An extraordinary opportunity
to double, triple, or even
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My top three recommendations for one of the most important market junctures I’ve ever seen!

Dear Investor,

The mainstream media and so-called experts are getting it wrong again.

They think gold is in a bear market because the Fed is cutting its money printing.

They think the dismal US economic performance means deflation is here.

Or they think that because Europe is collapsing, gold can’t possibly move higher.

Worse still, they buy into the big-media talking-head BS that money will continue to come out of gold and head into stocks… because the Federal Reserve is dead set on levitating stock prices forever!

These experts and investors are ALL dead wrong. The fact is, gold and silver—and mining shares—are about to surge.

If you’re a savvy investor who recognizes this golden opportunity and seizes it, a once-in-a-lifetime type of profit is yours to keep.

Opportunities to double, triple, or even QUADRUPLE your investments, often in as little as a few weeks’ time!

We’re already seeing it. Savvy investors, ignoring the media talk that gold is dead, have just recently raked in…

  • 63.7% gains in a silver miner in just six weeks
  • 62.9% gains in another silver miner again in just six weeks
  • 41.5% gains in a gold miner in two months' time!
  • 64% in another gold miner!
  • 14.6% in a gold ETF in just over two months.

That’s just for starters. In this briefing, I’m going to reveal the reason why a price surge in gold and silver and their related mining shares is just beginning… is absolutely INEVITABLE…

And why getting into the gold market now is the single most important step you can take to both protect and grow your wealth.

In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly what to do to get on board my top three recommendations.

But first, forget what the so-called experts are saying about precious metals right now… and instead, consider the TRUE reason why gold and mining shares are about to explode higher.

The simple reason is this:

There is an infinitely powerful force now building that will drive gold and mining shares through the roof, yet very few experts and even fewer investors really understand it.

You can make out like Midas—but ONLY if you align your investments with that infinitely powerful force NOW, before gold, silver, and mining shares shoot to the moon.

So please, if you have ever dreamed of making massive profits with in precious metals and mining shares, read this briefing right through to the end. My bet is that it will be the single most important thing you do for your future profit potential.

When I was just a kid and my friends were playing marbles
in their back yards, I was spending time on my family
gold properties in California, Nevada, and Arizona.

My name is Jeff Clark, and I was born with a love of gold. I’ve helped my family with its gold properties in the West, and gold and mining are as much a part of my blood as are the red and white blood cells that are carried through my arteries and veins.

Until recently, I thought I'd seen it all in gold. I’ve been through all its booms and busts, through the 1980 spike to $850 in gold and $50 in silver…

To the ensuing bear markets that lasted a full 20 years. Then, their most recent bull market from 2000 to 2011. And most recently, the three-year decline since then that has most analysts convinced the gold market is dead.

But in all my years of living and breathing the gold market, I have never seen a more powerful profit setup than the one that's now forming in the precious metals and mining shares.

I consider it my mission to do everything humanly possible to make darn sure that YOU don’t miss this truly once-in-a-lifetime profit opportunity!

The Talking Heads in the Media Say
Precious Metals and Mining Shares Are Dead.
I Say: It’s the Talking Heads
Who Are Dead—BRAIN DEAD!

Look. There’s no question that gold and silver have slid over the past three years. Or that mining shares have been beaten to a pulp, with the majority of miners losing almost two-thirds of their value in the past three years.

There’s also no question that there are winds of deflation, especially in Europe, or that the Fed’s recent “tapering” of its money-printing operations have had a negative impact on precious metals and mining shares.

But does that automatically mean precious metals and mining shares are dead… asset classes to be ignored or avoided?

Heck no! What most analyst and investors conveniently forget—or worse, don’t understand—is...

First, rising interest rates are a bonanza for the precious metals sector!

Look no further than the late 1970s bull market in gold, silver, and mining shares, when interest rates soared to as high as 18% and precious metals and miners had their first major explosion higher!


Fact is, if you look back at gold and silver throughout the ages, almost all major bull markets in those metals occurred not when interest rates were falling, but when they were rising. Reason: Rising interest rates go hand in hand with rising inflation, and as inflation rises, so do metals and miners!

Second, the fact that Europe is in a deflationary mess is also bullish!

Reason: To try to turn around Europe’s economy, European Central Bank Chief Mario Draghi is warning that he may be cranking up the euro printing presses soon, to kick-start some inflation. So what’s a savvy European investor going to do? Buy gold as a hedge against the weakening euro!

Don’t believe me? Just consider this chart of gold in euros. Notice the recent spike higher. Proof positive that European investors are starting to dive right back into gold.


Most important of all…

Third, most analysts and investors forget the precious metals’ chief role in a portfolio.

