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Alex Daley
Chief Technology Strategist, Casey Research

I'm very excited to be writing you today.


Well, because we've just finished up a review of the investment recommendations for our publication Casey Extraordinary Technology and are pleased to note that they are soaring for the third year in a row!

In the event that you might be interested in investing in the world's most dynamic emerging technologies, I'd like to take a moment to tell you about our track record and offer you an opportunity to see our work firsthand...

The Track Record

So far in 2012 (through August 21), we've closed a total of six positions in our portfolio. Every single one was a winner, with an average gain of more than 60%.

We've also taken a Casey Free Ride on three additional stocks. By that I mean we have already recouped 100% of our initial investment and are holding the balance of the position to continue sharing in the additional upside these high-flyers still offer. In other words, we are shareholders with zero downside risk.

  • One stock we recommended on April 19, 2012, is up a whopping 113% – in just four months.

  • Another is up 49%, in just twelve weeks since our May 25 pick.

  • And yet a third is up by 31% since we added it in March.

  • With big dividends paid, and more to come, two other recommendations are up more than 30% and 27% in dividend-adjusted terms since mid-December 2011.

Now, this isn't to say that all of our recommendations have worked out that well. Like anyone, our track record is not perfect and includes some positions we've lost money on. But every year since we launched this service in 2009, our portfolio has seen much larger gains than losses and has steadily outpaced the technology indices we track against. Our winning closed positions outnumber our losers by 3.6:1, or more than 78% winners.

Not to mention market-beating average gains that any hedge fund would brag about…

Average Gain per Closed Recommendation
(across all positions)
2010 2011 2012 Since Inception
33% 11% 61% +34%

And even our occasional "losers" are anything but down for the count.

Take Amylin Pharmaceuticals, for example. After our initial recommendation, some slightly (and I mean slightly) negative test data came out for its otherwise proven product that allows diabetics to go from daily to weekly injections. Wall Street rushed away from the stock for a few days, sending it plunging as much as 40%. But we pay attention to the facts, and we don't panic. In an Alert to subscribers, we laid out the case for holding tight… those who did were rewarded with greater than 50% gains in just one year, closed and booked.

Again, we couldn't be happier about the investment success we've been able to bring to our subscribers. And they are ecstatic too. In our most recent quarterly survey, Extraordinary Technology was ranked higher than all other Casey Research publications in subscriber satisfaction – higher than any other Casey publication has ever been ranked since we started tracking the data two years ago.

Only One Way to Find Out
If It's Right for You:
Give the Service a Try

As the (rather proud) senior editor of Casey Extraordinary Technology, I'd like to give you the opportunity to see the quality of our work for yourself… completely risk-free and at a special discounted rate to celebrate our 3-year anniversary.

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Every Monday, we'll update you on news and changes in our portfolio holdings. And whenever there's big news moving one of our stocks, or an opportunity that requires your immediate attention, we'll rush off an email alert to you… so you can take action right away.

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