Mainstream Media Refuses to Report Truth… Multimillionaire Business Icon Takes Matters Into Own Hands During:


(Now 1,700 New Millionaires Minted, Daily)*

*Verified Fact from Boston Consulting Group

America is ground zero…

Right now, even though most people don’t realize it, the trailing edge of a historic financial hurricane is about to make landfall.

And just like Hurricane Katrina devastated thousands of families…

This financial storm could damage a big part of your life savings this year.

But this isn’t a currency collapse or stock market crash.

It’s a vastly bigger threat…

With the raw potential to strike 401(k)s, IRAs, pensions, and the Social Security system, in a more severe way than 2008.

And it won’t just impact the financial future of millions – as you’ll soon see, it could rip apart the fabric of our society…


Sadly, the mainstream media is clueless. They’re too busy criticizing President Trump. And reporting fake news.

But… according to a multimillionaire businessman – one of the world’s preeminent “crisis investors” – a once-in-a-century fortune-building opportunity is hidden within this crisis.

A massive wealth shift is set to ignite and create a whole new class of millionaires…

Not on Wall Street. Or Capitol Hill.

Instead, from everyday folks on Main Street.

And YOU can join them, if you act now.

Which may leave you wondering:

If a dark storm is brewing on America’s horizon, why would this multimillionaire predict it’ll create wealth beyond most people’s wildest dreams?

Well as you’re about to realize, this is no prediction…

It’s now happening.

And this renowned businessman, he’s no ordinary millionaire.

His Name Is Doug Casey.

Over thirty years ago, Doug released his seminal work – a “blueprint” detailing how he makes enormous profits from financial and political crisis.

Almost instantly, Doug rocketed to #1 on the New York Times best-seller list.

Nationally syndicated talk shows devoted entire episodes to him.

Even CNN had to cover his controversial work.

No doubt, they HATED it.

After all, Doug calls mass media “the real fake news.” And time and time again, he’s made utter fools of them by being right on the money when they were dead wrong.

For example, the dot-com bust.

In 2000, award winning magazines claimed the economy was “on steroids. “Experts” barked that dot-com stocks were a sure bet .


That year, the market began a 78% nosedive.

Doug, however, alerted his readers to the meltdown a month in advance, warning that internet stocks were a “burning match.”

Not only that… he and his team recommended specific, yet little-known, moves you could use to profit in a big way…

Like Altius Minerals.

As you can see, when Doug speaks, it pays to pay attention.

This tiny stock soared 4,329% over time.

That’s enough to turn every:

Of course, for average investors, gains like these are rare. Almost impossible to achieve.

But for Doug, it’s business as usual.

Just look at the ’08 financial crisis.

Around that time, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, was on CNBC denying there was a housing bubble

Doug was sounding the alarms, loud and clear.

As the subprime bubble popped, and chaos followed – just like Doug said – his team helped readers pocket windfall opportunities. Like…

That’s a total 2,107% gain.

In other words, during the lead-up and aftermath of the worst crash since the Great Depression, $10,000 into each of Doug’s best-winning recommendations could’ve turned into $210,000.

More than most people have after a lifetime of saving.

But frankly, Doug’s the first to say…

Most Americans will NEVER, EVER see these windfalls. Not because it requires a special background or complex investing strategy… but because they’re whipped dogs. Instead of taking action to profit from crisis, they obey their masters in the political establishment, and do nothing.

Case in point: the election.

Foolishly, people listened to polls like this. But Doug “put his money” on Trump, six months prior. And while liberals melted down on live TV, he scored 5-to-1 profits.  

And that brings us to today.

You see, already, Doug has built a fortune that could last 100 lifetimes. Including a 1,300-acre compound nestled by the Andes Mountains, a beautiful ranch in Aspen…

And already, smart folks listening to Doug… well, they’re living in a way folks listening to the corrupt establishment can’t even fathom.

So Today, I Am Here to Ask:
Who Will You Listen To?
Because According to Doug’s Evidence –
Which I’ll Show You Right Now – This May Be Your FINAL CHANCE
to Reach a New Level of Wealth…
America Is Ground Zero for a Dangerous Financial
Hurricane. And It’s Quietly Accelerating, as We Speak.

Hello. My name is Justin Spittler.

And I want to thank you for taking part in this special broadcast, “America: Ground Zero.”

Today marks a momentous occasion. But you won’t see it anywhere in the news. Not CNN… not The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal.

That is intentional.

In short: Doug Casey and his esteemed team of experts are covertly releasing Crisis Investing: 2017.

A brand-new blueprint that reveals – step by step – how to join a whole new class of Main Street millionaires, which Doug believes will rise up in the coming months…

… Because of a dangerous crisis…

A crisis fueled by eight years of corruption on Capitol Hill.

In a moment, we’ll delve into this crisis, and the powerful moneymaking plays inside this never-before-released blueprint… explosive investments like those Doug’s personally used to multiply his wealth by a factor of 10-to-1, 100-to-1, and even an extraordinary 500-to-1.

And because you’re here today, you’re in luck. Doug wants to send you a copy of Crisis Investing: 2017


And, indeed, you will want it at your fingertips immediately.

Recently, Doug Casey issued what may be the most shocking (yet lucrative) alert of his storied four-decade career. It’s now coming to fruition.

Right now, the British pound is recovering from a historic crash. The U.S. dollar continues to whipsaw. Oil prices plummeted 75%, in just two years.

Washington, D.C., and 23 other U.S. cities are just the latest victims.

Research by the revered Boston Consulting Group proves he’s correct, again. Right now, 1,700 new millionaires are minted… DAILY.

We believe it’s thanks, in part, to Doug and company.

Last year, for instance, they showed a select group of readers how to double their money, 12 separate times.

Recently, one of their recommendations soared 100%, in just 24 hours.

Bottom Line: The Writing Is on the Wall.

This severe financial hurricane is not one year… one month… or even one week away.

