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Doug Casey on Unemployment

Published January 20, 2010

Doug Casey: “Stock Market Set to Crash”

Published January 13, 2010

The Utica – An Emerging Canadian Shale Gas Play

Published January 11, 2010

Shale gas is natural gas that has been generated and trapped within the natural pores and fractures of shale. This natural gas has been accumulating because of the breakdown of high levels of organic carbon or kerogen within the shale. The right temperature, pressure and a lot of time – over millions of years - is needed to produce gas. Shale plays can hold enormous amounts of gas and once production has been stabilized gas wells from shales tend to have low decline rates and long production lives.

A Little Research

Published January 06, 2010

Doug Casey on Currency Regime Change

Published January 06, 2010

Doug Casey on Poker

Published December 30, 2009

Doug Casey on Bungling Ben

Published December 23, 2009

Daily Pfennig 12/22/09: Roll call on the desk…

Published December 22, 2009

Good day... The Pfennig inbox was filled with nice notes regarding the Christmas card we sent out yesterday. I want to thank Nicki Storm for taking the picture and creating the card and TJ Wolf for helping to get it sent out. Several of you asked for names to go with the faces, so I will list the names as we appear on the card. The great looking ladies from left to right are Jennifer McLean, Christine Peplow, and Kristin Kuchem. The men from left to right are as follows: Mike Meyer, Ty Keough, Aaron Stevenson, Tim Smith, Chuck Butler, Chris Gaffney, Don Ries, & John Kretchmar. Now you will be able to have a face to put with the voice on the other end of the line when calling the trading desk.

Doug Casey on Winning Speculations

Published December 16, 2009

Unemployment and Taxes

Published December 11, 2009

Doug Casey on Rome

Published December 09, 2009

She’s Breaking Up, Capt’n!

Published December 04, 2009

Doug Casey on the Military

Published December 02, 2009

Doug Casey on His Favorite Sport

Published November 25, 2009

The Best Energy Investments in the World

Published November 24, 2009

In the past three years, Marin Katusa, senior energy analyst at Casey Research, has become one of the most respected and listened-to authorities in the investment advisory business. He spends the bulk of his time on airplanes and in far-off places studying the future of energy... and the best ways to make money from it.


Published November 22, 2009

Jim Rickards’ Gold Price Prediction Tops $10,000

Published November 20, 2009

Ed Steer’s Gold & Silver Daily

Published November 19, 2009

Marc Faber Says 'Sky Will Be The Limit' for Rising Gold Price: Well, the wonderful gold price action that was evident at the London open as I put this report to bed around 6:00 a.m. Eastern time on Wednesday morning, was just about all the excitement there was...

Doug Casey on Real Estate

Published November 18, 2009

Russian Central Bank Stands Ready to Buy Any Gold From State Depository

Published November 17, 2009

Doug Casey on Speculator’s Fiction

Published November 11, 2009

Doug Casey on Charities

Published November 04, 2009

Doug Casey on Technology

Published October 28, 2009

Not So Safe Deposit Boxes

Published October 27, 2009

Doug Casey on Education

Published October 21, 2009

The Dollar in Your Wallet Is Only Worth 18¢

Published October 15, 2009

It was the mid-‘70s. I was helping my Dad build a dirt road to our barn and he wasn’t happy. Not about the hard work or humidity, but from what was happening to the dollar. Inflation was starting to kick into high gear, grabbing headlines that even a girl-chasing teenager could understand...

A Malthusian Check?

Published October 15, 2009

In 1798 32 year-old British economist Malthus anonymously published “An Essay on the Principle of Population” and in it he argued that human population’s increase geometrically (1, 2, 4, 16 etc.) while their food supply can only increase arithmetically (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.). Since food is obviously necessary for us to survive, unchecked population growth in any one area or involving the whole planet would lead to individual pockets of humanity starving or even mass worldwide starvation...

Doug Casey on Nobel Prizes

Published October 14, 2009

Into the Fourth Turning

Published October 08, 2009

The Fourth Turning is an amazingly prescient book Neil Howe wrote with the late William Strauss in 1997. The work, which describes generational archetypes and the cyclical patterns created by these archetypes, has been an eye-opener to anyone able to entertain the notion that history may repeat itself. At the time the book was published, the Boston Globe stated, “If Howe and Strauss are right, they will take their place among the great American prophets.” Read this visionary interview published in The Casey Report, and see for yourself.

Doug Casey on Global Warming

Published October 07, 2009

The Transitional Currency… May Well Be Gold!

Published October 06, 2009

Between the Far East open on Monday morning, and until shortly after the London open... gold added about five bucks to its price. But, between that time and 11:40 a.m. in New York, gold gave it back again. Then, out of the blue, both gold and silver headed higher with their highs of the day coming shortly after the close of trading on the Comex. Gold was up almost $15 on the day... and silver was up almost 50 cents.

