I guarantee you'll make at least 25% on this stock... or your money back

Dear Subscriber,

I'm going to offer you something I never have before: a spot in our most exclusive service with a guarantee that one of our investments pays off. If it doesn't, I'll refund your full year's subscription.

I'm confident enough to provide this unprecedented offer because we've been doing something all year here at Casey Research that just about every other newsletter and hedge fund has failed to do...

We've been making a killing in our Casey Energy Confidential premium alert service.

While the biggest institutional players have been getting crushed during the selloff in energy, we've been investing much smarter. We saw this leg of the oil price war coming and have been able to get our subscribers into some terrifically profitable opportunities around it.

For example, as oil started its plunge, we spotted an opening and recommended a cash-rich explorer just before a reverse takeover sent its shares soaring over 115%!

Before that, we locked in a gain of 241% on an early-stage producer drilling a stacked play rich in oil and gas in Alberta.

And a profit of 72% on a maker of leak detection sensors in pipelines...

And most recently, shares of our uranium miner rocketed up 57%.

Altogether, our energy portfolio is outpacing its benchmark, the TSXV Index, by 37%. While the Venture Exchange and crude prices are down big, we've kept our subscribers well in the black.

And we're expecting to do even better in 2015, thanks to the oil price rout.

Starting with one stock that's set to see significant upward price movement very soon.

In fact, Marin Katusa, our chief energy investment strategist, expects at least a 25% return.

And he's so convinced that this stock will soar that he's guaranteeing that everyone who signs up for his Casey Energy Confidential service today can get every cent of their subscription back if the stock fails to deliver.

That's how much of a sure thing this oversold market is handing investors right now.

But the time to get in on this opportunity is short.

Big funds, reeling from the collapse in oil, are being forced to part with shares of this company and hundreds of others to meet shareholder redemptions during this particularly brutal tax-loss season.

And even though this company has nothing to do with oil - it operates a portfolio of power plants with little exposure to crude prices - its shares are selling at discount from all this year-end selling pressure... for now.

When the dust settles from all the panic selling and we enter 2015, this could quickly become one of the biggest and most profitable deals we've found. Here's why...

In the room, in the deal

Now, when I say "deals," I'm typically talking about private placements - unique opportunities for accredited investors to secure lower entry pricing and shares outside of the public market.

In the exclusive Casey Energy Confidential service, we provide detailed information on how to participate in private placements in most of the companies we recommend.

But here's the thing...

We also provide timely guidance for acquiring shares of all our companies on the open market whenever good opportunities arise, meaning that anyone can get in through his or her broker or trading account.

And that's what makes the timing so unique right now.

With the market the way it is, investors - accredited or not - can often get the same deal and get in at the exact same price on the open market as insiders and those with private placements. Of course, that's rarely the rule, except only in market extremes like these.

Right now, the door is open for everyone to grab up shares of this stock and profit in the months ahead.

And we don't want you to miss this opportunity... which is why we've opened up Casey Energy Confidential for this tax-loss season.

You see, membership to this premium alert service has been closed for nearly a year.

The reason is it recommends shares of very early-stage junior explorers and producers in the resource sector.

These companies have explosive potential, but until they take off, they have very little volume.

As such, we must limit the number of subscribers to Casey Energy Confidential to ensure our subscribers don't drive the market, and to give everyone a fair shot at entering at our price points (when volume picks up, shares of these small companies can easily swing up or down 15-35% in a single day).

Naturally, this service is for serious investors only... involves high-risk speculations... and should be reserved only for money you can afford to lose.

But by following Marin's guidance and our rules of speculation, subscribers have netted extraordinary profits time and time again.

And right now, we're not just opening the doors again for a handful of additional subscribers... we're making it a surer bet than ever with this unique guarantee that lets you grab up shares of this stock. If you don't make at least 25% on it by next Thanksgiving... a full 11 months from now... you can receive a full refund!

Make at least 25% or your money back

What makes Marin so confident this stock will move?

Well, if you're not familiar with Marin, you should know that I regard him as perhaps one of the most successful, well-connected investors in the energy and resource exploration sector.

If there's a deal being done, chances are he's in the room, knows everyone, and exactly how to play it.

In addition to rewarding subscribers richly, Marin runs hedge funds where he is personally invested, as well as Doug Casey and me.

That's right: all of us here at Casey are personally invested in this company. Our money is where our mouths are; and our interests are directly aligned with our readers'.

Best of all, subscribers who move on this opportunity today will get in at the same entry price as company insiders and we did - as I said, the market is handing the public an unprecedented opportunity.

