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Listen as 35 Top Investing Experts Predict What's Coming Next and How You Can Profit

The 300 available spots for The Next Few Years: A Casey Research Summit sold out in just 27 days – faster than any previous Casey Research summit. But even if you missed getting a spot for yourself, you still have a chance to listen in on what our world-class faculty had to say.

What's coming next in the global economy and investment markets? Is The Greater Depression imminent... Or is it here already?

How do you protect your wealth and wellbeing regardless of what happens? What are the best opportunities to profit in an uncertain – even turbulent – market? Is gold the best investment today, or are better opportunities developing?

We asked these and other pressing questions... Now you can listen as the best and brightest share their answers.

Over three days from April 29 to May 1 in Boca Raton, we brought together 35 of today's top financial minds to weigh in on the economic forces shaping our future... And reveal how you can position your portfolio to weather the storm that looms ever larger on the horizon.

Not only that, we also invited well over a dozen top resource companies to discuss details of their latest projects and company direction – to help you make your investment decisions with the most up to date news direct from the source.

The microphones were on for more than 20 hours of faculty and corporate presentations. We've put the entire collection of audio recordings on CD, and if you act now, you can have the CD set rushed to your door immediately.

Based on the conversations that we had and feedback we received from attendees at the summit, investors want this insight into the economy, portfolio strategy, and specific investment ideas and recommendations more than ever before. Now you can get it all too – even if you didn't get one of the 300 spots for the summit before they sold out. 

Investing Insights from
Our World-Class Faculty

Among our faculty was John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics fame, an economist and private consultant to Fortune 500 companies. John says only the very naïve take government stats at face value. For years he's been recalculating Washington's numbers using tried-and-tested methods from the 1970s, before U.S. administrations started tweaking the numbers in their favor. 

The discrepancy can be quite shocking. For example, while the official rate of consumer price inflation is only 1.6%, John pins it at closer to 9%. 

At the summit, he discussed what the real numbers mean for the economy today... and you better sit down for this one because John expects the worst:

Outside timing on the hyperinflation remains 2014, but there is strong risk of the currency catastrophe beginning to unfold in the months ahead. It may be starting to unfold as we go to press in March 2011, but moving into a full blown hyperinflation could take months to a year, beyond the onset, depending on the developing global view of the dollar and reactions of the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve."

One thing is clear: If John's scenario comes to pass, only the well-prepared will survive with their wealth intact.

Legendary investor Jim Rickards, one of the truly brilliant and original thinkers in today's financial world, sees inflation rising as well, in no small part due to the actions of the Fed:

I think there's a definite and highly significant danger of inflation coming from QE and QE2 specifically... The main reason the Fed wants inflation has very little to do with growth and everything to do with the debt overhang and the fragility of the banking system. People forget that the Fed exists to help the banks... The idea that it is somehow a benign moderator of economic conditions, in my view, is nonsense."

At the Casey summit, Jim also discussed geopolitics and the potential return to a gold standard.

And of course contrarian investor and economic gadfly Doug Casey weighed in with his thoughts on U.S. financial policy and the best ways to make money in today’s rollercoaster markets:

The policies of Bernanke and Obama – but also of almost every other central bank and government in the world – are not just wrong. These people are, perversely, doing just the opposite of what should be done to cure the problems that have built up over decades. One consequence of their actions will be to ignite numerous other bubbles in various markets and countries. I expect the biggest bubble will be in gold, and the wildest one in mining and exploration stocks."

A lot of information… and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Trouble Ahead... What to Do?

Vigilance today is more important than ever before – as these factors paint a troubling picture for the global economy and investment markets:

We're speeding toward a major crossroads. Any one of these or other "black swan" factors may lead to serious and long-term consequences, even a complete collapse of the current monetary system.

So what do we do as investors? How can we recalibrate our portfolios to survive and even profit should worse come to worst? What are the best investment opportunities today to take advantage of the growing turbulence?

We asked – and our blue-ribbon faculty provided answers.

