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Finding "Elephants" That Can Dance…

Elephants CAN DanceIBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, and Apple…
the "elephants" of the technology industry…
have created immense wealth over the last half-century.

And today they are working on their most amazing advances yet – from bendable screens to self-driving cars – innovations that will create another technological revolution.

A revolution that could make many more investors very wealthy in the process. Here's how you can be part of the next wave…Innovation is arguably the largest single driver of economic growth in the US…

Dear Reader,

If your vision of Big Technology companies is that they are a group of aging behemoths that plod along like "elephants" with no real chance of growth… you are in for a big surprise.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Just look around you…

At work, in your home, in your leisure time…

You're surrounded by the innovations of Big Tech companies.

You're texting or web browsing on your smartphone, getting your email on your iPad, listening to music on your mp3 player, and reading your book on your tablet… all compliments of Big Tech.

And the tech boom is not just happening here at home.

As the size of the middle class explodes in countries like China and India, the demand for Big Tech's newest technologies continues to grow at an even faster pace.

The impact of the global middle-class explosion is already being felt…

According to Gartner, Inc., the world's largest information technology research company, worldwide technology spending will soar to $3.7 trillion this year.

Much of it is attributed to the enormous growth in the middle class worldwide and its huge demand for Big Tech's breakthrough products… like smartphones, tablets, and mp3 players.

According to Brookings Institution estimates, by 2015, for the first time in 300 years, the number of Asian middle-class consumers will equal the number in Europe and North America… nearly 1 billion.

By 2021, on present trends, the Brookings Institution reports that in China alone, there could be over 670 million middle-class consumers, compared with only 150 million today.

Bringing enormous new consumer markets – more than double the current US population – eager to have the hottest new technological breakthroughs…

Imagine that… the equivalent of more than 2 American consumer markets demanding all the latest new technologies.

And the sector that is benefiting immensely from this major shift in demographics… Big Tech!

Because this rapidly growing global middle class of over 2 billion people will have more disposable income and a heavy appetite for technology products to spend on Big Tech's newest breakthrough innovations…

Estimates show that each new entrant to the middle class could spend up to $3,450 per year on new smartphones, tablets, and other revolutionary technologies… much of that on products and services from our Big Tech "Elephants."

Already, the exploding global middle class is having an impact on high tech sales, with a recent United Parcel Service (UPS) survey noting…

"Most U.S. high-tech companies expect to export more cell phones, tablets and other electronics over the next two years to growing middle-class populations in developing nations, citing free trade pacts and rising labor costs abroad."

In fact, says the UPS survey, "High-tech product sales and shipments are expected to grow the most, by 22 percent, in India, the Middle East and Africa, over the next three to five years."

And with their deep pockets, Big Technology companies have the ability to reinvent themselves and create incredible new products to take advantage of these new consumer markets and cutting-edge trends.

Using their huge scale and massive resources, they have a significant advantage over smaller competitors, with their ability to invest in research & development, their pricing power, and the reach of their global distribution networks.

Advantages that keep them ahead of their competition with faster rollouts of innovative new products and quicker improvements of old products…

Original iPod
Almost overnight the iPod transformed Apple from a small firm with a niche market to global brand with a product in nearly every home in the developed world.

Case in point… Apple Inc.

Its monster run of 3,389% through September 2012 begain in October 2001, when it released the iPod, one of the most anticipated electronic breakthroughs of our time.

Apple was pretty much written off as a niche company serving a very limited audience of designers and devotees in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

But that all changed with the iPod.

Apple didn't invent the mp3 player, but it made it easier to use, "cooler and hipper."

And it was an enormous hit.

Now, 12 years later, this Big Tech behemoth continues to be a global force with its revolutionary new technologies, such as the iPhone and iPad.

With its enormous scale – its $432 billion market value is now bigger than the economy of Austria and 165 other nations – Apple is able to provide the resources necessary to reinvent itself and continue to prosper… like the creation of its own retail stores that helped expand the global reach of its brand.

And for those investors who are willing to take a second look at explosive Big Tech cash cows with their groundbreaking innovations and enormous resources … the rewards could be tremendous.

