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Weekend Edition: Is It Too Late to Buy Gold Stocks?

If you're hesitant about entering the gold market today, this essay is a must-read…

Is Capitalism Broken?

We could have a big problem on our hands...

Trump’s Radical Policies Could Breathe Life Back Into This Beaten-Down Market

Demand for this commodity could soar over the next four years. And that could mean huge profits for investors.

Here’s What to Do If You Missed Out on Yesterday’s Huge Oil Rally

OPEC just made a historic deal...

The Government Is Coming After Your Money… Here’s How to Protect Yourself

It's getting much easier for the government to control and tax every aspect of your life.

How Casey Report Readers Made 65% in a Week

You need to see this chart if you've been thinking about buying gold stocks.

Weekend Edition: Our Key Advice on Buying Gold Stocks

If you have the courage, this is how you play to win.

Weekend Edition: How to Find Small Gold Stocks That Can Go up 1,000%

If you want maximum returns on gold and are willing to take the necessary risks, the junior gold space is the place to focus.

How You Can Make 42% on a Gold Stock in Just One Day

It’s not too late to make HUGE gains in gold stocks...

Why Gold Will Jump at Least 7% After Election Day

Europe’s biggest bank: Buy gold no matter who wins the election.

These Three Major Catalysts Are Poised to Send Gold to the Moon

This "trifecta" of gold events is creating a once-in-a-lifetime setup for gold investors…

A Perfect Storm Has Formed in the Gold Market

We’re looking at a “once-in-a-cycle” opportunity in gold stocks.

The Single Most Important Buy Signal for Gold Stocks

One chart signals the time to buy gold stocks more accurately than any other piece of research I know of...

Weekend Edition: The Last Time This Happened, Gold Tripled…Here’s How to Profit

If you're less than 50 years old, you've never experienced this. But it's happening again...and it's going to cause gold to skyrocket.

Why Today Is the Best Time EVER to Own Real Assets

Real assets are set to soar…and gold could be the biggest winner of all.

Former Goldman Insider Says Price of Gold Could Double

Now could be the perfect time to buy gold…

Weekend Edition: Why Gold Stocks Perform Better Than Gold

Buying gold stocks only involves a little more risk than buying gold bullion. But the potential upside is massive…

The Government Wants to Give You Free Cash

Money could soon rain from the sky…

Weekend Edition: Doug Casey on the Welfare-Warfare System

People don’t understand the causes, so they blame the immigrants.

This Young Company Just Surpassed Wal-Mart

An innovative tech company just became larger than Wal-Mart… plus, what you need to know about the explosion in mergers and acquisitions.

Terms You Need to Know: Strike and Dip

Today we’re pleased to introduce you to the new “Terms You Need to Know” column. This is part of our effort to provide you with practical content that will help you make more informed investment decisions.

Markets Up, Gold Down, on Hopes and Intentions

Today’s market volatility, driven by the plot twists in the Greek drama, is creating opportunities. Are you ready?

June 2015 Casey Country Score

It’s impossible to get our boots on the ground in all the countries we’re interested in as often as we’d like. To fill the gap, we’ve developed the Casey Country Score as a quick way to assess a country’s investment climate.

Political Risk: A Tide that Only Rises

Political risk is on the rise again, but that’s nothing new. The trick is to pay attention and keep ahead of trouble.

Reading Tea Leaves—Er, Market Signals…

Market signals are mixed, but many investors are acting like they aren’t. There are opportunities in this.

Here’s What the Next Gold Bull Market Will Look Like

The percentage gains from prior gold bull markets applied to current gold stocks shows enormous profit potential is ahead.

The Message from Last Week’s Headlines: Don’t Dare Sell Your Gold!

A scan of recent headlines reveals a growing fervor for gold. And it’s more proof that Harry Dent will lose our bet!

State of Emergency Declared in Peru

Anti-mining protests in Peru have worsened. Here’s what you need to know and what to do.

Base Metals Roll Over

The recent rally in base metals prices is fizzling. Here’s what you should do.

Why Most Gold Bugs Are Dead Wrong

I consider Jim Rickards to be one of the brightest minds in the financial markets today.

History Shows A Gold Bull Market Is Fast Approaching

Changes on the horizon will transform the gold market from flat and listless to exciting and profitable.

