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This One Trade Changed 400 Years of History in Just Four Hours

We are on the brink of a budding new technology trend that is of the same scale—possibly bigger—as email and the internet.

The “Greatest Threat” Almost No One Is Prepared For

It’s not a stock market crash, economic depression, or even a global currency crisis.

Weekend Edition: This Could Be a $10 Billion Industry in 10 Years

If this market isn’t on your radar yet, it should be.

A Three-Step Guide to Making Life-Altering Gains in This “Risky” Industry

If you’ve ever thought about investing in a biotech stock, make sure you print out this essay.

Weekend Edition: A New Hope in the War on Cash

Here's how you can protect yourself (and profit) from desperate governments...

Weekend Edition: This Is Going to Change the Way We Do Everything

And we've barely scratched the surface of what it can do...

Weekend Edition: Meet the Product That Will Replace Your Smartphone

It will be prolific, pervasive, and profound for society. And the market could be as big as $120 billion by 2020...

What Can South Park Teach Us About Persuasive Technology?

For better or worse, the era of ubiquitous persuasive technology has arrived… and it isn’t going anywhere.

Can You Put Your Brainpower into Overdrive?

Nootropics may turbocharge your brain, but for now, they won’t turbocharge your investment portfolio

How Tap Water Can Heat Your House

Can all that energy from water flowing through municipal pipes be harnessed? One company says yes.

Equity Crowdfunding for the Rest of Us

In the brave new crowdfunding world, you can be not just a backer, but an investor.

Sorry Folks, Apple Won’t Move the Gold Market

Apple’s high–end watch isn’t going to boost the price of gold

The Biggest Mistake Tech Investors Make

The technology of synthetic biology company Amyris is easy to fall in love with, but are current investors blinded to problems with the business?

How Tesla Will Kill Your Portfolio, Even If You Don’t Own It

Elon Musk might be crazy. Or he might be a genius. Either way, utilities are in trouble.

Google Wants Your Cellphone, Too

The latest and greatest from Barcelona.

Build It and They Will Come

Why we need better batteries; Pebble launches another successful Kickstarter campaign; and Lenovo backtracks on Superfish

Forget Cars: Tesla Wants to Power Your House

Coming your way: $4,000 Apple watches and genetically modified apples?

FCC Sticks It to Congress, Sides with John Oliver

Net Neutrality appears to have the upper hand again; and why cyberthieves are hot for healthcare data

A Big Smile on FB’s Face as It Looks to the Future

News from several tech companies has investors’ attention

Apple Delivers Monstrously Worrying Earnings

What’s the deeper story behind Apple’s latest earnings results?

What If Medical Marijuana Doesn’t Actually Work?

Is there a way for investors to ride the trend of medical marijuana?

The State of the Technology Union is a data sieve; and the likelihood of drone wars in the near future just crept a little higher

How Much Tech Can You Take in Your Life?

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show featured a lot of IoT and monitoring tech, but not the one thing consumers report wanting most

Farewell, Internet Explorer; and Stingrays Okay Outdoors

Our latest tech news roundup, including a peek at the Consumer Electronics Show

A Disappointing Christmas for Silicon Valley?

Apple Pay flops, 3D printing stocks drop, Solar plops, but Microsoft’s new OS tops…

Is Carl Icahn Right About Apple After All?

Big banks are out of ideas; Tesla gets sludged by oil; and North Korea can’t take a joke

Make Cyberlove, Not Cyberwar

Online dating is heating up. And unfortunately, so are the cyberwars.

The Visual Microphone

Are you concerned that your coffee cup may be spying on you? Turns out it's not as far-fetched an idea as you might think.

Cloud Wars, Spy Games, and Uber’s Provocative Plan to Silence the Critics

Can Tesla maintain its lead in the electric car market over the big car companies? And is Uber trying to test the limits on the old saying that there's no such thing as bad publicity?

Time to Short Amazon?; and Apple Grabbing Back Market Share

Amazon still appears to have its fingers firmly on the pulse of tech-savvy shoppers, so why is there a call to short the company? Plus loads of other interesting tech bits and bytes

No Commerce Without Government Sanction? “AirBnb” Law Sets Ugly Precedent

Apple Pay launches with a thud; Darknet commerce is booming; and Tim Cook distracts the media.

