After Years of Waiting,
This Rare 5x Investment
Is a Buy Again

Every time we’ve recommended this unique investment, it’s returned our readers’ money over FIVEFOLD.

The only drawback: it’s extremely rare. In two decades, this is just the third time we’ve seen this buying opportunity.

But it’s here again. If you missed it before—now is your chance to get in while the window is open.

Dear Reader,

My favorite kinds of investment are simple. No options, no day trading, nothing like that.

This 5x investment is as straightforward as it gets. All you have to do is buy and hold shares of one company.

But as you might have guessed, it’s no ordinary company.

This is a real business with hard assets… a mining company aligned to benefit from a huge trend in motion.

It’s tapping a massive deposit of two valuable metals with one rare and important trait. (Hint: they aren’t gold and silver.)

And it’s no prospector—this is a well-established and active mine. It’s on pace to produce over 500,000 ounces of these metals this year alone.

Which is why it could reward shareholders with extraordinary gains—as high as a 5-to-1 return—in the months ahead, and beyond.

But only for investors who get in now…

Let me show you why the timing is so critical and why this opportunity has such explosive near-term potential with a quick example.

It was the first time we recommended shares of a miner producing metals with this distinctive trait…

It’s 2009. For the fourth year in a row, China announces that it’s cutting exports of rare earths—an obscure but valuable group of metals used to manufacture every single piece of electronics on the planet: everything from coffee makers to flat-screen TVs.

This time it’s slashing exports by 72%, far below the levels of world consumption. And on top of that, Beijing is levying steep taxes on what little of these metals leave port.

This is critical because China is responsible for 97% of the world’s supply of rare earths. It absolutely controls the market.

There’s no substitute or alternative for these metals. Very little is stockpiled. And new mines could take decades to come on line.

The result is inevitable: prices of these metals skyrocket in just a few short months.

And back in 2010, just as the prices of rare earths were starting to spike, here at Casey Research we weren’t buying… we were selling.

You see, our team recognized this opportunity very early.

We invested in rare earths in 2007, long before the manic run-up in prices.

And as you’ll notice, our first 5x investment was more speculative than the well-established mining company I’m here to tell you about today… and we earned our 500% and then some.

First in, first to cash out:
our 5x stock soars up to a 10-bagger!

Our rare earths play was a small mining project in northeastern Wyoming.

Back then, it had just started exploring what the US Geologic Survey reported was the largest rare earths occurrence in North America.

After releasing very positive drilling results, we recommended our readers get in this company, Rare Element Resources (RES.V), at $1.00 per share.

Over the next three years, this miner would expand its drilling program and report even more promising results. The timing couldn’t have been better.

On September 20, 2010, shares of RES jump up to $6.68 as China cracks down even harder and announces it’s halting all shipments of rare earths to Japan and prevents them from being loaded in port.

Our stake in RES is now up 568%, and fears over a looming supply crisis become regular discussions in country club locker rooms.

Soon, investors rush to grab any stock or opportunity involved with rare earths. And the entire sector takes off!

We held on. And in the height of the rare earths panic, shares of RES were pushed up even higher, to $10.50. Seeing the chance to cash out, we immediately realized our gains.

Investors who put $10,000 in RES when we first recommended it well before the Rare Earths crisis, now had $115,000. Truly, an incredible return. Have a look:

Rare Elements Resources

Now perhaps you’re wondering: how did we know to invest in rare earths so early?

Well, it all has to do with a unique trait of these metals I mentioned earlier.

From the name “rare earths,” you may think this trait has to do with where they are on the periodic table or how they’re mined.

But in truth, this trait has nothing to do with the metals themselves.

This trait has to do with supply… a sudden crisis that puts stockpiles and production in jeopardy.

In this case, it was China introducing drastic trade limits—dropping available supplies far below consumption and sparking a global race to find new supplies.

