Just like cheap oil, "easy investing" is a thing of the past. Today, savvy investors need to be economists, historians, trend researchers, and financial experts all in one. But here's a 2-in-1 discount package that will give you the expertise you need to navigate today's complex investing environment...

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The Double-
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Here's how you can understand the global financial collapse as never before – and crisis-invest like the pros in the coming years.

Dear Fellow Investor,

It's true that no one has a crystal ball to say for sure where the economy and markets will be going. But the 35 top-notch experts you'll read about in a minute come as close as anyone can get.

Their outlook on the near future, along with the monthly perspective and investment advice contained in The Casey Report, are a perfect way for you to fully understand where this crisis is headed – and how you can both protect yourself and profit handsomely.

At the recent Casey Research Summit in Boca Raton, FL, an all-star cast of renowned economists, seasoned investment pros, and resource experts gave a captivated audience their take on the most pressing topics of the next few years:

  • Where will the end of Q2 leave the U.S. economy and the dollar?
  • Is there any way that the U.S. can get out of its hellish debt load without defaulting?
  • How much of a threat is rising inflation?
  • Will there be another financial collapse like the one in 2008? How can you protect yourself from the fallout?
  • Which are the best sectors and specific stocks to be long in right now?

In this time of government smokescreens, backroom deals, and outright lies, we see an enormous need for straightforward, honest information among investors.

And it looks like investors agree:

  • Within only 27 days, all available Summit seats were booked.
  • Our Summit CD set – with more than 20 hours of live audio recordings – have been selling like hotcakes.

Here are just a few of the big names who presented their unique views on the following, critical topics:

John Williams, Shadow Government Statistics, economic whistleblower and advisor to Fortune 500 companies, on The True State of the U.S. Economy

James G. Rickards, Senior Managing Director for Market Intelligence at Omnis, Inc., on Gold, Geopolitics, and the Gold Standard

Mike Maloney, advisor on Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad team, on Silver – How to Profit from the Greatest Wealth Transfer in History

Chris Whalen, Managing Director, Institutional Risk Analytics, on The Outlook for Housing, Financials, and the U.S. Economy

Porter Stansberry, investment advisor, founder of Stansberry & Associates, on The End of America

Rick Rule, founder of Global Resource Investments, on A Portfolio Approach to Crisis Investing

And now you have a one-time chance to DOUBLE UP AND SAVE on the best of their – and the Casey Report editors' – advice.

But first, let me tell you what's so amazing about these men.

They have their fingers
on the pulse of the U.S. economy

Unlike most TV talking heads and politicians, these experts had years ago come to the same conclusion as the Casey team and accurately predicted – well in advance – the quagmire the United States finds itself in today.

They foresaw the subprime debacle and subsequent housing crash... the bank failures… the gradual demise of the U.S. dollar… the global sovereign debt crisis… and the meteoric rise of the precious metals in response to widespread economic collapse.

And as a personal favor to Doug Casey and his crew, many of them agreed to provide additional insights in the current edition of The Casey Report.

Here's a tiny taste of what you'll read:

Outlook for housing is grim…
Homeownership is now at 66.4%, the lowest level since 1998. We expect this metric to continue to decline and with it the available pool of home buyers. With the 30-year fixed rate mortgage over 5%, according to the FHA, the outlook for housing in 2011-2012 is grim at best.
-Chris Whalen, Institutional Risk Analytics

Being on the right side of the euro…
Rather than use the Dollar Index, we prefer to use the euro. Why? Because it makes up the bulk of the Dollar Index and has a far more liquid option market. We trade options, so this matters to us. We have a very simple trading methodology for being on the right side of the euro. It’s so simple, we call it the “Red Light/Green Light” method.
-Stephen Belmont, RMB Group

Warning sign for inflation…
If the M3 growth continues to accelerate, such would become a warning sign for an inflation pick-up, which already appears to be underway.
- John Williams, Shadow Stats.com