It’s here now.

That’s why you deserve the full story. The truth no one in the mainstream media will report, or their puppet masters in the Washington, D.C., swamp will admit.

Today, that is what you’ll get.

I can’t guarantee you’ll like all of Doug’s conclusions or his “politically incorrect” way of speaking. I can guarantee you’d be terribly unwise to exit this page and ignore him.

For the past four decades, Doug’s business – his livelihood – depended on uncovering major shocks the establishment’s oblivious to… and identifying profit opportunities that remain, to 99% of people and financial professionals, unrecognized.

For this reason, even folks Doug’s critical of pay him respect.

Before we go forward, keep in mind:

This is no message of fear. It’s a message of facts.

Since 2009, every prediction about another U.S. financial crash has been wrong.

Unfortunately, the dark storm Doug’s shining a light on is much, much different. Ultimately, it will be far worse and longer lasting than what we saw nearly a decade ago.

By the end of this video, you will see why…

You will see that our nation’s leaders are powerless to stop it, no matter how good things look on the surface. In fact, President Trump has warned of this, repeatedly.

And you will meet the smart Americans who, with Doug’s help, are leveraging this crisis into 7-figure fortunes. And a second shot at a real retirement.

Again, should you choose to join them – their exact “blueprint” will be yours.

Time is of the essence.

Let’s Get Right to It.

Look at this chart:

Shares of this company rose an incredible 21,000%. Enough to turn a small $500 grubstake into $105,000, over time.

Now, take a look here…

Another extraordinary five-digit gain. Put down $500, and you’d watch yourself, again, grow $100,000 richer.

It doesn’t even compare to this one, though…

This virtually unknown play returned an astronomical 55,000%.

$500 turns into a $275,000 windfall.

$2,000 invested… and you’re a millionaire.

At a glance, these look like nothing more than random, once-in-a-lifetime gains…

But here’s the thing:

They’re a snapshot of dozens of enormous profits. Profits that all occurred during one of the most tumultuous periods in American history…

The Great Depression.

And they reveal the key to understanding why, today, Doug Casey has never been more certain a remarkable wealth-building opportunity is in front of you…

IF you know where to look. And IF you’re willing to act fast.

Few people realize this, let alone understand why.

So, let me explain the facts as Doug sees them.

The Year Was 1929.

Republican Herbert Hoover had just won the presidency.

And just like Donald Trump, Hoover had virtually no experience as an elected official.

He was ready to use his reputation as an “outsider” to execute ambitious goals. It included large infrastructure projects… and a plan to send thousands of illegal Mexican immigrants home.

But suddenly – everything changed.

On October 24th, the market cratered, ushering in the Great Depression.

Stocks lost 89% of their value… 9,000 banks failed… and poverty spread across America like a plague.

In the blink of an eye, Hoover – “the Great Engineer” as he used to be known – turned into a political punching bag.

“Hooverville” was the name coined for shantytowns that sprouted across the country. Newspapers were called “Hoover blankets.”

Four years later, Franklin Roosevelt beat Hoover in one of history’s largest political landslides.

Roosevelt then used his newfound power to change the entire course of America… from our values to financial system.

He confiscated gold.

Gave the Federal Reserve immense power over our economy.

And as Time says: “Laid the foundation for the modern welfare state.”

Do You Know What Happened Next?

This is a chart of the Dow Jones during the Great Depression. See the second drop?

Nearly a decade after Black Monday, stocks fell more than 50%.


In short, America was thrust into recession. AGAIN.

But why?

Well, the Great Depression – and the devastation it unleashed on our economy and society – followed the same rare crisis pattern Doug sees today...

The pattern of a hurricane.

First comes the leading edge, where all hell breaks loose. That’s 1929.

Next, the eye…

As with a real hurricane, it is calm in the eye of a financial storm. A genuine recovery seems real… the stock market rises… unemployment falls… job reports are positive.

But 1930 to 1936 was nothing more than an illusion. An illusion created by the Federal Reserve’s reckless manipulation.

Finally, as you just saw, 1937 is the trailing edge. When it strikes, it can be worse and even longer lasting than the initial shock.

In fact, one government insider explained the Great Depression’s trailing edge like this:

“The fragile texture of credit and confidence upon which the very existence of business depends [was torn].” – Raymond Moley, 1939

Again, Doug believes the exact same pattern is playing out, as we speak. I’ll explain exactly why shortly…

Here’s the thing…

Doug teaches two paths are available to you when a severe crisis strikes.

America’s most respected business leaders did exactly that during the Depression.

Joe Kennedy Sr., patriarch of the Kennedy family, J. Paul Getty (once the world’s richest man), George Jenkins of Publix Supermarkets fame, KFC’s Colonel Sanders… the foundation of their wealth was each built in the Depression.

Of course, you don’t have to start a business if you want to cash in on crisis.

A moment ago, I showed you three amazing stock returns from this period.

I also said these three were just the tip of the iceberg.

There were many more. Look:

If you were lucky enough to grab one of these stocks – just one – then held on over a long time frame, you could’ve retired wealthy and worry-free.

To be frank, though...

You Would NOT Be Lucky Enough.


Unlike the fake news mainstream media, Doug Casey deals in facts. He looks at the big picture, even if it’s ugly.

Truth is, the Depression beat down even the strongest businesses.

So, finding an investment that could multiply your wealth 10, 50, or 100 times over in a crisis like this… it’s the equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack.

Unless – and this is the key

You have the help of a master crisis investor.

Like Sir John Templeton, for example.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Templeton is one of the greatest philanthropists to ever live. He donated over $1 billion to charity.


This master crisis investor launched his fortune in the Depression. And he did it by going all in on a group of 104 stocks, meticulously selected.

Templeton was so successful, original investors in his fund became megamillionaires. A $100,000 starting stake grew to a mind-boggling $50 million before the turn of the century.[ii]

And get this…

Before Sir Templeton passed away, he invited Doug to his estate in the Bahamas. Doug calls it one of the proudest moments of his career.

