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Buck Buck Braawwk: The Fed Will Chicken Out, Won’t Raise Rates This Year

Reading the Fed’s runes; Andorra could be the next Cyprus; and why it’s tough to be a contrarian.

Oil Bull Versus Oil Bear—The Facts; and Other Items That Amuse and Interest Marin Katusa

What are the main arguments for and against a move in the price of oil?

Daily Pfennig: Traders Finally Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

More U.S. data that misses expectations. Dollar sees broad based selloff this morning! Indian Finance Minister talks glowing about India. Banks want CBR to hold back ruble gains

Repo Man Jobs Offer Hope

When subprime auto loans and student debt collide

Sorry Folks, Apple Won’t Move the Gold Market

Apple’s high–end watch isn’t going to boost the price of gold

Daily Pfennig: Weak U.S. Data Stomps The Rate Hike Bugs

Strong dollar rally turns sour on weak IP. Aussie job report and revision were great! Schäuble gets tough with Greece. Gold climbs back above $1,200

Why the Fed Will Chicken Out and Not Raise Rates Until at Least 2016

Central bankers are playing mind games.

Daily Pfennig: Retail Sales Up, But Disappointing

Dollar gets sold on disappointing Retail Sales. But rallies back in overnight and morning sessions. China 1st QTR GDP at 7%. 2 positive days is not a trend

Investors’ Most Important Job Requires No Skill

Save more by saving now.

It Takes a Different Breed to Be Contrarian

Contrarian investing in a valueless world

Will India Melt Down the Hindu God’s Gold?

Gold demand could be impacted if Prime Minister Modi “monetizes” the gold in Hindu temples—but will Indians cooperate?

Betting on a Quick Oil Recovery? Beware the “Fracklog”…

Bet on a short-term oil rebound at your own peril

Daily Pfennig: The MAS Keeps The S$ Band Unchanged!

Only a few currencies are gaining today. Norwegian krone rallies on the cross to euros. A secret meeting in Washington regarding Gold? Retail Sales today could be a bright spot.

Something Big This Way Comes

The US stock market is at a stand off. That much is certain. The direction it takes next is far less clear.

Metals Start Week with M&A Bang

A merger, an acquisition, and a rumored investor buyout, oh my! But what does this mean to us?

Daily Pfennig: Dollar Index pushes higher toward triple digits

Dollar index hits 99.99. Weak China data hammers commodity currencies. Elections weigh on the pound. Cards home opener.

US State Government Declares War on OPEC

From the desk of Marin Katusa: The US tax incentives are not going away and will drive oil production higher into 2015

The Clock Is Ticking on This One…

This stock should go positively vertical when gold heads higher.

The Biggest Energy Deal in a Decade: Shell Bets Big on Oil Recovery

Does Shell’s energy deal reek of desperation?

Steady-Eddie Stocks Outperform Over Last Nine Decades

Do not enter the nerd jungle, where losses are far more likely than extraordinary gains.

Daily Pfennig: A Hung Jury?

Currencies rally at night, sell by day. Russian rubles best performer again! Chuck says shorting renminbi may not be smart. And the Big Boss brings us a treat!

The One Life Hack Every Investor Must Know! No, Seriously

The road to becoming a better investor starts with facing your biases

WAIT: Don’t File Those Taxes Just Yet!

Must-read information for lawfully reducing the IRS’s tax bite

Mexican Gold Heist Changes Security Landscape

The armed robbery of 900 kilograms of gold in concentrate signals a significant change in tactics in the criminal class, one investors should be aware of.

Daily Pfennig: Will Earnings Be Hurt By Stronger Dollar?

FOMC Meeting Minutes print today. Currencies trade in range overnight. Except A$'s and rubles who soar! Conspiracy VS whispering campaign .

The Biggest Mistake Tech Investors Make

The technology of synthetic biology company Amyris is easy to fall in love with, but are current investors blinded to problems with the business?

The Ultimate Way to Lose Money

It all starts with a trip to the bank.

Should We Really Put Gold in an IRA?

Traditional investment advice says an IRA is not a good place for gold. However, consider these four reasons why everyone might want gold in their retirement accounts—and get six months’ free storage by starting your own gold-backed IRA.

Base Metals: Darkest Before the Dawn?

An inquisitive look at what's been driving base metals down to help you make sense of pundits' claims that new lows in iron ore prices and other metals might mean they are showing signs of possibly having bottomed.

Simple, Clear Regulations Are Good; Lower Taxes & Royalties Are Better

The Philippines says it wants to be a mine-friendly country again—but does it really?

Gold Mining Contraction: So What?

New warnings about mine supply contraction in the gold sector may be misleading—investors take heed.

You Are Now a Terrorist Until Proven Otherwise

The war on terrorism expands both domestically and internationally.

Daily Pfennig: RBA Leaves Rates Unchanged!

