike faster than lightening. But to profit from them, you need to be able to strike just as fast.

That's why Casey Extraordinary Technology features a 24/7 alert service that signals high-profit-potential plays you have to pull the trigger on right away – plays that simply can't wait until the next issue.

Whenever short-window opportunities like these arise – and they do all the time in technology – Alex will e-mail you an alert so you can take action right away… before your best chance at windfall profits is gone.

Please understand, compiling these alerts and rushing them to you in time is a major endeavor. Alex and his team had to literally develop an early warning system to keep ahead of breaking news. This system requires the monitoring of oceans of data and industry reports as they're released – and keeping in very close contact with Alex's deep cadre of industry connections.

But it's all worth it because getting immediate access to this vital information is the key to capturing profits that pop up from…

Jumping in quickly on these and other breaking tech sector developments can make the difference between seizing tidy gains… or missing them entirely.

Combined with the monthly reports, these alerts give you a fearsome investing arsenal that mainstream investors just can't match.

While they're all glued to CNBC or poring over mainstream publications hoping to glean a hot tip or two, Casey Extraordinary Technology will be monitoring the entire sector, putting you in a superior position to cash in on the latest technological breakthroughs.

Take our no-risk trial subscription offer

There are so many ways to cash in on this war for high-tech minds… but only if you invest smart. And I truly believe there's no smarter way to profit from technological innovation than through Casey Extraordinary Technology.

It's a must for any serious investor. And I'm willing to stick my neck out a bit to make sure you get a fair chance to add it to your investment toolbox.

So here's what you should do:

Sign up for Casey Extraordinary Technology for a risk-free three-month trial run.

Once you do, you'll be given access to:

Casey Extra ordinary Technology -  money-back guarantee

And of course when news breaks on a fresh money-making opportunity – whether it's from a new technological discovery or an important defection of a key player from one company to another – Alex will immediately e-mail you an all-important alert.

You get all of this to use and profit from for the next 90 days. Go ahead and make your own trades. Investigate Alex's recommendations.

Then decide for yourself.

And if at any time within those first 90 days you decide Casey Extraordinary Technology doesn't fit your investment strategies, let us know and we'll give you a prompt, courteous, no-questions-asked refund.

Your next step...

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, all you have to do is invest $199 for a 3-month, risk-free trial subscription to Casey Extraordinary Technology – a 20% discount off the regular price.

For less than a night on the town, you'll get full access to all of Alex's advice and recommendations. And if you decide Casey Extraordinary Technology isn't for you – for any reason (or no reason at all) – just let us know within three months and you'll get every penny back.

But I think you'll stay on board. Once you see how thoroughly Alex researches his recommendations… once you read his updates on the latest breakthrough technologies… once you analyze his track record for yourself – you'll be glad you signed up.

So don't wait – try Casey Extraordinary Technology and start profiting from the war for the best minds in tech right now!

Start You Risk-Free Trial Now

Don't wait – opportunities to profit in tech are popping up like never before.

I'd hate for you to miss a single one.

To a most prosperous 2012,

Olivier Garret
Chief Executive Officer
Casey Research

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