Currencies are not a store of value…
Price means absolutely nothing. When you’re talking about the price [of gold and silver], you’re using the dollar, or some other currency in the world, as a measuring stick. And all currencies are falling in value; they are not a store of value – so you can’t use them to measure anything.
-Mike Maloney, Rich Dad advisors

Interest payments won’t be covered…
I think it is safe to assume, with the current state of politics, that Washington will continue to kick the can down the road until the point where action is unavoidable. Unfortunately, by then, interest payments won’t be able to be covered without major upheaval in both the value of the dollar and interest rates.
-Bud Conrad, chief economist, Casey Research

Despite these rather stern assessments, though, it's not all doom and gloom.

In the very same issue of The Casey Report, the editors – including Doug Casey himself – will give you actionable intelligence and specific stock and fund recommendations for your own crisis investing.

Let's take just one example: interest rates.

For years, the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates artificially low to help out flailing banks and to encourage prospective home buyers.

But that can't go on forever.

With the Fed's out-of-control money printing, the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar is gradually dwindling away, as you can see in the chart below:

The Incredible Shrinking Dollar

And foreign buyers of U.S. Treasuries – the government’s IOUs – are getting more and more reluctant to put their money into an “asset” that doesn’t pay anything. Already, China, Russia, and other countries have been severely lightening their loads of Treasuries and buying precious metals instead… a reliable store of value.

There’s absolutely no doubt that if the U.S. government wants to keep selling Treasury bonds, the interest rate will HAVE to go up, and soon.

And The Casey Report editors show you the best way to play this slam-dunk contention – to cash in when rates take the inevitable climb.

You’ll also find:

  • A value energy play that keeps you on the right side of the ready-to-break-out energy sector
  • Two currencies you need to own for a crisis-proof portfolio
  • Funds that give you excellent leverage to the bull market in precious metals
  • An ETF that lets you bank on one of the strongest economies in the Western world
  • An option play on one of the U.S.’s Achilles heels – for the fearless speculator
  • And more.

Now let me introduce you to the men who make all this possible…

Let the Trend Hunters work for you

A number of years ago, investment guru and financial author Doug Casey gathered together some of the best financial minds this side of the Atlantic for one explicit purpose: to bring subscribers in-depth analysis of budding big-picture trends and actionable recommendations to protect and multiply their wealth.

Doug Casey - The Casey ReportDoug Casey
Chairman of Casey Research, Contrarian Investor, Acclaimed Financial Author, Public Speaker
If you have seen or listened to Doug live, you know why there's standing room only when he speaks at investment conferences all over North America. Not only has he become a living legend for his keen observations of the markets and his instinct for emerging trends, he is also famous – or should we say, infamous – for speaking his mind with few if any thoughts wasted on political correctness.

Doug literally wrote the book on profiting from periods of economic turmoil: Crisis Investing spent multiple weeks as #1 on the New York Times bestseller list and became the best-selling financial book of its time.

Bud Conrad - The Casey Report Bud Conrad
Chief Economist
Bud is the data-crunching genius and analytical brain of The Casey Report team. Convinced that a chart says more than a thousand words, he spends late nights exposing the financial schemes of governments and central banks. Educated at Yale and Harvard, Bud has been a futures investor for nearly 30 years and a full-time investor for more than 10. If you're lucky, you may run into him at Golden Gate University, where he teaches graduate courses in investing.

Terry Coxon - The Casey ReportTerry Coxon
Economist, Sr. Editor
Terry Coxon is the man with the big-picture plan. Well versed in the ins and outs of economic theory, he knows that Situation A combined with Catalyst B will inevitably result in Consequence C. Terry is the author of two books, one of which – Inflation-Proofing Your Investments – he co-authored with the late Harry Browne, a legendary free-market libertarian writer and twice-presidential candidate. For more than two decades, he served as the president of the Permanent Portfolio Fund he founded, a mutual fund that invests in precious metals as well as stocks and bonds.