Markets allow the bad jobs print to slide. A$ is best performer overnight. BOJ meets tonight. Dollar recovers losses VS euro

Marxism Fails in Brazil (Gasp)

But opportunities in the Brazilian market are on my radar.

Daily Pfennig: Jobs Jamboree Applies The Brakes!

Jobs report sends dollar tumbling. RBA meets tonight 50/50 on rate cut. A Big Week for Greece. When will China give us the skinny on their Gold?

A Degree Is No Golden Ticket, but It’s Still Worth It

Save, invest, and pay for college the smart way.

Peak Gold?

Why Peak Gold calls are especially nonsensical

Iran Nuclear Deal Roils the Oil Markets

A US-Iran nuclear deal is closer; is gold on its way up?; and Iceland may be the home of the banking revolution

Daily Pfennig: Jobs Jamboree

Your definition of rich. Positive Data. Dollar Lower. March Jobs

Domination: Hard, Soft, or Otherwise

Domination has polluted human life for a long, long time. And whether that domination has been hard or soft, ancient or modern, it always displays the same characteristics.

Doug Casey: Signs of a Resource Sector Bottom

The prudence of owning precious metals is more paramount than ever.

Daily Pfennig: Another Round Of Disappointing Data

ISM, CS and ADP are all disappointing. Dollar staggers and does the rope-a-dope. Greece & Eurozone appear to playing nice. China takes a beach head in N. America!

Daily Pfennig: Big Ben Is Now A Blogger

A handful of currencies carve out small gains. Buffett talks Cliff Claven talk. Jack Lew puts his 2-cents in on China. Metals need a White Knight!

A Cure for Metals Investor Malaise

You don’t have to be able to time the market in order to make boatloads of money—watch one man who did it right

Social Security Administration Can’t Count

6.5 million people age 112 and up who aren’t really here.

Chinese Stocks Rally on Hints of Easing

Fears of a deflationary spiral prompt the PBOC to loosen up. Investors react predictably.

Will Gold Win Out Against the US Dollar?

Why we believe the gold price will turn around.

Daily Pfennig: He’s Baaaaaaaccccckkkk!

Markets are enamored with what Yellen said. Greek talks outweighs good data in Germany. It's a Jobs Jamboree week, and I don't care! Dollar is back at the top of the house!

Yemen Descends into Chaos

A new war in the Middle East; and is war imminent between the US and Russia?

The (Not Really) Strong Dollar

The US dollar’s weak long-term prospects will boost stocks—eventually.

Daily Pfennig: Dollar bulls charge back after Yellen’s rate comments

Dollar bulls charge back after Yellen's comments. UK elections begin. Oil drops sending commodity currencies down. Gold loses $1,200 handle.

Chile: Back on the Right Track, or Temporary Respite?

The Barrick situation in Chile is our bellwether for investing in that country’s mining stocks

Yemen’s Swelling Population Drives Unrest

Saudi military intervention is likely to escalate tension in a large cohort of unemployed Yemeni youth

Daily Pfennig: Final Revisions

Focus on jobs...Loonie on top...Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank...Dollar higher in early trading

This 401(k) Fix Stinks

You can safeguard your wealth better than anyone.

Daily Pfennig: Saudi bombing in Yemen has markets worried

Tensions in Yemen worry markets. Higher oil supports commodity currencies. Bullard suggests it is time to start 'normalizing' rates. Gold posts the longest winning streak in over a year.

The BLS and the Fed Are Playing Chicken

Don’t be the investor who gets hit.

Why Great Businesspeople Make Terrible Investors

The market freight train is gonna go where it’s gonna go. Hop aboard, stand aside, or get run over.

Daily Pfennig: The dollar sell off pauses

Dollar sell off takes a pause. German data sends Euro toward $1.10. Brazil's currency drops. Metals continue to drift higher \

O Inflation, Where Art Thou?

Now is the time: keep deflation chatter in perspective and position yourself to profit from rebound inflation.

Joe Stalin Would Thrive in Corporate America

On Main Street, Joe Stalin would be a hoodlum. In a major corporation, he'd be CEO. So, can we really call both Main Street and Wall Street "capitalism"?

The Secret of Success in Mineral Exploration

The key variable that makes for successful exploration—and speculation.

Daily Pfennig: Dollar bears have emerged from hibernation

Dollar bears have emerged from hibernation. Fed Presidents fill the airwaves. Euro moves higher on positive PMI data. Disappointing China PMI worries commodity investors

The Bull Market Rages On

The Nasdaq and Russell 2000 are at crossroads, but the signs point to a breakout.

Stocks Are Safer Than You Think

Warren Buffett agrees with me on the risk that matters most.

Daily Pfennig: US Fed Heads jawbone the $ lower

Fed heads jawbone the $ lower, Greek PM to meet with his German counterpart, Precious metals march higher, Happy 60th Birthday Chuck!!!