The Bottom Line Is This…
Big Tech "Elephants"
Can Still Dance!

Fact is, Big Tech companies are taking advantage of their massive marketing muscle, logistics expertise, and negotiating power to keep their costs down…

Like IBM's great success in reinventing itself and moving from low-margin hardware to software and high-margin services.

And IBM and Apple are not alone in the continuing success of Big Tech companies using their large scale and huge cash reserves to reinvent themselves and create extraordinary new technological advancements – and record-setting profits.

Meaning it's not too late for regular investors to make a fortune from Big Tech companies…

And for early-in investors, this emerging global middle-class boom in technology demand could be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Your chance to be part of the most lucrative new technological advancements from solid, well-run, cash-rich Big Tech companies that are reinventing themselves.

Innovation Is the Key
to America's Prosperity…

According to the Pew Research Center, "Economists estimate that up to 80 percent of modern economic growth arises from technological innovation."

Meaning that investors who acquire ownership positions in the builders of better mousetraps are poised to make massive profits…

No matter what the current worldwide economic situation is.

Right now, Big Technology companies have taken over the reins of creating cutting-edge, innovative discoveries that are changing our world…

The Apple Family of devices, Kindle, Droid – just to name a few.

In a recent article in The Economist, Michael Mandel of the Progressive Policy Institute think tank noted: "[P]eople assume that little start-ups are creative and big firms are slow and bureaucratic. But that is a gross oversimplification."

He concludes that in terms of "scale and innovation," today's economy favors big companies over small ones.

The fact is, Big Tech companies are creating jaw-dropping technologies that are changing our lives in important areas…

Like industrial goods, power, health care, information technology, food, and consumer goods.

And Big Tech companies are bringing substantial wealth to investors who understand that new technology breakthroughs from these companies are necessary to keep our world functioning…

  • What would computers be like without Intel's newest chip or Microsoft's productivity software?
  • What would modern communication be like without Apple's iPhone?
  • What would modern medicine be like without the new drug discoveries of Pfizer or Roche?

These Big Tech innovators are using their vast resources to create mind-blowing new products that help us lead richer, more productive lives…

And their business is booming…

Just look at the monster gains from these two Big Technology companies from their recent groundbreaking discoveries.…

  • Apple soared over 220% in the two and a half years after its iPad introduction in January 2010…
  • Amazon has gained over 222% since its Kindle introduction in November 2007…

And these impressive gains are from two well-established, well-run, worldwide Big Tech powerhouses… not some risky penny stock start-ups.

Here's just a small sampling of the enormous gains early investors could have made in Big Tech powerhouses…

Intuit jumped 2,144%
eBay jumped 2,287%
Celgene jumped 4,318%
Dell jumped 10,810%
Amazon jumped 12,457%
EMC Corp. jumped 12,486%
Qualcomm jumped 12,302%
Adobe Systems jumped 13,258%
Paychex jumped 27,592%
Apple jumped 31,730%
Microsoft jumped 43,657%
Oracle jumped 52,533%

Big Tech companies have made some early investors extremely rich…

And the good news is… they still are!

Every one of these companies had a revolutionary product they introduced into a market that had only begun to take hold at the time of their initial public offerings (IPOs).

And these companies not only jumped to a lead in their markets early, they continue to sustain that lead and grow as the market itself grows… providing them with the ability to compound their growth, year after year, at a higher rate than the overall market and the economy. And giving regular investors an opportunity for a lifetime of gains from well-established, well-run Big Tech companies.

Bottom line… Big Tech companies are soaring… even in this volatile economy.

And for those investors who get in early on their upcoming transformational Big Tech innovations, the gains could be substantial.

$20 Trillion Consumer Market Eager for Big Tech Products

Already, over 2.2 BILLION people worldwide use the Internet every day.

  • That's a massive 528% increase since 2000.

They go on to pay their bills, play games, communicate with family and friends, watch movies… and to purchase goods.

This one-stop shop worldwide capability has brought about a monster market for technology… one larger than anything seen before in human history.

