Thursday, We Published the Most Profitable Issue of the Casey Energy Report Ever

It took eight months to complete. It required multiple site trips, almost 35,000 miles of travel, and countless meetings with management and industry insiders to get all the angles.

All this work culminated in identifying the top three ways to play the hottest energy stories of 2014, and what I believe is the most profitable issue of the Casey Energy Report ever.

It came out Thursday and contains the full details of each of these three plays, including entry prices and rundowns of every catalyst that could push up shares of these companies very quickly.

The first of these three companies is one I guarantee no other analyst or brokerage firm has figured out, yet it could be best positioned to reap the greatest rewards of one of the year's most explosive energy plays.

Doug Casey and I found it so intriguing, we pulled out our checkbooks and made it our largest personal investment of the year.

It's an emerging shale oil and gas explorer—a high-risk speculation to be sure, but worth a serious look considering the incredible potential it holds.

Personally, I haven't seen a company this sexy since our subscribers made +600% on Cuadrilla. This could be our next big score.

Once the investment community figures out the players involved, the board members, and the millions of dollars the insiders of this unknown junior shale explorer have invested into their own company, the market will catch on to what we already know.

Nobody knows about this company, except my subscribers. Bold statement, but it's true.

And it won't stay a secret for long: the president of the company just wrote a check for over $1 million.

The largest investor in the deal—one of the most well-known titans of the resource sector—has invested $1.5 million.

The chairman of this hidden gem is also the chairman of one of the world's largest producers in the world, and it's pumping hundreds of millions into the region where this tiny shale explorer is operating.

All the pieces are in place. And the best part is—you can still get in.

We expect, for those interested, that Casey Energy Report subscribers will be able to get in at the EXACT same price as Doug and I.

This company has never been mentioned before in the Casey Energy Report. You should take a long, hard look at this opportunity or at least get it on your watch list so you don't miss it.

Remember—this is just one of the three hottest energy plays we revealed in Thursday’s issue. Inside, there are multiple ways to win.

Our second company was previously recommended in the Casey Energy Report. We made good money on it and sold it.

However, the largest shareholder of the company (who happens to also be one of the 50 wealthiest Americans) has persuaded us to give it another go. He's masterminded a restructuring of the company and we like what we see. It originated with one of our regular contributing editors…

  • It pays a dividend higher than all of its peers
  • It has a dominant position in its sector
  • It has significant share-price appreciation potential.

We like everything about this cash-cranking company, and it will only get better. I'm willing to bet that even Warren Buffett would be drooling over a company like this.

It has a wide moat, and we'll get paid immediately from its industry-leading yield while we wait for share-price appreciation. We did it before with this recommendation, and I expect to do it again.

Finally, our third play is a tiny junior exploration oil company that has Big Oil—an over $200-billion market-cap major—after a piece of its pie. This specific speculation is about to heat up.

It's the pet project of a close Casey contact, a man who's personally made billions in the resource sector. And it's drilling one of the most anticipated oil wells of 2014.

Our "Next Bakken" Play Is Ready to Rocket Higher

To make this incredible issue of the Casey Energy Report even better, we've added new analysis on our "Next Bakken" recommendation and how subscribers both new and old should position themselves over the next 6 months to benefit from the European Energy Renaissance (that's the rapid development of Europe's domestic shale resources to loosen Putin's iron grip on its energy supplies).

In this issue, I've also included my 6 rules of speculation that will help you capture greater profits, avoid losses, and rest easier at night.

And you can get in on this world-class project now—BEFORE it announces drilling results by the end of Q4.

You see, I'm expecting these drill results to get the stock going on a tear, as the big fund managers have to start buying on any sniff of success. It's the law of speculation.

Another research firm has just initiated coverage on our "Next Bakken" company, and it's come out with a 12-month target price above our own.

As we suspected, our newsletter is followed by some of the largest institutions in the business, and our subscribers are positioned well ahead of the pros, making the Casey Energy Report subscribers the smart money.

But the only way to join us for the ride…

Is to subscribe to the Casey Energy Report now and get your hands on the August issue.

Inside, you'll get all the details of the three hottest energy plays of 2014:

  1. The high-potential junior explorer Doug Casey and Marin Katusa made their largest personal investment of the year;
  2. The cash-cranking energy company cutting big dividend checks and dominating the sector; and
  3. Our "Next Bakken" play ready to rocket higher once drill results reveal the true size of this world-class project next quarter.

Of course, as with every Casey subscription, this is backed by our 90-day money-back guarantee, which makes this issue FREE if you choose.

Here's how: If at any point during the next 3 months you find that the Casey Energy Report isn't for you, you can simply call or email us to cancel: no hassles or runaround—just a prompt and full refund.

And the August issue of the Casey Energy Report is yours to keep.

You can try it out, make a bundle on these three plays, and still pay nothing!

If you've ever wanted to see how I run a portfolio and where Doug and I personally invest our money, this is your chance.

No other analyst or newsletter in the world has the network Doug and I do… or has traveled as many miles, so do yourself a favor and sign up at no risk whatsoever.

Click here to get the most profitable issue of Casey Energy Report ever and SAVE 25%.

Happy Speculating,
[signature] Marin Katusa
Chief Investment Strategist
Casey Energy Report

P.S. Inside this issue, you'll also get my 6 rules of speculation, a must-read before buying a single share of junior explorers. Just log in to the Casey site, and the issue will be there waiting for you. Click here to try the Casey Energy Report risk-free and get this incredible issue.

P.P.S. Doug and Marin's purchase of this stock was made in compliance with our ethics policy, which restricts buying a security under certain circumstances in advance of the recommendation of the security in one of our publications. Also according to our ethics policy, Doug and Marin, as well as other members of the Casey team and funds managed by them, are precluded from selling shares of recommended companies they own before first giving notice to subscribers and an opportunity for them to sell first. Some investors may perceive this to be a conflict of interest, but we believe that it should be comforting to know that we invest money in the companies we recommend (these were not seed shares or options given to Doug and Marin, but real investments in the company at prices available to other investors) and that our ethics policy limits potential conflicts of interest.

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