Telling Cancer to Kill Itself

Intercellular communication is revealing new ways to approach infection… and cancer

Will the New HP Kill Computing’s Greatest Advance in 30 Years?

HP has a shot at creating a great computing breakthrough... if the company doesn’t muff it as it has previous opportunities

Should Apple Bow to Icahn and Buy Back Tens of Billions in Stock?

Why Icahn’s Apple share repurchase argument has merit

The Double Super-Secret Formula to Picking Winning Technology Investments

This obvious aspect of tech design can be overlooked by engineers… and can tank the company

Are Fake Cell Towers Intercepting Your Calls?

Can you protect your digital data from the ever-encroaching government?

Will Algae Help Manufacture the Delicious Foods of the Future?

Biotechnology is opening up amazing possibilities in biobased products

The Venture Capital Bubble and the Apple Watch

A look at the role venture capital plays in the formation of bubbles, and speculating on an Apple Watch-based boost

The Hottest Trend in Technology Today

Flexible electronic technology is here, and it’s going to rock your world.

Can You Really Live Forever?

In today's techstravaganza, an update on anti-aging science, and the third chapter in our tech bubble series

Merger Mania! Tech Bubble 2.0, Part 2

All the crazy M&A activity in tech must indicate we’re floating in a new bubble. Or does it? What do the numbers really say?

Are We in a New Tech Bubble?

Google’s desperation and an overbought Nasdaq: is this the dot-com bubble all over again?

Microsoft’s Mobile Comeback: Fantasy or Possibility?

The computing giant may still have a trick or two up its sleeve

Drums of War in the Cloud

How low can cloud storage prices go?

When Nature Talks, Technologists Listen

Learn how some game-changing technologies were inspired by nature

Can Measles Cure Cancer?

Could viruses hold the key to safely killing cancer cells?

The PC Is Not Dead Yet

If you’re a nimble, savvy investor, there’s opportunity for profit in the PC space

The Worst Investment Advice I’ve Ever Heard

One simple and basic step can save a lot of investment worries… Do you take it?

Paging Dr. Robot: Please Make Your Way to the OR

Robotic-assisted surgery is on the cusp of a breakthrough… and poised to offer savvy investors outsized profits

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love High-Frequency Trading

Revealed—the facts behind the high-frequency trader scaremongering

Thomas Edison’s Dream Smashed

The successor to compact fluorescent light bulbs is on the horizon… and close enough for investors to profit from the right company

Marc Andreessen Is a Terrorist, and the Government Should Shut Down Uber and Airbnb

Snowden a traitor? Famed venture capitalist sticks foot in mouth.

The Greatest Discovery in the History of Stem Cell Science?

Stem cell science is on the cusp of producing the kinds of results that get biotech investors excited

When Your Alarm Clock Knows Your Train Is Late, and Your Car Remembers Getting Tanked

A new trend is making its way into the mainstream—how to catch it, how to play it

The Rise of Africa… and How To Play It

The African economic boom is for real, and we’ve found a way to profit.

Healing the Blind… and Boosting Your Portfolio

This company works on a treatment for wet age-related macular degeneration—and some all-important trial results are due out soon…

Forget Stocks… Buy Taxi Medallions?

Digging into the promising veneer of buying a taxi medallion reveals some intriguing parallels to a little-known but growing investment sector

All That Jazz: A Rare Opportunity to Profit

How developing orphan drugs became a 50-billion-dollar market

An Antibiotic Smart Bomb to Target “Bad” Bugs

Drugs taking advantage of the CRISPR-Cas system could eventually replace all antibiotics.

Made-to-Order Life Forms Delivered to Your Door?

Synthetic biology is becoming cheaper and easier… and pretty darned clever

Value Investing Is Dead; Long Live Compelling Values

Having an information advantage can help a retail investor beat even the high-frequency traders

The Internet’s Next Frontier

WISP appears to be the best way to get Internet access to the last mile… wherever it may be

Microfluidics: The Most Important Advancement in Biology You May Have Never Heard Of

Human-organs-on-chips are poised to revolutionize medical and drug testing

Two Sons Murder Father in Cold Blood, High Five Afterward

Alex Daley meets an untimely demise.