Our Wyoming-based miner, RES, offered a promising alternative source of rare earths, and in the peak of the mania, it became a prime target for investors.

Which brings me to our 5x investment and another supply crisis unfolding right now…

Like rare earths, this opportunity involves a near monopoly on very rare metals: 80% of the world’s supply of these two metals comes from just two countries.

Both are equally unstable and unpredictable. They are South Africa and Russia.

For obvious reasons, Russia is a threat to supply, as exports could dry up at any moment due to sanctions or a reigniting of Cold War tensions.

In fact, as I write this, a pair of Russian bombers just buzzed the coast of California.

In South Africa, which accounts for the bulk of world output of these two metals, the situation is even more serious.

A heated and prolonged labor strike shut down all mines operating here for 5 months this year. (For good reason: these are dangerous mines, and most of the work is manual.)

The strike cost miners and workers $12 billion in lost revenue and wages—but even worse, it’s set back production for years.

In fact, it's taking another 3 months just to get the mines operational again. It could take a decade to get supplies of these metals back to where they were before the shutdown.

On top of that, stockpiles are already down to a 13-year-low. And demand has been outstripping supply since 2012. (More on this ahead.)

We’re looking at a deep and lasting supply shortage at a time when demand remains high and is expected to steadily increase… all the makings of a 5-to-1 investment return.

But only if you grab shares of the one mining company we’re recommending today.

*By the way, this mining operation is safely located far away from these troubled countries, in North America.

You see, while this supply squeeze is an ongoing phenomenon and could play out over months or years, the window to get in can be brief.

There’s simply no telling when the market will wake up to this opportunity and rush into this sector just like it did with rare earths…

In fact, history shows that most investors pile in after rapid gains draw attention to a market. And it can happen quite suddenly.

Just like it did the second time we recommended this kind of investment, and a supply crisis sparked a run on another indispensable metal.

This time, our shares took off and never slowed down.

After just 3 months, they were up 269%... 8 months later, up 413%... and by the time we cashed out only 12 months since we first got in, our stake was up 2,025%!

Our second 5x investment
turns into a 20-bagger overnight

The metal this time is lithium. From 2000 to 2009, demand for lithium grew over 25% a year, as lithium batteries became the standard power source for nearly all modern devices, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

The reason: lithium batteries provide higher-capacity, longer-life batteries in smaller and lighter packages—a perfect fit for another product that requires lots of battery power with very little weight: electric cars.

Cue President Obama. Just as we got in our lithium investment in late 2009, he announces a huge mandate for electric cars—touching off a race between the likes of Nissan, Chevy, and Tesla to get more of their electric cars to market.

At the same time, Toyota unveils a plug-in version of its popular hybrid, the Prius, which is also outfitted with a massive lithium battery.

Now, a two-ton electric car is no iPhone. They require vast amounts of lithium for their giant batteries. The problem is, back then, lithium supplies were just matching demand.

Like rare earths, there was barely enough to go around. When analysts started projecting hockey-stick growth of electric-car sales, and its impact on lithium demand… the market went nuts.

Lithium prices DOUBLED in one year, from $3.50/kg to $7.70/kg. Pundits begin throwing around phrases like “peak lithium.”

Again, we were invested well before this mania took hold.

We got in Salares Lithium (LIT.V), an early-stage but high-potential miner that owned the some of the largest and lowest-cost lithium-producing deposits in the world.

Our initial recommendation was $0.16 a share on September 2, 2009. And as I mentioned above, our shares quickly appreciated in the lithium craze and just 12 months later, they were worth $1.21—a gain of 656%.

They easily and quickly topped our expectations for a 5-to-1 return, but we weren’t the only ones eyeing Salares…

On September 23, 2010, Talison Lithium acquired Salares. And when the deal was closed, our shares converted and were suddenly worth $3.40—giving us a total return of 2,025%, practically overnight!

Of course, a gain like this is as extraordinary as it is rare.

