David Walker, former US Comptroller General • Dr. Lacy Hunt, former Senior Economist, Dallas Fed; Executive VP, HIMCO • Don Coxe, Global Strategy Advisor, BMO Financial Group • David Webb, hedge fund phenomenon, Origin Investments, AB • Dr. Thomas M. Barnett, former Senior Advisor, Office of the Secretary of Defense • G. Edward Griffin, author, The Creature from Jekyll IslandBob Hoye, Chief Financial Strategist, Institutional Advisors • Peter Schweizer, Hoover Institute, author of Throw Them All Out Doug Casey, contrarian speculator • Eric Sprott, Chairman, Sprott Asset Management • and more

Navigating the
Politicized Economy:Listen to 28 Top Experts… and Learn How to Survive and Profit in a Market Bogged Down by Crippling Government Regulations, Billion-Dollar Bailouts, Excessive Money Printing and Cronyism

Dear Concerned Investor,

The process has been stealthy and gradual, but now the truth is obvious: The US government has taken over the American economy.

As a result, there's never been more uncertainty and fear in the markets than today… and with good reason.

Zero interest rates – a losing game for savers

By artificially keeping interest rates near zero, the Federal Reserve has de facto penalized every American saver and income investor. Whether your money is in a savings or money market account, Treasury bonds or CDs – adjusted for inflation, you'll likely end up with a negative real return.

And with the continued bleak state of the economy, the next round of quantitative easing is just around the corner… which will further raise inflation and render traditional safe-haven investments worthless, possibly for decades to come.

Obamacare: Snubbing taxpayers
and investors alike

President Obama's new healthcare bill will cost taxpayers more than $4 trillion by 2020, according to the latest estimates by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

National health spending will grow exponentially, increasing on average 5.8% per year. By 2020, the government will spend $4.54 trillion, or close to 20% of GDP, on health care. (Compare that to 2010 when all federal spending combined amounted to 23.8% of GDP.)

And that's not all. On top of putting your children and grandchildren on the hook for vast amounts of debt, Obamacare is also an open declaration of war against investors.

Hidden in the bill is a slew of new taxes and tax increases, including:

The unholy alliance – government and its cronies

We all know about the taxpayer-financed, billion-dollar bailouts for too-big-to-fail banks. But the recent LIBOR scandal, which some call the "crime of the century," shows that the relationship between the US government and its cronies may be even more tight-knit than anyone thought.

Whereas Barclays at first took the fall for manipulating the all-important LIBOR rate, it now turns out that not only many of the big banks were in on the scam – but that the New York Fed knew about it and apparently signed off on it.

And as you will hear from Peter Schweizer, one of our Summit speakers, the laws of the land apparently don't apply to congressmen, for whom insider trading is business as usual. Acting on foreknowledge of events like the Crash of 2008, many politicians lined their pockets while investors lost everything.

It sure pays to have friends in high places. Unfortunately, most of us aren't so lucky.

Individual investors find it increasingly difficult to slash a path through the thicket of "Do as I say, not as I do" rules and crushing regulations. And with the stock market in disarray, profit opportunities seem to be few and far between.

So we at Casey Research, together with our friends at Sprott, Inc., thought it was high time to address this issue – and to hand investors the tools to once again make confident investment decisions…

The Summit That Helps You
Survive and Thrive

For the time being, the free market in America is, if not dead, then at least comatose – but you still have to put your money somewhere to keep ahead of inflation and build a nest egg.

And most investors are aware by now that just about every move the government makes can result in a further distortion of the markets – leaving them with questions such as:

We discussed all those topics – and many more – at the just-concluded Casey/Sprott Summit Navigating the Politicized Economy.

A blue-ribbon faculty consisting of 28 investment experts, economists and best-selling financial authors presented their views and outlook on the US and global economies – plus answered investors' most pressing questions:

Even if your schedule didn't allow you to attend the Summit in person, you can still benefit from all the information – every presentation… every panel discussion… every piece of investment advice… and every stock recommendation.