Resting on the shelves of Templeton’s library was Doug’s very own manuscript, Crisis Investing.

I need to pause here. Because it puts into perspective how significant today is.

Earlier, I told you about Crisis Investing: 2017 – the all-new moneymaking blueprint from Doug and his firm’s brightest minds.

Now, in the past, Doug has released his most important work (like the original edition of Crisis Investing) publicly.

You could get it at a bookstore, like John Templeton did. You could hear him speak about it to interviewers, like Phil Donahue, Regis Philbin, and Larry King.

Not this time.

This new blueprint is radical… raw… extremely politically incorrect.

Most of all – it’s an indictment of our corrupt establishment that Doug believes will usher in…

“The Most Financially Desperate Time in Modern History, Including the Great Depression.”

That’s why Doug’s doing something he has never done before. And may never do again.

Before it’s too late, he wants to send a private copy of this brand-new crisis investing blueprint to you and other hardworking Americans, directly

And for FREE.

The only place you can obtain a copy is right here.

Doug has cut out the establishment – the big corporations, the media outlets – 100%.

Make no mistake:

This groundbreaking venture comes at great personal expense.

In the past, Doug has received book advances worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But today, he’s foregoing all profits, every penny…

To show YOU how you could capture more profits over the next year than you’ve made over the past decade… and ultimately, $1 million dollars or more.

Doug’s the only person I know who could back up such a bold claim.

Look at 2016…

On March 11th, after 15 months of careful analysis, Doug’s firm issued a buy alert on a small resource stock far off the mainstream’s radar.

Five months later, shares surged 206%.

On July 26th, fresh off a research trip spanning 8,000 miles, Doug and a top associate recommended an obscure commodity operator.

This company is no household name… but you can bet it is in the homes of Doug’s readers.

By year’s end, the stock shot up 150%.As of this writing, it’s up 356%.

This all looks like child’s play compared to November, though…

After Hillary Clinton’s defeat, the establishment broke down into total shock and denial. Sensing massive opportunity, Doug and his team went to work…

… They zeroed in on windfall after windfall…

When you add it all up… both the wins and losses across Doug’s business, Casey Research… 2016 was a banner year.

Doug and team posted cumulative gains of 2,181%.

Meaning the potential profits didn’t just eclipse the market’s return over the past decade, it outperformed the past TWO decades. By a long shot.

Incredibly, when you get your hands on Crisis Investing: 2017… and I’m about to give you simple instructions for doing so, for free… you’ll see that the recommendations inside possess the same moneymaking potential. Perhaps far greater.

Now you might be saying:

These Results Seem Like a Rare, Extraordinary Case…
a Once-in-a-Lifetime Event…

You’re right. They are.

According to Doug, these outsized profits are just one sign we’ve begun to enter the trailing edge of this historic financial hurricane.

A storm more perilous – and potentially more profitable – than anything America has witnessed since the Great Depression.

Of course, to the “naked eye,” it’s hard to see the serious danger Doug’s alerting you to. Or the enormous profits for that matter.

Please believe, the establishment wants to keep it that way.

However, if you could see through Doug’s eyes, the eyes of a master crisis investor…

The truth becomes crystal clear.

I’ll show you.

This is Williston, North Dakota.

Go here in 2014, and you’d see an economic boom bordering on insanity.

  • Salaries for workers with no experience exceeded $100,000/yr. McDonald’s employees made $20 an hour.
  • The average rent for one-bedroom apartments outpaced New York City prices.
  • And investors were willing to pay $200,000 for an acre of land that was previously worth $500.

But in 2015 everything changed, almost overnight…

Once packed neighborhoods became “ghost towns."

258,000 jobs were slashed.

And North Dakota’s ranking as the U.S.’s fastest-growing state fell all the way to last.

It doesn’t stop there.

Like a virus, the same economic malaise quietly spread to key places across the country… infecting families, towns, businesses.

In Alaska, zero net job loss – zero – had been seen since the Great Recession. Suddenly, the jobs of 6,800 hardworking Americans vanished.

This year, 7,500 more workers are set to lose theirs.

Down in Wyoming, same story…

Citizens describe it as a “sinking ship.” “It’s like a funeral… I don’t know what’s happening to my town,” one mayor said.

Farther south in New Mexico, workers aren’t just falling on hard times. Businesses are too.

Recently, a 99-year-old family business shuttered their doors. Big-box chains can’t survive, either. Everything from Whole Foods to Staples has closed shop.

And now, according to S&P global ratings and a former Federal Reserve banker…

… North Dakota, Alaska, Wyoming, New Mexico, each of these states…

They’ve nosedived into official economic recession.

Of course, you’d expect a story like this to make the front page. But sadly, not in today’s fake news mainstream media.

And you know what else you won’t hear…

Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, West Virginia, and Maine are on the same sinking ship. They, too, have contracted and entered recession.

What’s Happening? And Why?

Before we follow Doug’s research to the logical conclusion, the only conclusion, in fact…

Tell me:

Does everything seem “OK” in the world economy?

Take a look…

  • That same year, 2015, Latin America’s biggest economy entered recession. Today, it has morphed into the worst recession in recorded history.

What’s more, their currency’s value dropped big time. 24% in less than a year.

  • Up north in Canada, their currency saw a similar plunge. Inflation ignited. Prices for groceries ran wild: $3 for a cucumber, eggs $8, one gallon of milk $17 bucks.

Following in lockstep, home prices soared. Little shacks like this one in Toronto have sold for upward of $1 million Canadian dollars.

And if you’re thinking this bears an eerie resemblance to the U.S. housing bubble, Doug’s here to say, “You’re spot on.” Especially after the epic crash of subprime Canadian mortgage lender, Home Capital.