Gold, silver and mining shares are not just a hedge against the declining value of a currency, or against inflation…

Historically, they’re most important roles have been as a hedge against governments besieged with debt problems and governments that, as a result, begin to look at other governments of the world as scape-goats for their problems.

Consider the fall of the Roman Empire, riddled with debt. What did Rome’s senators do? They sent their armies out on new conquests, partly to secure natural resources, but mostly to deflect its citizens attention away from the government’s crumbing balance sheet.

As Rome became more and more indebted, due largely to military expenses, it also sought to raise taxes on its own people, and spy on them through inquests (sound familiar?).

And what happened to the price of gold? Though records of the actual price of gold do not exist, we do know from a study of Roman gold coins that Roman citizens “clipped” their gold denari to hoard the gold, causing a currency devaluation.

***INSERT PHOTO OF CLIPPED DENARI with title "Roman Citizens Clipped Gold Off their Coins To Hoard The Precious Metal As Rome Began To Collapse."***

Or consider the Ottoman Empire, which, like Rome, saw the price of gold soar as its citizens clipped and hoarded gold Byzantium’s at the empire began to collapse and wage wars in foreign lands to try and prevent the slide.

***INSERT PHOTO OF A CLIPPED BYZANTIUM, WITH THE TITLE: Ottoman’s Clipped Gold Off their Coins To Hoard The Precious Metal As The Ottoman Empire Began To Collapse.***

Or even here, in the US of A, when during the Great Depression, the price of American gold Eagles soared to a 75% premium over the spot price of gold.

That’s when investors began to worry that Roosevelt would confiscate the precious yellow metal and other investors around the world thought the US government would catch the contagion of European countries that were experiencing sovereign debt problems.

The fear of the decline of economic superpowers is, by far, the single most important aspect of owning precious metals and mining shares.

My View: What We Are Seeing Right Now Are The First Small Cracks In What Will Soon Be A Tectonic Shift In Military, Political And Economic Power Around The Globe.

Cracks That Will Send Gold, Silver
And Mining Shares Through The Roof.

What’s coming—and it’s coming fast—is a geopolitical earthquake of a size we haven’t seen in generations.

In the Middle East we are seeing actions that could utterly change the region, and ignite a war that could draw in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey and others.

In Ukraine we are seeing a conflict that could mark the beginning of a new period of military and political expansionism from Russia.

China is flexing its muscles, both economically and militarily.

Europe is still staggering under the impact of the 2008 collapse of the stock markets, and is trying to deal with shifts in its relationship with America, and its dependence on Russia as a source of natural gas.

And here in the US, Washington is following a path that seems to indicate a withdrawal from its historical role as the “world’s policeman”… leaving a power vacuum that countries like Russia and China will be only too happy to fill.

THESE are the factors that are poised to push gold prices through the roof.

Consider what will happen…

When Terrorists Rule The Second Largest Oil Producer In The Middle East… And The Consequences That Will Follow.


The American public seems to have grown numb to the news coming out of Iraq and Syria. It’s like we are no longer listening.

And one thing is for sure… we are not listening hard enough.

What is happening across Iraq and Syria right now could transform the Middle East, in the worst possible way.

The terrorist group ISIS now controls over 30% of Syria and large areas in Iraq, including key border crossings and major oil fields.

Just a few months ago this would have been unthinkable. It was believed that insurgents in the area were either being beaten back, or were hopelessly fragmented and disorganized.

The rise of ISIS has been a brutal surprise to everyone, and threatens to destabilize the entire region, and redraw existing national borders.

Consider this—ISIS is a group of Sunni Islamic extremists that are considered “too extreme” by Al Qaeda.

Their new “Islamic State” could soon become ground zero for a scale of terrorist funding and training the West has never seen before.

In addition, as conflicts between Sunni and Shiite Muslims across the region grow, other major powers like Iran and Saudi Arabia will slowly be drawn into the conflict. (Iran already has “advisors” on the ground in Iraq.)

And how do you think Israel will react in response to growing conflicts and Islamic radicalism in the area? Remember, Israel is a nuclear power.

Not only is this a tinderbox waiting for a small spark before exploding into a massive regional war… but it is already involving the biggest oil producers in the region—Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Make no mistake, the reverberations of growing unrest in the region WILL impact oil prices and stock markets around the world… and it WILL spark a flight into hard assets like gold, with a corresponding jump in prices.

Watch Putin As He Attempts To Expand Russia’s Influence In Europe And Create Closer Ties With China.


If you thought we had heard the last of Russia as a superpower when the old Soviet Union collapsed and the Berlin Wall came down… think again.

Vladimir Putin is immensely popular among the Russian people and had huge support for his invasion of Crimea and for his alignment with separatists in the east of Ukraine.

