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Chile: Back on the Right Track, or Temporary Respite?

The Barrick situation in Chile is our bellwether for investing in that country’s mining stocks

Yemen’s Swelling Population Drives Unrest

Saudi military intervention is likely to escalate tension in a large cohort of unemployed Yemeni youth

Daily Pfennig: Final Revisions

Focus on jobs...Loonie on top...Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank...Dollar higher in early trading

This 401(k) Fix Stinks

You can safeguard your wealth better than anyone.

Daily Pfennig: Saudi bombing in Yemen has markets worried

Tensions in Yemen worry markets. Higher oil supports commodity currencies. Bullard suggests it is time to start 'normalizing' rates. Gold posts the longest winning streak in over a year.

The BLS and the Fed Are Playing Chicken

Don’t be the investor who gets hit.

Why Great Businesspeople Make Terrible Investors

The market freight train is gonna go where it’s gonna go. Hop aboard, stand aside, or get run over.

Daily Pfennig: The dollar sell off pauses

Dollar sell off takes a pause. German data sends Euro toward $1.10. Brazil's currency drops. Metals continue to drift higher \

O Inflation, Where Art Thou?

Now is the time: keep deflation chatter in perspective and position yourself to profit from rebound inflation.

Joe Stalin Would Thrive in Corporate America

On Main Street, Joe Stalin would be a hoodlum. In a major corporation, he'd be CEO. So, can we really call both Main Street and Wall Street "capitalism"?

The Secret of Success in Mineral Exploration

The key variable that makes for successful exploration—and speculation.

Daily Pfennig: Dollar bears have emerged from hibernation

Dollar bears have emerged from hibernation. Fed Presidents fill the airwaves. Euro moves higher on positive PMI data. Disappointing China PMI worries commodity investors

The Bull Market Rages On

The Nasdaq and Russell 2000 are at crossroads, but the signs point to a breakout.

Stocks Are Safer Than You Think

Warren Buffett agrees with me on the risk that matters most.

Daily Pfennig: US Fed Heads jawbone the $ lower

Fed heads jawbone the $ lower, Greek PM to meet with his German counterpart, Precious metals march higher, Happy 60th Birthday Chuck!!!

Daily Pfennig: Dollar continues to move lower

Dollar continues to fall...German and French leaders join to push for Greek solution...Australia and Japan to join the new Asian bank backed by China...Gold stays on track for weekly gain

Daily Pfennig: Roller Coaster Ride

Fed loses patience...Lower projections...Dollar took a big hit...Norges and SNB hold

2015: Year of the Trader?

Post-QE volatility may create boons for traders—and more anxiety for the average Joe.

Daily Pfennig: Will they or won’t they

Waiting for the Fed...Housing slips again...Currencies range bound...Eurozone growth expected to rise

Strong US Dollar Eats $19 Billion in Corporate Earnings

Proof our warnings were dead on.

Why Aren’t These Investors Worried About The Gold Price?

Why some gold investors are confident about gold’s future—and how you can be, too.

Daily Pfennig: Let the Fed begin

Another round of disappointing data...Euro takes top spot...Most currencies enjoy gains...British Politics

Reality Always Wins… But Never on Schedule

It’s possible not only to recover from a severe correction but to come out way ahead.

50 Shades of Gold: How to Diversify Your Gold Holdings

Jeff Clark shows you 50 ways to own gold

Daily Pfennig: It’s A FOMC Meeting Week!

Currencies are flat to down today. Euros and kiwi only gainers today. India's Current Account Trending to a Surplus! China's NPC sets goals

Making Sense of Interest Rates in a NIRP World

Paying to lend money and other bizarre results of central bank shenanigans

Will Warren Buffett Really Let This Deep Value Slip By?

Even the legendary Warren Buffett has his investing biases .

Daily Pfennig: Markets Shrug Off 3rd Consecutive Month Of Negative Retail Sales!

Dollar goes back on offense. Renminbi and Gold only gainers today. Oil price slips again, petrol currencies get whacked. Norway's SWF adds $67 Billion to world's largest SWF!

Thousands… Millions… of Whom the World Is Not Worthy

All of us have partial views of the world. We can only see and hear so much.

Don’t Fret Gold’s Seasonal Decline

Diagnosis of gold’s current decline: normal.

The New Abnormal: Iron Ore Hits Seven-Year Low

New low iron prices belie the global economic recovery—bad for base metals, good for precious metals.

Daily Pfennig: The Dollar Gives Up Some Prisoners

RBNZ leaves rates unchanged. Kiwi, krone & krona best performers today. China to denominate gold fixing in renminbi. 46 Million for 40 consecutive months!

Why You Should Listen to This Man About Gold

Watching and following an industry’s most successful players can pay off very well for investors.

How Tesla Will Kill Your Portfolio, Even If You Don’t Own It

Elon Musk might be crazy. Or he might be a genius. Either way, utilities are in trouble.

Bankruptcy Dam Bursting?

Does Allied-Nevada's bankruptcy mark the beginning of a long-overdue housecleaning in junior miners?