Would a South Africa Gold Miners’ Strike Boost Gold Prices?

Fear of a major strike hitting South Africa’s gold mines has some looking for higher prices. Don’t be fooled.

The Next Gold Bull Market Starts Before October

A major event will take place this October and could impact gold. And my bet with Harry Dent is live!

A Big Deal in a Little Market

Sprott’s hostile bid for the Central gold and silver trusts explained—and what to expect going forward.

China’s Gold to Come to Light After Six Years of Mystery?

Get ready for the Big Reveal. China’s mysterious gold supply figures should come to light this fall.

Game-Changer for Gold?

Bitgold’s new gold storage and transfer service could be a game-changer in the gold sector. Too early to say, but it’s a development worth watching.

Buy Silver or You Will Die!

Silver is vital to human existence. Check out the new way we intend to profit.

Sell in May?

Why we generally ignore the advice to sell stocks in May

These Three Developments Say New Mine Supply Is Peaking

This three-headed monster has long-term implications for the gold market—and gold investors.

Louis James to Speak at Sprott-Stansberry Symposium—Early-Bird Prices Expire Soon!

Louis James will be available to answer your questions at the upcoming July 28–31, 2015 Sprott Symposium. Early-bird discount expires soon.

Good News and Bad News from Peru

Here’s what you need to know about recent government proposals on mining taxes in Peru

The Curious Case of the Missing Bankruptcies

Painful as it may be, when it’s clear that a company is going down, it’s best to sell.

Gold Producers Are Hedging Again—Not!

Headlines suggest hedging is back. But is that really the case?

Is the Stupid Money in the Driver’s Seat?

New data sounds warning about mainstream stocks—what it means and what to do.

Russian Gold Bull Comes Roaring Back

Latest figures show that Russia’s love affair with gold continues in earnest despite the economic woes facing the country, but that’s far from the full story.

Cuba: Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Cuba appears to be opening its doors to investors, and it has natural resource projects galore to offer… but buyers better beware.

No Such Thing As a Sure Thing—But Sometimes It’s Close

Revealed: the one thing you need to be serious about if you want to make big money at investing

Gold Is Near an All-Time Inflation-Adjusted Low

The gold price may feel stuck like a stain on the front of your best shirt, but check out just how undervalued it really is.

How Tap Water Can Heat Your House

Can all that energy from water flowing through municipal pipes be harnessed? One company says yes.

Doug Casey: Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse

Another banking crisis is inevitable says Doug Casey; the bull and bear arguments for oil; and the math behind the Apple Watch’s gold consumption

Sometimes Less Is More

There’s a “perfect solar storm” brewing in the silver market, and we’re watching closely for the best times and opportunities to invest.

Will India Melt Down the Hindu God’s Gold?

Gold demand could be impacted if Prime Minister Modi “monetizes” the gold in Hindu temples—but will Indians cooperate?

Betting on a Quick Oil Recovery? Beware the “Fracklog”…

Bet on a short-term oil rebound at your own peril

Metals Start Week with M&A Bang

A merger, an acquisition, and a rumored investor buyout, oh my! But what does this mean to us?

The Clock Is Ticking on This One…

This stock should go positively vertical when gold heads higher.

The Biggest Energy Deal in a Decade: Shell Bets Big on Oil Recovery

Does Shell’s energy deal reek of desperation?

Mexican Gold Heist Changes Security Landscape

The armed robbery of 900 kilograms of gold in concentrate signals a significant change in tactics in the criminal class, one investors should be aware of.

Should We Really Put Gold in an IRA?

Traditional investment advice says an IRA is not a good place for gold. However, consider these four reasons why everyone might want gold in their retirement accounts—and get six months’ free storage by starting your own gold-backed IRA.

Base Metals: Darkest Before the Dawn?

An inquisitive look at what's been driving base metals down to help you make sense of pundits' claims that new lows in iron ore prices and other metals might mean they are showing signs of possibly having bottomed.

Simple, Clear Regulations Are Good; Lower Taxes & Royalties Are Better

The Philippines says it wants to be a mine-friendly country again—but does it really?

Gold Mining Contraction: So What?

New warnings about mine supply contraction in the gold sector may be misleading—investors take heed.

Peak Gold?

