How 31 Financial Luminaries Plan to Profit in the Coming Months and Years

Recorded live at the 2012 Casey Research
Recovery Reality Check Summit

"A master class for serious investors…"

Listen in as our faculty reveal their visions for the world economy – and specific strategies any investor can use to protect and grow wealth… no matter which way the economic winds blow.

Imagine an elite investor "master class" run by some of the world's top financial minds.

On the faculty are David Stockman, director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Reagan… Harry Dent, a widely followed analyst and best-selling author of The Great Crash AheadLacy Hunt, executive VP of Hoisington Investment Management… and 28 more financial luminaries.

Their charge: to provide insights into the economy, answer pressing investment questions, and reveal their personal strategies to profit from the markets.

What would it be worth to you to sit in on an event like this?

Well, such an event has indeed happened. It was the Casey Research Recovery Reality Check Summit, which was held April 27-29 in Weston, Florida.

But just because this event is over doesn't mean you can't listen to what our top-tier faculty had to say…

Hear every recorded presentation
in the Recovery Reality Check Audio Collection

This professionally produced collection features over 20 hours of presentations, debates, economic analyses, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and more. It's a rare opportunity to discover where today's top financial experts see the economy going in the coming months and years… and how they will be allocating their investment dollars.

We also invited the management of 16 resource companies to provide updates on their latest projects and a glimpse into their future plans – allowing you to determine if their firms are a fit for your portfolio.

Take in unique outlooks from
first-time Summit faculty members

We showcased a series of new speakers with unique viewpoints at the Recovery Reality Check Summit. You'll find their perspectives intriguing, enlightening… and sometimes controversial.

David Stockman, former director of the US Office of Management and Budget, was our keynote speaker – and his talk wasn't music to the ears of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Stockman blamed the Fed for causing the housing and consumer credit bubbles, and said the Fed is now using those bubbles as an excuse for embracing "a destructive zero interest rate policy which is self-evidently fueling even more destruction."

"I invest in anything that Bernanke can't destroy, including gold, canned beans, bottled water and flashlight batteries." – David Stockman

Harry Dent was also another first-time faculty member. Although he believes we're about to enter a prolonged economic slump – he's predicted that the Dow could drop as low as 3,300 within the next two years – he warned that investors should be preparing for deflation, not inflation.

"All this government stimulus isn't going to work because you can't get older people to spend their money." – Harry Dent

Lacy Hunt made his inaugural Casey Summit presentation. He's convinced that interest rates will continue trending lower for many years… and his firm has reaped huge returns betting on this trend for its clients (the Wasatch-Hoisington Treasury Bond fund, which his firm sub-advises, gained over 41% last year).

"…we've gradually, over the last several years, increased the percentage of our portfolio in zero coupons. They've performed very handsomely…" – Lacy Hunt

In your Recovery Reality Check Summit Audio Collection, you'll also hear…

Fresh viewpoints from familiar faces

Many renowned financial experts from past Casey Summits returned… but this time they came back with new perspectives.

You'll hear from the always-entertaining and ever-controversial Porter Stansberry, founder of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research and creator of a shocking video that took the US by storm last year, The End of America.

His program was entitled End of America Update and it detailed his latest undertaking, The Project to Restore America.

"We've reached the point where we will have to fix what lies at the heart of America's decline... or be satisfied with a vastly lower standard of living in the future." – Porter Stansberry

You'll also hear these eye-opening presentations:

This was just the tip of the iceberg of what was on tap at the Summit. You'll also hear:

Answers to burning investment questions

How will you survive – even thrive – if the world economy collapses? Do you really need to get your assets… and maybe even yourself… out of Dodge? When will gold stocks go up… and how high might gold go?

Our faculty fielded questions like these from attendees throughout the Summit, and you'll get to hear all of their insights and answers.