  • Across the pond, strange things are happening in the epicenter of the financial system as well…

    In 2016, Europe’s biggest bank stocks were dumped faster than the start of the ’08 financial panic. Several months later Britain’s currency, the pound, plummeted to a low not seen in three decades. It happened literally overnight.
  • In the Far East, China fares no better…
    Here, billions of dollars in wasteful government spending and malinvestment led to huge “ghost cities” where no one lives. And a giant stock market bubble.
    You can guess what happened next…

Over a seven-month stretch, stocks crashed… several times. Market shutdowns were triggered. Short-sellers were threatened with imprisonment. And the government had to jolt stocks back to life with a $2 billion cash infusion.

All this chaos since 2015…

You don’t need a Ph.D. to realize it’s NOT the hallmark of a healthy global economy.

Think back to Doug’s forecast…

As the trailing edge of this massive financial hurricane accelerates:

Stocks, currencies, and commodities will thrash up and down.

Thousands of businesses will go bankrupt.

And the chaos will be much different and longer lasting than 2008.

That leads to only one conclusion:

This Financial Hurricane’s Trailing Edge Is Here,
Right Now. And It Has Morphed Into a Truly Global Crisis.

Truth be told, Doug’s not the only one who sees it.

The Bank of International Settlements released a briefing on this global financial volatility and admitted:

“We may not be seeing isolated bolts from the blue, but the signs of a gathering storm that has been building for a long time.”

Lord Rothschild, member of one of the wealthiest and most connected families in the world, warned that we’re well into “a storm”… the problems ahead are “daunting.”

Again, you’d think stories, facts like these, would be front page news.

Instead, “talking heads” in the mainstream media – from both sides of the aisle – sell lie after lie about the direction of our once great nation…

They say “America is back
That the establishment has “saved the economy

In fact, in an act of pure hubris, these talking heads thought they could go head-to-head with Doug in an economic debate.


One viewer likened it to Doug talking “to a couple of 4-year-olds about quantum physics.”

Doug himself described it as dealing with “Tweedledee and Tweedledum.”

Remember that question I asked you earlier?

“Who will you listen to…”

Clueless mainstream media elites, like you just saw? Or Doug Casey?


Now is the time to decide.

Because not only will it open your eyes to how real and wide-reaching this chaotic financial storm is… it will prove how rapidly it’s accelerating…

Accelerating in a way that, for most, turns the American Dream into a nightmare – where a right to life, liberty, and the “pursuit of happiness” no longer exists. And for others… particularly those with access to Crisis Investing: 2017… could turn the weeks, months, and years ahead into the fortune-building opportunity of a lifetime.

But again, rather than tell you…

Let Me Show Why You Must Decide, IMMEDIATELY.

Lower Manhattan, New York City…

8:45 AM.

On this September morning, the sky is clear. And the sun shines down on two of America’s most iconic buildings – the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center.

8:46 AM…

Flight 11 slices through six floors of the North Tower like a guillotine. Mercilessly taking thousands of innocent Americans’ lives and thrusting the entire country into a state of shock.

Unfortunately, Doug Casey wasn’t surprised.

Two months earlier, he published a prescient report. It forecast 9/11 in terrifying detail.

Doug wasn’t alone.

His strategic intelligence echoed the work of CIA director, George Tenet.

At almost exactly the same time Doug issued his alert,[ii] Tenet was in an urgent meeting at the White House. He reports saying, point blank:

“There will be significant terrorist attacks against the United States in the coming weeks or months. The attacks will be spectacular.”

But nothing was done.

Shortly after, the CIA tried again. They sent this briefing to President Bush.

And still, nothing was done.

A CIA chief had to ask in desperation:

“How is it that you could warn senior people so many times and nothing actually happened? It’s kind of like the Twilight Zone.”

And you know what, when something was done…

It was shameful.

Few people remember this, but on 9/11 – before hijacked plane United 93 crashed into the Pennsylvania countryside – Vice President Dick Cheney didn’t hesitate to order it shot down. This is no conspiracy. It’s according to the government’s own 9/11 investigative report.

This lethal order says everything you need to know about how far the political elite will go to protect themselves… at everyday Americans’ expense.

How unwilling they are to heed voices of reason… before disaster strikes.

Now, it brings some peace of mind to see that people like Doug will put Vice President Cheney in their place. As a matter of fact, Cheney once tried to shake Doug’s hand at an exclusive event in New Orleans. With hundreds of people surrounding them, Doug rebuked him, saying he holds everything Cheney stands for in contempt.[vii]

But that doesn’t erase the horrific tragedy.

Because of our “leaders’” gross negligence, the Twin Towers are gone… where they stood in New York is forever known as “Ground Zero.”

And it doesn’t erase that…

Now, for the Same Reason, America Is “Ground Zero.”
ALL 50 States.

You see…

Far in advance of the ’08 collapse, Doug issued another stern warning, explaining how and why our country would soon be bled dry by a subprime mortgage collapse.

“What's going on now in the residential real estate market is much like the tech bubble, but potentially much, much more serious... the bubble is floating on a sea of debt. When it bursts… millions of Americans will be sitting on a pile of debt suddenly much larger than the diminishing value of their assets. And millions of houses will hit the market in distress sales.”

Once again, our “leaders” did nothing. They sat on their hands.

And once again, after disaster struck, the action they took…

They should be “ashamed” of it.

Those aren’t my words.

That’s according to the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump. Fact is, President Trump is very aware of the threat we’ve detailed here .

See, the Federal Reserve and its head Janet Yellen… they’ve conducted economic manipulation that has steered us into the final phase of this financial hurricane.

As Doug explained several years ago:

“We entered the hurricane in 2007. Since 2010 we’ve been in the eye of the storm. But now we’re going into its trailing edge… Investors should be preparing for some really stormy weather… certainly in 2015.”

In short:

In 2015, the Federal Reserve began unwinding their unprecedented manipulation of our economy, currency, and a broad spectrum of asset classes.

They raised interest rates 0.25%.