Bloomberg reports that a recent study by McKinsey & Co. found, "Spending by middle-class consumers in countries such as China and Brazil will probably swell from $6.9 trillion to more than $20 trillion by 2022, equivalent to the size of the economies of the U.S., U.K. and Japan combined…"

And as the global middle class continues to expand and its access to the Internet continues to grow, the demand for Big Tech products like the smartphone, Kindle, iPad, and online services could rise to new record highs.

MarketWatch reports that "new research from Mintel into the emerging middle class in China reveals that booming interest in technology is set to create an online retail boom."

Signaling that the Big Tech boom has only just begun…

Even the world's greatest investor, Warren Buffett, agrees that NOW is the time to get into Big Tech…

Buffett Pours $10 Billion
into Big Tech Stock

Waren Buffet
Warren Buffett has traditionally shied away from tech, but recently even he found tremendous opportunity in the sector

Warren Buffett has poured a monster $10 billion into Big Tech stock IBM.

That's a large investment even for Buffett, and especially considering it was his first investment in technology… EVER.

And when Buffett starts buying on a scale this massive…he's looking for market-beating home runs…

As one of the world's richest men – and one of the most successful investors of all time – Buffett knows how to make money. He's done it before… over and over again…

And right now, he sees that it's the ideal time to invest in technology.

And so should you… But you need to know where to look! And that is where I come in.

I have spent my career inspecting, interviewing, and analyzing technology companies…

Helping venture capitalists, "angel" investors, and individual investors – like you – understand which technologies will succeed (and which won't) and where real shareholder wealth will be created.

And today, I see a massive opportunity ahead of us in the continued dominance of Big Tech companies.

More than any time in history, the forces of the market have aligned to provide a massive advantage to the companies with the size and scale to drive prices down and push innovation globally.

Creating unique opportunities to make big gains investing in stable, well-run, cash-rich technology leaders.

Opportunities that could provide you and your family with a windfall of cash…

And that's why I'm writing you today…

Because I am putting the finishing touches on the current issue of Big Tech, an investment newsletter bringing you independent research on mature technology companies. You'll get full details on cutting-edge new technologies from Big Tech companies that are poised to change the world once again.

For instance, the one Big Tech household name whose "self-driving" automobile breakthrough could forever transform the transportation industry, and one day even how you get to work.

And it could reduce the 33,000 car accident fatalities per year in the United States…

Not to mention allow a blind man or amputee to drive effortlessly.

It's an amazing new technology created by one of the biggest Big Tech companies in the world (and that no small upstart could ever have assembled the talent and capital to do)…

It's like something you'd expect to see in a science-fiction movie…

However, it's real, and it exists today.

In fact, Nevada recently became the first state to approve the use of this technology.

Giving you the perfect opportunity to get in early on this booming company's groundbreaking technology…

Inside Big Tech, you'll learn all about this revolutionary car technology that could change the way we live, work, and play.

And you'll get detailed, actionable investment research on the company that could add thousands of dollars to your pocket with this life-changing technology.

In just a minute, I'll tell you how to get your own copy of this research, but first let me tell you more about this breakthrough new "self-drive" technology.

Self-Driving Cars Become Reality

Goole's Self Driving Car
With its new "self-drive" car technology, one of my favorite tech companies is poised to transform the worldwide transportation industry.

"In Hollywood self-driving cars don't just drive," says PC World. "They jump over walls, carry on conversations with their driver, repair themselves, and even help Bruce Wayne fight crime."

Who could forget these famous self-driving cars – K.I.T.T., the Batmobile, Christine, and of course Herbie?

And now, thanks to this company's breakthrough self-drive car technology, Hollywood's fantasy car might just become a reality.

Well, hopefully it won't be possessed like Christine… And it probably won't have quite the personality of Herbie…

But nonetheless, it will be a transformational technology that could dramatically change the transportation industry… and your personal wealth.

Imagine… It's 5 p.m. and you just get off work. You pick up your cell phone and request a pick-up. Minutes later, your driverless car shows up in front of your office.

"World's Gym," you say, and off you go.

Your self-drive car checks road conditions, finds the fastest route to your gym, and informs you that it will be 20 minutes to arrive. On your way there, you review your emails, read your work report, and set up tomorrow's schedule.

