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Base Metals Roll Over

The recent rally in base metals prices is fizzling. Here’s what you should do.

Why Most Gold Bugs Are Dead Wrong

I consider Jim Rickards to be one of the brightest minds in the financial markets today.

Another Central Bank Hits the Panic Button

The ECB hits the panic button; hedge funds are in bed with central bankers; and the black swans that could ignite a bull market

Daily Pfennig: An Invitation To The Butler Patio Or FBG!

Dollar correction continues overnight. German IFO beats expectations. Gold finds a bid, but trades cautiously. Ratings agencies keep N.Z. rating unchanged

Daily Pfennig: Well, Look Who Was Right All Along!

FOMC says no rate hike in June. Currencies rally on the no rate hike news. Gold can't find a bid. 2 Central Bank meetings on the docket

Stephen Hawking Warns of Mankind’s End

How is artificial intelligence faring in the world of investing?

Experience European Culture Without Ever Going Through Customs

The scramble for yield isn’t over, but the arena has changed.

Daily Pfennig: Broad Based Dollar Buying

Dollar reverses last week's losses. Aussie Consumer Confidence soars higher. Chuck talks Chinese and U.S. debt. China to add to Gold accumulation.

History Shows A Gold Bull Market Is Fast Approaching

Changes on the horizon will transform the gold market from flat and listless to exciting and profitable.

Gold Is Not “Dead and Buried”

Gold bulls are coming out of the woodwork; China could spark a gold rally; and the rise of part-time work is hiding the true rate of unemployment.

Sixtysomethings Get It Right

If you want to stay relevant, start planning your “guru time.”

Buffett Takes a Page from the “Inflation King’s” Playbook

Warren Buffet knows his economic history. That's why he's preparing for hyperinflation.

Daily Pfennig: 3 Weeks of Collateral Left For Greece

More Weak Data in the U.S. pushes dollar down. But the optimists are looking for better data this week! U. of Michigan Cons. Conf. points to weaker dollar. Russia cancels auction, but can't stop ruble rally.

Democrats on the Attack: No Bank Is “Too Big to Jail”

Bankers are getting nervous again, and with good reason; and can a little-known document get Edward Snowden out of Russia?

Your Bank Is Cheating on You

So kick it to the curb.

Would a South Africa Gold Miners’ Strike Boost Gold Prices?

Fear of a major strike hitting South Africa’s gold mines has some looking for higher prices. Don’t be fooled.

The Next Gold Bull Market Starts Before October

A major event will take place this October and could impact gold. And my bet with Harry Dent is live!

Daily Pfennig: Retail Sales Disappoint!

The dollar gets sold, Big Time! The euro is the Big Dog again! NZ Retail Sales with a strong surprise! Chuck reminisces about Patsy Cline songs.

Daily Pfennig: Eurozone 1st QTR GDP Beats U.S. and U.K.!

A$ gets a life from Hedge Funds & Strategists. Euro leads currencies higher VS dollar. Wheeler tries to deep six kiwi. Chinese Retail Sales grow 10%!

A Textbook Contrarian Play We’re Eyeing for You

The upside is massive.

Countries Are Stockpiling Gold to Prepare for the Death of Fiat Money

While some are hoarding gold, others are paying with it.

Daily Pfennig: Greece Pays Early. Or Did They Really Pay At All?

No news from Eurozone/ Greece. Euro leads currencies higher VS dollar. A treat from "the 5". Kiwi rally to be short-lived?

A Big Deal in a Little Market

Sprott’s hostile bid for the Central gold and silver trusts explained—and what to expect going forward.

You Never Have to Lose More than 1%

Jump ahead of other retail investors in the next 30 minutes.

Daily Pfennig: Did The BLS Really Adjust Jobs That Much?

MarketWatch says rate hike is on the docket! PBOC cuts rates 25 Basis Points. BCB hikes rates 25 Basis Points. ANZ deep sixes kiwi....

Daily Pfennig: A Jobs Jamboree Friday

UK election results send pounds soaring! Chinese exports and imports disappoint. Catching up with Don Brash. Gold continues to find shaky ground....

Good News from Europe Is Bad News for Bond Markets

Perversity pervades the global market; and good news for precious metals

China’s Gold to Come to Light After Six Years of Mystery?

Get ready for the Big Reveal. China’s mysterious gold supply figures should come to light this fall.

Daily Pfennig: Norges Bank Keeps Rates Unchanged

Dollar rebounds against most currencies. Krone, renminbi, rubles rally VS dollar. Lockhart and Yellen speak. ADP report misses expectations..

Game-Changer for Gold?

Bitgold’s new gold storage and transfer service could be a game-changer in the gold sector. Too early to say, but it’s a development worth watching.

Daily Pfennig: Dollar Gets Weighed Down By $51 Billion Trade Deficit

Most Currencies in rally mode today. Kiwi gets sold when wage growth slows. German Bunds see their yields rise. Oil trades past $61!

