The "Curing Cancer"

4 Innovative Biotech Companies That Could
Save Millions of Lives... And Create a
Brand New Generation of Millionaires

Microcellular smart bombs... malignant cell inhibitors... genetic therapies... these are some of the exciting treatments four innovative biotech companies are preparing to unleash on that most dreaded disease – cancer.

Keep reading for all the details...

Dear Fellow Investor,

For over a century, medical science has worked feverishly to discover a cure for cancer.  Yet until recently, precious little progress has been made.

But that's changing – and fast. Not only is progress being made, it's being made on multiple fronts.

For the last four decades, there have really only been three widely accepted forms of cancer treatment – surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

But now there's a host of new treatments on the verge of completion: a therapy that reduces the level of certain hormones that can cause malignancies to grow unchecked; a new chemotherapy "delivery system" that helps drugs penetrate cancer cells more selectively and safely; and therapies that stimulate the immune system to destroy cancer cells.

As welcome as these new treatments are, there are even more promising therapies in the pipeline – and the four innovative biotech companies that comprise what I like to call the "Curing Cancer" portfolio are at the forefront of development efforts.

Now you may be thinking that biotechnology is too risky for the average investor. And you're right... if you take a company's claims at face value.

I don't.

I run every company that looks worthy of investment through a rigorous analysis that cuts through all the public-relations clutter. It weeds out companies with poor management, lousy finances, flawed science, and other negatives that can torpedo their stock.

That's how I came up with the four biotech companies in our "Curing Cancer" portfolio.

Let me tell you about them...

Pick #1
"Curing Cancer" Portfolio

A company creating
cancer-killing "smart bombs"

Traditional chemotherapy poisons healthy cells along with cancerous cells. But this company is developing biotechnology that utilizes antibodies, a critical part of our own immune systems. What it does is link these antibodies – which are targeted to cancer cells – to potent cancer-killing drugs.

These antibodies act like "smart bombs." And once they hit their targets, the cancer-killing drugs they carry are released into malignant cells.

The result – the cancer is killed while surrounding healthy cells are spared.

Phase II trials of this drug on 102 Hodgkin's lymphoma patients have shown great promise:

Another Phase II trial on 58 patients with a different kind of lymphoma (ALCL) was even more impressive. In this trial, 53% of them got complete remissions and 97% showed a reduction in tumor volume.

Last August, the FDA approved this revolutionary drug, clearing the way for the company to start marketing it as a new treatment for lymphomas.

This firm also has other programs going for it, including two more cancer-fighting drugs.

The stock's already up 20% since we recommended it in March, 2011 but there's still time to make a tidy profit if you act fast (our three-year target is a quadrupling of prices from our preferred entry point).

Pick #2
"Curing Cancer" Portfolio

A drug discovery and development firm designing molecular therapies that disrupt cancer cell growth

In conjunction with the National Cancer Institute and Genentech – a company that's widely considered the founder of the biotech industry – this small firm and its partners are so confident in its technology that instead of the usual one or two clinical trials a start-up would usually undertake, they financed a couple dozen clinical trials for the treatment of a wide variety of cancers.

In January 2012, the FDA approved one of these treatments, a new medicine that disrupts molecular components within basal cell carcinoma cells (a slow-growing type of skin cancer). This disruption results in cell death.

This is the first - and only - drug available for people suffering from an advanced form of basal cell carcinoma.

This "Curing Cancer" portfolio pick has another drug in the pipeline that shows great promise against cancers of the neck, lungs, breast, liver, and other organs.

And with so many other promising cancer treatments in development, we believe this company could easily triple from its current price over the next three years.

But, as with all the companies in our "Curing Cancer" portfolio, positive reports could cause the market to bid up the stock much faster. Biotech companies – which take years to develop their product – often spike in a matter of days on good news. That's why you want to get in position now so you don't miss out when that happens.

Pick #3
"Curing Cancer" Portfolio

A drug discovery company with a proprietary platform for developing genetic therapies that fight cancer
             and a host of other diseases

Inside every cell are molecules called RNAi. They act as a checkpoint of sorts – when a cell's DNA sends a message (in the form of RNA) to your cell's ribosomes requesting the creations of a particular protein (which comprise the building blocks of your body), the message first gets paired with a RNAi designed to match that particular signal.

RNAi works like an email spam filter – it selectively rejects messages that shouldn't get through. It's there to protect against viruses and other parasites, which work by sending bad messages – spam – to cause ribosomes to build copies of the virus instead of healthy proteins. It also filters internal RNA messages to direct development and gene expression, a selective off switch for otherwise healthy functions.

In short, it controls which proteins are NOT made, and what genetic traits DO NOT develop.

So, by controlling RNAi function, certain disorders that individuals are genetically predisposed to developing are blocked.

And that's what this company's drugs do. Each drug targets a specific RNA message, which means each drug fights a specific disease.

Right now, this company has 23 drugs in various stages of development that fight cancer and a host of other diseases. Two of these drugs are in Phase III trials (the last step before going to market).

And the platform from which all these therapies are being developed is proprietary and protected by patent.