No traffic jams, no worrying about falling asleep while you're driving, no rude drivers cutting you off.

In California, where legislation was just signed to allow driverless cars to operate on public roads, a blind man recently "drove" to a fast-food restaurant in this company's self-drive car…

He has no driver's license, yet with this company's patented new driving technology, he doesn't need one.

He just climbs in the driverless car, verbally states his destination, and off he goes.

Incredible… isn't it!

Using high-tech equipment such as radar sensors, a laser range finder to "see" other vehicles, and video cameras, the car and its blind "driver" were able to safely navigate the roads.

Amazingly… with over 299,000 miles driven, the self-drive car has had NO accidents.

"The concept of it is pretty awesome," Eric Bridges, government affairs director for the American Council of the Blind, told

PC Magazine calls the technology "revolutionary." Wired adds that it will bring about a "redefinition of travel."

Imagine the lives saved by this amazing technology and the increased productivity you'll have just riding in your car instead of driving.

Not to mention the decrease in road rage.

Plus, millions of visually and physically handicapped people will – for the first time – have the freedom to travel effortlessly and without depending on someone else.

Global automotive advisory firm, KPMG, says, "The new technology could provide solutions to some of our most intractable social problems – the high cost of traffic crashes and transportation infrastructure, the millions of hours wasted in traffic jams, and the wasted urban space given over to parking lots, just to name a few."

With over 1 billion cars on the road worldwide, the impact of driverless car technology on the transportation industry could be enormous.

And your profits from this company's revolutionary car technology could be equally enormous.

This is an opportunity for you to get in early on a transformational technology that could radically change the world's transportation system – a technology that is already approved for use in Nevada and California and currently under serious consideration in other states across the country.

And that's not all the good news coming from this explosive worldwide technology powerhouse…

With its massive hoard of cash on hand, it has the capital necessary to maintain its dominance within its core market, plus plenty of extra cash to pursue cutting-edge opportunities in other fast-growing markets… like…

  • social networking
  • web browsers
  • smartphones
  • tablets
  • smart TV's e-commerce daily deals.

With this fast-growing company, I've uncovered real value hidden among even the most heavily watched stocks in the market.

With its new "self-drive" car technology, this company is poised to transform the worldwide transportation industry… and could give you a significant return on your money.

And right now, you could get in at the very beginning of this groundbreaking technology's global introduction…

But you must hurry.

Once the company starts rolling out its self-drive car technology for the masses, Wall Street will bake the projected profits into the share price and your chances of maximizing your gains could be gone.

Hi. I'm Alex Daley.

For years, I've been specializing in innovative technology.

Perhaps you've seen me as a featured guest on CNN, CNBC, CBS World News, BBC, or one of many other networks that cover cutting-edge technology breakthroughs.

I've worked in the trenches of the technology sector, helping startups build their new technology.

I started out working in technology when I was young, creating software for the Palm line of devices from US Robotics.

And I've since been involved in helping fill some of the biggest technology needs in the world:

  • I helped MySpace work on music-streaming services and its local applications
  • I worked with Facebook to develop its data center and its photo application
  • I developed a lie detector for the CIA that measures the vibrations of a person's vocal cords

I worked inside of the executive suite at one of the biggest tech companies in the world… Microsoft… becoming a top strategist in their R&D headquarters.

I helped find breakthrough ideas and helped develop them, such as:

  • Social networking applications for cell phones and GPS devices
  • Technology to enable computers to see depth in 2D photographs
  • Self-driven robotic vehicles that can navigate hundreds of miles of rugged terrain
  • Software that reconstructs 3D models of lost artifacts from past civilizations

I don't tell you this to brag… but so that you know that I understand the technology industry inside and out, because I've worked at all phases of tech development.

And I've had the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most powerful business geniuses in the world… from Bill Gates, to Ray Ozzie, to Mark Zuckerberg.

And in all my years of researching and writing about innovative breakthroughs, I've rarely been as excited as I am about the jaw-dropping new self-drive technology that I'll share with you today.

This is a technology that could transform the transportation industry as much as the mass adoption of the automobile did over a century ago and make investors reliable profits.