Buy Silver or You Will Die!

Silver is vital to human existence. Check out the new way we intend to profit.

Daily Pfennig: RBA Keeps Up With The Joneses

A$ & rubles are only currencies with good rallies. U.S. economic data continues to muddle along. Schäuble doesn't see Greece meeting deadlines. Gold inches higher after nice rally yesterday.

Playing It Out of Book

“The Novelty” isn’t just for chess champions anymore.

It’s Shopping Season for Gold Miners

Gold miners' reserves are falling, the stock market is on the brink, and governments want to tax everything everywhere.

Big Move Looms Ahead

Momentum on the S&P 500 has stalled to its lowest level in 16 years, suggesting that the next move could be dramatic.

Empress Yellen Has No Clothes

Pointing out the truth is just so hard for some people.

Daily Pfennig: Is The IMF Greasing The Tracks?

Dollar rebounds on first day after April. Greece appears to have blinked first. U.K. election this week, so far it's a toss up. Zero Hedge points out manipulation

Governments Have Declared War on Paper Cash

The war on cash is heating up; gold miners refuse to go bankrupt; and why it’s smart not to invest in smart drugs.

Daily Pfennig: It’s May Day!

Dollar is mixed this morning. Euro has swinging gate day. U.K. election next week, so far it's a toss up. BCB says it's the end of the rate hike cycle

Sell in May?

Why we generally ignore the advice to sell stocks in May

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

After an October selloff, the S&P 500 has gone on to new highs. But technical damage remains…

These Three Developments Say New Mine Supply Is Peaking

This three-headed monster has long-term implications for the gold market—and gold investors.

Daily Pfennig: A Little Of Nothing For Everyone

1st QTR GDP on 0.2%. BCB hikes rates 50 Basis Points! CBR cuts rates 150 Basis Points! RBNZ puts lid on rate hike thoughts

Louis James to Speak at Sprott-Stansberry Symposium—Early-Bird Prices Expire Soon!

Louis James will be available to answer your questions at the upcoming July 28–31, 2015 Sprott Symposium. Early-bird discount expires soon.

Good News and Bad News from Peru

Here’s what you need to know about recent government proposals on mining taxes in Peru

Daily Pfennig: Let The Dovish Talk Begin

Currencies are rallying VS the dollar. Iron ore prices rally for two days. China talks more RRR cuts. Martin Weiss talks BRICS!

The Curious Case of the Missing Bankruptcies

Painful as it may be, when it’s clear that a company is going down, it’s best to sell.

Gold Producers Are Hedging Again—Not!

Headlines suggest hedging is back. But is that really the case?

Banks Living High Off the Hog

But it’s your damn hog. We can show you how to take it back.

Russia Loads Up on Gold, Dumps US Treasuries

Capitalizing on psychological technology, counting on Millennials obsession with social media, and much more

Daily Pfennig: The Two Day FOMC Meeting Begins!

Currencies are rallying VS the dollar. Iron ore prices rally for two days. China talks more RRR cuts. Martin Weiss talks BRICS!

“Bridesmaids” as a Guide to Investment Strategy

What an Old English rhyme can teach you about “smart contrarianism”

Is the Stupid Money in the Driver’s Seat?

New data sounds warning about mainstream stocks—what it means and what to do.

Daily Pfennig: Fitch Downgrades Japan’s Rating

Currencies are mostly flat to down a bit. Central Bank meetings all round this week. Jim Cramer talks about Gold! In the court of the Crimson King!

Investments Like This Come Along Once a Generation

To profit from millennials, you have to understand what makes them tick.

You Be the Judge

Don’t let a computer glitch eat your nest egg—chomp, chomp—Pac-Man style.

Daily Pfennig: Oil Jumps Higher Helping Petrol Currencies

Dollar is broadly weaker today. German IFO is stronger than expected. No risk premium for pesos. I'm late, I'm late!

Governments Want to Enslave You with Digital Cash

US presidential elections may become battles for influence among the über-wealthy

Russian Gold Bull Comes Roaring Back

Latest figures show that Russia’s love affair with gold continues in earnest despite the economic woes facing the country, but that’s far from the full story.

What Can South Park Teach Us About Persuasive Technology?

For better or worse, the era of ubiquitous persuasive technology has arrived… and it isn’t going anywhere.

FOMC Less Aggressive on Rate Increase

Low rates are sticking around.

Can You Put Your Brainpower into Overdrive?

Nootropics may turbocharge your brain, but for now, they won’t turbocharge your investment portfolio

Invest Like a Hedge Fund

Tame risk like a Wall Street pro with a few simple strategies

Cuba: Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Cuba appears to be opening its doors to investors, and it has natural resource projects galore to offer… but buyers better beware.