Permitting Milestone in Colombia

Colombia is indeed open to responsible mining.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Investing

James Altucher joins us for the final edition of Midweek Matters

Daily Pfennig: SGE Takes On Gold Fixing On March 20

Dollar taking no prisoners. But two currencies carve out gains today. Euro in a free fall, like dollar in 2009. Swiss francs fall below parity

How to Get Struck by Lightning

Anticipating takeovers can really juice investor profits

Daily Pfennig: Phase 2 Of The Dollar’s Moon Shot

Draghi tells Greece to allow TROIKA in. Faber says China to back renminbi with Gold! Yen set for next leg down? S$ gets caught up in yen weakness

Folsom Prison Blues

What do Warren Buffett, Johnny Cash, and truck drivers all across America have in common?

Daily Pfennig: The Dollar Goes On A Moon Shot!

295,000 jobs. Really? Oh the tangled webs we weave. Greece & Eurogroup start negotiations again. Chinese exports rise 48.6%!

Gold Manipulation: The “London Bias,” 1970-2014

New data on gold price-suppression, an invitation, and a farewell—for now.

Decoding China’s Investment Alphabet Soup

To find investment bargains with high profit potential, check out this Chinese opportunity.

Daily Pfennig: A Jobs Jamboree Friday, Do We Care?

All eyes on Jobs Jamboree this morning. Chuck throws in the towel on the BLS. Dollar has the conn today. Good data in Eurozone but euro slips further

Crude Oil Appears to Have Bottomed

Our technical analyst's call for oil's next move.

Daily Pfennig: ECB To Announce Details Of QE

Brazil hikes rates 50 Basis Points! Poland cuts rates 25 Basis Points. Euro in free fall. China touts renminbi as "The World Currency"

The Most Likely Stocks to Give You Vertical Profits

How to prepare your portfolio to get a shot at the jackpot

Less Email, More Sound Financial Solutions

First, thank you to everyone who’s written to wish me and Jo well on our move to Arizona. Many asked if I planned to continue working and the answer is ...

Google Wants Your Cellphone, Too

The latest and greatest from Barcelona.

Liberty: The Unapplied Cure

I had been working late on one project or another. When I closed down for the night, I decided to turn on a TV and let my mind slow down before climbing into bed.

Daily Pfennig: An RBI Surprise!

Our of meeting rate cut in India. Bank of Canada meets today. Euro drops to 2003 level. Is it time for the CBR to dismantle 17% rate?

23 Investing Lessons from George Soros

Mark Yusko of Morgan Creek shares the most important lessons learned from George Soros

Daily Pfennig: RBA Leaves Rates Unchanged

Central Banks line up to meet this week. Is most of the bad stuff priced into the euro? Aussie and kiwi rally VS USD. Is Canada's Poloz losing credibility?

Big Oil Hates Ethanol

Why Big Oil hates ethanol and why you should too

Daily Pfennig: China Cuts Both Deposit & Lending Rates

Eurozone inflation and growth tick upward. RBA to meet tonight, will they cut rates again? A ton of Central Bank meetings this week. Canada's Federal Deficit shrinks!

What Top Hedge Fund Managers Really Think About Gold

A multi-guru mini interview on what top hedge fund managers think about gold.

Circumventing the Strong Dollar

Currency movements are a zero-sum game.

Daily Pfennig: Sweden Buys Bonds, While GDP Doubles Expectations!

Bullard springs trap door under euro. Chuck explains how the Pfennig is put together. N.Z. kiwi proves to be resilient. Richard Russell says Gold price to be reset.

“That Couldn’t Possibly Be True”: The Startling Truth About the US Dollar

For years I had heard people talking about “the fraud of the Federal Reserve.”

Build It and They Will Come

Why we need better batteries; Pebble launches another successful Kickstarter campaign; and Lenovo backtracks on Superfish

Daily Pfennig: Gold Shines Brightly On This Tub Thumpin’ Thursday!

Day 2 for Yellen, no changes. N.Z. posts Trade Surplus! Chinese announce new plans to help economy. German Unemployment drops by 20,000!

The Wrong Way to Pay for College

The days when you could write a check for college and know that four years later your little darling would have a cool graduation party, find a decent-paying job, and ...

Daily Pfennig: Kiwi Puts On A Show

Yellen throws a changeup. Chinese return to work with a weaker renminbi. Chinese PMI's rise above 50! Gold shows how rate sensitive it is

David Stockman Tears Apart Tesla

Is mighty Tesla just a crony capitalist creation?

Daily Pfennig: It’s The Janet Yellen Show, Today

Greece completes homework assignment. N.Z. inflation expectations slip below 2%. China to accumulate more Gold than world produces! Gold and Oil both slip below psychological figures!

The New Normal for Oil, Part 2

US crude oil storage: keeping contango onshore

Takeover Alert—Are You Positioned to Profit?

Mergers and acquisitions are heating up the mining sector; here’s how to profit.

