The Oil Play of
The Decade

How to take advantage of $75-per-barrel oil and get in on the ground floor of the coming bull market in energy...

Starting with the three oil companies best positioned to deliver explosive returns in the near future.

Dear Reader,

The recent selloff in oil prices has created the perfect buy window.

This near-term pressure on the price of oil is temporarily suppressing the share prices of the very best producers and explorers.

And Casey Research’s Chief Energy Investment Strategist, Marin Katusa, is convinced oil will rebound hard and fast in the future.

You see, he’s done the legwork. He’s spent the past two years intensely studying the forces influencing the production and pricing of oil, and every other important energy source.

The Colder War - book

And, as you might have heard, he detailed all his findings in what’s become a smash hit book, The Colder War, now a New York Times bestseller.

“The Colder War” is Marin’s term for the struggle between Russia and the US to control the world’s energy trade... a war that’s reshaping global finance and creating tremendous shifts in capital.

In fact, the recent collapse in oil prices was caused, in part, by a pump war between Russia and America’s ally, Saudi Arabia, to compete for the lucrative Asian market.

Of course, the architect behind these moves in the energy sector is an extremely determined and intelligent leader, Vladimir Putin.

And if you understand his role in the energy trade, and what’s he’s planning, you’ll know where the money is going next.

And since we firmly believe there is no greater upside anywhere else than in energy right now... we’ve put together the ultimate Colder War investment kit.

So you can grab up shares of Marin’s hottest energy plays, while they are trading at a discount, before they make their big moves in the years ahead.

That's why right now is the very best time to grab up shares of Marin's hottest energy plays while they're trading at a discount, before they make their big moves in the years ahead.

The Colder War - author Marin KatusaNo stranger to the field, Marin Katusa has explored energy projects in over 100 countries. He can tell you which tungsten drill bit best cuts through shale, the temperature at which the tires of a 240-ton mining truck start to overheat, and which caviar to order in Baku. (By the way, Marin speaks Croatian, Serbian, and Russian.)

Now, Marin is perhaps one of the most successful, well-connected investors in the energy and resource exploration sector.

His hedge funds have outperformed the TSXV Index by sixfold over the past five years.

And his track record in investing in the Colder War has been exemplary.

Full disclosure here: one of the secrets to Marin's success is getting in extremely early.

He recognizes shifts in the energy sector long before they happen. And it can take months... years... for his investment thesis to play out.

But for patient investors who join him for the ride at the right time, it can be extremely rewarding.

For example, consider these incredible gains our readers who followed Marin's advice booked by getting out in front of moves in the Colder War.

  • When Putin twists the values shut on pipelines flowing into Europe, he touches off a race to find and exploit domestic sources of natural gas. Marin identifies the best plays, and Casey subscribers pocket a 117% return on a gas driller in Ukraine.
  • Russia has its hands on nearly half of the planet's primary production of uranium and further tightens its grip on supply by strategically acquiring mines around the world. In response, miners and explorers in North America ramp up drilling, and Marin is there. He alerts his subscribers to a gain of 163% on a Canadian uranium explorer working an extremely high-grade deposit.
  • When oil production in the once-mighty North Sea starts to dwindle, Putin steps in to fill the void. In a bid to stave off dependence on Russian oil, European nations kick off a desperate search for crude. Again, Marin is positioned very early. His subscribers are the first to cash in when a small oil company ramps up production in a massive petroleum basin in Albania—subscribers net a 287% profit.

There are countless other examples, but my point is when Marin says he's buying 3 oil stocks right now, even when crude prices are low, it deserves a long and serious look.

Again, I must caution you that it could take some time for these opportunities to pan out.

With that in mind, here's a look at Marin's three immediate buys for right now:


The first company has big insider ownership and is run by a veteran team made up of some of the most-recognized names in the industry. This firm is venturing into an oil-rich region that's been opened up to new exploration for the first time in eight decades, truly a new frontier.

In fact, Marin and Doug Casey found it so intriguing, they pulled out their checkbooks and made it their largest personal investment of the year.

And right now shares are trading at the exact same price Marin and Doug paid, making now the perfect entry point. Of course this is a highly speculative play, so should you decide to join us, please read over Marin's 6 rules of speculation, provided free right in the latest dispatch on this company. But if you want in, you should act soon, as we expect exciting news that could move shares as early as spring of 2015.


The second oil company is smack in the middle of the Colder War. It's landed a 2.4-million-acre concession in a European region with geological conditions for the production of oil and gas that are actually more promising than those in the Bakken!

We expect 3D seismic results that can reveal more of the true size of this reserve to arrive in the first quarter of 2015, as well as a new round of drilling results which should provide push to the stock.

But rest assured, this company isn't going to be a "one-hit wonder." If management's main, underlying theory proves out, its European oil production will be profitable for many years to come as it weans countries like Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium—which import more than half of their oil from Russia—off of Russian oil and helps them secure a reliable domestic supply. This is a long-term opportunity with tremendous upside potential.


The third company is the absolute best way to play $75-per-barrel oil right now. In fact, it's uniquely positioned to be able to fund its dividend and continue cranking out cash in this environment.