Doug Casey on Gold Stocks

Published September 30, 2009

Weekend Edition

Published September 26, 2009

What If Everyone in the World Wanted a 1-ounce Gold Coin?

Published September 25, 2009

If we’re right about where the price of gold is headed, the general public will someday clamor to buy all things gold. While gold stocks will be where the real leverage is, the rush will start with gold itself. As a gold editor, I have a very natural question: is there enough to go around?

The Fed Admits to Hiding Gold Swap Arrangements With Foreign Banks

Published September 23, 2009

Doug Casey on Gold

Published September 23, 2009

A Look at Strategic Oil Reserves—Who’s Buying Oil?

Published September 23, 2009

As the US strategic petroleum reserve (SPR) approaches capacity (721.5 million barrels filled out of a total possible 727 million, and will be filled by January 2010), the federal government will fade out of the oil-buying business. Some bearish traders believe that this factor can weigh in on prices, since most petroleum stocks in the United States are government-held rather than private. Bullish traders have also used the filling of the Chinese SPR as a reason that oil should go much higher.

Under the Cover(s) With Pediment Gold

Published September 17, 2009

Mexico’s precious metal’s mining started in earnest with the conquest of the Aztecs by the Spanish Conquistadors in 1521. What Cortez found when he landed on the Mexican coast at Vera Cruz was much more than the Spanish could ever have dreamed of. Montezuma was ruling an advanced Aztec Empire that was already mining metals, and whose predecessors had been mining since at least 950 AD. The natives had accumulated untold treasuries unlike anything Spain’s Conquistadors had ever seen.

Doug Casey on Political Correctness

Published September 16, 2009

Bull or Bronco?

Published September 14, 2009

Doug Casey on Cattle

Published September 09, 2009

Bullion Banks Now Net Short 26 Million Ounces of Gold!!!

Published September 05, 2009

Doug Casey on Protecting Your Cash

Published August 26, 2009

Doug Casey on Protecting Your Assets

Published August 19, 2009

Merrill McHenry: Uranium—Looking at the Big Picture

Published August 13, 2009

The exogenous events significantly boosting uranium demand for China and India are far greater than the minimal and distant "ifs" of private sector reactor delays. Not to mention China has actually boosted reactor construction, while India made no delays and entered the world market...

Doug Casey on Cars – Past, Present, and Future

Published August 12, 2009

What You Have in Common with King Nebuchadnezzar

Published August 12, 2009

“There’s no reason to invest in gold,” said the finance editor of a major newspaper interviewing me. “If gold goes up because of inflation, then so does everything else, so why buy it? It’s not really a good investment.”


Published August 10, 2009

Doug Casey on Mowing Down Green Shoots

Published July 29, 2009

Doug Casey on Judging Justices

Published July 22, 2009

Doug Casey on Nuts & Bolts: Handling Bullion

Published July 15, 2009

Daily Pfennig 7/14/09: Blood in the Streets…

Published July 14, 2009

Red ink flows... Japan suggests diversification for their reserves... Commodity currencies rebound... Data galore for the rest of the week... and much more, including today's currency prices, in this edition of the Daily Pfennig - Your Eye on World Currencies!

A 20-Year Bear Market?

Published July 09, 2009

In November of 1997, my partner and co-editor of The Casey Report, Doug Casey, wrote an article titled “Foundations of Crisis,” which leaned heavily on the research of Neil Howe and the late William Strauss.

Doug Casey on the Echoes of War

Published July 08, 2009

SDNB Up for Sale?

Published July 07, 2009

San Diego Business Journal quotes Olivier Garret of Casey Research on his thoughts of what might be happening to the San Diego National Bank due to financial problems they are facing...

Doug Casey on the Greater Depression

Published July 01, 2009

Doug Casey: “Deflation is actually a good thing”

Published June 10, 2009

Gold Stocks in a Depression

Published June 02, 2009

While we think the odds are strongly stacked against it, particularly given the government’s furious pace of money printing, the prudent investor understands – and respects – the time-tested adage, “Nothing is guaranteed.” So while our chips sit squarely on the spot marked “inflation,” what will happen to gold stocks if we’re wrong?

Welcome to the Room - May 29, 2009

Published May 29, 2009

Where to Find the Best Deals in Physical Gold

Published May 21, 2009

Although the press has now set gold aside for hotter stories, I can tell you demand for gold coins continues at unprecedented levels worldwide, and production is still struggling to keep up. Read on to look at the most recent reports...

