"... To destroy a nation, you must corrupt
its currency."
Adam Fergusson, author of When Money Dies and presenter from the recent Casey Research/Sprott Summit

With the world's currencies looking shakier by the day, investors are left to wonder… what's next? What impact will the sinking global economy have on the markets? And how do you protect your financial future in the face of all the economic uncertainty?

These questions and many more were answered at the latest Casey Summit – When Money Dies – an event that may prove to be the most important we ever held.

Even though the summit’s now over, you can still take advantage of all our experts’ investment strategies and specific stock recommendations through a comprehensive set of soon-to-be-released audio recordings.

These recordings are jam-packed with critical information you need to protect and grow your wealth – over 20 hours in all, from a star-studded cast of financial experts… like famous investment fund manager Eric Sprott… libertarian luminary Lew Rockwell… Chris Martenson, creator of The Crash Course… resource investors Doug Casey and Rick Rule… GoldMoney founder James Turk… and many more.

Make no mistake – you need to take steps to protect yourself and your wealth now. With all the deficit spending going on in the world… all the money printing… all the inflation… it's nearly certain that the world's monetary systems are about to be destroyed – along with the wealth of untold millions.

We don't want you to be one of them. That's why – in partnership with Sprott – we held When Money Dies.

The actionable advice you'll get from the recordings of this event will help you not only weather, but profit from the coming economic storm…

Do or die: When investing
becomes a survival strategy

During the crash of 2008, the average investor lost 30-40% of his portfolio. But what’s in store for the markets now will make that hit look small by comparison.

In August, Forbes alerted its readers to “the global economic slowdown that is now taking hold in the the US, the UK, southern Europe, and Japan – all told, affecting more than forty percent of world GDP.”

A recent article on MarketWatch warned pointedly: “Get the heck out of Wall Street’s stock market casino soon… and definitely get out by Christmas, because soon all the lies, lying and liars will stop working.”

Hear for yourself

Here's a sample from last spring's The Next Few Years, which will give you a taste of the fascinating material that's typical of Casey summits.
Mike Maloney reveals facts about gold and silver that every investor needs to know.

The bottom line is this: standing on the sidelines and doing nothing isn't an option any more – you must start investing in the right assets now... or risk total ruin.

That's why we've assembled a top-tier faculty of speakers for When Money Dies

Get answers now –
from the top financial minds

Hear the uncensored truth – and priceless investment advice – from investing legends like John Hathaway of Tocqueville Asset Management, Rich Dad advisor Mike Maloney, and Richard L. Hanley, a 40-year veteran of securities analysis and portfolio management.

Our agenda calls featured three information-packed days in Phoenix, Arizona, where attendees received answers to critical questions about investing and finance…

We also presented two special features:

But even though you didn't attend the summit, you can listen to every single one of the above-mentioned presentations (and many more, including specific stock recommendations) from the comfort of your home or office.

We digitally recorded 27 presentations. And you can choose to have them delivered as a comprehensive audio CD set right to your door… or download them directly to your computer as MP3 files.

Altogether, you'll receive over 20 hours of audio recordings filled with the wisdom and advice of some of the greatest minds in the financial world, which you can listen to over and over again.

Our renowned faculty spoke on critical investment topics, such as:

Hear for yourself

Jim Rickards discusses the dangers of US debt

Through it all, you’ll hear every specific, actionable stock recommendation they make.

Many members of our faculty have already survived tough times – times when other investors have literally lost everything they owned. After absorbing their advice and recommendations, you’ll be prepared to withstand any economic turbulence in the months and years ahead.

Your When Money Dies audio recording will feature straight talk about:

You'll hear many more seasoned pros, who will be providing insights that will help you profit from the current dysfunctional state of the world's monetary systems, including:

Adam Fergusson
Author, When Money Dies

Richard Maybury
Author and Geopolitical Analyst

Rick Rule
Founder, Global Resource Investments, Ltd

Paul Brodsky
CEO, QB Asset Management, LLC

Richard L. Hanley
President, Richard L. Hanley Associates

Bud Conrad
Chief Economist, Casey Research

Stefan Molyneux
Host, Freedomainradio.com/Conversations with Casey

Steve Yuzpe
CFO, Sprott Resource Corp.