Hear 31 of the world's top economic minds
explore critical investment issues

By listening to over 20 hours of recordings from our field of handpicked financial experts, you'll get to be a "fly on the wall" for these illuminating sessions…

Also at the Summit – and to be included with your audio collection – were talks from:

John Hathaway,
portfolio manager of the billion-dollar Tocqueville Gold Fund

Adrian Day,
chairman and CEO, Adrian Day Asset Management; editor of Adrian Day Global Analyst

Lars Stouge,
president and CEO, Jyske Global Asset Management

Dennis Miller,
author of the upcoming book, Retirement Reboot

Steve Belmont,
senior partner and commodities market strategist, Rutsen Meier Belmont Group

Chuck Butler,
president, EverBank World Markets

Frank Suess,
CEO and chairman, BFI Capital Group

Caesar Bryan,
portfolio manager, Gabelli Gold Fund, GAMCO International Growth Fund

Amir Adnani,
president, CEO and director, Uranium Energy Corp.

Pete Kofod,
founder and president of technology services firm Datasages

Greg McNally,
specialist in international tax strategies for Canadians

Kevin Brekke,
editor, World Money Analyst

The Casey Research team was also out in full force, with insights into the market and specific ideas and actionable investment recommendations…

Doug Casey,

Marin Katusa,
Chief Energy Investment Strategist

Alex Daley,
Senior Technology Editor

Olivier Garret,

Terry Coxon,
Senior Editor, Economist

Louis James,
Chief Metals Investment Strategist

Bud Conrad,
Chief Economist

Jeff Clark,
Senior Editor, BIG GOLD

Get straight talk about making serious money
from the Summit panel discussions

One portion of the Summit you'll definitely want to hear is the panel discussion sessions. You might want to grab a pen and notebook as well, because panel members revealed the latest updates on specific companies from senior management.

Casey's Gold & Resource Stock Roundup

We handpicked top executives of some of our favorite resource companies to talk about their current projects and future plans. They also endured intense questioning from Marin Katusa and Louis James, which gives you an insider's look into the health of these companies.

"When I think about where I have the opportunity to allocate my wealth, I believe gold, silver, the resource sector and select mining shares are the place to be. So, I'm happy to see decent assets go on sale that I think will preserve my purchasing power over time." – Rick Rule

Alternative Opportunities Review

Settle in and catch a rapid-fire review of the current fundamentals and outlook for an array of under-the-radar profit opportunities, including…

"Do you want bloody oil from the Middle East, or do you want Canadian oil sands? Make the choice." – Marin Katusa

The Big Gold (& Silver) Panel

Two renowned gold fund portfolio managers – John Hathaway of the Tocqueville Gold Fund and Caesar Bryan of the Gabelli Gold Fund – revealed mid- and large-cap gold and silver companies that deserve serious consideration in your portfolio.

"The gold price will continue to rise until the fiscal and monetary policies of Western democracies undergo severe alteration in the direction of sanity." – John Hathaway

Your Stocks, Your Questions

Hear attendees' urgent questions about their stocks and portfolios – and our popular panel's responses. This section alone is worth the price of the recordings, as it revealed surprising investment opportunities (and stocks best left alone).

This audio collection is the next best
thing to being at the Summit in person

Nothing could replace the opportunity to stand face-to-face with our faculty and the company executives who were on hand at the Recovery Reality Check Summit. However, the recorded sessions reveal the same invaluable information that attendees heard.

In addition to every recorded presentation, panel discussion, and Q & A session, you'll get access to all the presentation slides that were shown during the Summit, allowing you to see the graphics while you're listening.

And rest assured, there are dozens of recommendations, from solid stocks with a strong likelihood of appreciation to highly speculative investments that offer the possibility of life-changing gains.

Keep in mind that just one successful investment that you'll hear about can pay for the cost of these audios many times over.

And while your gains will be valuable in the short term, the long-term value of these recordings will come from the critical information our faculty revealed, which will enable you to protect your portfolio from all the economic uncertainty threatening the world today.

Get priceless wisdom from top financial minds

This comprehensive audio set, in CD and MP3 downloadable format, is only $395 – a great deal considering that just one winning play on any of the stock picks our blue-ribbon panel of experts recommended could more than cover your investment.

Production of the recordings began immediately after the Summit concluded, and we expect them to be available within the next two weeks.

Remember, this collection contains over 20 hours of audio presentations that will show you how to build a crisis-proof portfolio that can weather anything the economy throws your way… how to internationalize your assets… specific companies the experts are buying… under-the-radar profit opportunities… and much, much more.

Take advantage of this opportunity to protect and grow your wealth today.

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