Since our Summits started, we've received so much positive feedback that, a few years ago, we started to audio-record them. Available on CD and MP3, you can now listen to the whole event from the comfort of your home.

Shock & Awe: Stunning Revelations and Smart Investment Advice from the Best of the Best

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say that the topics our all-star cast presented made for a truly riveting experience. To give you a taste of what to expect, here are just a few highlights from Navigating the Politicized Economy:

David Walker was the United States comptroller general from 1998 to 2008. He quit his government job in protest and founded the Comeback America Initiative to raise public awareness of the unsustainable US debt.

In September, Comeback America is starting the "$10 Million a Minute" tour (so named because every minute the US financial hole gets deeper by about $10 million) across the United States. Even if you thought you knew all about the fiscal state of the union, you'll be surprised by the facts David Walker rolls out in his keynote speech at the Summit.

G. Edward Griffin, writer and documentary film producer, is best known for his revealing best-seller The Creature from Jekyll Island, an exposé of the history and machinations of the Federal Reserve. He makes a compelling case that this hybrid of government affiliate and private banking cartel is much more interested in the welfare of its member banks than in the health of the US economy.


Edward is convinced that the ruling elite is aiming at installing a world government under a collectivist/feudalist model that will squash liberty and individualism – and those collectivist tendencies, he says, are becoming ever more visible in the United States today. Whether you agree with him or not, his well-researched arguments are guaranteed to make your jaw drop.

Donald Coxe is one of North America's most highly esteemed portfolio managers and global-market commentators, and we'd been trying for a long time to book him as a Summit speaker.

Donald is the founder of investment firm Coxe Advisors, LLC, and strategy advisor to BMO Financial Group. From his office in Chicago, he heads up the Global Commodity Strategy investment management team, a collaboration of Coxe Advisors and Harris Investments. Consulting firm Brendan Wood International named him "TopGun Investor" three years in a row, and honored him with a lifetime achievement award in 2011.

Getting investment advice directly from Donald is like getting a physics lesson from Einstein… priceless. He advises investors according to his motto, "Never invest on the basis of a story on page one – that is the efficient market. Invest on the basis of a story on page sixteen that is headed on its way to page one."

Peter Schweizer, William J. Casey Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, has made headlines in recent months with his best-seller Throw Them All Out, which reveals "How politicians and their friends get rich off insider stock tips, land deals, and cronyism that would send the rest of us to prison."

Did you know that 80% of the Department of Energy's $20.5 billion loan program went to companies owned by or connected to Obama's campaign donors? Or that Congressman and high-ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee Spencer Bachus made a small fortune on the pending Crash of 2008 – a scenario he was privy to from closed-door meetings? Or that Congressman Jim Moran sold the stock of 90 companies the day after one of those secret meetings?

Peter is not afraid to name names and make enemies – and his speech shows you a level of government insider trading and cronyism that you've never thought could exist.

John Mauldin is a financial advisor and best-selling author of Endgame: The End of the Debt Supercycle and How It Changed Everything. His wildly popular newsletters Thoughts from the Frontline and Outside the Box are read by over a million investors.

John is convinced that we are currently seeing the beginning of the endgame. As he says, "There comes a moment when investors start to worry more about the return of their capital than the return on their capital." Have we reached that moment yet? And what can you do to make money regardless? Listening to John's keen insights will show you where we are headed and how to pull yourself out of the investing morass.

Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett knows more about military strategy and foreign policy than anyone I know. He has worked in US national security circles since the end of the Cold War – first at the Department of Navy's premier think tank, the Center for Naval Analysis, then as a senior researcher and professor at the Naval War College in Newport, RI.

Thomas' famous PowerPoint brief to Vice Admiral Arthur Cebrowski on the subject of globalization and international security later developed into a New York Times best-seller, The Pentagon's New Map: War and Peace in the Twenty-First Century. His latest book is Great Powers: America and the World After Bush.

In our globalized world, a thorough understanding of the present and future of geopolitics is a must for investors, so don't miss this eye-opening speech.