Profitable Insights from Today's Top Financial Minds

We assembled 35 of the world's top minds in economics, investing and the natural resource business into what we think is one of the best faculties we've ever put together for a Casey Research summit.

By listening to the more than 20 hours of audio recordings, you'll get to be a "fly on the wall" for these illuminating talks on where we're going and how to prepare yourself for the ride:

And that's just the beginning... Also at the summit and included on your audio CD collection:

Porter Stansberry
Founder, Stansberry Associates

Andy Miller
Real Estate Expert and Partner, Miller-Frishman

Steve Yuzpe
CFO, Sprott Resource Corp.

Greg Weldon
CEO, Weldon Financial, Editor of Metal Monitor

Andy Wallace
President, Columbus Gold Corp.
Principal, Cordex Exploration Co.

Pamela and Mary Anne Aden
Editors of The Aden Forecast

John Robb
Author, Brave New War: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization

Andre Gaumond
President, Virginia Mines

Frank Trotter
Executive Vice-President, EverBank

Bob Quartermain
CEO, Pretium Resources

Ron Netolitzky
Chairman, Golden Band
Chairman, Skeena Resources

Edwin Vieira, Jr.
A.M., Ph.D, J.D., author of CRA$HMAKER: A Federal Affaire and How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary


Plus, the Casey Research team was out in full force, with both insights into the market and specific ideas and recommendations for investments to take advantage of coming market moves.

Doug Casey, Chairman

David Galland, Managing Director

Bud Conrad, Chief Economist

Louis James, Chief Metals Investment Strategist

Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist

Alex Daley, Senior Technology Editor

Terry Coxon, Senior Editor, Economist

Olivier Garret, CEO


And thanks to the audio recordings, you'll get to listen in on every single speech... every panel discussion... every specific stock recommendation these seasoned investment pros provided.

But that's not all. As mentioned above, you'll also get well over a dozen corporate presentations from leading resource companies sharing details of their latest projects and company direction. You'll want to listen carefully, because any one of these presentations could include a key bit of information that will point you toward your next high-profit investment opportunity.

To see the full agenda, with all presenters, topics and corporate presentations, click here.

Listen to Every Minute, from the
Comfort of Your Home, Car or Office

Of course, by not being there, you missed out on the chance for face-to-face conversations and Q&A with faculty and corporate presenters. But you still get every insight from their recorded presentations – along with all formal Q&A sessions – over 20 hours total. (And at a significant discount to even early-bird pricing for the summit itself.)

And don't forget about the specific stock recommendations many of the presenters included in their presentations. These can be quite valuable, as recent summit attendee Steve A. stated in an email in September 2010, just a few months after last year's spring summit:

I've doubled my money on AUEX and Andean. Up huge in African Oil (38%), International Tower (+47%), XTGR (+29%), and Elgin (+27%); all learned about at the Casey Summit in Las Vegas. Most recently, I’m up 53% on Riverstone. I look forward to learning more at the San Diego Summit.

I'm thrilled to invest alongside the hardest-working analysts I've known."

As soon as the summit concluded on the evening of May 1, we put the CDs into production to get them into your hands as soon as possible. Because they are packed to the brim with timely market insight and specific, actionable investment recommendations, we had our team work overtime to rush the audio collection to you while the information is fresh.

And once they're in your hands, you can listen to every minute of every presentation from the comfort of your home or anywhere else – over and over again, until you get every last valuable piece of information our faculty shared.

The Time to Inform Yourself Is Now

Two years ago when the S&P bottomed at 666, you could have invested in just about anything – even a market index fund – and gotten respectable annual returns through early 2011. But now the risk has increased dramatically. As we saw with Japan – any event, any day, and the markets can have a dramatic reaction.

You have a responsibility to yourself and your loved ones to get informed now as to what's coming... And the best ways to protect your wealth and profit in the months and years to come. There's no better way to do this than to get your copy of the audio collection from The Next Few Years: A Casey Research Summit.

Order your CD set now for just $395, and we'll rush the CDs to you as soon as they come off the production line. Just one smart investment from what you hear will pay for the CDs many times over.

Good investing,

Your Casey Research Team

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