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Casey's Club offers a unique opportunity to receive all that Casey Research publishes - for the rest of your life... and beyond!

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  • ALL advisories that Casey Research has to offer - every publication, every premium alert service, and more...
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Divining the direction of the global economy -- and calculating how to best position your investment portfolio -- has never been easy or simple. Today, however, powerful and dangerous economic forces make clever portfolio planning nearly impossible for even the savviest individual investor. To go it alone is no longer a rational choice.

Which is where Casey's Club comes in.

Receive all our publications and take advantage of what we have to offer...

  • In-depth research, both from the big-picture perspective and on the very granular level of individual company and investment research
  • Expert analyses on precious metals, energy, technology, mega-trends, and commodity trading
  • Decades of investment experience and comprehensive knowledge of the markets, history, and economics
  • An extensive network of industry insiders and experts in many other fields, such as real estate, U.S. politics, gold, and more.

All for a low one-time initiation fee. Consider all of the various products that Casey Research offers, and you can see that this is a unique opportunity to get tens of thousands of dollars of investment advice for free. ALL of the following services are included with your Casey's Club membership:

Casey Investment Alert
Cost: $4,500 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership. This premium alert service delivers timely advice on small-cap, fast-moving stocks with explosive upside. Focus is on early-stage precious metals exploration companies.
Extraordinary Technology
Cost: $2,500 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership. Led by senior analyst Chris Wood, Casey Extraordinary Technology offers a unique hybrid consisting of an alert service and a comprehensive monthly letter, ensuring that you’re in the top 1% of the public in understanding today's rapidly evolving technology, and in the top 0.0001% in understanding how to profit from it. While other sectors have struggled over the past year, Casey Extraordinary Technology subscribers have enjoyed serious profits from game-changing technology plays.
International Speculator
Cost: $1,999 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership. One of the world's longest-running, most-respected advisory services, the team led by Louis James are dedicated to identifying companies in the junior US and Canadian resource-exploration sector which have cleared key hurdles and are poised for big upward moves.
The Casey Report
Cost: $99 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership. Our flagship publication brings together the work of an eclectic team of analysts, including Doug Casey, Bud Conrad, and Terry Coxon. Along with Managing Editor Dan Steinhart, the team shares its latest thinking on the powerful trends dominating the global economy and investment markets. The research team then adjusts its broad portfolio of recommended investments, including dividend stocks, precious metals, special situations, and even options strategies in order to optimize profits while minimizing risks. It's a one-stop service designed to help you stay closely in touch with the big trends and the best ways to profit (or in some cases, avoid losses!)
Casey Resource Investor

Cost: $149 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership. Casey Resource Investor is a monthly research service that covers the world's best resource investment opportunities.

Readers of Casey Resource Investor learn how to conservatively make money in energy, mining, agriculture, water, and other natural resources.

Although high-tech business like Uber, Facebook, and Apple get most of the press, our civilization rests on a low-tech foundation of steel, concrete, copper, lumber, and aluminum.

Feeding, clothing, and housing billions of people requires enormous amounts of agricultural products like corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, cotton, sugar, coffee, and livestock. Our cars, trucks, and airplanes consume millions of barrels of fuel every day. Mankind’s constant demand for raw materials ensures the resource sector will always offer big investment opportunities.

Casey Resource Investor will equip you with the knowledge and research you need to take advantage of them.

Crisis Investing
Cost: $2,500 per year. Included with Casey's Club membership. This go-anywhere newsletter follows Doug Casey's protégé and internationalization guru Nick Giambruno as he searches the globe to grab up distressed yet high-potential investments in economies in crisis. Founded on the principles that made a Doug Casey a bold fortune, Crisis Investing delivers boots-on-the-ground reporting and opportunities from Albania to Zambia.
Plus...Special Member-Only Events
Included with Casey's Club membership. As a member of Casey's Club, you'll receive invitations to join Doug Casey and other senior Casey Research editors and staff at special member-only events.

Keep in mind, as a member of Casey's Club, you receive ALL these services, for as long as they are published. Not just that, but as long as you remain a member in good standing, your heirs are welcome to continue receiving these services, too.

Plus, you receive any new Casey Research premium advisories at no additional charge.

A Deep Discount

The total value of subscription services included in your Casey's Club membership comes to $11,747 per year. That makes our lifetime price of just $11,750 a relative steal compared to the cost of subscribing to our services for even just two years.


  • You'll receive all these services year after year after year – as long as Casey Research continues publishing them.
  • Plus, as a member, you'll receive advance notice of the always sold-out Casey Summit events (additional fees do apply), as well as special invites to member-only get-togethers with Doug Casey and members of the Casey Research team.
  • And, of course, you will receive full credit for any remaining balances you have on your existing Casey Research subscriptions, further reducing the amount you pay now to join.

In addition, a low annual maintenance fee of $495 is required, starting on your 12-month anniversary, to provide some cushion against the inflation we expect. The maintenance fee price is fixed forever — it will never increase as long as your membership remains active.

Along with the huge savings your membership provides, you'll be assured that the entire Casey Research team and ALL of our published research will be available to you... every day for the rest of your life, and that of your children.

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