Turning Bling into Ka-Ching

Published April 16, 2009

You haven’t worn it since you donned bell bottoms and danced to Saturday Night Fever. Yes, we’re talking about that gold chain that now looks suspiciously like a Mr. T starter-necklace. The one that’s done 30 years in solitary, locked away in a jewelry box. Have you ever thought of trading it for some cash, perhaps to a processor of scrap gold?

Move Your Money Out of the Country… and Soon

Published March 27, 2009

Things are getting uncomfortable for individuals and corporations looking to deposit their money in tax havens around the world. Just recently, Congress introduced the so-called “Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act,” which is designed to do away with the privacy afforded by doing business or investing outside the U.S. and to eliminate or reduce tax benefits available offshore. Simon Black and Fitzroy McLean, ex-CIA operatives, investment pros, and globe-trotting editors of Casey Research’s Without Borders, weigh in with their no-holds-barred opinion on the topic…

Daily Pfennig 3/26/08: Geithner Tanks the Dollar, But Then Pushes It Back Up…

Published March 26, 2009

Geithner sends the dollar on a thrill ride... A failed UK gilt auction... China set to recover first... AUD and NZD rally again... and much more, including today's currency prices, in this edition of the Daily Pfennig - Your Eye on World Currencies!

Sending Your IRA Gold on an Overseas Vacation

Published March 17, 2009

In a recent article we considered the pros and cons of putting gold bullion into a self-directed IRA and detailed how to do it. But the arrangements we covered were entirely domestic...

Where Do You Keep Your Gold?

Published March 04, 2009

Personal possession of real gold adds to your security by giving you privacy and portability. It’s gold that no one has to know about, and you can carry $50,000 worth of it in one hand.

The (Zimbabwean) Dollar - The Point of No Return

Published February 10, 2009

Last week, Zimbabwe slashed 12 zeros from its currency as hyperinflation continued to erode its value, the country's central bank announced in late January...

Is the World Finally Ready to Accept the Deflationary Scenario?

Published February 10, 2009

This article is part of a syndicated series about deflation from market analyst Robert Prechter, the world's foremost expert on and proponent of the deflationary scenario. For more on deflation and how you can survive it...

Daily Pfennig 1/26/09: Chock-Full-o-Data Week!

Published January 26, 2009

BNP Paribas weighs on the euro... China and Treasuries... Euro forming a base?... Gold continues its rally... and much more, including today's currency prices, in this edition of the Daily Pfennig - Your Eye on World Currencies!

The Real Cost of the 2008 Recession 12/9/08

Published December 09, 2008

It took the statisticians of the National Bureau of Economic Research almost a year to confirm what the rest of us already knew, that the US registered a significant decline in economic activity, thus officially entering a period of recession.

Gold in the Low $600s? 11/18/08

Published November 18, 2008

Of late, I have read a number of analysts, Jim Rogers even, who have expressed the view that gold could dip to the mid- to low $600 level. Could happen, but I think not. Already, buyers of physical gold are finding anything near $700 to be cheap and so are helping to build a floor under the monetary metal. On that topic, a friend sent this item along last week…

Daily Pfennig 11/18/08: TARP Testimony Today…

Published November 18, 2008

What will Paulson say?... Dollar remains well bid... How long for safe-haven buyers?... G-20 schmee 20!... and much more, including today's currency prices, in this edition of the Daily Pfennig - Your Eye on World Currencies!

Welcome to the Room - November 14, 2008

Published November 14, 2008

The Commercial Paper Market Frozen 9/19/08

Published September 19, 2008

The commercial paper market broke down Thursday. It is a measure of just how much confidence has been lost in this traditional market for short-term loans to the largest and most secure companies. There are no buyers as rates jumped.


Published August 28, 2008

Though few may have noticed, the past few weeks may be regarded as a global economic turning point. Evidence is mounting that the United States is entering a recession, with increasing signs that it could morph into a depression.

Inflation Is Baked into the Cake

Published March 18, 2008

To get a better sense of things, Casey Research recently conducted a survey of the world’s top 30 economies, broken down on a region-by-region basis. The snapshot below offers a glimpse at the big picture.

Welcome to the Room - January 11, 2008

Published January 04, 2008

Your Cash Is Trash, and So Are Most of Your Investments

Published June 14, 2007

Where's the smartest place to put that money? Let’s look at the alternatives.

Technically Precious with Merv - 06/11/2007

Published June 11, 2007

WOW! Nibble, nibble, nibble then plunge, plunge. Now what should we expect? Five days of down side, one should expect a few up sides BUT would you put money on that?

The Casey Files: The Iranian Gold Card 5/11/07

Published May 11, 2007

While the upside for oil in a shoot-out with Iran is clear, there are several reasons why gold and silver will also rally, and strongly so.