But right now, you have the chance to earn equally incredible profits from another supply shortage… with the North American mining company I mentioned earlier.

Except it carries much lower risks than our two high-flying lithium and rare earths recommendations. It’s a well-developed and profitable mine (its reserves were mapped and drilled 40 years ago).

And as such, it’s a far more stable investment yet—still has explosive short-term potential.

You could easily see your shares appreciate by 100%, 200%, and up to 500% without the extreme volatility that’s typical of junior explorers and producers.

Before I tell you more about it, let me answer one important question… perhaps something you’ve been asking yourself:

How do we find these
5x investment opportunities?

Well, it certainly isn’t from behind a desk. And you won’t hear a whisper about these opportunities at any major trading desk.

Instead, we go straight to the source…

Louis James

Casey Research’s Louis James travels the world, visiting prospective geological targets, grilling management, and interviewing natives to find out what they really think (he’s fluent in French and Spanish, and speaks a little German and Russian).

Our Chief Metals and Mining Investment Strategist, Louis James, hops on planes, trains, rickshaws, and whatever means necessary to put his boots on the ground to see these opportunities firsthand.

Typically, these are remote locations most investors have never heard of, let alone could find on a map.

Louis’ recent travels brought him to West Africa to investigate gold mines in Burkina Faso… the Nazca mines in Peru… and closer to home in British Columbia (pictured on the right).

He analyzes every potential investment through the scientific lens of his background in physics and economics and the hard and fast rules of speculation he learned from his mentor and close friend, Doug Casey.

The result is, Louis’ loyal readers get a deep understanding of the potential of every investment he recommends… including every catalyst that could double, triple—or in the case of these unique supply crisis opportunities, earn over 5x their initial investment.

Which brings me back to the opportunity at hand…

When lightning strikes a third time,
how much money will you make?

Like our two previous explosive investments in lithium and rare earths, this 5x opportunity involves a supply shortage of highly sought-after metals crucial to industry.

And as I mentioned earlier, the bulk of the world’s production and reserves of these metals is in South Africa, where mines have been closed for the past 5 months due to a strike.

Although the strike just ended, it’s not like throwing a switch…

These mines are deep and cramped. Ore is mined a few feet at a time and pulled up narrow shafts by the bucket load.

And it takes up to 6 months to refine this metal. On average, 7 to 12 tonnes of ore yields just one ounce of high-grade metal.

So, the 5-month stoppage is an eternity.

As it stands now, stockpiles are being depleted, and some South African miners can no longer guarantee deliveries of these metals.

In fact, Deutsche Bank reports the biggest miner in the country is considering selling off all its assets and leaving the business entirely.

And the top alternative source of these metals, Russia, is a total wild card.

Geopolitically, it can cut off exports any time. And geologically, the ore grades of Russian mines have been in steady decline. As a result, they’ve also been dipping into stockpiles to fill orders, and some analysts believe Russia has sold off almost all of its inventory.

These supply disruptions and shortfalls are all happening at a time when demand for these metals couldn’t be higher. Prices of these two metals could soon soar.

And that’s where our 5x investment comes in…

Now, if you haven’t already guessed, the two metals I’m talking about are platinum and palladium. Both are precious metals used in coins and jewelry, and that demand will remain high for years to come…

But their industrial use is where the real upside is—the chance to earn a 5-to-1 return.

The largest source of demand for platinum and palladium is the automotive industry.

If you’re not aware, platinum and palladium are used as catalysts in vehicle emissions control devices—catalytic converters. They create a reaction that oxidizes or reduces toxic pollutants in exhaust, namely poisonous gases nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide.

And just like lithium and rare earths, there is no substitute for them. Sure, there are a few prototypes on lab benches, but a commercially viable alternative is decades away.

Automakers must use either platinum or palladium as catalysts.