But his excursion into Ukraine and the disasters that followed—like the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17—are just a small part of his broader strategy.

His ambitions aren’t just military, they are also economic. Trade between Russia and Germany alone was worth a staggering 76.5 billion Euros in 2013 alone. And pipelines carrying Russian natural gas have become an essential energy resource for many European countries.

Meanwhile, when we look East, Putin’s ambitions seem even grander.

He recently signed a $400 billion deal to pipe natural gas to China. And his cooperation with China goes beyond just energy.

Russia has also been selling advanced weapons to China, including fighter jets, heavy-lift military helicopters and submarines. In addition, both countries have been conducting joint military and naval exercises.

Remember, Europe and Russia used to be bitter enemies.

The same with Russia and China.

What we are seeing here is another massive geopolitical realignment.

And believe me, there will be consequences in the months and years ahead.

This is not business as usual.

It’s The Fall Of The West And The Rise Of The East —Specifically, The Growing Economic Power Of China…

That Is About To Set The Gold Market On Fire!

As Europe wallows in its worst depression since the 1930s and as our own country struggles with its setting sun, China will soon become the world’s largest economy. It will represent an astonishing shift in global economic power.

America has had the world’s largest economy, by far, for almost a 100 years. Throughout our lifetimes, and the lifetimes of our parents, America has been at the pinnacle, the crowned king of boundless wealth… unchallenged.

When you consider the global power and influence that kind of wealth has given our country, you can perhaps understand the consequences as the crown is being passed to China.

Meanwhile, although the US will soon no longer boast the world’s largest economy, is does carry the distinction of being the world’s greatest debtor nation, with a national debt of $17.6 trillion… and rising.

And… wait for it… almost 10% of that debt is owned by the Chinese in the form of US Treasury Bonds.

The size of their economy gives China huge power in world affairs, and their ownership of 10% of US debt gives them significant leverage.

This shift in economic power from America to China is perhaps the greatest of all threats to the geopolitical status quo.

Ask yourself this… What if China becomes the world’s largest economy for the next 100 years?

What will that mean for America’s position in the world? And how will it impact your own wealth and security in the years to come?

As An Example Of Already Diminishing American Power, Consider The Fate Of The US Dollar.

The US dollar has been the world’s reserve currency for as long as most of us can remember.

In other words, most of the world’s trade is conducted in dollars. If France wants to buy oil from Saudi Arabia, it first has to buy US dollars and use those dollars for the purchase.  The same goes for Canada buying coffee beans from Brazil. The payment is made in dollars.

Holding the world’s reserve currency has given the US enormous influence in the world and some key advantages, just a small example being the low price we pay for gas at the pump—the lowest of any developed nation.

But those days are fast coming to a close.

Other countries are turning their backs on the dollar and looking for alternatives.


For example, the $400 billion gas deal between Russia and China was not conducted in US dollars—which would have been the norm—but in Chinese renminbi.

And that isn’t just an isolated case, or exception.

Renminbi settlement banks are being set up in major financial centers around the world, and the central banks of both France and Luxembourg have signed agreements for renminbi clearing.

And there have already been numerous Western companies (like McDonalds) that have issued renminbi-denominated bonds.

In other words, another crown is now being passed from the US to China.

Meanwhile, the BRICS countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa—are setting up their own alternative to the IMF, a monetary fund thatwill not be dominated by the US and her allies.

That’s right, the world’s fastest growing and most heavily populated countries are now banding together, ignoring the US dollar and sidestepping both the IMF and the World Bank.

Are you beginning to feel the ground shaking under your feet? If not, you should be.

Meanwhile, India and China Are
Buying Gold By The Truck Load.

The world’s Central Banks pump out optimistic messages every day. They have to. Without confidence in the Central Banks and their role in managing the world’s major economies, everything would fall apart.

But as is so often the case these days, you would be better served by looking at what India, Russia and China are doing instead…

Since the start of the great recession…


  • China's central bank increased its gold reserves 75% to 1,054 tonnes.
  • During the same time frame, Russia's gold reserve rose by 98% to 1,040.71 tonnes,
  • And India's central bank increased its gold reserves 56% to 557 tonnes.

Why the rush into gold? Because these central banks are fully aware of the geopolitical crisis I have been describing in this letter.

They can see huge global shift in political, economic and military power taking place.

And they know what all these major changes will lead to massive market uncertainty… from which they need to protect themselves.

While Most People Will See Their Savings And Their Wealth Decimated, YOU Can Be One Of The Few Who Profit From This Developing Crisis.

Imagine what would happen if China, for whatever reason, offloaded $100 billion or even $1 trillion in its US Treasury Bonds. And they did it in one shot, all at once.

The markets would panic. The US dollar would fall. There would be chaos on Wall Street.

