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Partner and CEO Casey Research

Your private invitation to Casey's Club - Please RSVP

We’ve reserved one of a very limited number of memberships for you, one of our top subscribers.

When you join Casey’s Club today, you’ll receive instant VIP status and get lifetime access to every service we publish, including every new service we’ll launch in the future, and more, all at last year’s initiation price.

With a brand new service about to be released, this is the very best time to join – before we open it up to the rest of the Casey readership later this year and prices go up.

Casey's Club was founded by Doug Casey, David Galland, and myself as our way of rewarding our very best subscribers by allowing them to take advantage of all of our services, and to do so at an exceptional value.

Specifically, members have complete access to all of our services, including any new publications we offer in the future... for the rest of their lives. They can even pass on their memberships to their children.

  • And all for a one-time, deeply discounted flat fee, plus a very modest annual maintenance fee to help offset inflation.

Joining Casey's Club several years ago was one of my best investment-related decisions in a long time. Not only do I get the most in-depth resource-based investment information I have yet found but also direct access to researchers/writers at the several VIP events held each year. Just wanted to let the Casey team know I'm very happy with their service and in just one trade I paid for my Casey's Club membership... in fact profits from that trade have now reached $17,000+."
– Carl J.

How deeply discounted?

The one-time initiation fee adds up to 15% less than what you'd pay for these services for a single year. Yet the benefits extend year after year, for the rest of your lifetime… and beyond.

And, starting in December, we'll be raising this initiation fee to include the cost of brand new services. So, this is the chance to join and receive all the same services and benefits for much less than what the public will pay later.

When we first started Casey's Club in 2009, we expected to be able to regularly open the doors to new members. However, the response was so overwhelming that we were forced to close the doors for an extended period of time.

That's because we can't allow the premium alert services included with membership to grow too large without risk of unduly affecting the small-cap, high-octane markets they focus on.

As a consequence, we have only been able to open the doors to new members approximately once a year – as we are doing now – but for a limited number of new members and for a very limited period of time.

What's Included in Membership

When you join Casey's Club during the current enrollment period that ends on Sunday, September 21, 2014 you'll pay a one-time flat fee and receive the following services for the rest of your life.


Casey Investment Alert

Cost: $4,500 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership.

This premium alert service delivers timely advice on fast-moving, early-stage opportunities with explosive upside. The focus is on early-stage precious-metals exploration companies. And the timing couldn't be better, as a recent market shakeout has put a number of screaming bargains on the radar screens of Louis James and his globe-trotting team of analysts.


Casey Energy Confidential

Cost: $4,500 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership

Marin Katusa's premium alert service is dedicated to uncovering special situations in the all-important energy sector. Marin and his team are relentless in finding early-stage companies on the verge of a breakout, as well as those offering especially attractive private placements, delivering the extraordinary upside potential that is the hallmark of our dynamic Alert services.


Casey Extraordinary Technology

Cost: $995 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership

Led by senior tech executive Alex Daley, Casey Extraordinary Technology offers a unique hybrid consisting of an alert service and a comprehensive monthly letter, ensuring that you are in the top 1% of the public in understanding today's rapidly evolving technology, and in the top 0.0001% in understanding how to profit from it. While other sectors have struggled over the past year, Casey's Club members have enjoyed serious profits from game-changing technology plays.


Casey International Speculator

Cost: $995 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership

One of the world's longest-running, most-respected advisory services, the team of International Speculator and its managing editor Louis James are dedicated to identifying companies in the junior US and Canadian resource-exploration sector that have cleared key hurdles and are poised for big upward moves.


Casey Energy Report

Cost: $995 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership

While the revolution of using unconventional methodologies such as fracking is currently the hot topic among energy-investment circles, Marin Katusa and his team were writing about the coming sea change in energy extraction as far back as September 2007.

It is just this sort of ahead-of-the-curve analysis that the Casey Energy Report is designed to provide: an insider's view of today's most exciting energy trends in oil, gas, uranium, and alternative energy, and the specific ways to play them.


The Casey Report

Cost: $349 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership

Each month the flagship publication of Casey Research brings together the work of an eclectic team of analysts, including Doug Casey, Bud Conrad, and Terry Coxon.

Along with managing editor Dan Steinhart, the team shares its latest thinking on the powerful trends dominating the global economy and investment markets.

The research team then adjusts its broad portfolio of recommended investments, including dividend stocks, precious metals, special situations, and even options strategies in order to optimize profits while minimizing risks. It's a one-stop service designed to help you stay closely in touch with the big trends and the best ways to profit (or, in some cases, avoid losses!)



Cost: $149 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership

In BIG GOLD, Jeff Clark provides a quick-reading monthly overview of the precious-metals markets, then updates an easy-to-maintain portfolio of mid- to large-cap gold and silver producers, precious metals ETFs and mutual funds, the best ways to buy and sell precious metals, and more.


All new starting October 2014:
The Colder War Letter

Cost: $149 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership

The complete guide to profiting from the largest geopolitical war of our time, the global energy trade. As Russia and the West grapple for control of oil, gas, uranium, and alternatives, we're on the ground uncovering the best way to profit as billions exchange hands in the quest to control and exploit these resources.


Miller's Money Forever

Cost: $199 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership

Money Forever is designed for anyone currently retired or hoping to be in a few years. You'll benefit from senior editor Dennis Miller's plain talk about how to invest for maximum growth and income, while aggressively protecting your principal.

As a member, you have our permission to share this invaluable guide to building and preserving retirement wealth with your family.