That's why I'm telling you about this company today.

So that you can get in early on this amazing self-drive technology and find out the full details on its creator… my first Big Tech stock recommendation.

And if my current winning track record is any indication of the coming success of my newest recommendation, you could soon add thousands of dollars of investment income to your bottom line.

100% Win Rate in 2012

When I was offered to head up a technology newsletter at Casey Research, I jumped at the opportunity.

Although I truly enjoyed my work at Microsoft and was able to learn a tremendous amount about the technology industry while I was there, I relished the opportunity to pursue a career where I could use my three passions in life in a single enterprise.

In addition to a fanatical interest in technology, I could pursue my passion for investing and my love of writing.

Tellingly, my dual university degrees are in computer science and economics.

Today, that newsletter has grown to be one of the most respected investment advisories in the technology industry – Casey Extraordinary Technology.

The idea behind this service is to find the most promising, up-and-coming technology companies – giving investors the chance to get into the emerging tech trends before they cross the chasm into the mainstream.

This way, once the herd catches on and investors start bidding up the share price, my readers are already positioned and ready to take profits.

And the idea is working… with readers enjoying a long list of winning recommendations…

In 2010, I closed out 10 positions, 9 of which were winners for a total average gain of 35%, with an average holding duration of just five short months.

This translates to an average annualized gain of over 84% (repeat these gains, and this turns every $5,000 into $9,200 in a year and every $5,000 into $105,454 in just five years).

While 2011 was a challenging period for all market sectors, I still realized some solid gains, including…

  • 70% on Ebix, Inc. (EBIX)
  • 24% on Sigma Designs (SIGM)
  • 23% shorting (YOKU)
  • 147% on MAKO Surgical Corp. (MAKO) – our top performer for the year

And in 2012, I've closed ten positions with nine of them winners that have lined readers' pockets with potentially tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how much they invested.

Company Percentage Gain
iRobot Corp 97%
Curis Inc. 68%
3D Systems Corp. 42%
Stratasys Inc. 69%
Equinix Inc. 40%
Genomic Health Inc. 96%
Celsion Corp. 72%
Activision Blizzard Corp. 13%
Amylin Pharmaceuticals Inc. 50%

If you had invested a mere $10,000 into each of these recommendations and closed out with me, you'd be sitting on an impressive pre-tax total of $144,700 today.

That's a $54,700 profit in just nine months!

We're also sitting on 15 open gains… including an 85% gain from a leader in the biotechnology industry, a 148% gain from a supplier of innovative computer security solutions, and a 46% gain from a developer and manufacturer of a revolutionary new 3D printer.

Even during a time of incredible economic uncertainty, we've managed to maintain a 100% win rate on our closed positions so far in 2012.

You simply won't find a better track record than that… anywhere.

Whenever I tell subscribers to buy any investment, I make sure that the company meets my strict requirements.

It needs to be developing something that will be in demand no matter which direction the economy is going – that's the secret that keeps you ahead in any market.

Think of it this way: if someone develops a cure for cancer, it doesn't matter what the market is like.

That's something that will be in demand. This is how the tech sector works and how you invest in it.

I look for companies solving problems that were believed to be unsolvable, or improving on existing methodologies.

If a company delivers real value, I see potential for an investment.

It All Started with Our Hugely Successful Casey Extraordinary Technology Report…

I'm proud of my accomplishments at Casey Extraordinary Technology.

And the success I've had in recommending a long list of stock winners to our Extraordinary Technology readers.

But during my extensive research to find little-known, small, cutting-edge technology companies for Casey Extraordinary Technology, I realized that I've been passing over a whole slew of much larger, safer market moves.

Perhaps not the type of recommendations that my elite group of risk-takers at Casey Extraordinary Technology would seek out, but excellent investment opportunities nonetheless.

These are Big Tech companies that are large, stable, and well established, but are still experiencing high growth and are capable of bringing you double- and triple-digit gains with their revolutionary new products.

But I had to pass them by, since I didn't have a service that catered to an audience that was looking for a longer-term, safer investment alternative.

Until now.

Today I'm excited to share with you a brand-new investment research service that targets the Big Tech companies.