But we don't expect shares of this company to stay cheap for long.

Marin has personally grilled a member of top management who owns a significant share of the company and is accumulating more shares as we speak.

And Marin's evaluated everything about this firm, including all of its operating assets - some of which are obvious candidates for acquisition by bigger players - and existing cash flows. And he's determined that it simply cannot remain that undervalued much longer.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you any more about this company than that, for the reasons I mentioned above.

If too many investors get wind of this opportunity, it could spoil it by moving the stock above our price target.

But the fundamentals are there, and we've put all the details - including our price targets and full analysis of this business and its assets - in a special report, aptly titled The Stock Ready to Return over 25% or Your Money Back.

This report is yours the instant you subscribe to Casey Energy Confidential today.

When you do, you'll get the chance to grab up shares of this company at the same price as Marin, Doug Casey, and me.

And if you don't earn at least a 25% return on this stock before next Thanksgiving, you can get all your money back!

Of course, that's 11 months from now, and we're confident you'll make well more than 25% long before then.

In that time, you'll also receive many more alerts and explosive opportunities with your Casey Energy Confidential subscription.

Just imagine what Marin could do for you in the coming year when he was able to crush his benchmark, keep his subscribers firmly in the black, and book individual gains of 51%, 72%, and 241% through 2014... one of the worst years and market declines ever for the sector.

We believe 2015 is setting up to be a banner year for the service.

This is the time when smart speculators want to be in - just before the markets stabilize and begin their inevitable climb back up and send shares of the very best opportunities soaring.

In fact, there's a good chance you will make much more than that 25% on many other companies Marin recommends and deals he uncovers.

Sometime in the year ahead Marin could find a private placement or opportunity that could return 3x, 4x, even 10x your initial investment.

Which brings me to an important point, something you might be wondering...

How much does a subscription to Casey Energy Confidential cost?

Well, considering this is no ordinary newsletter... the explosive early-stage stocks, industry access, and private deals... not to mention what you'll learn from one the most successful speculators and fund managers in the sector... many consider the $4,500 fee for 12 months of this premium alert service a fair price.

It's cheaper than a one-time course or conference and certainly separates those who are serious about this kind of high-reward speculation from the dabblers.

In fact, we've long suspected our service is followed by some of the largest institutions in the business, and our subscribers are positioned well ahead of the pros, making them the smart money!

But how much could a membership be worth?

If you were to invest $1,000 in Casey Energy Confidential recommendations when the buy alert was issued, take profits when recommended, and sell when recommended, here are some gains you could have realized - cash in the bank - in the past few years:

  • Stream Oil & Gas turned every $1,000 into $7,350
  • ShaMaran Petroleum turned every $1,000 into $6,530
  • EnerGulf turned every $1,000 into $9,620
  • Sterling Resources turned every $1,000 into $8,300; and
  • Challenger Deep turned every $1,000 into $15,760.

And remember, Marin is so convinced this one stock I've been telling you about will soar that if it doesn't, you can cancel and get a full refund any time in the next 11 months. Until then, enjoy everything the service has to offer, including the chance to earn some truly extraordinary returns like those listed above.

Now, timing is of the essence here. This opportunity may only be available during this tax-loss season, and the window to get in could close very soon afterward.

Currently, shares of this company are trading right around our target price, meaning there's still time to get in.

To join us for the ride, click here to subscribe to Casey Energy Confidential and get all the details on this high-potential opportunity in your special report, The Stock Ready to Return over 25% or Your Money Back.

Remember, in addition to dozens of opportunities to invest in the most attractive private placements and opportunities, you get this incredible guarantee which makes it possible for you to get Marin's full research on his favorite company, determine if it's right for you, and if you choose to invest in it and it doesn't deliver at least a 25% return before next Thanksgiving - November 26, 2015 - you can get a full refund.

Subscribe to Casey Energy Confidentialand make 25% on this stock or your money back!

Olivier Garret

PS: For full disclosure, Marin and several senior members of the Casey Research team, as well as funds we manage have recently invested in millions of shares of this company at prices higher than now, and we may continue to add to our position. However, our ethics and trading policies require that we disclose to subscribers our intent to sell our shares beforehand in order to give our subscribers the first opportunity to sell. You can be sure that our interests remain aligned with yours. And you have the chance to get in cheaper than we did, but only if you decide to join us right now. Click here to subscribe and get all the details of this opportunity that's uniquely guaranteed to deliver a 25% return or your money back.

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