Which brings me to an important point, and it’s why these metals have such great investment potential…

Here in America, we’ve had catalytic converters standard in every car since the 1970s. But in the world’s current largest auto market, China, they’ve only recently become mandatory.

The reason, of course, is the air quality has reached critical levels. The toxic air is the number-one cause of social unrest and a million premature deaths each year.

This serious issue isn’t news, but what’s key here is that year by year, the Chinese government is tightening emissions controls and requiring more effective catalytic converters—which means more and more platinum and palladium.

By the way, platinum is used in diesel vehicles. And palladium is used in gasoline-powered cars, which are the standard in the US, China, and India.

Both are in high demand, but as you might have guessed, palladium demand has gone through the roof thanks to China.

Chinese car production is growing at compound rate of 5% a year. The chart below shows this extreme growth in demand, and the resulting supply shortfalls:


And it’s only expected to intensify in the months and years ahead.

Demand for catalytic converters is projected to DOUBLE, growing at 11.3% a year from $6.7 billion in 2012 to $14.22 billion by 2019, reports consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.

But with the mine shutdown in South Africa and Russia’s stockpiles near empty, how will we meet demand?

Enter the mining company I mentioned earlier…

It’s already producing 530,000 ounces of platinum and palladium every year (these metals occur together and are mined side by side).

And its management estimates it has a colossal 102 million tonnes of undeveloped resources waiting to be dug up…

Our next 5x mining investment

Like with all our recommendations, our intrepid analyst Louis James investigated this platinum and palladium miner firsthand by going straight to the source.

While on site, he discovered that this company has two distinct but closely related mine sites. These alone will support the company’s growth for many years.

But what gives it truly explosive potential is the fact that only nine miles of an estimated 28-mile strike length have been developed between them.

The company is sitting on one giant mineralized structure. And unlike mines in Russia, it’s very high-grade ore. Here’s a photo Louis snapped during his visit:

palladium-platinum Mineralization

Pay Dirt! This is what palladium-platinum mineralization looks like before blasting. You can see the closely spaced holes that will be blasted a fraction of a second before the surrounding ones, in successive waves, so the ore is blasted inward. This high-grade resource in a safe and stable jurisdiction is the heart of our investment thesis.

And unlike South Africa, the mining operations here are mechanized. The company has efficient high-speed trucks that haul load after load to the surface.

And it’s what they’re hauling that’s important: 78% of the output of this mine is palladium… a percentage we find very attractive. As you saw from the chart earlier and the extreme demand from China, we’re more bullish on palladium than platinum.

In fact, the CEO of this mining operation believes palladium prices may reach a record $1,150 over the next two years—topping the previous high of $1,125 set back in 2001.

(Currently, palladium is selling for $824 an ounce.)

And it gets even better—to ensure supplies, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of auto catalysts (responsible for one of every three sold) agreed last month to buy all the palladium this North American company mines for the next five years!

But not at a fixed cost… our mining company gets market prices and premiums.

So it stands to reap maximum profits from any upward movement in the prices of palladium… an inevitability, as there’s simply not enough supply to meet current demand.

Remember, even though the South African mines are reopening, they’re years behind. It takes 7 to 12 tonnes of ore to produce one ounce of these metals.

And over there, it’s hauled out by the bucket load. It could take a decade or more to get those supplies back up… while our North American mining company is able to transport ore quickly via high-speed underground trucks and reach miles and miles of untapped reserves.

Now, since critical news about available supplies and South Africa and Russia can dramatically move the prices of palladium and platinum—and shares of this mining company—we’ve been keeping our International Speculator readers up to date along the way.

And to bring you into the fold and get you positioned to earn extraordinary profits in the months and years ahead…

I’d like to send our special report that gives you our full research on this deep and lasting supply shortage, and all the critical details of this North American mining company (including its name and ticker symbol).

This special report is called The 5x Investment of 2014. And it’s yours free for the asking! I’ll even send it to your inbox instantly today.

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