With this new service, our focus is different than with Casey Extraordinary Technology

With my new service, I'll show you how to build a long-term-focused portfolio with stable, safe investments that still have the opportunity to grow at greater than 20% annually.

In other words, we are willing to sacrifice a little bit of upside in exchange for a drastic reduction in risk: at a level where we can still achieve absolutely incredible returns in the long term.

Consider an investment of a mere $10,000.

Most money managers and brokers hold that over the long run the stock market has gained on average about 7% per year, after you roll dividends back in.

Over a decade's time in the market, at a 7% gain per year, your investment (before taxes) would be worth $19,600 and change.

The same investment in a standout Big Tech stock that was able to grow annually at an average rate of about 20% – well less than the average annual gains of Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, or Apple since inception – would yield $61,000, or more than 3 times the return, in those same ten years.

The divergence becomes ever more impressive as the years increase.

At 25 years, just shy of the time since Microsoft went public, the result for our Big Tech star is an accumulation of just under $1 million.

From a start of just $10,000.

That's nearly twentyfold the return of the market.

And that is excluding fees, taxes on gains, and the effects of inflation, all of which reduce the real value of that small market gain to an even more sobering level. Of course, we're not contemplating a 25-year hold period, but I think the example still drives home the point that technology companies can provide the kinds of gains you just won't find in most other sectors.

With our new Big Tech research service, we'll focus on already proven leaders who have a demonstrated ability to grow.

Whereas Casey Extraordinary Technology focuses on more speculative and earlier-stage companies, our new Big Tech publication is about the proven premise of growing your technology holdings with steady gains, and the idea that your portfolio need not be a source of constant worry.

With our new publication, we'll search out powerful companies leading the way in developing groundbreaking innovations that are transforming our transportation, medical, energy, and a slew of other fields.

Stable, reliable big technology innovators delivering the same kinds of gains as Apple, Amazon, and IBM…

Just look at how their returns have compared to the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the last decade:

A 45% Gain on the Dow Looks Good Until You Compare it to Big Tech

index of INDEXDJX:.DJI

While the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 45%, IBM soared 124%, Amazon jumped 874%, and Apple gained an astronomical 6,907%. And none of these were start-ups or recent IPOs that keep you up at night with every market gyration.

Proving that even in a volatile economy, Big Tech companies with cutting-edge technologies and sound business plans are vastly outperforming the overall stock market average.

Because of their…

  • substantial amount of cash on hand
  • huge research & development departments
  • large scale that allows them to get their innovations to market faster
  • strong partnerships
  • well-tested technologies

… these Big Tech companies can easily topple their small competition and thrive in tough economic times.

And with my timely new service, you'll be the first to find out about the safest and most established tech giants at the forefront of colossal innovations that could dramatically impact our world… and make you retirement-rich.

I call my new service simply BIG TECH.

Introducing BIG TECH


I've been busy building the BIG TECH team for months… bringing together a well-respected team of dedicated analysts and investors at Casey Research, working exclusively on finding you the world's hottest Big Tech opportunities.

Offering you the same breakthrough discoveries, the same big potential gains as Casey Extraordinary Technology… but from larger and less volatile companies.

Even Top Financial Experts Are Jumping on the Big Tech Bandwagon…

With Forbes recently stating, "With big tech shares again cheap and dividend payouts growing, perhaps it's time to admit a truth: tech is the new value."

"The good news," Forbes continues, "is that there are plenty of great value stocks in the land of tech giants."

Fidelity Investments states, "One place to get that Goldilocks mix of growth and income? Large technology stocks."

The bottom line is this… Even in this rocky economy, you could make a windfall with Big Tech companies.

Like the Big Tech powerhouse that is in the final testing stages of an all-new self-driving car that's already on the roads of Nevada… soon to follow in California and maybe coming to your state very soon.

This booming company alone could make you enough returns to cover the small subscription price to Casey Big Tech hundreds of times over…

And that's just one of many Big Tech recommendations that will be available to readers who sign up for my new technology service, BIG TECH.

My point is this… early-in knowledge about market-transforming products from Big Tech innovators could give you an important edge in making substantial gains in the market.