David Galland - The Casey ReportDavid Galland
Managing Director & Editor
Aside from being one of Doug Casey's closest confidants, David Galland is the managing director of Casey Research and the managing editor of The Casey Report, providing razor-sharp insight into the economy and markets with a libertarian slant. He has extensive experience in the financial world – from years of running the famous New Orleans Investment Conference, to co-founding EverBank, one of the greatest and most solid successes in online financial services. Being exceptionally gifted in getting startups off the ground, he was also a founding partner and director of the Blanchard Group of Mutual Funds.

If you watch FOX or CNBC business news, or listen to radio shows like Jim Puplava's Financial Sense Newshour, you've probably experienced one or more of our Trend Hunters live already – because they're in high demand for commentary on the economy and the markets.

In their monthly advisory, The Casey Report, they make it their mission to present investors with solid inflation hedges… from low-risk, steady gainers like large-cap stocks and funds, to more risky but potentially highly rewarding small-cap companies and option plays.

Their diligent work is a lifeline for inflation-beleaguered investors, just like the work of their colleagues John Williams… James G. Rickards… Mike Maloney… Rick Rule… and the rest of the Summit all-star cast.

And now you can get their best economic insights and practical advice as a 2-in-1 package:

Make the trend your friend x 2

If you take us up on our offer today, you will receive:

  • The complete CD set from The Next Few Years: A Casey Summit in Boca Raton, FL – a $395 value. That’s 23 CDs with more than 20 hours of audio recordings of every presentation… every panel discussion… every piece of investment advice… and every stock pick by the illustrious faculty.

    Included in the set is one CD with slides from all the presentations, as well as a handy Junior Resource Stock Guide, and the Map Room Guide listing all our featured resource companies from the Summit, with presenter bios and contact information.
  • A one-year subscription to The Casey Report – a $349 value. That’s 12 monthly issues stuffed with in-depth research and analysis of the most critical trends in the U.S. and global economies; PLUS a comprehensive investment section that tells you all about today’s best profit opportunities.

    Additionally, you’ll receive the current edition of The Casey Report, including:
    • “Perspectives” A collection of insights from Casey Summit speakers on economic matters to monitor as the crisis unfolds.
    • “Obama Watch: Trustworthy?” Washington insider and Casey correspondent Don Grove on walking the talk.
    • “Special Feature: The Road to Perdition” An interview with Terry Coxon on what lies ahead for the U.S. economy.
    • “How to Invest” Stocks, funds, and option plays for the savvy investor.
    • And more.
  • Immediate access to years of archived issues, and you’ll see that many of them are just as pertinent today as when they were written. We urge you to read those issues at your own convenience, because they provide a thorough education on what exactly is wrong with our economy and what you have to look out for.
  • Immediate access – via your protected password – to special reports, investor Q&As, and other useful resources only subscribers can see.

A combined $744 for this wealth of information would be a fair price.

But with the DOUBLE-DIP CRISIS BUNDLE, you can save big today: All you'll pay is $495 – that's $249 off the regular priceand lowers your Casey Report subscription to a mere $100.

Of course we can't hold a price like that for long… so you'll only have till June 14 to make a decision. After that, we'll again sell the Summit CD set and The Casey Report separately, at list price.

So I urge you to sign up today. Just click below…

… or read on for more.

Knowledge is your best weapon

Investing wisely and making the most out of every dollar you have is just common sense. And if you do, you can indeed stay one step ahead of the slow destruction of the dollar.

To accomplish that, you need to keep yourself informed on:

  • Current and future actions of the Federal Reserve, including planned bailouts and rounds of “Quantative Easing”
  • New and planned laws and regulations by the U.S. government that could directly or indirectly affect your investments and personal wealth
  • Foreign economies: How are China, India, Russia, and the EU faring economically, and how will their health – or lack thereof – impact the North American markets?
  • Is the U.S. dollar about to lose its status as the world’s reserve currency, and what would that mean for you and me?
  • Global events: from wars in the Middle East to social unrest in Eastern European countries, to floods in Australia, and earthquakes in South America – these are things to watch for because they could hugely impact oil prices, energy supplies, commodity futures, and stock market performance.