Canadian Market Roundup - Week of 4/20/07

Published April 20, 2007

Sherritt International takes out Dynatec, Dianor bags big stone near Wawa, Commerce rallies on BC Tantalum, Sprott ignites a moly fund, Denison says uranium price unsustainable and more this week on the Canadian Markets.

Striking It Rich: An Interview with Gold Explorer Ron Parratt

Published April 19, 2007

Despite the growing number of investors joining the hunt for extreme profits with precious metals exploration stocks, arguably the best way to play the burgeoning bull market in gold and silver, the reality is that not 1 in 30 actually understands the exploration process.

The Daily Pfennig 1/29/07: Coddling the Japanese?

Published January 29, 2007

Manna from heaven?... A big data week!... Hy Minsky on a Monday!... Putting King in the rear view mirror... and much more, including today's currency prices, in this edition of the Daily Pfennig - Your Eye on World Currencies!

The Casey Files Profiting from the Next Phase of the Uranium

Published January 12, 2007

With the spot price of uranium appreciating by 927% over the last 6 years, there’s little question the easy money in the sector has been made. If, however, you pick your investments closely, there is a lot of upside remaining in the uranium bull market.

Canadian Market Round Up, Week of 6/2/06

Published June 05, 2006

Aurelian sparks junior speculation with hot holes, Glencairn picks up La Libertad, Bema goes to Colombia, Gammon Lake takes Mexgold and more this week on the Canadian markets.

The Daily Pfennig 12/21/05:  The Bubble Keeps Growing

Published December 21, 2005

The bubble keeps growing... GDP data... Shedding pounds... Gold slips... and much more, including today's currencies prices, in this edition of the Daily Pfennig - Your Eye on World Currencies!

M3 Measure of Money Discontinued by Fed 11/21/05

Published November 21, 2005

The Federal Reserve Board recently announced that it will stop publishing figures for M3 in March of 2006. It is one of the most commonly referenced measures of the U.S. money supply. This is not a momentous event, but it is another sign that the Fed would rather tell us less than tell us more.

Speculator’s Secrets to Profiting in the Gold Bull Market

Published October 26, 2005

5 Rules of a Speculator

What’s that Uranium Worth? 8/26/05

Published August 26, 2005

Over the past couple of years, dozens of new uranium companies have come to market. In this article you'll read about the importance of grade in identifying the ultimate investment winners.

Trading in Thin Markets 8/4/05

Published August 04, 2005

To successfully navigate the challenges of trading during periods of low volume, specific approaches and strategies are required. Scott Hunter, of Vancouver's Haywood Securities, shared a few thoughts on the subject.

The US Trade Deficit is Unsustainable 5/31/05

Published May 31, 2005

This article examines how big the US trade deficit is in comparison with other economies, and what this may mean for investment.

Technical Talk—Weekend Edition 5/30/05

Published May 29, 2005

The U.S. dollar has moved up sharply and so has gold – again. What's happening here? The two are not supposed to move together. Maybe they're moving for different reasons, would you think? Let's not worry and just see what each are doing and go from there.

Mining and the Indigenous

Published May 12, 2005

At night, the locals know that the old man living by trench PM1-A8 turns into a pig. No one, not even the witches, dare go near there after dark.

The Coming Collapse of the Dollar 4/27/05

Published April 27, 2005

Jim Turk and John Rubino have written an excellent new book on the impending monetary crisis. Jim Davidson of the Indomitus Report sent along this review.

The Second-Best Time to Buy Mining Stocks 4/11/05

Published April 11, 2005

The absolute best time to buy a mining stock is just prior to the drilling of the ‘discovery' drill hole. But there is another, equally-profitable, and less risky, buying opportunity within the development cycle.

A Short History of International Currencies

Published April 04, 2005

What does the past tell us about the eventual fate of the U.S. dollar? Read this special report by Chris Weber and you'll know the answer...

The Future of Uranium - Interview with Paul van Eeden

Published March 28, 2005

In the last of a three-part interview with Paul van Eeden, he discusses what's ahead for yellowcake and lets us in on some of the qualities he looks for in a resource company.

Molybdenum’s Perfect Storm

Published March 01, 2005

Molybdenum was one of last year's hottest markets, gaining 1,300%. But little-known figures show that the run-up may not last.

The Truth Behind the Proposal to Sell IMF Gold

Published February 21, 2005

The real reason for Britain's push to sell central bank gold has nothing to do with helping poor countries. It's all about political power.

Diversifying Your Portfolio with Polymetallic Deposits

Published February 16, 2005

Multi-metal ores offer a natural way to hedge your investment bets.

The Athabasca Uranium Rush

Published February 08, 2005

Exploration in Saskatchewan's prolific Athabasca Basin, home to the world's largest and richest uranium deposits, requires the technical skills of an engineer, the artistic vision of a Michelangelo, and most important, loads of discretionary cash.