My past record of winning recommendations proves that just one of my recommendations could double or triple your money and could make this service worth thousands to you over the course of the coming year.

Your Pathway to Prosperity

If you look at other comparable stock market reports from investment advisory services out there… you could pay as much as $995 for them.

But our rate isn't anywhere near that amount for Casey BIG TECH.

Because we want to reach as many people as possible with our new service.

So we've put together a special rate for Charter Members to this incredible new service.

Why? Because I don't want there to be any reason for you not to try BIG TECH

And I want to make sure as many people as possible have the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities uncovered by this service.

  • So if you sign up right now, you'll lock in the special introductory rate of just $99 for one year of our blockbuster new service.

That's only about $8.25 per month, about what you'd pay for lunch, but for a service that will keep you solidly ahead of the latest and most profitable technological developments and how to invest in them.

A great deal, I think you'll agree.

From a top-notch team of technology experts exclusively working for you to find the best Big Tech opportunities worldwide that could make you a windfall of cash…

All for the special introductory rate of just $99 for a full year.

Here's what's included…

The Best $99 You'll Ever Spend…

Every month at BIG TECH, I deliver right to your inbox the full, detailed, actionable investment research on the very best of the Big Tech companies.

Booming, well-established companies with breakthrough innovations and rock-solid management from every field of technology.

I'll tell you not only when to buy but when it's time to sell for maximum profit.

And that's not all you get when you subscribe to BIG TECH.

  • 24/7 email alerts: I stay on top of Big Tech companies and the newest technologies as the market moves and opportunities change every day. As soon as breaking news occurs, I'll send you a personal email alert, giving you my up-to-the-minute advice and explanations regarding what's happening… what's likely to happen… and what action you should take.
  • A full resource library: For as long as you remain an active subscriber, you also get unlimited access to every future issue of BIG TECH – every article, every special strategy, every special report…
  • Plus, when you accept this invitation to start a trial subscription to BIG TECH, you'll get immediate access to this month's issue and the full archive of recent issues and research.

That's a really great offer, any way you slice it.

But I'd like to make it even better. So here it is…

Iron-Clad Guarantee

Enjoy our No-Risk Trial Offer.

Whether you want to take advantage of the incredible returns of a Big Tech investment or you want to tackle the high-reward technology market, Casey Big Tech has everything you need.

In fact, I believe this so deeply that I will make it easy for you: sign up for BIG TECH today and enjoy a 100% Money-Back Guarantee 90-day trial run.

As soon as you accept this no-risk trial, you will have immediate access to the latest issue of BIG TECH with my current picks and recommendations, and you'll be on the list to receive the upcoming issue.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you are not 100% satisfied, simply cancel any time within 90 days and get a full refund. (And even if you cancel after 90 days, you'll still receive a refund of the remainder of your subscription.)

Your satisfaction is
our primary concern.

Try it for 90 days.

Profit from the advice all you want.

If you decide that this isn't what you want or that it does not fit with your investment strategy, just let us know during your first 90 days, and we will send you a full refund – no questions asked.

That's right. No strings attached.

You can even cancel on the very last day of the 90-day trial period and still receive a full, 100% refund, if that's what you decide.

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Doesn't that sound fair?

So if you're serious about making the kind of money I've shown you, it's crucial to take action immediately…

Start your Charter Member trial subscription today, for proven investment strategies, independent research on the hottest Big Tech innovations, and actionable investment recommendations in the technology sector.

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All you need is to take a look at my recommendations, utilizing my deep industry connections, along with my established track record of success and the comprehensive information and advice that you will receive.

The profits will speak for themselves.

Please don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity.

Part of the beauty of the technology sector is that there's always something new being developed that can improve the world… like the self-driving vehicle… and make substantial profits for those who get in early.

The question is: Will you be one of them?

I've told you all the essentials. Now it's up to you.

Take BIG TECH for a "test drive" that will put you on the cutting edge of Big Tech innovation and extraordinary profits for many years to come.

(You can still review the details before starting.)


Alex Daley Signature

Alex Daley
Chief Technology Investment Strategist
Casey Research

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(You can still review the details before starting.)

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