(Make no mistake. China is well aware that its possession of so much US debt is a powerful weapon it can use at any time.)

Or consider what would happen if in the Islamic extremist group ISIS turned off the taps to all the oil in Iraq.

Or how the West would react if Russia invaded other countries along its western border, just as it did with Crimea.

Would your investments and savings come through, unscathed? Almost certainly not.

In fact, I predict that millions of Americans will see their net worth collapse. They’ll lose everything.

Instead, you can…

Maximize Your Profits By Spreading Investments Across Physical Gold Bullion, ETFs And Gold Stocks.

Yes, the US economy is vulnerable to all the geopolitical shifts I have talked about in this letter.

And yes, downward pressure on the value of the US dollar from overseas is being compounded by the money-printing madness of the Fed.

But before you feel too pessimistic about what a falling dollar might do to your wealth… keep in mind that a falling dollar can be very good for the price of gold.

Gold is priced in US dollars, everywhere. And a falling dollar is generally bullish for gold.

In addition, when markets get nervous in the face of dramatic global shifts in power—and fears of increasing levels of military conflict—money flees the markets and moves into hard assets, like gold.

In other worlds, while the tectonic shift in political, economic and military power across the work is bearish for stocks, it will provide huge opportunities for smart investors who turn to gold.

In fact, our own research points to a real possibility of gold reaching prices of over $2,000, $3,000 or even higher in the short to medium term.

And I’m not talking just about gold bullion.

Even when gold prices are relatively flat, there are fortunes to be made investing in related vehicles such as gold ETFs, and in the precious metals mining sector.

Mining shares in particular have explosive profit potential. Leverage to the price of gold and silver, I would not be surprised at all if select mining shares spin off gains of XX%, XX% or even XX%—and that’s if I’m only half right on where prices are headed!


The Secret To Winning Big With Gold Is
To Be Better Informed Than The Crowd.

If you feel overwhelmed by the challenge of buying the right gold investments at the right time, you can take comfort in knowing you are far from alone.

Most investors know very little about investing in gold. And this goes for professional investment advisors as well, who generally like to stick with stocks and bonds.

Very few people have the in-depth knowledge necessary to know where to put their money, and when. Of course, it’s those very few are who are ideally positioned to make out like Midas in the weeks and months to come.

And I want YOU to be part of that very select and wealthy group.

I have two reports I would like to get into your hands right away.

Combined, they will give you a level of knowledge and expertise that will raise you up into the ranks of those who truly understand the gold market.

Free Report #1: 2014 Gold Investor’s Guide

In addition to providing some essential background information on the WHY of the coming bull market in gold, this guide also gives you practical, how-to advice on how to get into the market for big profits… without making mistakes.

You’ll learn…

  • 5 reliable and trustworthy places to buy gold bullion. (There are literally hundreds of dealers out there I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. And neither should you.)
  • 3 recommendations for buying “paper gold” in the form of ETFs and other derivative investments.
  • The best way to identify the right mining stocks with key advice on when to buy, when to hold and when to sell. Yes, these stocks can go down as well as up. And that’s why I share some important tips on making money while maintaining a conservative approach.

Free Report #2: The Eight Ps Of Resource Stock Evaluation

At Casey Research we have been evaluating natural-resource companies for decades, and we've developed a simple and extremely effective method for measuring their quality as an investment.

It's called The Eight Ps of Resource Stock Evaluation… and here they are…

The 8 Ps are: People, Projects, Paper, Promotion, Push, Phinancing, Politics and Price. They form the basis of the analysis that any Casey stock recommendation must go through as part of the due diligence we perform.

The report covers each “P” in detail.

And yes, this is a vigorous process. If you want to win big with gold, and invest in mining stocks as part of your plan, you have to take a disciplined approach to assessing the companies you consider adding to your portfolio.

You can’t make judgments based simply on your gut feel or, heaven forbid, the recommendations of talking-head TV gurus.

However, if the responsibility for making the right choices makes you a little nervous, you might find yourself thinking…

“Jeff, I hear you, and I want to profit from the coming bull market in gold, but I wish you could do the hard work for me and just tell me where to put my money!”

If that’s how you feel, I have some great news for you…

I’m About To Release My Top Three
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Make Out Like Midas—And Keep Your
Wealth Safe—During This Global Upheaval.

Make no mistake, the events we are seeing unfold around the world right now represent a massive shift in global power.

This is a once-in-a-generation event, and it will have a huge impact on world markets.

Investments you thought were safe will evaporate overnight.

The dollars in your pocket could crash in value, leaving you with just pennies.

And the only way to truly secure your wealth at times like these is to put more of your money into a hard assets like gold and silver and related investments.

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Jeff Clark
Editor, BIG GOLD

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