The Next Industry the Internet Is Changing Forever

The smart grid is on its way at long last

You Are Among the 1% (Only 1% Human, That Is)

Why the antibacterial war must end

Bitcoin’s Uncomfortable Similarity to Some Shady Episodes in Financial History

If you have bitcoins, here’s how to keep them as safe as possible

The Healthcare Crisis of the Century

How a new treatment for Alzheimer’s could change the medical landscape forever… and make fortunes for early investors

Like We Said, It’s About More than Your Genes

The ENCODE Project appears to be on the cusp of delivering breakthrough genetic treatments

Forget the Genome: The Epigenome Is Where It’s At

Epigenetics is already offering a lot of promise in unraveling the mysteries of how genes work, how the environment can influence them, and how tech can counter or correct problems that lead to ill health.

Failure to Understand Bitcoin Could Cost Investors Billions

Why Andreessen's famed bitcoin commentary is wide of the mark

Sex: What Our Genes Have to Say

Technology is starting to untangle the delicate question of our sexual nature, by peering into the human genome.

Kipling, Mrs. Creel, and the Contrarian

A primer in making successful contrarian plays in the tech sector

Would You Help Send a Guy to Las Vegas?

A brief overview of this year's Consumer Electronics Show reveals why our tech team is jonesing to attend next year's techstravaganza—and you can help one of them get there.

One Smart-Grid Technology That’s Already Saving Our Freezing Butts

An ingenious tech could make brownouts and rolling blackouts obsolete

$*(&$@ Technology!: When the Future Fails Us

Pros and cons of today's technology.

The Year Ahead in Technology

How to play tech stocks in 2014 for maximum gains

Jeff Bezos’ Amazonian Drones

Exactly how far-fetched is the idea of using drones for delivery services… or other nonmilitary uses?

Does the FDA Think You’re Stupid?

The FDA's stance on genomic testing is hypocritical and insulting to consumers.

The Idiot’s Guide to Becoming a Bitcoin Billionaire

Despite all the hype about Bitcoin's dubious legality, the US government would be stupid to shut it down

Tech Bubble 2.0?

Discussion of another dot-com bubble brewing is mostly overblown… mostly.

The Man No One Listens To

Systems security is more precarious than most of us—even the tech savvy among us—realize

One Simple Rule to Maximize Your Biotech Returns

The one all-important factor all your biotech investments should have

The Markets Are Rigged! How to Opt Out and Still Profit

Most investors know how to minimize political risk. Are you among those savvy enough to profit from it… in all its possible forms?

Where Will Robots Go Next?

Automation is the key to the next phase of China's economic growth.

Hackers Meet Biology: Bio-Renaissance or the Makings of a Killer?

Biohacking is shaking up the worlds of science, technology, and politics.

Putting Nature to Work to Fight Cancer

Anticancer vaccines are making slow but steady progress.

From Golf Clubs to the Space Shuttle and Everything in Between: Carbon Fiber Is Everywhere

And it's getting stronger and less expensive

High Tech Heads for the Farm

The new face of agriculture: precision farming.

Is Your iPad Ratting You Out to the Feds?

Even the government is getting in on the hacking—and the courts are allowing them to do it.

Who Really Wins From Android’s Success?

One small company is cleaning up from Google's Android mess.

How to Make More Money than a Venture Capitalist

One investment available to all that earns twice as much.

What Will Software Eat Next?

Traditional businesses continue to be disrupted by tech advances.

Just Who Is Spying on You Right Now?

Far more than PRISM

The Technological Evolution of Nonlethal Weaponry

Weapons of mass disruption are growing ever more exotic. Creates 5,000 Jobs, Destroys 25,000 in the Process?

Software is making human beings obsolete.

Is Biotech Funding Drying Up?

Why investors should care about biotech venture capital.

Orphans: Adding Company Value in the Biotech Space

Niche diseases could bring windfall profits to Big Pharma… but not in the way you might think.

Reinventing the Hypodermic Syringe: A Market Ripe for Disruption

Creating a kinder, gentler needle.

Want to Defend Your Privacy?

Revealed: free and cheap technologies to help keep government snoops from spying on you.