Lew Rockwell
Founder, LewRockwell.com

Jeff Berwick
Founder, Dollar Vigilante

Mark Nestmann
President, The Nestmann Group

Terry Coxon
President, Passport Financial

Kevin Brekke
Editor, Casey Research Metals & Mining Division

David Franklin
CEO, Sprott Private Wealth

Robert B. Martin Jr.

Brandon Rowe
Managing Director, International Man

Doug Casey
Chairman, Casey Research, LLC

John Hathaway
CPA, Tocqueville Asset Management, LP

Michael Maloney
CEO & Founder, GoldSilver.com

Chris Martenson
Author, ChrisMartenson.com

Marin Katusa
Chief Energy Investment Strategist, Casey Research

Louis James
Chief Metals & Mining Investment Strategist, Casey Research

Eric Sprott
CEO, Sprott Asset Management LP

Gordon Chang
Columnist, Forbes.com

Ross Beaty
Chairman, Pan American Silver Corp.

Richard Hanley
President, Richard L. Hanley Assoc.

James Turk
Director, GoldMoney Foundation

Gregory McNally
Founder, N. Gregory McNally & Associates Ltd.

Andrew Schectman
Co-founder and Owner, Miles Franklin

Alex Daley
Editor, Casey Research Technology Division

Steve Todoruk
Geologist, Investment Executive, Global Resource Investments Ltd.


More expert advice to help you prepare for troubling times

If you've ever wondered how you can move some of your assets offshore, or maybe even take up a foreign residence, you'll want to listen to this presentation…

Internationalizing Your Money and Your Life

Casey Research CEO Olivier Garret led several members of our esteemed faculty in a lively discussion on how to diversify your assets – and yourself – internationally. They included Terry Coxon, president of Passport Financial, Robert Martin, attorney, Gregory McNally, founder of N. Gregory McNally & Associates Ltd., and Mark Nestmann, president of the Nestmann Group.

It was a fascinating presentation that will open your eyes to the benefits of foreign diversification.

And these days, no financial conference would be complete without a serious look at the precious metals markets. That's why we're featuring…

Casey's Gold and Resource Stock Roundup

Listen in on these special breakout sessions, where analysts grilled the management of some of your favorite resource companies on their latest plans. You'll gain valuable insights to the metals market, as well as some profitable investment advice.

Our special panel presentation also included…

Your Stocks, Your Questions

Our popular panel of experts answered attendees' burning questions about their favorite resource stocks. The knowledge you get here could lead to substantial profit opportunities… or save you from questionable investments better left alone.

All this is just for openers… there will be other topic discussions and additional faculty.

Just one successful trade can pay
for your Summit Audio Set

If you order your When Money Dies audio collection today, you will hear every speech... every panel discussion*... every stock recommendation that our accomplished experts provided (*To avoid any back-lash to our panelists, the Crash Panel discussion was not recorded.)

Rest assured there were dozens of recommendations, from solid stocks with a strong likelihood of appreciation to highly speculative investments that offer the possibility of life-changing gains. Just one of these recommendations can more than pay for the audio set.

But the real value of these summit recordings is giving you the critical information you need to prepare your portfolio for all the economic trouble that lies ahead.

And in addition to every presentation, panel discussion, and Q & A session, you'll get access to all the charts, illustrations, and photos shown during the summit, allowing you to see the graphics while you're listening.

This audio collection is the next best thing to being at the summit in person.

It's a golden opportunity to prepare yourself, your family, and your portfolio for what we believe will be an extremely difficult future.

We urge you to take advantage of it.

World-class investment insights
for less than a weekend getaway

This comprehensive audio set, in CD or MP3 downloadable format, is only $395 – a great deal considering that just one winning trade on any of the stock picks our blue-ribbon panel of experts recommended could more than cover your investment.

But time is of the essence – any of these picks could skyrocket overnight. You’ll want to get your audio collection today so you can act on these recommendations before they run away from you.

This collection contains over 20 hours of audio presentations that will show you how to build a crisis-proof portfolio that can weather any storm... how to internationalize your assets... specific companies the experts are buying... and much, much more.

Take advantage of this opportunity to protect your wealth and profit from the coming economic storm.


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