Yes, a small hike like this seems harmless.

But, that’s what the Federal Reserve thought in 1937… the last time interest rates were at near-zero for an extended period, then raised abruptly …

And as you saw, the aftermath was anything but harmless.

Higher rates triggered the trailing edge. And when it made landfall in August of ’37, the Great Depression reignited for another FOUR years.

As we speak, the same thing is happening.

But this time on a much, much larger scale... and in a vastly different and volatile way.

Take One State I Told You About Earlier: North Dakota.

Since 2015, no state’s economy has barreled deeper into recession. Because no state has been hit harder by the “trailing edge.”

Watch it happen closely, in three simple phases…

  1. The Fed cuts interest rates to zero, shifting the “flow” of money unnaturally. Investors desperately need returns. Banks and businesses have access to loan capital, essentially for free.
  2. It’s a perfect storm.
  3. What happens next is government-induced “malinvestment.” In a nutshell, money flows where it shouldn’t, toward risky assets and investments.
  4. In this case, capital flowed into “Black Gold” – oil.
  • Cheap debt spurred a dramatic increase in energy demand. The price went to the moon, doubling in a little over a year.
  • Speculative money from investors and banks poured into fracking. Cities and towns next to huge shale oil deposits, like North Dakota’s Bakken, boomed.
  • And businesses operating in the Bakken… Whiting Petroleum to name just one… exploded in value. Its share price soared from $10 to $92.
  • Then, the music stopped.
  • The trailing edge of the hurricane makes “landfall.”
  • In short:
  • As The Fed starts to unwind its zero-interest rate policy. The flow of money reversed, significantly.
  • In less than two years, oil prices fell 75%. The fastest and steepest fall in the modern history of crude oil.

[Chart: Add 2014 – 2016 crash to Oil 2009 – 2014:

Companies like Whiting – along with theiremployees, investors, and executives – lost nearly everything. Shares crashed to a $3.88 low. A 95% loss!

And a report this year shows the true scope of devastation. Across the oil and gas industry, 213 companies went bankrupt. Over 1/3 of the entire industry.

Please… please understand

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

As we speak, this same story is playing out across the global financial system – from industry to industry, asset class to asset class…

And Your Hometown.

No matter where you live, small town or big city, this is becoming a familiar sight:<

Right before our very eyes, retail is collapsing.

In 2016, 4,000 stores shuttered doors. In 2017’s first three months, 3,000 more stores closed.

Understand, the reason for this catastrophe goes far beyond the rise of online shopping.

This is an S&P index that tracks top retail stocks.

It’s almost a mirror image of what happened to oil.

Rock bottom interest rates shifted the flow of money. Investors, businesses, and banks poured capital in like high ROI’s were a sure bet. Share prices surged.

Then, the music stopped.

As the Fed hiked rates, steering us into the trailing edge, money flows reversed. The retail sector lost 50%. And this year saw its biggest two-day sell-off since 2008. $4.6 billion erased.

Can you honestly say to yourself that all of this…

  • Thousands of doors shuttering, from coast to coast…
  • Mass sell-offs unlike anything we’ve seen since 2008…
  • A major commodity like oil cratering by 75%…

Can you honestly say that it’s OK?

That this is an American economy recovered?

Sure, the U.S. stock market is at all time-highs. It could go higher, too. Anything is possible.

But this message isn’t about foreseeing the future. No one has a crystal ball.

This message is about the gross negligence of our corrupt establishment. And the sheer financial chaos escalating because of it, RIGHT NOW.

Think of it this way:

Few people realize the most treacherous part of climbing Mt. Everest is not the journey to the peak. Most accidents actually happen on the journey down.

And the most treacherous part of printing trillions out of thin air, and lowering interest rates to zero… it, too, is what happens when those policies wind down, and reverse.

In Other Words, It’s What Happens Right Now.

That is why it’s so very important to make your decision, immediately.

Will you listen to the establishment and be blindsided?

Or will you heed Doug Casey’s voice of reason before it’s too late?

Only you can decide.

As I mentioned, Doug literally wrote the book on crisis investing – uncovering enormous profit opportunities cloaked in financial and political chaos.

This is a bold approach. It requires rigorous research and fact-finding. No easy feat considering the dishonest info seeping out of the media and the Washington, D.C., swamp.

But Doug’s a true master – a businessman whose business is crisis investing.

And over the past forty years, he has built a global operation to aid his work…

Casey Research.

Doug’s research firm is a home to free thinkers.

Folks who, as Doug says, “despise the wave of political correctness that’s washed over the world like a tidal wave of raw sewage.

Walk in Casey Research headquarters and you’d be just as likely to see a multimillionaire entrepreneur as you are a former hedge fund manager or Wall Street accountant.

This 100-man team works by Doug’s side. Together, they hunt down key crisis investing intel, which helps them pinpoint “hidden gems” on the stock market set to go parabolic.

Doug has granted a small group of everyday Americans permission to access this strategic intel. And act on his recommendations, if they choose.

Take Dorothy Meadows. She devotes all her time to an elderly parent’s care.

Around seven years ago, Dorothy’s world turned upside down. As she puts it, a series of “humiliating investment attempts” wiped away almost all her $300,000 nest egg.

A “lifeline” was needed. That lifeline was Doug and Casey Research.

Within five years, Dorothy saw $25,000 grow to $100,000. And then, to her amazement, that $100,000 transformed into a quarter-million dollars.

Then there’s Dan Mitchell and his wife Susan…

They embody the American Dream. Hard work helped them build a retirement foundation near 7 figures. But the ’08 financial crisis took a sledgehammer to it.

With only $123,000 left, Doug and his team’s intel proved to be their saving grace.

In their last update, Dan and Susan reported new gains of $645,000. And the freedom to, as they put it, do “a great bit of traveling” around the country in their RV.

And one more…

Because Ken Newmont’s story is one to remember.

