If You Can Survive a Traffic Stop...

... you can probably survive this
"Great Recession."

37 world-renowned experts took on the most controversial issues threatening your wealth, health, and liberty.

They had the answers.
And soon, you will too

You thought that quip with the traffic stop was a joke? Not so, says criminal-defense attorney and liberty advocate Marc Victor who, in one of the most riveting speeches at the Summit, explained the many perfectly legal ways the US government can hunt you down—and if you own a car, they own you, he says.

Marc nowadays gives classes on what to do when you get into a traffic stop—how to survive a traffic stop, that is; never mind the ticket.

Of course the economic problems we're facing can be just as harrowing as the social ones; and here, too, all of us would do well to "take some classes" in order to fend off calamity.

To learn financial and personal self-defense was the main reason that hundreds of attendees gathered on October 4-6 in Tucson, AZ, to hear 37 top-notch speakers divulge their insights and practical advice.

What is an investor to do now? Will interest rates go up and take bond prices down after their meteoric 5-year rise? Has the S&P 500 rung its last all-time high, or is this just the start of a secular bull market for equities?

This year's Summit, "3 Days with Casey" delved deep into the issues troubling Americans and investors today. Fortunately, there are still viable solutions to all those problems.

The Summit is over, but you can still get full access to all the presentations, discussions, and unique opportunities to profit from this year's all-star facultyevery word presented onstage.

Recovery—what recovery?

The Casey Research 2013 Summit brought together an unprecedented group of experts in the fields of economics, geopolitics, investments, health, real estate, and international law.

37 speakers—the most we've ever had at a Casey Summit—addressed the very real threats facing Western economies and markets… as well as every independent-minded individual seeking to safeguard his liberty, his wealth, and his health.

Currency Wars author and senior managing director of Tangent Capital Partners, James Rickards, says the so-called "economic recovery" is hogwash: "If you want to know what a depression feels like, this is it."

He thinks we'll be entering a second recession in this depression cycle by early 2014—so you should prepare yourself. Bernanke & Co., says Jim, are acting reckless with their excessive money printing: "The Fed thinks it's playing with a thermostat, but in fact it's playing with a nuclear reactor, and if they do something wrong, they'll cause a meltdown."

Real estate specialist Andy Miller, too, isn't feeling it: "First-time home buyers and individual investors are a fickle crowd; they get out of the market immediately when the numbers don't work for them. And the rate increases we've seen recently already removed a lot of purchasing power from buyers."

He believes the housing market, too, is headed for another recession: "Car and truck sales are trending up, which is a bad omen. Think about it—no one goes out and buys both a house and a new car."

While single-family homes might not be the best investment right now, there are some real estate deals that are still promising.

Technical analyst Dominick Graziano focuses on the silver lining. He says we may be entering a new equity bull cycle, but it all depends on the numbers. He says some foreign stock markets, like India, are doing better than their respective economies. He also sees the TSX go higher from here.

You can hear Andy's best real estate advice, Jim's economic predictions and his outlook for the international monetary system, and Dominick's technical trend analysis on your 2013 Summit Audio Collection.

Of course these are only three of many speakers who zeroed in on today's challenges and strategies you can use to survive financially, in the government-controlled environment we live in.

It's a fact: Washington is steadily encroaching on every aspect of Americans' lives, while Wall Street makes increasingly less veiled grabs for individual investors' money and the Federal Reserve tries to force recovery upon a fundamentally damaged economy.

It's all part of a coordinated global strategy that will end up penalizing the productive, raising inflation, destroying the middle class—and trapping your wealth inside national borders—in order to tax it at higher and higher levels.

That's why every concerned citizen and investor must ask himself: How do I protect my liberty, wealth, and health?

In this era of information overload, how do you filter out the nonsense and the hype from the truly important facts? How can you make appropriate decisions in your life when you simply don't have access to the kinds of in-depth research, or confidential and privileged information that many of our speakers have?

Listen and let it all sink in…
from the comfort of your armchair,
car, or office

Even though you weren't able to attend the Summit in person, you can still do the next best thing.

You can enjoy all the presentations from 3 Days with Casey by listening to your copy of the 2013 Casey Summit Audio Collection brought to you as CD and MP3 recordings.

This priceless collection, recorded live, contains every presentation, every panel discussion, and every "take action" workshop held over all three days of the Summit.

That's 27 hours of not-to-be-missed insights, analysis, perspectives, and up-to-the-minute research, plus specific stock recommendations you'll want to consider for your portfolio.

The knowledge you will gain from these in-depth presentations—complete with all the slides the faculty used in their speeches may be critical...