Because this company is discovering more drugs and treatments than they have the resources to develop themselves, they're now licensing their drugs to partners prior to late-phase development and commercialization.

So through this they're building a broad base of licensing fees, milestone payments, and royalty income.

Can you see the profit potential here? We sure can – our estimate is this company could easily double your money – or better – within the next 18 to 24 months.

Pick #4
"Curing Cancer" Portfolio

Another bio-pharmaceutical company using RNAi therapy to kill cancer and prevent other diseases

This company's business strategy is to develop and commercialize a pipeline of RNAi therapeutic products. It's also entering into collaboration and licensing agreements with companies like our "Curing Cancer" portfolio pick #3 to enable it to get the resources and funding it needs to advance its own programs.

It's in a prime position to advance the field of RNAi research, as its founders were the first to prove RNAi could bind to messenger RNA and prevent disease-causing genes from expressing themselves.

Based on our evaluation formula, the prospective value of this stock is between $40 and $50. As of this writing, you can get it for around $12, giving you a chance to make 375% on your investment if you get in now.

These 4 "Curing Cancer" portfolio stocks have much more going for them than just great biotechnology...

While it's well and good that these stocks have a toehold on amazing new cancer-fighting therapies, it wouldn't matter a bit if they didn't also have at least two other important things going for them: strong management teams and the money (or access to it) to pursue their programs.

All four do.

I know they do because I – along with my team of researchers – have personally checked them out. This is important for you to know because...

Experience makes all the difference
in tech investing

I'm Alex Daley, chief technology strategist for Casey Research. Maybe you've seen me talking about breaking technology stories on CNBC, CNN, CBS World News, or any of a host of other financial networks.

When I was 20, I worked as a professor of computer science and information technology at a major research university. Later I became a director of the school's information technology systems.

I've served as a liaison between researchers and powerful corporations that could turn their game-changing technologies into sound businesses.

(One of these was Microsoft where, under Bill Gates, I led the division that turned R&D products into business profit centers – a position I left to join Casey Research.)

New York City angel investor groups and venture capitalists have sought my input on their technology investments.

I've also had considerable success advising another group of select investors on publicly listed technology companies...

For every winning company like these, there are dozens of dogs unworthy of your investment dollars. These aren't so easy to spot because many of these companies have PR experts who excel in putting a sexy spin on their products.

But I've developed a system that helps me root out these portfolio-killers...

What technology companies must have before I consider investing in them

In order to determine whether a technology company is worthy of investment, the following questions must be answered:

Most importantly, companies need to have escaped the attention of institutional investors (so they can be bought cheaply).

Finding firms with all of that going for them is very difficult to do... without considerable expertise. That's where Casey Extraordinary Technology comes in.

Let Casey Extraordinary Technology
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Besides working as chief technology strategist for Casey Research, I'm also senior editor of one of its investment advisories, Casey Extraordinary Technology.

Our mission is to help investors just like you find the best technology investments. These are typically little-known companies with game-changing innovations and rock-solid management (but sometimes they're bigger companies, too).

In 2010, we closed out 11 positions, 10 of which were winners for a total average gain of 35%, with an average holding percentage of just five short months.

This translates to an average annualized gain of over 84% (repeat these gains, and this turns every $5,000 into $9,200 in a year... $104,450 in five years... and over $2.2 million in just 10 years – not bad, huh?)

And while 2011 was a challenging period for all market sectors, we still realized some solid gains, including…

And already in 2012, we've closed three positions for tidy profits...

Company Entry Date/Price Exit Date/Price Percentage Gain
iRobot Corp (IRBT) 10/20/10 - $18.77 02/03/12 - $37.01 97%
Stratasys Inc. (SSYS) 08/18/11 - $22.10 01/23/12 - $37.31 69%
Equinix Inc. 11/1910 - $82.41 01/23/12 - $115.01 40%

We're also sitting on gains of 59%, 218%, and 107% from a leader in the data-storage industry, a supplier of computer security solutions, and a developer and manufacturer of a treatment for kidney disease respectively - and we're just barely into the year!*As of February, 2012

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While companies on the cutting edge of new technologies offer some of the most promising investment prospects you'll find anywhere, I'm convinced that the field of biotechnology will prove to be especially profitable.

The four biotech companies in our "Curing Cancer" portfolio will make great additions to your own portfolio. They all offer the real possibility of triple-digit gains… and perhaps far more.

The time to buy these stocks is right now – before Wall Street's minions catch on to their extraordinary potential.

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To a most prosperous 2012 and beyond,

Alex Daley
Chief Technology Strategist, Casey Research
Senior Editor, Casey Extraordinary Technology

P.S. The four stocks in our "Curing Cancer" portfolio all have the potential to skyrocket overnight, so you need to get in on them right away.

Now we realize if you've got a few hours to spare, you could probably discover the names of these companies with some careful research.

That's okay, but knowing what stocks to buy is just the first step to profiting in technology. Technology firms can move fast – just the tiniest bit of news can cause a huge uptick...or rapid slide. Truth is, if you don't continually monitor your tech stocks, you'll have no idea when to sell – and knowing when to sell can make the difference between a meager return and a home run.

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