Thanks to a single recommendation from Doug, Ken saw a 7-figure windfall. And he saw it in the space of three years.

That bears repeating:

7 Figures. Three Years. A Million Dollars.

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Ken… Dan… Susan… and Dorothy…

Their results are extraordinary. Impossible under normal circumstances, frankly.

But that’s what can happen when real everyday Americans get access to a real master crisis investor.

And in this light, it’s not hard to see why the world-renowned Boston Consulting Group recently found that, even in this dark financial storm, 1,700 new millionaires are minted.

Every single day.

More than any other time in history.

Doug and his research firm… they’ve unapologetically gone behind the establishment’s back… they’ve incited an unusual uprising, where new millionaires rise up from Main Street.

Now with Crisis Investing: 2017’s release, you have the opportunity to join them.

Inside this hard-hitting blueprint, you will discover fast-moving investment recommendations engineered for one reason, and one reason only:

Cashing in on opportunities with the potential to match the biggest crisis windfalls of Doug’s career.

For example, flash back to the ’80s.

From a multiyear recession, to the S&L crisis… this decade was no stranger to financial chaos.

At one point, the U.S. stock market dropped 24% in a day, the largest one-day crash in U.S. history.

For most investors, it was a nightmare. For Doug Casey, a dream come true.

Out of this chaos came a 1,614% windfall.

To capture this gain:

No options were used. No stocks were shorted.

In this case, he zeroed in on… of all places… Hong Kong. A market engulfed in this decade’s economic storm, perhaps more than any other.

In fact, at the time, experts would tell you Doug was crazy… that this move was too risky. Thousands of people were fleeing and shifting their wealth away from here.

But when the dust settled, Doug’s $80,000 stake transformed into $1.2 million.

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And This Doesn’t Even Begin to Scratch
the Surface of the Profit Potential.

Fast-forward to the ’90s and watch closely.

Back then, we saw a recession, the Gulf War, the Asian financial crisis.

And in the process, this havoc helped send a subsector of Doug’s favorite market – natural resources – plunging 75%.

Shortly after, he wrote:

“A historic opportunity has been developing… [it] may be the most compelling single opportunity in the resource field now… [this is a] panic bottom.”

Look what happened next…

Doug zeroed in on two microscopic mining stocks, turning this crisis into a life-changing

A $10,000 investment into each could’ve turned into $1,X0X,000.

Imagine, with that kind of money you could:

  • Pay off your mortgage.
  • Quit work tomorrow, because you’re no longer financially dependent on a paycheck.
  • Or you could sit back in your La-Z-Boy and do nothing… nothing but enjoy the retirement security that’s finally yours.

It’s hard to believe, but this is not a pie-in-the-sky fantasy.

Three of Doug’s readers… Daniel Carter, Hope Masterson, and Mitchell Peters… they lived out these exact dreams.

And it didn’t take a lifetime of hard work.

Pocketing these profits was straightforward:

  • Doug sent them a short, easy-to-read briefing, with key investing intel…
  • These folks read through it in the time it takes to watch the evening news…
  • They took immediate action on the intel inside – which included a full breakdown of the recommendation, the stock ticker, and no-nonsense analysis of its operation and profit potential. And unlike the news, it changed their life.

Crisis Investing: 2017 follows the same framework.

It cuts right to the point, without wasting a single word. It’s not a book. It’s a blueprint.

You will find only the key crisis investing intel you need to act on, TODAY.

But not one or two recommendations, like those that made Daniel, Hope, and Mitchell a fortune…

Inside Crisis Investing: 2017 you will find seven.

Seven fortune-building opportunities at your fingertips – which you can take advantage of regardless of your age, location, or investing background...

Not only that…

If you choose to invest following Doug’s recommendations with specific buy-up-to prices, you don’t even need more than a few thousand or a few hundred bucks.

Take the biggest homerun of Doug’s career, for instance.

With a single, well-timed move, he made $1.2 million in two-and-a-half years.

Care to guess how much he invested?


That’s ALL.

We are talking about a gain of 64,000%. An over 600-to-1 return on your investment.

While it’s no doubt a once-in-a-lifetime windfall…

Doug has seen dozens of successes like this during his 40-plus-year career as a speculator and investor, on crisis opportunities all over the world.

Like the anomaly he zeroed in on in the Caribbean. One move turned $15,000 into $275,000 – a 1,733% gain.

And the extraordinary play in South Africa, which could’ve turned every $4,000 you invested into over half-a-million dollars.

Does this type of investing involve risk? Yes.

Do losses happen? Absolutely.

Success With This Approach Does NOT Come Overnight.

Sure, you may make money faster than you ever thought possible…

Like a select group of Doug’s readers did. This year, they woke up on the morning of February first to a special Casey Research email alert, notifying them that they could’ve made over 100% off a tiny Canadian miner... all in less than 24 hours.

But Doug Casey will urge you:

Forget days and weeks.

Months and years are the appropriate time frame for profiting from his work, especially the recommendations inside Crisis Investing: 2017.

It’s just like in 2008 and 2009, when the financial crisis sent the Dow nosediving 50%... and Doug and Casey Research zeroed in on two moves involving gold miners.

Readers saw a 151% gain in 12 months.

And a 260% winner in 17 months.

Or in 2001. That’s when the dot-com crisis served an impressive 4,329% windfall to Doug’s readers on a silver platter… but, mind you, it took a full six years.

For the seven moneymaking plays in Doug’s newest crisis investing blueprint, it will be no different.

That’s why, in a moment, when a little green button saying “Get Your Free Copy Now” appears below this screen…

Well, to be blunt, it may be best you don’t click on it.

Unless you have the ability to act with conviction and patience, you have no chance of learning how to achieve the profits detailed in this presentation.


However, if you have what it takes, the potential reward is substantial:

Financial freedom to do what you please, when you please, where you please.

Doug has lived this way for over forty years, traveling to 145 countries, setting up permanent dwellings in four.