Why Peak Gold calls are especially nonsensical

Doug Casey: Signs of a Resource Sector Bottom

The prudence of owning precious metals is more paramount than ever.

A Cure for Metals Investor Malaise

You don’t have to be able to time the market in order to make boatloads of money—watch one man who did it right

Will Gold Win Out Against the US Dollar?

Why we believe the gold price will turn around.

Chile: Back on the Right Track, or Temporary Respite?

The Barrick situation in Chile is our bellwether for investing in that country’s mining stocks

The Secret of Success in Mineral Exploration

The key variable that makes for successful exploration—and speculation.

Why Aren’t These Investors Worried About The Gold Price?

Why some gold investors are confident about gold’s future—and how you can be, too.

Reality Always Wins… But Never on Schedule

It’s possible not only to recover from a severe correction but to come out way ahead.

50 Shades of Gold: How to Diversify Your Gold Holdings

Jeff Clark shows you 50 ways to own gold

Will Warren Buffett Really Let This Deep Value Slip By?

Even the legendary Warren Buffett has his investing biases .

Don’t Fret Gold’s Seasonal Decline

Diagnosis of gold’s current decline: normal.

The New Abnormal: Iron Ore Hits Seven-Year Low

New low iron prices belie the global economic recovery—bad for base metals, good for precious metals.

Why You Should Listen to This Man About Gold

Watching and following an industry’s most successful players can pay off very well for investors.

How Tesla Will Kill Your Portfolio, Even If You Don’t Own It

Elon Musk might be crazy. Or he might be a genius. Either way, utilities are in trouble.

Permitting Milestone in Colombia

Colombia is indeed open to responsible mining.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Investing

James Altucher joins us for the final edition of Midweek Matters

How to Get Struck by Lightning

Anticipating takeovers can really juice investor profits

Folsom Prison Blues

What do Warren Buffett, Johnny Cash, and truck drivers all across America have in common?

Gold Manipulation: The “London Bias,” 1970-2014

New data on gold price-suppression, an invitation, and a farewell—for now.

Crude Oil Appears to Have Bottomed

Our technical analyst's call for oil's next move.

The Most Likely Stocks to Give You Vertical Profits

How to prepare your portfolio to get a shot at the jackpot

Big Oil Hates Ethanol

Why Big Oil hates ethanol and why you should too

What Top Hedge Fund Managers Really Think About Gold

A multi-guru mini interview on what top hedge fund managers think about gold.

The New Normal for Oil, Part 2

US crude oil storage: keeping contango onshore

Takeover Alert—Are You Positioned to Profit?

Mergers and acquisitions are heating up the mining sector; here’s how to profit.

The Future of Fracking Is Re-Fracking

This breaking technology will save the US shale oil revolution

Dear Harry Dent: Wanna Bet?

Jeff Clark takes on Harry Dent’s predictions of gold dropping to $250 in the next 5-8 years.

Doug Casey on ISIS, Gold, Oil, and What to Expect in 2015

What does Doug’s guru-vision foresee for 2015?

Unconventional Investing for Unconventional Times

The insiders’ secret to doubling your speculative profits at the same amount of risk.

3 Keys to Making Money in a Down Market

Three essentials for winning investments in rough markets.

Was This American Hero Actually a Soviet Spy?

What do baking soda, oil, and the Gore family all have in common?

2015 Outlook: What You Really Need to Know

Learn what the Casey Brain Trust thinks is ahead for precious metals.

199 Days of Hell

Unintended consequences: oil and the worst battle in history

Moscow Update: Gold During the Crisis

Revealed: Russian citizens’ attitudes toward gold during the country’s currency crisis.

The Truth Behind the Bakken: A Mathematician’s Take

Energy companies may bluster and prevaricate, but the numbers and math simply do not lie

The Tide Has Turned

Louis James reports on the latest trends in metals and mining evident at the 2015 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference.

Daily Pfennig: No More Zombieland For The Markets!

Chuck thinks he has the SNB figured out! I wanna take you higher! Russia to cut of gas to Europe? 2015 to be year of yen reversal?

Is Obama Losing the Energy War Before It’s Even Started?

Vetoing Keystone XL spells environmental and economic disaster

The New Normal for Oil?

Crude oil is in contango… but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to play the situation for profit