Daily Pfennig: Aussie CPI Rises Above RBA Target

Dollar is weaker this morning. Canadian Fiscal Budget forecasts a Surplus! Japan prints 1st Trade Surplus since June 2012. A fun read regarding words we used to use

No Such Thing As a Sure Thing—But Sometimes It’s Close

Revealed: the one thing you need to be serious about if you want to make big money at investing

Gold Is Near an All-Time Inflation-Adjusted Low

The gold price may feel stuck like a stain on the front of your best shirt, but check out just how undervalued it really is.

2001: A Robo Advisor Odyssey

Robo advisors promise “piece of cake” investing. What could possibly go wrong?

How Tap Water Can Heat Your House

Can all that energy from water flowing through municipal pipes be harnessed? One company says yes.

Doug Casey: Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse

Another banking crisis is inevitable says Doug Casey; the bull and bear arguments for oil; and the math behind the Apple Watch’s gold consumption

Daily Pfennig: No News Is Good News for U.S. Economy/Dollar

German ZEW is weak again. Swedish Unemployment drops to 8%. Canada prints fiscal budget today. RBA's minutes are dovish, and so is Stevens

Equity Crowdfunding for the Rest of Us

In the brave new crowdfunding world, you can be not just a backer, but an investor.

Transports Offer Important Signal

New clue as to what direction the broad market will take next.

Outsmart Your Bank

Pay yourself like a top-notch, customer-first bank would.

Sometimes Less Is More

There’s a “perfect solar storm” brewing in the silver market, and we’re watching closely for the best times and opportunities to invest.

Daily Pfennig: U.S. Is Surprised By U.K’s Decision

China reduces reserve ratio requirement. Don't fret over fears of over issuance of renminbi! A$, C$, and kiwi all have major events this week. A big week for euro, Eurozone, and Greece.

Buck Buck Braawwk: The Fed Will Chicken Out, Won’t Raise Rates This Year

Reading the Fed’s runes; Andorra could be the next Cyprus; and why it’s tough to be a contrarian.

Oil Bull Versus Oil Bear—The Facts; and Other Items That Amuse and Interest Marin Katusa

What are the main arguments for and against a move in the price of oil?

Daily Pfennig: Traders Finally Wake Up & Smell The Coffee

More U.S. data that misses expectations. Dollar sees broad based selloff this morning! Indian Finance Minister talks glowing about India. Banks want CBR to hold back ruble gains

Repo Man Jobs Offer Hope

When subprime auto loans and student debt collide

Sorry Folks, Apple Won’t Move the Gold Market

Apple’s high–end watch isn’t going to boost the price of gold

Daily Pfennig: Weak U.S. Data Stomps The Rate Hike Bugs

Strong dollar rally turns sour on weak IP. Aussie job report and revision were great! Schäuble gets tough with Greece. Gold climbs back above $1,200

Why the Fed Will Chicken Out and Not Raise Rates Until at Least 2016

Central bankers are playing mind games.

Daily Pfennig: Retail Sales Up, But Disappointing

Dollar gets sold on disappointing Retail Sales. But rallies back in overnight and morning sessions. China 1st QTR GDP at 7%. 2 positive days is not a trend

Investors’ Most Important Job Requires No Skill

Save more by saving now.

It Takes a Different Breed to Be Contrarian

Contrarian investing in a valueless world

Will India Melt Down the Hindu God’s Gold?

Gold demand could be impacted if Prime Minister Modi “monetizes” the gold in Hindu temples—but will Indians cooperate?

Betting on a Quick Oil Recovery? Beware the “Fracklog”…

Bet on a short-term oil rebound at your own peril

Daily Pfennig: The MAS Keeps The S$ Band Unchanged!

Only a few currencies are gaining today. Norwegian krone rallies on the cross to euros. A secret meeting in Washington regarding Gold? Retail Sales today could be a bright spot.

Something Big This Way Comes

The US stock market is at a stand off. That much is certain. The direction it takes next is far less clear.

Metals Start Week with M&A Bang

A merger, an acquisition, and a rumored investor buyout, oh my! But what does this mean to us?

Daily Pfennig: Dollar Index pushes higher toward triple digits

Dollar index hits 99.99. Weak China data hammers commodity currencies. Elections weigh on the pound. Cards home opener.

US State Government Declares War on OPEC

From the desk of Marin Katusa: The US tax incentives are not going away and will drive oil production higher into 2015

The Clock Is Ticking on This One…

This stock should go positively vertical when gold heads higher.

The Biggest Energy Deal in a Decade: Shell Bets Big on Oil Recovery

Does Shell’s energy deal reek of desperation?

Steady-Eddie Stocks Outperform Over Last Nine Decades

Do not enter the nerd jungle, where losses are far more likely than extraordinary gains.

Daily Pfennig: A Hung Jury?

Currencies rally at night, sell by day. Russian rubles best performer again! Chuck says shorting renminbi may not be smart. And the Big Boss brings us a treat!

The One Life Hack Every Investor Must Know! No, Seriously

The road to becoming a better investor starts with facing your biases

WAIT: Don’t File Those Taxes Just Yet!

Must-read information for lawfully reducing the IRS’s tax bite