Just keep in mind:

Every journey has its dangers. In life. And investing.

It’s a lesson Doug learned as he cruised in a Ferrari GT 2+2 near Bern, Switzerland. Out of nowhere, a truck crashed into him. The accident was catastrophic. Doug couldn’t leave the hospital for six weeks.

Only the Ferrari’s superior craftsmanship saved him from an untimely demise.

And over the course of his career, only Doug’s meticulous approach to the craft of crisis investing allowed him to make fortunes while so many others lost fortunes.

Consider Doug’s 64,000% windfall I showed you…

Ultimately, this tiny stock went back down to a nickel a share.

Meaning if Doug didn’t cash out at the right time, his investment wouldn’t have been worth millions. It would’ve been worth nothing.

You see, the stocks responsible for Doug’s most explosive gains are also the most volatile, the riskiest.

They are microcaps.

And you need to know that nearly all investment recommendations in Crisis Investing: 2017 are microcaps.

These are the complete opposite of big blue-chip companies like Wal-Mart or Microsoft.

Microcaps trade can trade for a few bucks. Or a few pennies.

Microcaps can soar by hundreds of percentage points, quickly. They can fall just as fast.

This is why, as Doug and his team created Crisis Investing: 2017, he carefully “built” another special resource into it.

A resource designed to safeguard your wealth… to protect you from unexpected peril on your journey to join the new class of millionaires created as this financial hurricane accelerates…

It Is a “Key” to Casey Research Headquarters.

Let me explain.

Doug’s firm is probably unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.

Casey Research does not manage money. It’s not a brokerage house. You won’t find a single salesman in the building selling financial products like life insurance or annuities.

In sum, Doug’s firm is the total opposite of Wall Street.

But since its inception, Doug has always unlocked Casey Research’s “doors” to new members, like-minded folks.

Members receive special benefits like Doug has as chairman and founder of a large international operation... we’re talking virtually 24/7 access to his 100-man team of analysts and staff and the valuable research they produce.

And since you made time to take part in today’s presentation, Doug’s unlocking the “doors” for you. Giving you the “keys” to Casey Research, so to speak.

Benefit #1 Is Full Access to The Casey Report.

This is a 12- to 20-page briefing delivered directly to your email inbox monthly, on the second Thursday of the month.

This is the special resource I was just telling you about.

It contains up-to-date, month-to-month guidance that will help shield, protect, and yes, grow your wealth in the days ahead.

Whenever a development takes place concerning one of the moneymaking plays inside Crisis Investing: 2017, this is where Doug and his senior researcher, E.B. Tucker, will update you.

This is the best way to ensure you’re not caught off guard by any sudden or unexpected moves in these fast-moving stock recommendations.

Plus, when you receive your first issue, you’ll be excited to see there’s so much more inside each Casey Report

Every issue contains at least one new investment recommendation for you to take immediate action on, if you choose.

These are all vetted by Doug. Often, they closely mirror what he’s personally doing with his money… and what he’s urging friends, family, and colleagues do.

Again, investing carries risk. Losses can and will happen.

But take a quick glance, and you’ll realize the success of Casey Research recommendations cannot be ignored.

  • Black Diamond Group Limited: 51%
  • Celsion Corp.:166%
  • Detour Gold: 230%
  • MannKind Inc.: 185%
  • Fortinet Inc.: 102%
  • Osisko Mining: 260%
  • Lordos Hotels: 210%
  • MAKO Surgical Corp.: 138%

What’s remarkable though is Casey Research members say these wealth-building opportunities aren’t even the best part of The Casey Report.

Instead, it’s the “Big Picture” thinking Doug and E.B. do in each issue.

By combining over four decades of in-the-trenches experience, the thousands of miles of boots-on-the-ground research they do month after month, as well as insights from closed-door meeting with high-level government officials and CEOs…

The Casey Report acts as a high powered satellite. It can see, in clear detail, what’s happening in the world today. And what could soon happen in the very near future.

This is where Doug makes all his major forecasts, like the ones I’ve detailed here.

Sometimes, he’s right. Sometimes, he’s wrong.

A lot of the time, he’s early.

For instance, in February 1989 Doug said the Soviet Union would collapse. Not many believed him. One year later, people were still in doubt of his call. But come March 1990, the Soviet Union started to dissolve. By 1992, it no longer existed.

You simply won’t find this level of analysis anywhere else. Especially not in the mainstream media.

In recent issues, Doug has eviscerated college educations… explained why it could soon be “the end of Western Civilization”… and warned that government issued bonds, which most people believe are a safe investor’s best friend, are actually financial poison

In short:

Nothing You’ll Read Here Is Politically Correct.

The Casey Report is not for sale on You’ll never see it in a bookstore. Or on a magazine stand.

Remember, that is intentional.

The only people with access to it are folks who share Doug Casey’s unique way of viewing the world, Casey Research members.

To be clear:

Members come from all walks of life. Billionaire CEOs are Casey Research members. So, too, are everyday Americans who’ve never stepped foot in a boardroom.

Quite simply, it doesn’t matter who you are. Where you’re from. What you do.

If you can see, like Doug Casey does, that…

Something isn’t right in America…

… That the establishment has pushed our financial system to the brink of collapse…

… And that the very fabric of our society is at risk of being irreparably torn, by the violence we’ve seen across America’s cities… and the lack of opportunity for hardworking Americans…

Then you are invited to join Casey Research.

New subscribers must pay a price.

But not a “price” in the way you might suspect.

I’ll explain what I mean in full detail in one moment.

(Or if you’re ready to join Casey Research… and receive $100s in valuable, moneymaking resources for free… click the green button below right now.)

First, let me go over your other special benefits as Casey Research’s newest member.

Benefit #2 Is Full Access to a Members-Only “Toolkit.”

As I’ve explained, Doug has a staff of over 100 supporting him.