Daily Pfennig: Kicking The Can Down The Road

Traders back on scent of rate hike. Oil is stuck in tight range. Greece has homework assignment! Happy Late Birthday to George Washington!

Daily Pfennig: Greece Makes Its Proposal

Dollar recovers losses after FMM. Cyclone hits Australia. Oil trades in a tight range. Connection problems for Chuck!

The Way of the 21st Century: Going Nowhere While Very, Very Frightened

We’re 14 years into a new century, which is typically how long it takes for a century’s unique characteristics to show up.

Forget Cars: Tesla Wants to Power Your House

Coming your way: $4,000 Apple watches and genetically modified apples?

The Way Out of a Common Conundrum

Over the holidays, a dear friend asked for help—the sort of help you might need too. She’s retired, lives alone, and has a modest nest egg. But the thought of ...

Daily Pfennig: It’s All About FMM Today

Traders look for clues in the minutes. Dollar recovers today. BOE Minutes are very dovish. Buying up all the supply?

Chris Martenson on What’s Really Happening in Ukraine

Chris digs beyond the mainstream stories to figure out who's winning the war.

Daily Pfennig: It’s Shrove Tuesday!

No news is good news for euro. Dollar gets sold VS most currencies. RBA withholds comments on A$. China accumulates 315 Tonnes of Gold so far in 2015!

The Future of Fracking Is Re-Fracking

This breaking technology will save the US shale oil revolution

Markets Reach Inflection Point

Are US equities priming for another rally?

Dear Harry Dent: Wanna Bet?

Jeff Clark takes on Harry Dent’s predictions of gold dropping to $250 in the next 5-8 years.

Daily Pfennig: Will The Peace Agreement Hold?

Retail Sales print negative again! Currencies around the world rally. Oil jumps $2 in price, Who's crazy?

Looking for a Reason to Believe: The Benefit of the Doubt Is Cracking

Those of us who pursue positive change are very often frustrated.

FCC Sticks It to Congress, Sides with John Oliver

Net Neutrality appears to have the upper hand again; and why cyberthieves are hot for healthcare data

Daily Pfennig: Riksbank. A Party Crasher!

Negative rates become the norm. A peace agreement for Ukraine & Russia? Aussie Employment drops 12,000. Kiwi bucks the "sympathy" trend!

A Math-Free Guide to Higher and Safer Returns

I can make you instantly richer, and safely, by explaining a finance concept with a story about a dog. ...

Daily Pfennig: Two Tough Guys At The Negotiating Table

EC/ Greece attempt to iron out agreement. Big risks hang over markets today. Aussie Consumer Confidence spikes! Canada's Deputy Dawg has "tone".

Doug Casey on ISIS, Gold, Oil, and What to Expect in 2015

What does Doug’s guru-vision foresee for 2015?

Daily Pfennig: Germany Posts Record Current Account Surplus!

IMF says India to outperform other BRICS! Eurozone/ Greece talks come down to. The cheese that binds! China's inflation falls below 1%!

Unconventional Investing for Unconventional Times

The insiders’ secret to doubling your speculative profits at the same amount of risk.

Daily Pfennig: What We Really Need Are Some More Adjustments!

The markets went bananas on Friday; Gold got whacked; China withdraws 255 tonnes of Gold from the SGE in January

3 Keys to Making Money in a Down Market

Three essentials for winning investments in rough markets.

Daily Pfennig: It’s A Jobs Jamboree Friday!

It's all about U.S. jobs today. China moves to export capital. Sentiment moves markets these days! Denmark moves negative rates wider.

Longing for Cyberwar

Those of us in the data privacy business have been expecting an “I-9/11” event for some time. We knew too well that the “big, scary event” routine worked in 2001, and that the control freaks would eventually reprise it.

A Big Smile on FB’s Face as It Looks to the Future

News from several tech companies has investors’ attention

Daily Pfennig: Eurozone Starts Negotiations With A Tough Stance

Dollar fights back yesterday. But currencies try to rally again this morning. Foreign Investment flows into India soar! Money can't buy you love, but Gold can!

Beware of Bankers Bearing Gifts

Childhood cartoons have programmed us to see bankers as evil, greedy businessmen who delight in preying on the poor. Case in point: Snidely Whiplash. ...

Daily Pfennig: Everyone Plays Nicely In the Sandbox!

Short squeeze sends currencies higher! Oil rises 7%, but falls back a bit today. China reduces reserve ratio! Gold gets whacked again!

Greece as a Pawn in Putin’s Chess Game vs. the West

Greece's strategic importance in the Colder War

Daily Pfennig: RBA Cuts Their Interest Rate!

A$ drops and kiwi follows! Krone rallies 3 straight days! RBI leaves rates unchanged. China gets foot in the door of OPEC!

Was This American Hero Actually a Soviet Spy?

What do baking soda, oil, and the Gore family all have in common?

Daily Pfennig: 4th QTR U.S. GDP Disappoints!

.8% of the 2.6% GDP was ACA. Currencies try again to rally. China to widen trading band? Yellow means go faster!