Daily Pfennig: Dollar continues to move lower

Dollar continues to fall...German and French leaders join to push for Greek solution...Australia and Japan to join the new Asian bank backed by China...Gold stays on track for weekly gain

Daily Pfennig: Roller Coaster Ride

Fed loses patience...Lower projections...Dollar took a big hit...Norges and SNB hold

2015: Year of the Trader?

Post-QE volatility may create boons for traders—and more anxiety for the average Joe.

Daily Pfennig: Will they or won’t they

Waiting for the Fed...Housing slips again...Currencies range bound...Eurozone growth expected to rise

Strong US Dollar Eats $19 Billion in Corporate Earnings

Proof our warnings were dead on.

Why Aren’t These Investors Worried About The Gold Price?

Why some gold investors are confident about gold’s future—and how you can be, too.

Daily Pfennig: Let the Fed begin

Another round of disappointing data...Euro takes top spot...Most currencies enjoy gains...British Politics

Reality Always Wins… But Never on Schedule

It’s possible not only to recover from a severe correction but to come out way ahead.

50 Shades of Gold: How to Diversify Your Gold Holdings

Jeff Clark shows you 50 ways to own gold

Daily Pfennig: It’s A FOMC Meeting Week!

Currencies are flat to down today. Euros and kiwi only gainers today. India's Current Account Trending to a Surplus! China's NPC sets goals

Making Sense of Interest Rates in a NIRP World

Paying to lend money and other bizarre results of central bank shenanigans

Will Warren Buffett Really Let This Deep Value Slip By?

Even the legendary Warren Buffett has his investing biases .

Daily Pfennig: Markets Shrug Off 3rd Consecutive Month Of Negative Retail Sales!

Dollar goes back on offense. Renminbi and Gold only gainers today. Oil price slips again, petrol currencies get whacked. Norway's SWF adds $67 Billion to world's largest SWF!

Thousands… Millions… of Whom the World Is Not Worthy

All of us have partial views of the world. We can only see and hear so much.

Don’t Fret Gold’s Seasonal Decline

Diagnosis of gold’s current decline: normal.

The New Abnormal: Iron Ore Hits Seven-Year Low

New low iron prices belie the global economic recovery—bad for base metals, good for precious metals.

Daily Pfennig: The Dollar Gives Up Some Prisoners

RBNZ leaves rates unchanged. Kiwi, krone & krona best performers today. China to denominate gold fixing in renminbi. 46 Million for 40 consecutive months!

Why You Should Listen to This Man About Gold

Watching and following an industry’s most successful players can pay off very well for investors.

How Tesla Will Kill Your Portfolio, Even If You Don’t Own It

Elon Musk might be crazy. Or he might be a genius. Either way, utilities are in trouble.

Bankruptcy Dam Bursting?

Does Allied-Nevada's bankruptcy mark the beginning of a long-overdue housecleaning in junior miners?

Permitting Milestone in Colombia

Colombia is indeed open to responsible mining.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Investing

James Altucher joins us for the final edition of Midweek Matters

Daily Pfennig: SGE Takes On Gold Fixing On March 20

Dollar taking no prisoners. But two currencies carve out gains today. Euro in a free fall, like dollar in 2009. Swiss francs fall below parity

How to Get Struck by Lightning

Anticipating takeovers can really juice investor profits

Daily Pfennig: Phase 2 Of The Dollar’s Moon Shot

Draghi tells Greece to allow TROIKA in. Faber says China to back renminbi with Gold! Yen set for next leg down? S$ gets caught up in yen weakness

Folsom Prison Blues

What do Warren Buffett, Johnny Cash, and truck drivers all across America have in common?

Daily Pfennig: The Dollar Goes On A Moon Shot!

295,000 jobs. Really? Oh the tangled webs we weave. Greece & Eurogroup start negotiations again. Chinese exports rise 48.6%!

Gold Manipulation: The “London Bias,” 1970-2014

New data on gold price-suppression, an invitation, and a farewell—for now.

Decoding China’s Investment Alphabet Soup

To find investment bargains with high profit potential, check out this Chinese opportunity.

Daily Pfennig: A Jobs Jamboree Friday, Do We Care?

All eyes on Jobs Jamboree this morning. Chuck throws in the towel on the BLS. Dollar has the conn today. Good data in Eurozone but euro slips further

Crude Oil Appears to Have Bottomed

Our technical analyst's call for oil's next move.

Daily Pfennig: ECB To Announce Details Of QE

Brazil hikes rates 50 Basis Points! Poland cuts rates 25 Basis Points. Euro in free fall. China touts renminbi as "The World Currency"

The Most Likely Stocks to Give You Vertical Profits

How to prepare your portfolio to get a shot at the jackpot

Less Email, More Sound Financial Solutions

First, thank you to everyone who’s written to wish me and Jo well on our move to Arizona. Many asked if I planned to continue working and the answer is ...