Your subscription comes with a copy of Dennis Miller's book, Retirement Reboot.



Cost: $149 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership

From the Casey Technology team provides an insider analysis of today's most dynamic big-technology companies.

Rather than being slow-moving elephants, certain big-tech companies manage to continually break out to new highs – in good economic conditions and bad – thanks to brilliant innovations and transformational technologies, allowing investors in the know to reap profits all along the way.

BIG TECH is geared up to be the premier research service on big-technology stocks, filled with fascinating insights on today's most important technologies and actionable investment research… all presented in plain English.

Casey Compendium

As a member of Casey's Club, you'll stay closely in touch with a wide range of well-researched and extremely attractive investments for every corner of your portfolio…

… across a spectrum that includes on one extreme early-stage exploration plays with explosive potential and the other, undervalued, low-volatility dividend payers.

Helping to bring it altogether, the weekly Casey's Compendium provides Club members with a concise 4-page summary of all the key research released each week.

As a member, you'll use the Compendium to help you quickly scan for new eye-catching opportunities and important portfolio updates you may have otherwise missed.

Plus... Casey's Club Is Far More
Than Just a Subscription Service.
Other Benefits of Membership Include:

Meet VIPs at Casey's Club events
  • Priority access to all upcoming Casey Summits and invitations to join Doug Casey and other senior Casey Research editors and staff at special, member-only events.
  • Opportunities to meet in person with our editors and analysts, as well as fellow club members and our extensive network of industry professionals at VIP receptions held at various industry conferences, such as PDAC and Cambridge House.
  • Exclusive discounts on all of our non-subscription products, as well as specially arranged services and discounts from our preferred partners – some that could save you thousands of dollars and easily make up for a large portion of your initiation fee.

As a member of Casey's Club, the cost of all of these services for as long as they are published – currently a $12,980 value for a single year – is a one-time initiation fee of $11,450* and a flat annual maintenance fee of $495 to help offset inflation.

*This one-time initiation fee will INCREASE in December. This is the last time we'll offer it at this price.

And the benefits don't stop with our existing services.

  • Because your membership also entitles you to receive all new Casey Research publications and special reports at no charge. Recent examples of the latter are Going Global,Doug Casey’s Crisis Investing in Cyprus, and Puerto Rico's Stunning New Tax Advantages.
  • And you may bequeath your membership, so that your family can continue to benefit for years and even decades to come.

We simply can't offer a better combination of value and service.

Due to inflation and the new services we anticipate launching between now and when we reopen for new members approximately a year from now, Casey's Club will never again be offered at this price.

In less than a year I paid for my lifetime membership to Casey's Club in one trade, and now I have a Casey free ride on balance and warrants.

Many Thanks – Steve A.

But You'll Need to Act Soon – Casey's Club Membership Closes Again at Midnight Eastern Time on Sunday, September 21, 2014.

Once Casey's Club again closes for new members – on September 21 – it will remain closed with absolutely no exceptions. If you wish to join, this will be your last opportunity at this price.

Of course, we understand and appreciate that Casey's Club won't be right for everyone.

  • But if you are one of those for whom having an independent, unbiased, and hard-working research team working on your behalf virtually around the clock, don't hesitate to click the link just below to join us today using our ultra-secure online application.

Or if you'd prefer, give us a call at (888) 512-2739 (or +1-602-445-2736 for international callers) and we'll be happy to answer your questions and arrange payment for your initiation fee so that you can begin profiting from your membership without delay.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member to Casey's Club!

Olivier Garret
Doug Casey
David Galland

– Questions & Answers 
About joining Casey's Club

Q. What is the Club's refund policy?

As a new member, you have up to 30 days to request a refund – time enough to decide that the comprehensive services offered to members is right for you. After that, no refunds are available though you may, of course, decide not to renew your membership in following years. If it is any comfort, since opening Casey's Club in 2009 we have received almost no refund requests, and the vast majority of members remain in good standing.

The initial upfront investment in joining Casey's Club has been returned to me many times over in the form of profitable investment ideas. For example, by gaining access to some of the private placements which have been brought to my attention.

I have also appreciated the opportunities to network with other Casey's Club members, Casey editors, and industry heavyweights at Casey conferences and other industry gatherings. Casey's Club even gave me an incredible opportunity to tour a working copper mine and its massive primary crusher and ball mill facility where I was able to spend time with the top management of the firm and spend time with Casey editors in a private and intimate setting." – Bill

Q. When will you begin charging me the annual maintenance fee?

The annual maintenance fee (to help offset inflation) will be charged annually on the anniversary of you joining Casey's Club, at the end of the first full year of your membership. You will receive a written notice before the charge is made.

Q. How is my annual maintenance fee paid? Will it ever go up?

When joining, most members provide a credit card for the purposes of paying the annual maintenance fee, which isn't charged until the end of the first year, and on the anniversary of your joining each year thereafter (unless you let us know you wish it to stop, of course).

Not to worry: if there is ever a problem with processing your annual maintenance fee, we will reach out to you to resolve it so that your membership always remains in good standing.

Your annual maintenance fee is locked in at $495; that amount will never change.

Q. What if I want to pay for the initiation fees for my membership by check, money order, or wire transfer?

Absolutely no problem. Call our office at (888) 512-2739 and a member of our staff will be happy to answer your questions and arrange payment.

Q. What if I have more questions now?

Call that same number, (888) 512-2739 between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Arizona time and we'll be happy to answer all your questions and otherwise be of service.