Dr. Lacy Hunt was voted "most popular speaker" at our last Summit, so we invited him back for the Carlsbad event. He knows finance from all perspectives – the private sector (he served as chief US economist for the HSBC Group) as well as the government (from his former position as senior economist for the Dallas Fed). Currently he's executive VP of top-performing bond fund HIMCO, with over $5.8 billion under management.

Since the last Casey Summit, Dr. Hunt has accumulated brand-new data on the actions of the government and the Fed. His presentation on how discretionary monetary and fiscal policies have failed the United States packed the room at the Summit.

Doug Casey is a best-selling author and chairman of Casey Research, and a senior editor of its flagship publication, The Casey Report.


Over the years, Doug's reputation as an "investment guru" has been greatly enhanced by his successes in spotting life-changing investment opportunities ahead of the crowd – including gold and gold stocks in 1998 and uranium in 2000. Doug and his team have warned their subscribers ahead of serious trouble in the economy, correctly anticipating the bursting of the dot-com and housing bubbles, and of the crisis now gripping the world.

Eric Sprott, founder and CEO of Sprott Asset Management LP in Toronto, is one of Canada's most highly regarded asset managers. With over 35 years of experience in the investment industry, Eric is convinced that the US is currently in another recession despite the Fed's attempts to jolt the economy with stimulus measures that, in reality, have done little more than inflate asset prices. He believes gold and silver prices are artificially held down by government entities, stating in a recent interview, "If silver weren't manipulated, it would be at $US 150/ounce right now." In his Summit presentation, he laid out the reasons why gold and silver should be part of every investor's portfolio.

And these are only a few members of our powerhouse faculty. You'll also hear from:

In addition to these speakers' individual presentations, we also included our always popular on-stage roundtables…

Four Investment Panels That Give You
a Whole Toolbox to Work With

Listening to these seasoned economists and investment pros discuss solutions and specific investment recommendations hands you all the tools you need to survive and thrive – even in a market severely impeded by government intervention…

If you want to learn how to circumvent the many traps and pitfalls massive government meddling has set up for investors, there's no one better to listen to than these experts. And you won't even have to leave your house to get the full benefit of their advice.

Listen to Every Minute, from the
Comfort of Your Home, Car or Office

Of course, by not attending the Summit, you missed out on the chance for face-to-face conversations and Q&A with faculty and corporate presenters. But you still get every insight from their recorded presentations – along with all formal Q&A sessions – over 20 hours total. (And at a significant discount to even early-bird pricing for the Summit itself.)

The price for both CD-set and MP3 recording is $395… and it's well worth it considering the amount of valuable information and actionable investment recommendations you'll get out of it.

You'll find that the specific stock recommendations you'll hear about in the panel sessions – and that many of the speakers included in their presentations – will more than make up for the purchase price.

Ordering is easy: Simply click to order your 20+ hour Summit audio recording now.

You'll find that the specific stock recommendations you'll hear about in the panel sessions – and that many of the speakers include in their presentations – will more than make up for the purchase price.

Right after the Summit concluded on the evening of September 9, we started to put the CDs and MP3s into production. Because they are packed to the brim with timely market insights and specific, actionable investment advice, we'll have our team work overtime to rush the audio collection to you while the information is fresh.

And once they're in your hands, you can listen to every minute of every presentation from the comfort of your home or anywhere else – over and over again, until you get every last valuable piece of information our faculty shared.

The Time to Inform Yourself Is Now

Most of us still remember the times when you could have invested in just about anything – even a market index fund – and gotten respectable annual returns. Alas, those days are gone, and maybe for a long time to come.

In today's politicized economy, only the most astute and aware investors still have a chance to make consistent, inflation-beating gains. And the expert presentations by our blue-ribbon faculty will go a long way to help you accomplish that goal.

Your financial well-being is nothing to gamble with. And there's no better way to protect and grow your wealth than to get your copy of the Summit audio collection Navigating the Politicized Economy.

Order your CD set/MP3 recording now for just $395. We'll rush it to you as soon as it comes off the production line. Just one smart investment from what you hear will reimburse you many times over.

Good investing,
Olivier Garret
CEO, Casey Research


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