If it sounds like a lot of work – well, it is. Fortunately, you don't have to do it all on your own. Let the editors of The Casey Report do the heavy lifting for you.

I think you'll be thrilled with what The Casey Report has to offer…

Crisis investing with the pros

American financial structure will be threatened... As people who bought houses with floating-rate mortgages and little money down slip into default, millions of dwellings will hit a no-bid market. And when hundreds of billions in loans go bad, the institutions holding them and the whole American financial structure will be with a deflationary collapse.

Doug Casey, October 2006

Near the peak of the housing market, when financial TV talking heads were falling over each other praising the “never-ending increase in home values,” and many Americans used their homes as cash cows, Doug Casey and his team predicted that a major crisis was imminent.

Of course, back then barely anyone was listening – except for those subscribers who followed the editors’ advice.

After a long and very eye-opening Casey Report interview with real estate entrepreneur Andy Miller, Doug and his team recommended shorting real estate investment trust Emcor (EME), closing the position with a quick two-month gain of 87% for subscribers.

In the summer of 2007, they advised shorting bond insurer MBIA – a company that stood squarely in the way of the approaching avalanche – with exceptional results: a 93.3% gain for Casey Report subscribers within 10 months.

Shorting the Credit Crisis MBIA Inc.

But they didn’t stop there. They correctly predicted the devastating credit and currency crisis we are now witnessing, which has led to an overall economic decline in the United States that most of us have never seen in our lifetimes.

Retired at 46... Thanks to Casey Research "I've been with Doug since the beginning. His picks have made me tons of money over the years, enough so that I have been 'retired' since 1992, at age 46, and have done nothing but invest since then."
- Bob O.

200% Gains... Because of Casey Research "Casey Research is the best I know of. I have been a subscriber to Casey for a number of years, with gains that average over 200%."
-John H.

Casey Research "truly has altered my life" "I started with about $50k and it grew to about $350k. I also manage my parents' account; it started with about $250k and grew to over $1.1 million. It truly has altered my life for the better. P.S. I'm only 33 years old."
-Joseph M.

"The first dollar I invested is up over 1,000%!!" "I have been a subscriber of Mr. Casey's International Speculator for over 10 years, but have only actively followed his advice for the last seven years. Over the last seven years, my investments have risen by an average 42.9% per year. . . The first dollar I invested is up over 1,000%!! Keep up the great work."
-Jim G.

"Six-fold growth..." "I have had six-fold growth in a portfolio that I consider mostly positioning for an anticipated run-up...
I am a middle-aged spinster caring for an aged parent, and thanks to Doug's help I will not have to 'inherit the earth.' I've got a secret lifeline"
–Susan H.

And there’s much more to come. As a subscriber to The Casey Report, you will be privy to all the analysis… all the early warnings… all the profit opportunities this team of experts provides.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe:

  • Your 23-CD set with more than 20 hours of Summit audio recordings, slides, and practical guides
  • The current “Perspectives” edition of The Casey Report with insights from our Summit speakers
  • 12 monthly issues of The Casey Report – with timely and enlightening articles by the Trend Hunters and other well-known experts, as well as actionable recommendations and stock picks that help you protect your wealth.
  • Immediate access to years of archived issues
  • Immediate access to subscriber-only special reports, investor Q&As, etc.

Get your DOUBLE-DIP CRISIS BUNDLE today, and you'll save $249 off the retail price.

One last thing: If you're worried that The Casey Report may not be all we are promising here… don't be. You have three full months – that's three editions chock full of information – to decide whether it's right for you.

Cancel within those three months and you'll receive a prompt refund of your subscription fee*, no questions asked. Even if you cancel after the three months are up, we'll still give you a prorated refund for the unused portion of your subscription.

Remember: June 14 is the deadline – so act today to take advantage of this special offer.


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