It currently holds over 600 million barrels of oil equivalent in proven and probable reserves, and produces over 130,000 barrels daily. It continues to be profitable because its oil and gas properties have low initial costs.

In fact, most of the company's wells generate enough oil to pay back the cost of drilling them in less than a year. This is truly a unique opportunity at a time when most majors and juniors are slashing budgets. And the recent selloff in oil has opened up the door for you to acquire shares at a discount!

Now, only subscribers to Marin's premier newsletter, the Casey Energy Report, are able to get all his research and buy/sell recommendations on these 3 exciting oil plays.

And there's never been a better to time to subscribe to Casey Energy Report than right now... a time when oil prices and stocks are under near-term downward pressure but are primed to roar back in the years ahead, as the Colder War heats up.

That's why for a short time only, I'm offering you the chance to subscribe to the Casey Energy Report and grab two free gifts at a dramatic discount of 30% OFF!

Here's how it works...

When you accept this invitation right now, you'll instantly get access to Marin's most recent Casey Energy Report dispatch that gives you the full details of the 3 explosive oil plays I detailed above.

This includes his price targets and a full analysis, complete with charts and projections.

You'll save 30% on your subscription, and I'll send you two FREE gifts...

  • I'll rush you your copy of Marin's New York Times bestseller, The Colder War, so you'll get the complete story on where the energy markets are headed in the future, how it all revolves around Putin, and how it will directly affect you.

The reason for this offer is that I feel that every investor must have a firm grasp on how the energy markets of today really work.

What's playing out right now will determine the future of energy and global finance in this decade and the century to come.

As friend of Casey Research, Goldcorp Chairman, and resource investing legend Ian Telfer puts it, "There are few more important questions to the future of Western economies than the fate and direction of the energy trade ... Marin Katusa's book tells the story of raging battles in the least covered and misunderstood war of our time."

Second, I think this is the best way to introduce you to Marin and his philosophy, so you can see how his certitude on the direction of the energy sector is rooted in deep research and fieldwork.

  • I'll also activate your complimentary 12-month subscription to The Colder War Letter, so you can see all the opportunities this epic conflict is creating...

Every month, you'll hear from Marin and his team as they travel the globe to unearth new opportunities and provide thorough geopolitical updates and insights on Putin's every move - including any looming threats and investments you must avoid.

In fact, Marin performed a stress test on all his oil investments and how they would perform at $75-per-barrel oil and lower, long before crude prices tumbled. The results of this test may surprise you - there's a multitude of oil companies cranking out cash right through this dip.

And to help you position your portfolio right now, Marin prepared a special report called The $75 Oil Portfolio that reveals which large-cap companies will do best in this environment, including further insight into the sector, and strategies for managing your portfolio. This report is included, absolutely free, with your Colder War Letter subscription.

Add it up, and that’s three incredible resources, including your special report The $75 Oil Portfolio, for one low discounted price.

Plus, we're so convinced the energy sector is the next great bull market, I'm going to give you a FULL 3 months to decide if the Casey Energy Report is right for you.

As with every Casey subscription, this special discount offer is backed by our money-back guarantee.

If at any point in your first 3 months, you don't feel the Casey Energy Report is living up to your expectations, you can call or email us to cancel and receive every cent of your money back.

No hassles or runaround, just a prompt and full refund.

The Colder War - book

And all the issues and special reports from the Casey Energy Report and The Colder War Letter... including The $75 Oil Portfolio and your hardback copy of Marin’s book, are YOURS to keep!

It's a completely straightforward proposition that works entirely in your favor.

It's easily one of the best deals we've ever offered. And I'm pretty confident you won't cancel.

That's because I believe our Casey Energy Report subscribers are getting positioned to make a lot of money on these 3 explosive oil plays... and for years to come, as the energy sector is forever changed by the events of the Colder War.

Click here to take advantage of this offer and get all of this invaluable research and our top 3 energy recommendations for right now.

Remember, Marin's 3 stocks that are an immediate "buy" are detailed in the latest dispatch from the Casey Energy Report.

Shares of each are near our price targets and may not stay cheap for long. Click here to subscribe now and get all the details of these opportunities.


Olivier Garret

P.S. I want to remind you that our 90-day money-back guarantee makes it possible to get positioned early, before the inevitable bull market in energy, and risk nothing. Click here to take advantage of this offer and get all of this invaluable research and our top 3 energy recommendations for right now.

Disclaimer: Doug and Marin's purchase of this stock was made in compliance with our ethics policy, which restricts buying a security under certain circumstances in advance of the recommendation of the security in one of our publications. Also according to our ethics policy, Doug and Marin, as well as other members of the Casey team and funds managed by them, are precluded from selling shares of recommended companies they own before first giving notice to subscribers and an opportunity for them to sell first. Some investors may perceive this to be a conflict of interest, but we believe that it should be comforting to know that we invest money in the companies we recommend (these were not seed shares or options given to Doug and Marin, but real investments in the company at prices available to other investors) and that our ethics policy limits potential conflicts of interest.