And it’s not just financial analysts crunching numbers… there are IT experts you’d normally find at a Fortune 500 corporation… brilliant editors who ensure every research piece is written in easy-to-read language, which makes digesting info quick and easy.

It’s a perk of being a multimillionaire businessman.

Now it’s a perk you get to enjoy.

Doug’s team has created some groundbreaking innovations – a suite of moneymaking tools – that will have a huge impact in your financial life… starting immediately.

  • First, a special members-only website. It is password protected. Once your new membership is processed, you’ll receive your log on credentials.

    On this website, you’ll find an archive of every Casey Report issue dating back to July 2008. 107 issues in total. You can peruse all of them at your leisure. Print out a hardcopy of each if you’d like.

    And that’s not all…
  • Next, you’ll find a special area that contains The Casey Report Model Portfolio. Here, every core recommendation made by E.B. and Doug is tracked, from start to finish.

    This creates total transparency and convenience. You’ll see how each investment is performing on a day-to-day basis. And also which investments are below or above the recommended buy-up-to price. That way, you can make an informed decision about whether or not to invest.
  • Finally, your Casey Research membership also includes a special alert service.

    Whenever a crucial development takes place in a core Casey Research recommendation, Doug’s team will notify you immediately via email. It’s one more way your membership helps you get in on an investment’s upside while protecting you from the downside.

    Like main issues of The Casey Report, these special alerts are also archived on the members-only website for your review.
    And I’ve saved perhaps the best for last…

Because Benefit #3 Is Full Access to a Members-Only Library.

This library contains a treasure-trove of research reports and guidebooks that will serve you in a multitude of ways.

Take this one…

Casey Research's Handbook for Surviving the Coming Financial Crisis.

Doug and his team have spent the past two years developing this 144-page book. Inside, you’ll learn their most crucial ideas on protecting your money during a financial crisis.

You’ll discover:

  • Details on the one country that has never, EVER had a bank failure. It’s still easy for Americans to open an account here, and you can get started with just $400 (page 124).
  • You’ll also learn about a special type of invisible account that can crisis proof your savings. If the government gets desperate and confiscates hard-earned American wealth, your money will be practically untouchable here (page 67).
  • The anonymous IRA. This virtually unknown type of IRA shields your money from the prying eyes of the U.S. government. You’ll find all the details on page 62.

They’ll also show you nearly a dozen other ways we recommend to stash some cash outside the banking system… and beyond the reach of the government.

And that’s just one of the reports you’ll find in your member’s library.

Another, for example, is The Gold Book.

See, at Casey Research, we’re big fans of gold. Doug owns millions of dollars in gold stocks. That’s not counting his other gold holdings.

That’s why Casey Research distilled the most urgent and useful gold ideas Doug has deployed over the past 50 years put them into a 63-page book.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How to triple your gold gains with this little-used investment that climbs 2-3 times more than the price of gold.
  • The 3 best hunting grounds for “gold juniors” – tiny, explosive penny stocks with the potential to rise 1,000% or more.
  • How to grab select gold shares at 20-30% below market prices.
  • The secret technique that generates gold dividends – even when gold prices are falling.
  • A simple way for Americans to store gold more than 9,000 miles from the states… in a country that has never confiscated gold.

And much, much more.

Gold is the most trustworthy safe haven asset in a crisis. The ideas in The Gold Book will protect your nest egg as the trailing edge accelerates, like I’ve been showing you…

And they can help you double or even triple the wealth you generate each year.

To get free and immediate access to this book – and every other moneymaking resource I’ve told you about here – Doug asks only one favor in return.

Here’s the Deal…

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Today, as Casey Research’s newest member, you’ll receive:

  • The all-new crisis investing blueprint, Crisis Investing: 2017. With seven explosive investment recommendations for you to act on immediately.
  • A subscription to The Casey Report, delivered monthly. And an archive that includes 107 back issues.
  • A suite of virtual investing tools that includes a model portfolio, a special members-only website, and investment email alert service.
  • And a members-only library – which includes the guidebooks I just told you about and three additional reports I haven’t even detailed here.

All told, we estimate the retail cost of this would be in excess of $1,000.

But as I’ve said, you won’t pay half that. Or even a penny.

These resources…

… And, by the way, EVERY new report, blueprint, and guidebook created by Casey Research in the future…

They are free to you.

The only requirement asked of new subscribers to The Casey Report is a small yearly membership due.

That’s it.

And if that deal wasn’t a steal already…

Today, Doug’s making it a total no-brainer by offering a…

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You Like It or We Buy It Money-Back Guarantee.

What this means is simple:

You have two full months to “test-drive” your new Casey Report subscription. That means you can read Crisis Investing: 2017 at your leisure… take advantage of the recommendations inside… and utilize all the other resources available to you.

If you feel at any point in the first two months that membership isn’t right for you, Doug will “buy” your membership slot back. It will go to someone else who’s a better fit. Just contact Doug’s customer service team, and you’ll receive a $149 refund. You risk nothing. And as a parting gift, you can keep the books and reports.

Here’s the bottom line…

Today, you’ve seen compelling proof that, as we speak, the trailing edge of this historic financial hurricane is accelerating.


As it accelerates, Doug believes it will usher in a crisis much more severe than  what we saw in 2008.

And you also know that, while Doug believes ground zero for this crisis is America… chaos will unfold across the global economy.

Frankly, it’s obvious.

The unprepared will be devastated.

But for crisis investors, this catastrophic event could create a slew of once-in-a-decade profit opportunities. A whole new class of millionaires is being created.

Will you act today and join them?

I hope so.

Getting started is simple. Just click the button below. It’ll take you to a sign-up page where you can review all the details I’ve told you about…

Oh, and one more thing… when you sign up right now, there are two more special bonuses you’ll receive for free.

Click the button below to check out the order form for exact details.

I’m Justin Spittler.

Thank you for taking part in the “America: Ground Zero” broadcast with Doug Casey.