Listen to the 2013 Casey Summit Audio Collection whenever and wherever it's convenient for you... in the comfort of your home, your car, or your office. Listen over and over again—so you don't miss one single piece of priceless information. Share the collection with your friends.  

"From first-rate speakers addressing crucial issues facing us as US citizens, to top-flight investment and economic analysis geared towards assisting us to navigate increasingly turbulent investment markets, the Casey Summits are virtually in a class by themselves. No other conference format that I have experienced in the industry comes close as far as content or delivery is concerned." –Tom M., Carlsbad Summit attendee

Order now

Here's just a small sampling of the topics that the hundreds of rapt attendees listened to during the presentations at the Casey Summit from October 4 to 6 in Tucson, Arizona:

All these issues—and many more—were discussed at the Summit.

Immerse yourself in research on the BIG PICTURE for US and global economies, interest rates, bonds, precious metals, commodities, and stock markets—and hear the best investment strategies and  specific stock recommendations that you can use to power up your portfolio profits.

There's no doubt that seismic shifts lie ahead over the coming 12 months… and beyond. But to prepare yourself and your family for what comes next, you need to arm yourself with facts and make sure you interpret them correctly. 

Just one winning trade from the many investment recommendations you'll hear about in the panel discussions—and in the speaker presentations—will make up for your modest investment in your copy of the 2013 Casey Summit Audio Collection… many times over.

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The world's top economic, financial and political minds... at your service

Donald G. M. Coxe, Chairman, Coxe Advisors

James Rickards, Senior Managing Director, Tangent Capital Partners

Paul Brodsky, Portfolio Manager, Kopernik Global Investors, LLC

Chris Martenson, Author of The Crash Course

Dominick Graziano, Technical Research Consultant to Casey Research

Rick Rule, Chairman, Sprott US Holdings

Amir Adnani, CEO & President, Uranium Energy Corp.

Michael Greenwood, CEO, Director, PRD Energy

Van Simmons, Collectibles Expert, David Hall Rare Coins

John Hathaway, Senior Managing Director, Tocqueville Asset Management

John Mauldin, Chairman, Mauldin Economics

Marc J. Victor, Esq. Bar Certified Specialist in Criminal Law

Keith Hill, CEO, Africa Oil

Mike Maloney, GoldSilver.com

Pete Kofod, Founder, President, Datasages

Steve Belmont, Senior Partner, Commodities Market Strategist, Rutsen Meier Belmont

Andy Miller, Real Estate Expert, Miller Frishman Group, LLC

Catherine Austin Fitts, Publisher, Solari Report

David R. Webb, Founder, Origin Investments

Douglass Lodmell, Owner, Lodmell & Lodmell

Barbara Thomas Judge, Chairman Emeritus of the UK Atomic Energy Authority

Spencer Abraham, Former US Secretary of Energy

Sean Reeves, Client Services Director, Southpac Trust International


Plus the senior staff of Casey Research— bringing you their latest research
and top picks

Bud Conrad, Chief Economist, Senior Editor, The Casey Report

Louis James, Chief Metals & Mining Investment Strategist, Senior Editor of International Speculator and Casey Investment Alert

Alex Daley, Chief Technology Investment Strategist, Managing Editor of Casey Extraordinary Technology and BIG TECH

Marin Katusa, Chief Energy Investment Strategist, Senior Editor of Casey Energy Dividends, Casey Energy Confidential, and Casey Energy Report

Dennis Miller, Editor, Miller's Money Forever

Terry Coxon, Senior Editor, The Casey Report

David Galland, Partner, Casey Research, Editor of The Room

Olivier Garret, Partner, CEO, Casey Research

Kevin Brekke, Managing Editor, World Money Analyst

Nick Giambruno, Senior. Editor, International Man


Even though you missed out on the opportunity to attend this year's Casey Summit… you haven't missed out on the chance to order your own 2013 Summit Audio Collection. The special, pre-order discounted price for both the CD set and the MP3 recording is just $395.

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We'll rush your collection to you as soon as it comes off the production line. You'll receive both the full CD set and the downloadable MP3 recordings. (However, if you prefer, you can receive only the MP3 recordings. )

That's a full 27 hours, packed with practical advice, market insights, exclusive recommendations, and timely commentary… all designed to help you accomplish your financial and personal goals.

In fact, one attendee at this year’s summit was heard to say… “It’s so much material; it makes you wish you had two brains, one for extra data storage.”  With your personal Summit Audio Collection, you can listen to all the presentations, over and over again.

When you order today, you'll also receive a bonus data CD, containing all the handouts and the presentation slides. (Note: some speakers do not use slides.)

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